Adrian Boreas Wintersvent
A.B. Wintersvent
Vital statistics
Title A.B Wintersvent, Boss Winters, Mariana Boss, Boss Mariana
Gender Male
Race/Species Winteria telescopa Barreleye Fish
Faction Independent Crime Lord
Description Power-Hungry, Nobleman, Intimidating Judge Doom/Rasputin-like Voice, Criminal Mastermind, Andrew Ryan-like Genius, Rough Dictator Of The Capital Of The Deepest Trench In The World
Skills and Abilities Survives Intense Pressure of Mariana Bottom, Night-Vision, Staff, Giant Pet Viperfish Named Jupiter
Status Deceased
Location SpongeBob World
  • Rock Bottom (Hometown)
  • Mariana Bottom, Mariana Trench (Criminal and Dying Residence)
Alignment Evil

Adrian Boreas Wintersvent is a Winteria telescopa deep-sea barreleye fish from Rock Bottom in SpongeBob's world. He is known to currently be in the highly-lawless Mariana Trench in it's capital, Mariana Bottom, where the inhabitants, due to deep-sea gigantism, are much larger than him. Besides him and his staff, who adapted to it, people not native to the Mariana Trench who even live in Rock Bottom or Bikini Bottom have to wear pressurized suits when entering this city due to the extremely-high pressure of the city's 10,000 meter depth, and it's difficult to adapt to such like Wintersvent did. Mariana Bottom is widely known to be a nuclear-ridden dump due to not just the nuclear waste, and most notably the PCBs, dumped in it, but also for the hydrothermal vents that fuel it, and thus the city has been under semi-quarantine. Wintersvent took advantage of this and started using this to take control of the city, causing the entire area to rot and crack apart, turning it into a cracked platform-bound civilization of survival and evil, with him as it's vanguard, having been known to outsmart the larger inhabitants. However, he wasn't like this at the beginning. Rock Bottom, being the only civilised trench, others holding the likes of trencbillies and monsters, was once a viberent community under the power of nuclear engery. However, a very serious spill ruined the community forever, claiming lifes or mutanting them into idiots who were reduced to their past dialect of Trenchian (raspberry-speech) or creatures of innaterual porportions. A lot of Winters insanity came from being truimitiased and being inable to cope with his tragedy, so he went the path of illegitimacy of secretly taking the Rock Bottom waste to the other trenches, deeming it of no moral consequence since they weren't as civilised as Rock Bottom, clearly no longer having a value to life that's not a fellow Rock Bottomite, looking at their suffering with amoral-business indifference. Becoming a tyrannical crime boss of Mariana Bottom is just another part of him being out of his mind. His manor is guarded and watched by giant tube worm gardens, has a telescope fish assistant named Wormbo, stoplight loosejaw butler named Stoppy, and his security guards consist of heavily-armed SWAT-like fangtooths, sabertoothfish, and other barreleyes, all trained to adapt to the high pressure like him, and he also has a Giant Pet Viperfish named Jupiter. However, once his actions attract SpongeBob and his gang, they end up stopping his work, and with Jupiter being persauded to turn good, it ended up becoming a poetic irony that Winters was ultamately put down by his own pet after trying to kill them, bringing an equily bitter end to his bitter beginnings. He is similar in raw intimidation and cunning to Judge Doom and Rasputin and even has the same voice actor.


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