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Vital statistics
Title A360P, A3, Bodyguard for Count Mooku
Gender Genderless (Male Tone)
Race/Species Warlords Robotatron Robot
Faction Count Mooku, Villains Act
Description Robotic, Emotionless, Loyal to Mooku
Skills and Abilities Advanced Weaponry
Status Still serving Mooku
Location Alternate UUniverses

A Robotics Workshop in Peerbon

  • Ilsamble Valley, Ravina (Epsilon Universe, Polgren Sector, Naiku System) (Mooku Residency)
  • Sundered Heart Space Cruiser (Travelling Residency)
Alignment Programmed to be Evil

A3-Six0-P was a prototype for a rejected Villain's act drone series "Warlords robotatrons" cause while they were impressive, it would've been expendsive to make cause of all of their capabilitys and planned ones as well, eventally gave birth to the cheaper but limited "Warobots", where Drone 432 originated. Interestingly, some parts of the Warlords designs were inspirations for an entirely differnet drone series "Starbots". Being a prototype, he was mainly limited to lazer rays and none of the "planned" capabilities were implanted in him, and there are no current plans to, and in light of the VA's fall, will never come. He eventally become a personalised bodyguard for Count Mooku, who was interested in the prototype for the series that never was. A3 was not build for emotion or communication outside of clished robot sounds and alien languise, being a prototype. He gets along professionally with Drone 432, whose series was eventally replaced by the starbot series, who Companion 5627182987 originated from. He was programed for loyalty to Mooku, even when he was doubted for his beliefs for Equaria, and stood by with him.


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