M.A.V.I.S has been a supercomputer meant for every single impourent thing as well as bring humans up to speed in the Alternate UUniverses since the Villains Act formed. One day, the Heroes Act and Shell Lodgers are invited to meet the creator of M.A.V.I.S, Doctor Idmon Parns, as well as his human wife, Dr. Ardene Parns. Idmon explains that M.A.V.I.S was derived from Ardene's DNA since, due to the humans' evacation, his grief left him to create M.A.V.I.S for another reason of having to see his girlfriend's face again in M.A.V.I.S' virtual room, and now that Ardene has returned, the two got married and thought of M.A.V.I.S as their daughter. But meeting him wasn't for an introduction, but it was instead an emergency. M.A.V.I.S has started to act, cold, logical, cruel-minded, and gained a nasty sense of GLaDOS-like humor to boot. She has started to trap workers in the Globex companies and do twisted and unfair and unsloveable exspeariments on them, and unleashing dangerious exspearimental war-robots apawn the populus. The Alternate Grand Council was quick to blame The Qui Program since evidence was seen pointing at her, but QP claims she was innocent. The only one who believes her is Quidilin, and until it is proven otherwise, QP is to place on major lockdown. All Quidilin knew about QP's supposed involvement was that QP wasn't the only Qui Program in Qui's arsenal, but was among the very few left since many were captured and either deactivated, destroyed, or reprogrammed long before Qui's downfall as a villain. While the Heroes didn't doubted her, they did say they wanted stone hard proof since as said before, the other Qui Programs were taken cared of, of which Qui delivered by explaining that one did survived and that was one that could be capable of gravely corrupting a computer like M.A.V.I.S. named The DQVA.EXE Virus, which was QP's earliest prototype and older first technical sister, which was meant to be a sabotaging extermination virus meant to fry and corrupt AI systems, yet Qui stopped using her due to being too intelligent and tried to usurp her for the control of the Villain's Act, and the result to DQVA being shut down, and eventually created less powerful viruses to replace her. The question was who was the one who recovered DQVA and infected M.A.V.I.S with her? The culprit was later revealed to be Kafar-Ja, who was once again trying to get revenge by destroying the greatest AI in the AUU, yet failed to realize how dangerous the virus was and was now trapped in a Globex chamber. Worse of it, he made it that DQ cannot be destroyed by ANY anti-virus program, and M.A.V.I.S. is on the verge to deciding that all organic forms are inferior and vows to out-right destroy them by unleashing death clouds of gray-matter-filled missiles which contained poison-filled nanites throughout the Alternate Universe. Can the Heroes Act and the Lodgers, with a relucent Qui Program, stop M.A.V.I.S. and DQVA before it's too late?

(Mavis will sing this due to the clear Glados inspiration.)

GLaDOS- "Want You Gone" Lyrics

GLaDOS- "Want You Gone" Lyrics


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