Gazelleen Manipulatorus Zazzormess
Vital statistics
Title 'Queen' Zazzormess, Misunderstood Rights Activist, Criminal Leader of The Purifiers
Gender Female
Race/Species Rhim Gazelle (Gazella leptoceros)
Faction The Purifiers
Description Superanimal
Skills and Abilities Superpower Manipulation
Status Locked up
Location Kratos
  • New Thebes (Hometown)
  • Superior Jail (Imprisonment)
Alignment Mixed morality
Gazelleen M. Zazzormess is a Superior gazelle who had an unfair life. She was born an all Super-Power Malmitulation Superior, meaning that thanks to a once wise desition now a reckless act of abandon made centauries ago, is the most prosicuted superior in existence. Even from her life as a toddler. Her parents were murdered by a too powerful xenophobic superior thanks to an undocumented and rare super power that makes him ammuned to malmitulations of all kinds, leaving Gazelleen and her infint little autistic brother to fend for themselves until they were discovered by a sympathic Master Algorithm. He saw to it that the murderor got his commpuence, reguardless of what a centuaries old law said, and had him exicuted. Algor adopted Gazelleen and her brother to teach them to weild the powers respondsability so it can be shown that it can be used for good. However, Gazelleen's brother proved incompident thanks to his autisum and childish love for pranks, which as expected, ended up using his powers to mess with people. Gazelleen and Algor tried to control him, but he fails cause of being with the mindset of a 4 year-old on a suger rush and failed to listen, which lead to his arrest and prosicution by the Kratos Senate, which forced Algor to sentenced him to jail to protect his secret and Gazelleen... Which obviously she didn't really appresiated and was broken hearted as a result. She yelled and partically assulted Algor for his desition! She then ran away crying and ran away from the Temple before guards had a chance to even realise what happened! She has since swore to not just protect Pure Super-Power Malmitulaters, but all who suffer the "hypcritical irrespondsability" of the Kratos Goverment through usurping it and reshape it to a "more fair and kinder" rule by her. She does consider why the rules are "unfair and harsh" because of other Superiors who are truthfully rouge and dishonest and does plan to make sure they don't harm her rule, but some argued that even then, it might be already too late. She also learned to use her malmitulation powers to do more then just incrise or decrise powers in a way akin to "Blood-bending" from Avatar the last air-bender and hold people, enemies or would-be extremely unsure allies, to keep them right where she wants them so they can't escape her.
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