The Races of the Alternate UUniverses are numerous, as there a load of them throughout it's history, many of which have gone extinct for one reason or another. They have been crafted by the AUU evolution masters by order of the Gods of the Alternate UUniverses, which lead to the birth to the most advanced of these beings, most of which went extinct as time went on. With both gone, modern beings and generations have gone through years of interracial warfare, and they exist beneficially and in unique balance, some benvolent, others malevolent, some a crazy mix, some neither. They range in biology, and they rarely resemble humans, apart from the actual humans.

(Note, some Teadr 0s are gonna have to wait to be given a spefific place until details about the Teadr 1's locations are made more readily avaluable.)


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Teadr Measuring System

Races are categorized in a specialized measuring system called a 'Teadr', which is an alien word meaning advancement, and it is used to describe the technological level of the race itself. The Teadrs are as follows:

  • Teadr 0: Transsentience- A technological level considered impossible to reach, as it is mainly the level of the AUU Gods, as they were not traditional gods, but alien precursor beings that had eternal youth, the ability to warp reality with quantum energy, and any kind of technology that made them match the powers of gods.
  • Teadr 1: World-Builders- The level of semi-transsentience and a race within this category is mostly considered sacred, wise, all-knowing, and anything that could potentially rival gods. Beings in this category can have the ability to craft and manipulate stellar and celestial entities, they can go beyond space-age technology, and they can be highly adaptable.
  • Teadr 2: Interuniversal- The category of which a race has not only developed more in hyperspace travel and colonized other worlds to form a strong interuniversal community, but also accustom themselves to other races and worlds.
  • Teadr 3: Space-Faring- The category in which a race discovers hyperspace technology which allows them to travel distant lightyears for short periods of time, and thus go to other systems beyond their own to colonize. These races commonly know how to terraform, and have even discovered renewable energy sources, and can go beyond modern-day civilization.
  • Teadr 4: Space-Age- The category in which a race can go into space and colonize other planets within their systems, but not be able to travel light years outside their system without hyperspace. These beings can be in a modern-age society, and be as common as the average human.
  • Teadr 5: Atomic Age- The category of which a race normally begins to focus on clean energy production, be more into military and offensive periods for weaponry, bombs, war. Or can upgrade themselves, their society, or both. The occasional belligerent species will use this energy in many ways, like the infamous atomic energy mainly for nuclear weapons, often resulting in mass extinctions. In-atmosphere crafts are also a hallmark, often leading to manned space flight, albeit on a short-scale.
  • Teadr 6: Industrial Age- The category in which a race goes into a period of renaissance, moves away from a hunter-gatherer society, develops more into machines, both primitive and/or advanced, are developing in science and technology, and are essentially the first step to achieving a sentient society.
  • Teadr 7: Pre-Industrial Age- The lowest category in which a race is in their tribal stage, and is only in a primitive society of minimum understanding of the world beyond their home, are hunters and gatherers, are semi-technological, live in a primitive and traditional village and/or medieval society, and do not understand other-worldly customs, nor speak the universal language.


Mammalian Races

  • Galacadon- A Teadr 0 race of giant mammoth/elephant-like ape beings native to Planet Theropa (???, ???, ???). They stand 40ft tall, have a human/Austalopithecus-like figure, long lemur/squirrel-like tails, bulky mammoth bodies, grand giant tusks and antlers, omnivorous teeth, muscular bear arms and legs, buffalo-like necks, a distinct roar, have 4 lungs and 4 six-chambered hearts, 41-lobed brains, powerful glandular systems, an adaptive instinct, a strong musculoskeletal system, are famously wise, and their behavior is on par with any mammal. They are known in legend to be the precursor race of all mammalian races, great and not so great. They were massive envisioners of their selected few, the Ehswans, Uridians, and even the Ceallans to become the predominant figures of the AUU. However, when they learned that races that weren't meant to have a grander importance like the Humans and Yatorans would end up being the predominant figures as told by their equally-surprised seer, this left the Galacadons confused and enraged the Galacadon creators of the intended important races, Dr. Uri Dian, Professor Eh Swan, and Master Cea L. Lan, to go rogue for their hard work being for nothing, and banished themselves and inadvertently their entire race and planet from the AUU with a trans-portal device all the way to Dimension Galacdon. The Galactadons were thus deemed a legend ever since amongst mammalian races. Though the three were prosecuted for their actions, it was settled that it was for the best that they left. (TBC...)
  • Apten- A race of Teadr 0.5 human-monkey beings native to Planet Aptenis Prime (???, ???, ???). They are 10.1ft beings with human-like faces and hands, semi-prehensile feet, a long prehensile lemur-like tail, mandrill-like face details, more fur and hair, regenerative keratin teeth, dog-like noses, 20-lobed brains, enlarged lungs and two eight-chambered hearts, a diaphragm and liver extending across the chest, a sac-like ribcage and cranial membranes, developed senses, incredible agility, speed, stamina, reflexes, and adaptability, advanced learning skills, and can live for over a thousand years. They are the Galacadons' successors created and rebuilt by them following their disappearance to evolve and worship them as gods in order to protect their power and legacy. (TBC...)
  • †Gigantoron- A race of Teadr 1.5 extinct megaspliced tauroid beings from Planet Gigantoroscha (???, ???, ???). They are partially biomechanical, as they were originally an average tauroid race proficient in biomechanics and quickly altered their bodies into massive beings that stood taller than Triyskans, over 70ft tall. They could behave somewhat like robots with their biomechanical nature, and because their sizes compensates the most highly-evolved brains in existence, they could masterfully craft machines and magic at their leisure. (TBC...)
  • Uridians

    †Uridian- A race of Teadr 1 beings that were native to the Planet Uridia (Theta Universe, Inbaralt Sector, Beofynzeny System). They were 8.7ft purple-skinned meta-powered beings that possess purple skin with bioluminescent giraffe-like coloration on their backs, arms, legs, and necks with coloration ranging from either red, orange, and yellow or blue, indigo, and purple, had two forked tails, two thumbs on each hand, color-changing eyes, large bat-like ears, small amounts of hair, antennae-like structures on their ears and backs with bioluminescent tips, purple blood, 3 lungs, 2 eight-chambered hearts, a flexible bag-like ribcage made of cartilage, two stomachs, four kidneys, triple-stranded DNA, and 12-lobed brains. They are a vastly-studied race because research shows that their bioluminescent spots are actually the result of glands necessary for harnessing energy and pumping it through the bloodstream, granting a variety of powers. These powers, called phasepowers, come from untold energy harnessed into a purple bioluminescent energy crystal substance called Uridium, which is used as a power source, for weaponry, and for replenishing their phase powers. However, their mining creates a byproduct referred to as 'slag', a substance that is also used in Uridian weaponry. This made them capable fighters in the battlefield, and not just from their advanced technology. These beings are referred to constantly as the 'Living Firearms' for their phasepowers, as they allow them powers including teleportation, telekinesis, phasing in and out of any direction, powerful energy blasts, enhanced vision, flight, healing, shielding, invisibility, intangibility, telepathy, increased reflexes, and pressure-point sensing, and a variety of other powers, but they are rarely capable of all powers at once, as training in phasepowers is a long process to master, the strongest referred to in prophecy to arrive every one million years, called the Phage. Their powers and wildlife are often times rumored to be of extradimensional origin. Their technology is contained within over 88 'Vaults' across the Beofynzeny System which were supposed to be used in an attempt to create a new age and possible de-extinction of their race, even opening each every 200 years at different times, each guarded by giant alien beasts called Phalanxases. The rest of their technology is beyond extraordinary, including hovering vehicles (dubbed 'phasecrafts' in Uridian terms), all known forms of self-assembling weaponry (Dubbed 'phasers' in Uridian terms), programmable matter, limited quantum technology, advanced forms of horticulture, teleportation (dubbed 'phaseporting' in Uridian terms), cloaking, force fields, advanced genetic, medicine, and material technology, touch-screen/holographic mobile devices and computers, synthetic robotics and fully-sentient AI, digital technology, virtual/augmented reality, augmentation, crystallic power, digital cryptocurrency, an advanced Internet of Things, advanced armor and mechs, advanced terraformation and world-building technology, and efficient hyperspace travel (dubbed 'phaseyear travel' in Uridian terms).
  • †Ehswan- A race of Teadr 1 human/alien-like beings called the Ehswans. They were a benevolent, yet rule-obsessed race that were said to have seen the Gods, and even The Grand Fate Master. Though the last race that was created was to soon become the most widely-known, the Yatorans. At the time, the Yatorans started out primitive. But they eventually met the Ehswans by the time they reached speech and tools. Though the Yatorans were too primitive to even recognize them as aliens. Over the next thousand years, Yatorans learned from them. However, the Ehswans that were teaching them were merely rebels who were against the laws of forbidding introduction of technology to primitive races, believing that it could benefit a race, and they tried to prove their government wrong by doing that for the Yatorans. So the Ehswan government ordered the rebels executed. Once they were, the Yatorans that were under their teachings refused to stand for it and declared war on the Ehswans, thus beginning the AUU Second Cartoonian War. Despite the Ehswans being technologically superior than the Yatorans, having more skill and adaptability, and even threatened to punish the Yatorans by regressing them back to primitive intelligence, the Yatorans surprisingly won thanks to adapting quickly to even the most dangerous of the Ehswans' war tactics, but at the cost of millions of lives and hundreds of worlds. The Yatorans realized that the Ehswans were trying to prevent this kind of disaster, only for it to turn out that killing the rebels ironically caused the problem to begin with. Following their extinction, the Ehswans left only their ancient advanced ruins behind for the Yatorans and other sentient creatures to claim. The Yatorans were since named the most god-like beings in the AUU. Though of course, the tragic origin of the Yatorans was not only kept a great secret, but it would also inspire new laws to work against teaching primitives advance technology that would not only protect the primitives from harm and discourage dishonest profiteers and con artists, but to prevent more tragic wars like this, though some Yatorans didn't necessarily think that and have advocated against those rules ever since. Though not all Ehswans were destroyed. The last of their kind was spending the last moments of his mortal life retaining the information about the AUU Second Cartoonian War and much more about their knowledge, and putting it all in a hidden underground data library that would be locked away in the depths of the Ehswan home planet. Since this data library would never be found given it's security, the AUU resumed life as they knew it. But that didn't stop those especially curious of the truth and adventurous archaeologists in all of history to try and unearth the data library. However, that Ehswan wasn't truthfully the last. Another, pretty much the race's leader, hid from all of recorded history and placed himself in a preserving sleep to allow him to go beyond the current timeline in hopes to use an incredable device to restore his race and finally get even with the Yaterons. This true surviver has yet to resurface however.
  • Ceallans

    †Ceallan- A race of human-like Teadr 1 beings native to the currently-dormant planet of Cealla Mux (Beta Universe, Bacabin Sector, Ceallta System). They were 11.4ft tall in height, and they possessed similar biological characteristics to AUU humans including their hair, hands, feet, longer tail bones than ours, ears, musculature, and many others, but major differences include their sack-like ribcages, their 4 lungs and two hearts, their longer lifespans of 5 thousand years, despite a life expectancy of just a thousand, their strongly-reinforced immune systems, their multi-layered eyes, their lack of noses, their 16-lobed brains, their skeletons being made of 56% cartilage, their antennae that act as a radar system, their pale skin coloration, and for their ability to mutate as they age, as many of their skin disappears and exposes muscles upon aging. They are a race that was known to be very prosperous and adaptable. They only suffered genetic diseases, and they had many documented genetic ailments. These were due to a powerful genetic anomaly within them that allowed them to reach unlockable potential. This anomaly granted them incredible abilities including the ability to fight off serum-based effects and be difficult to kill due to their ability to not just fight off death by standing ground and staying alive as much as they can during fatal inflictions and blood loss by changing body chemistry, and if on the brink of death, they can negate it and be put into a healing coma where they are put into an underground cocoon as their bodies go through a civil war of it's own, the body partially going through reconfiguration until the body is fully healed and restored, to which they complete their healing coma and come out fresh and new. Other abilities include the ability to absorb additional air through their skin and store them when underwater or in space, the ability to fuel themselves exponentially and grant temporary augmentation through their own adrenaline, a natural resiliency to pain and fear even as babies, who are so strong they can support their heads upon childbirth, and they can even take their mutative-aging further than humans with their Cerwan's Mutation as they mutate and adapt to environments all their lives. They achieved their potential by fighting, learning, adapting, and experimentation. Within a few thousand years, they have reached their full genetic potential and became a very grand and god-like Teadr 1 race. However, 110 years later, they ended up growing corrupt with their power thanks to their intelligence making them believe that they were a higher and dominant race than others. They then began an unexpected expansion through a campaign of aggressive conquest, as they were nearly-unstoppable due to their genetic and technological perfection. Their conquest lasted over 66 years until the AUU Grand Council of Old perfected a genetic regression serum, which was capable of regressing genetic potential, stripping it away. This weapon proved effective against the Ceallans, and it ultimately resulted in their extinction. However, they fail to realize that the genetic regression serum didn't exactly allow them to be killed that easy, as they appeared to be shot to death, yet were still alive, yet put into a healing coma, as they went into a cocoon-like healing stasis underground for a thousand years, all while their home planet of Cealla Mux would grow dormant over thousands of years of absence. Yet eventually, the Ceallans will awaken from their healing comas and once again attempt to conquer the UUniverses. They live in an imperial democracy where a presidential emperor, called an 'imperident', has much more control over the three government branches than an average democratic president, yet the power he has is entirely dependant on a vast number of high-ranking Senators, who have the power to take and give powers to the imperident at any time. Though the other two branches have their own heads as well, the Legislative Branch being run by the Imperiate, and the Judicial Branch being run by the Magistrate. Their technology includes pulse, laser, vibro, and disintegration weaponry, hard-light holographic and digital technology, virtual and augmented reality, touch-screen display through mobile devices and computers, mobile and wearable computers, genetic technologies, highly-advanced AI vehicles, advanced medicines, robotics and fully-sentient AI, limited amounts of quantum technology, had developed an Internet of Things long before the Omninet, nanotechnology, programmable matter, a digital currency system, cloaking, teleporation, and highly-advanced interstellar travel.
  • Yatorans

    Yatoran- Often called Yaterons in other cultures, among other spellings, they are a species of Teadr 1 bioluminescent 3-eyed humanoid beings from the Planet Yaton (Alpha Universe, Alpha Core Sector, Froxola System) which stands 8ft tall, and is by far the only Teadr 1 race in the AUU since most of the others in known ancient history have been extinct for eons (Offictailly). These beings are recognized for their Teadr 1 ruins found on most planets in the AUU as the result of their widespread influence in the past few eons, being considered mortal gods of the AUU for their elegant religion, charm, knack of advanced intelligence, and for their victory during the ancient AUU Second Cartoonian War against their extinct predecessors, the Ehswans. They are well-known members of the USRA who's recognized technology comes in the form of efficient hyperspace travel, monuments larger than any being can possibly imagine, solid light technologies, AI with complete sentience mainly in the form of war machines and particularly soldier models called Cybrums, have spaceships with incredible architecture and size, and genetic enhancement. They are the oldest living race in the USRA to date, evolving from smooth-skinned amphibian-like reptiles that were mainly made sentient by a chain reaction caused by both a gamma-ray burst that caused mass extinctions, and a radioactive substance in their planet's core and soil called cryptospirene. Their intelligence grew as slowly as humans' did, yet they were able to become an advanced race thanks to the Ehswans, which had been their main adversaries during the AUU Second Cartoonian War. While the Ehswans went extinct, the Yatorans got to a 21st Century intelligence afterward with the use of their technology, and the million-year old timespan guaranteed that they became the most advanced race in the AUU. They used the cryptospirene crystals on their homeworld as a renewable fusion energy source. Their anatomy is also different from humans for 3 lungs and 2 hearts which pump more of their purplish blood in their bodies and allow greater stamina, 2 livers which increase their body heat, and one stomach that leads to two duodenum which increase digestive flow efficiently into the intestines.
  • Alternate Human Evolution

    Human- A Teadr 2 mammalian primate race from Planet Marbon (Alpha Universe, Orphyne Sector, Feriyon System) and the only race identifiable in both the AUU and the Original UUniverses, though not through evolution and anatomy. Differences between the AUU humans and OUU humans included relatively-longer tailbones, appendixes that are still functional as storage areas for bacteria that break down the cellulose of digested food like their ancestors, greater flexibility, lifespans that are much longer than the average human, and have more or less hair on their bodies. They were the most loved race in the AUU for their contributions to all sentient beings big and small, helping them out in any situation good or bad by being the main founders of the United Sentient Races Alliance. They had determined and wise hearts, and they grew into a Teadr 2 society thanks to interaction with alien races. In the AUU, they coming in 4 different evolutionary breeds as a result of evolutionary adaptation and cross-breeding with their extinct predecessor species, the Zonthoritals: Original, Territun, Khuroot, and Nardiraythe. Each of these breeds had different qualities. Territun humans had good eyesight, quicker yet still-slow healing factors, immunities to sunburn with their greenish-gray skin which allowed them to gain energy, and have great immunities to certain sicknesses. Khuroot humans were evolved for greater intelligence and quicker adaptability, their immune systems were as strong as a Territun human's, great sight and smell, more insulated skin, and much stronger body systems. Nardiraythe humans had the largest brains of any human breed, having a healing factor just like the Territuns, stronger body systems, heightened smell and hearing, and their greater adaptability. However, it has recently been discovered that they may possess a genetic anomaly within them that will allow them to become a stronger race in time, something which might explain their constant genetic diseases and mutations such as the famous Cerwan's Mutation, which was occasionally common to AUU humans and rarely other beings which allowed individuals to adapt to the environment they're raised in as they grow up. However, to this day, this theory remains untested, and the humans themselves still have yet to discover this. Their technologies included touch-screen mobile devices and computers, holography, robotics and AI, vibroweapons, energy/projectile/pulse/laser firearms, enhancement serums and medicines, virtual/augmented reality, and lightspeed interstellar travel. They were sadly chased out of the AUU and went to another dimension as the result of the Villains Act, and have yet to return.
  • Naroudan- A species of Teadr 2 semi-arboreal lemur-like beings native to the Planet Naroulu (Epsilon Universe, Bogthen Sector, Bogyen System). These 7ft beings are one of the main races that founded the USRA, and the first alien race the humans came in contact with, and the first they fought against. They came in 5 different breeds through genetic breeding and experimentation: Jakaynes, Trobeens, Runiarns, Oelaruns, and Urwevars. They are agile creatures with fast reflexes, more-evolved brains, and sharper senses. They evolved from small herbivorous lemur hominids that lived on a secluded island called Narogo during the time of the dinosaurs, and had enough brain power to survive the dinosaur extinction. Because they are still agile tree-dwellers, they retain their lemur-like qualities such as long prehensile tails and hand-like feet, yet grew smart enough to get off Narogo and develop an omnivorous diet through lack of their proper plant diet, as well as long and intense snowy seasons leaving plants too inedible. They soon developed a remarkable military government. They had the ability to see things very far away, have night-vision, and they built their cities either in the trees or on the ground. Their acrobatic agility allows them to climb trees at a fast pace, and they preferred riding animals than on vehicles, riding on a variety of animals. Their technology is very limited compared to human technology. Their technological achievements include touch-screen computers and mobile devices, vibroweapons, semi-primitive military weaponry, genetic manipulation, proto-artificial evolution, and lightspeed interstellar travel.
  • Cunones

    Cunone- A species of Teadr 3 feline beings native to the Planet Cunoone (Zeta Universe, Ougus Sector, Nukston System). These 5ft felines are another race that founded the USRA, and the second alien race humans have met. The Cunones are naturally-agile creatures with sharp eyesight and hearing, natural night-vision, and are much more flexible than humans. They evolved from carnivorous ape-like felines that were excellent at hunting and populating, making them plentiful across their homeworld. They soon adapted to an omnivorous diet during climate change. They created their own culture and religion, and their civilization was developed into a Middle-Age like high-tech metropolis. They have a habit of exploring new worlds and expanding their empire, have a fascination of weaponry and combat, and are often curious. They are really playful once they get properly introduced and have gotten used to strangers, and are usually happy for various meats. They met the human race to give their acquaintances and exchange their own technology with them, as well as to ask for help from a warmongering race that threatened to incinerate their home planet, and they won with the help of a 4th race. Though they appear to be advanced, they have only colonized other worlds with the assistance of the humans. Their technological advancements include vibro/energy melee weapons, high-performance firearms that use various kinds of energy or projectiles, antigravity hover vehicles, terraformation through weather manipulation, buildings with holographic window-ports and advanced screen-light display, robotics, and limited yet sufficient space-travel.
  • Yurun

    Yurun- A species of small Teadr 3 rat-like beings which are native to the Planet Yurue (Theta Universe, Faste Sector, Gaios System). Despite the size of these 2ft beings, they are adaptable creatures with developed senses of taste, smell, hearing, and sight, as well as being the third race humans came across. Despite their size, they also have flexible bodies like a rat. They are known for their computer skills, their ability to invent machines at any scale to fit the needs of other races, and their human-like adaptability. Not only did they evolve due to this adaptability, but oddly enough, they evolved from eating meats containing a non-lethal virus created from a chemical reaction that enhanced the effects of the protein in the meat, slowly increasing their brain power, and making them evolve faster, and giving them improved adaptability. The Yuruns learned how to hunt with the use of high-tech tools and numbers, discovering electricity by using lightning rods, riding small birds and analyzing their physics to develop flight, used diamonds to discover laser weaponry, and they even have the most famous cuisine of any other race in the AUU after years of hunting, discovering various spices, and creating sauces from several substances. They met the humans during a struggle between their 2 alien allies and the Veexomites during the Veexomite War. They lent a hand in stopping the war and wiping the Veexomites out, and they became allies and formed the USRA ever since. Besides their multi-scale engineering and impacting cuisine, their other achievements include limited space travel (their cruisers being the size of an average spaceship), durable substances to allow their cities to withstand the impact of larger sentient beings, laser weaponry, robotics that can be at the maximum size of a cow and the minimum size of a fruit fly, biomechanical vehicles, biological technologies, and interface computers and mobile devices.
  • Sabochun

    Sabochun- A race of Teadr 3 canine-like hominids that are native to the Planet Sabochalla (Epsilon Universe, Essephemer Sector, Glamri System). This 8ft race was the first addition to the USRA after they were discovered by humans when one of their scout ships crashed on their home planet of Marbon. For their advanced architecture, technology, and religion, they joined the USRA with pride and honor. They are predatory beings with great senses, complex minds, and lovable yet vicious personalities. They developed their technology through intertribal welfare, and had very few battles which allowed them to develop high-tech weaponry, hovercrafts and other flying battle vehicles. They evolved from wolves that had the intelligence of gorillas, living in family groups, and building nests. Through this, they developed high-tech tribes. They are still carnivorous creatures, having an Asian-like society and a half-primitive religion. They live in a technologically-primitive society, and eat their dead or dying comrades, believing it as a form of cremation. Though their technology is limited compared to certain USRA races, they modernized thanks to interaction from them, thus giving them interstellar travel, human-based weaponry, vibro/energy melee weapons, hovering vehicles (repulsor vehicles in their terms), touch-screen mobile devices and computers, hydroelectric power, holography, virtual/augmented reality, and was the only race known to develop techbuildings, or buildings that work like a machine. They still have yet to begin their space-faring crusades since they only have three colonies.
  • Ohrugan- A Teadr 2 race of 6ft human-like beings native to the Planet Ohrugon (Delta Universe, Tilocrum Sector, Xaowin System) which are different from the humans by 2 extra lungs and one extra heart, giving them much greater stamina, different body color and hair, and they had better senses. They are yet another race in the USRA that came in 4 breeds: Original, Rugholun, Narzorph, and Tolvioran, they have similar agriculture and technology to the humans, but other alien technologies and different architecture. Ohrugans evolved from carnivorous gorillas which were briefly arboreal and could stand upright. They soon grew out of that and evolved into an omnivorous diet due to climate change. Unlike humans, they didn't need alien interaction to develop advanced technology quickly. They instead used radioactive substances to mold most of their machinery and power. They used this substance, called Ohrugium X, to develop many forms of technology. They were able to discover space-travel as well, and were able to colonize various planets, expanding their empire. They were soon interested in genetic enhancement, and discovered artificial population control to produce very efficient beings and regulate their own population. They were also good fighters that developed human-like weapons and is the only known race to have developed tech-lenses, which were a kind of contact lens with programmable matter and a data interface. They invented this primarily to allow their eye to glow red as a kind of scare tactic. They were as tall as humans, and each breed is exactly similar to the human breeds. Their technological advancements, besides what was listed above, included tech flight, efficient AI and robotics, virtual/augmented reality, silver programmable matter display, buildings with duraglass windows and antigravity mobility, and energy shielding.
  • Rabodan

    Rabodan- A Teadr 2 species of 6ft alien-like USRA hominids which are native to the Planet Rabodia (Delta Universe, Delta Core Sector, Plar System). These beings were warlike and aggressive, and were noted by the USRA for their extraordinary beauty and military prowess. They could see in incredible color and good eyesight, they had pale yellow to dull blue skin which was the result of their home planet having different solar radiation which was actually beneficial to the race (it is impossible for them to get sunburn, though they will get a tan), had the same 4 lungs of the Ohrugans, yet they had a large 12-chambered heart, 2 livers, and multiple stomachs and intestines, thus they are great at fighting in many forms of combat. They evolved from Australopithecus-like chimpanzees that started off as carnivores which hunted all across their homeworld and had tamed or hunted even the biggest of the animals they encountered, but evolved an omnivorous diet due to climate change. They developed technology through warfare and diplomacy, and have been through more wars than any of the other USRA races, and lived to tell the tale. They also have the best genetic farming and agriculture, and an architecture that is 25% similar to Ohrugans. They also find that dyeing skin a darker color is a form of attraction, so they use chromokinetic gel to make their skin much darker so they can appear more attractive to the opposite gender, or even other human-like races. They were the second aliens that the human race fought against in the Human-Rabodan War and eventually became the next allies of the USRA after a peace treaty was signed when they discovered they were evenly matched, forming the holiday of Peace Day. Their technology is considered equal to AUU humanity, though with a slight alien blend. Their technological achievements include vibroweaponry, firearms which use energy or projectiles, touch-screen mobile devices or computers, holography, robotics and AI, virtual/augmented reality, enhancement serums and medicines, hovering antigravity vehicles (lightcrafts in their terms), buildings with holographic windows, energy shielding, cloaking, and teleportation.
  • Uonan

    Uonan- A species of Teadr 3 arboreal dark orangutan-like 7ft hominids from the Planet Uonoru (Epsilon Universe, Polgren Sector, Winxton System) that descended from a long-forgotten biological war against the Naroudans and an extinct prehistoric race. The biological chemicals spread across their home planet of Uonoru made them evolve into highly intelligent beings that developed various forms of human-based technology and create a Naroudan-based architecture. Since then, they've viewed Naroudans as their Gods. They spend their time in the trees, but they are capable of tech flight. Like the Naroudans, they are agile creatures that can climb trees even with no prehensile tail. They adapted an omnivorous diet, and even have some human characteristics as well. The Naroudans and humans visited them upon discovery, and they join them in the USRA in hopes of understanding them more. Their technology is based upon a blend between humans and Naroudans, including hovering air vehicles, touch screen display and interfaces, human-based weaponry, vibro/energy melee weapons, holography, robotics and AI, and limited yet sufficient space travel.
  • Xuron

    Xuron- A species of Teadr 2 gray-alien-like being which is native to the Planet Xuronosis (Gamma Universe, Tobani Sector, Earco System). These 3ft aliens were technologically-advanced beings that had the ability of psychokinesis, saw colors in the ultraviolet spectrum, and had introduced the humans to hyper-cloning technology. They originally evolved from aquatic seal-like prosimian creatures that ate fruits and fish, and lost their aquatic traits to focus on wilder evolutionary traits such as better sight and hearing, advanced and self-aware brains, and slightly heavier bodies. Their intelligence came from a natural protein-baring gas that increased the brain power so much, the Xurons also gained the ability to lift objects with their mind through both increased levitating glowing lobes on the sides of the brain and old vestigial echolocation organs, which had developed into electromagnetic sensory organs that, while working with the 2 levitation lobes, translated thought into action. Through their improved brains, Xurons developed various advancements in military technology, and been through various wars with other races, each increasing their intelligence. Though their population started to dwindle as the result of a war against a gray-alien-like race called the Byzankans, which left these races with little budget, little numbers and relying on clones to be part of the military, and they had to harvest DNA from other races in order to repopulate. This mission eventually took them to Marbon to harvest human DNA due to their similarities. But through a truce, the USRA allowed the Ohrugans to use their artificial population control to repopulate them, and after long years of this, they completely restored their race and they joined the USRA. They were menacing creatures, having the ability to plan successful strategies, and wield alien technology without education and to the same effect. They are by far the second most advanced race in the USRA. Their technological achievements, besides hyper-cloning, include various types of weaponry, robotics and AI, holography, genetic manipulation, energy shielding, teleportation, cloaking, efficient space travel, and various others.
  • Byzankan

    Byzankan- A species of Teadr 2 gray-skinned human-gray alien cross beings which were native to the Planet Byzank (Alpha Universe, Pisarque Sector, Byzitine System). Thee beings stood up to 8.4ft tall and were known to have been the most feared race in the AUU before the Bulliarns (Which the Byzankans themselves have fought before) which had control of almost every world. After millennia of cultural indoctrination, these beings believed other races should play by their rules and theirs only, and thus they began a campaign of aggressive conquest and thus started the AUU Third Cartoonian War. They have been known to have compromised the USRA's existence, and though not technically responsible for it's disbanding, they were the reason the bad situations happened. They were also the same race that left the Xurons endangered before they joined the USRA. They were known for making slaves out of Xurons and any race that dared to oppose them. It wasn't until the Yatorans were forced to cover their entire home planets with impenetrable shields which prevented these races from ever leaving that the war was eventually stopped. There have been no reports of stragglers for many years ever since, and these beings still reside here even to this day where they can cause no more trouble.
  • †Exemplyd- A race of Teadr 2 human-like beings native to the superhabitable Planet Exemplara (Alpha Universe, Bacmus Sector, Zonmore-Vaeoni System). They are a 12.5ft race that have more skin, hair, and eye color variety, alien-like eyes, more hair on their bodies, short stubby tails, have stronger muscle fibers and bones, have human-like hands, feet, ears, but have 4 breasts, a skeleton coated with cartilage, sac-like ribcages, have two large 18-chambered hearts, blue blood, 4 lungs, 25-lobed brains, triple-stranded DNA, a strong adaptive instinct and a lifespan of several centuries, and come in 7 breeds: The Original which appears like an average human, except they have a wider variety of hair and eye color, while the skin color relatively remains the same, the Qalues which were bred to resist the increased solar radiation from red stars, and thus this is the breed that appears in the equator of a red-star planet, appearing with mahogany-colored skin, black, grey, or white hair, and the common eye colors, the Driads which were bred to resist the decreased solar radiation from red stars, and thus this appears near the North and South poles of a red-star planet, appearing similar to a Khuroot human only with more hair and color variety, the Aechmes which were bred to resist the increased solar radiation from blue stars, and thus this appears at the equator of blue-star planets, appearing with umber skin and a wider variety of hair and eye color, the Olhs which were bred to resist the decreased solar radiation from blue stars, and thus this appears near the North and South poles of a blue-star planet, appearing similarly to the Nardiraythe human, only with a larger hair and eye color variety, the Noluns which were bred to resist the increased solar radiation from high-class stars including supergiants and hypergiants, and thus this appears in the Equator of their planets, appearing with chocolate skin and wider hair and eye color variety, and the Wagthames which were bred to resist the decreased solar radiation from high-class stars including supergiants and hypergiants, and thus this appears near the North and South poles of their planets, appearing with apricot-ochre colored skin and the common hair and eye color variety. These beings evolved on a superhabitable planet which was more than habitable for life in many degrees, allowing these beings to adapt into anything quicker than any other being, and thus while advancing quicker than any other race, they went through 52 World Wars, 82 interracial wars, many of which they fought with the same race more than once and even more than one at a time, they had pacifist, diplomacy, military, religious, honorable, and other periodic forms, and they have proven to be very noble in the field of adaptation. However, they went extinct as a result of being too reckless, self-confidant, and careless in their approach of resilience, as they have grown cocky, and yet though they ae extinct, they have sworn that, if they do, they would ensure they come back and start again. Their technology includes projectile/vibro/pulse/laser/plasma/disintegration weaponry, ground/hover/air-based vehicles, touch-screen/holographic mobile devices and computers, virtual/augmented reality, teleportation, force fields, cloaking, digital technology, advanced material and medicine technology, advanced robotics and 75%-sentient AI, advanced agriculture, genetic engineering and artificial evolution, digital cryptocurrency, and advanced hyperspace travel.
  • Precsan- A Teadr 1 mammalian race that is native to the deceased Planet Precstion (Epsilon Universe, Epsilon Core Sector, Precsus-Gotem System). They are 4.1ft tall creatures with long tails of raccoon stripes near the end, furry bodies, human-like arms and legs, 4-phalanged hands and feet, long elf-like ears, animal noses, human-animal eyes, are adaptable problem-solving millennarians both biologically, mentally, and physically, capable of living for up to thousands of years, are semi-technological masters of nature, technology and magic, having a very ambitious view in life, and evolved in technology faster than many other races, have two hearts inside two large lungs, and a giant heart in the middle, all protected inside a multi-layered rib sacs, their blood is extremely rich in oxygen and immune cells allowing for a more powerful immune system, their musculoskeletal systems are durable, their touch sensors are super sensitive to feel anything outside clothing, they have 20-lobed brains, and are incredibly powerful in any category. Since disappearing following their development of interdimensional travel and quantum manipulation, their secrets have been being unlocked to this day, including their discovery of Eco, which earned them an alliance with the Precursors of the OUU in Jak and Daxter's understanding. (TBC...)
  • Oxycean- A race of Teadr 1 human-like beings that were native to the deserted planet of Oxycea. They are noted for their charming androgynous appearances, and it was said to be nearly-impossible to determine the gender with their looks. They are 5.9ft beings that have little hair on their bodies and cannot grow facial hair, have human-like faces, hands and feet, pointed ears, red, brown, orange, yellow, and apricot skin, fire-colored alien-like eyes, long tufted tails, 30 ribs, two livers, three lungs, two 8-chambered hearts, two stomachs, extra adrenaline glands in their limbs, strong durable bones, accurate senses, and had 10-lobed brains. A long time ago, this race were planetary intoverts that prefered not to expand beyond their planets in because of their beliefs to not trust the unpreidctable, even basing a motto on it. However, thanks to a well-intentioned but competely bad-idea probed king, they were mind-controled into becoming a warlike race that fought against the Qyzmetheans, who equily because of this overly ambitious ruler, in due to being mindcontroled and changed away from their former selves as beings afraid of even their own shadows, let alone of being afraid of being hated and abuse, into creatures that enjoy hatred and abuse, were wreaking deadly havoc on the AUU long before the AUU Second Cartoonian War, conquering hundred of planets and slaughtering trillions of people, and they were the only race the Qyzmetheans themselves viewed as different to their beliefs that all races are intolerable and weak, and that they were the ones who should be their vanguards. The Oxyceans had been the only race to stand against them, and their power was evenly-matched to the Qyzmetheans. Eventually, the war between them ended with them each getting banished to binary universes where their war still continues to this very day. These beings were a famous one even after their forgotten war with the Qyzmetheans into fantasy as they possessed the ability to mutate through age, and live just about as long as the Qyzmetheans. They were renowned tinkerers who viewed technology as a sacred gift of empowerment and as a kind of rite-of-passage, considering intelligence a form of enlightenment. They could hardly leave any weapon they created unmodified, and they created over a thousand war machines. Other abilities they possess include accelerated healing, and their ability to control their own adrenaline and remain active for hours. They can wield any weapon they find accurately and learn martial arts quickly all by watching it in action thanks to their increased learning capacity and brain patterns, they possess the ability to resist pain and injuries and remain fighting regardless, and they can remain fighters even at old age. Their technology includes touch-screen/holographic mobile devices and computers, laser, vibro, and projectile weaponry, advanced robotics, cybernetics, and AI, advanced medicine, genetic enhancement and engineering, hovering vehicles and powerful airships, solid-light technology, virtual/augmented reality, digital construction and augmentation, and powerful hyperspace travel.
  • Augean- A species of Teadr 2 human-like beings native to the Planet Augar (Gamma Universe, Eschose Sector, Nordeim System) which is exactly identical to humans, having the skin color and hair color. The major differences are the alien-like eyes, the taller height of 8ft, and the different anatomy of 2 hearts and three lungs, two livers, and two stomachs. Thousands of years of genetic selection and engineering have made this race claim themselves to be the most genetically-perfect one in the AUU. Their immune systems are stronger, their eyesight, hearing, and smell is improved, they are super-intelligent, have great strength, agility, reflexes, and endurance, and they can adapt to any machine they find. They are considered the best at everything, military, diplomacy, religion, and even view the Yatorans as their inspiration. They have even gotten a Teadr 2 level that is close to a Teadr 1 level, claiming to have discovered how to make similar architecture all by themselves. Their technology has baffled even the Yatorans, having atomic assembly technology, genetic augmentation, artificial evolution, cybernetics and robotics, phased particle weaponry, energy melee weapons, and fully-sentient AI. Their spaceships are also comparable in size to the Yatorans. And so, this race became a great one to interact with to the Yatorans, and the two became minor allies. The Legion had even considered making them a part of the dominant races for many years.
  • Bulliarn- A Teadr 2 species of 7ft bovine beings that are native to the Planet Bullgard (Alpha Universe, Bacmus Sector, Rancord System). They are known for being the most infamous warmongering creatures in the AUU. They had been in a war against the Legion of Dominant Races since the Interuniversal War, and have killed anything that dared to oppose them. Recently, they have held off the war because their leader, King Corbos, lost his arm to the father of Headmaster Warson, and when he lost the chance to become the Headmaster of the AUU Grand Council to Warson following the Villains Act's arrival, he struck a deal with Warson to fund the battles against the Villains Act. But when Corbos sabotaged the whole thing, the unaware AUU Grand Council was forced to obey him under threat of declaring a war that would destroy hundreds of worlds. The Bulliarns are massive creatures with thick hides that can withstand small amounts of damage, and their 4 horns are made of a durable substance that can withstand anything. Their military technology ranges from massive exo-suits, nuclear weapons and bombs, durable ships made from neutronium, and warships that use nuclear-based lasers that can be amplified from a basic nuclear wipeout, or to a max laser that can destroy planets. That has proved that it's a bad idea to mess with creatures as powerful as the Bulliarns.
  • Pharcum

    Pharcum- A Teadr 3 boar-like race which is native to the Planet Pharom (Eta Universe, Isheegus Sector, Schpreen System). They are rough and aggressive 5ft beings which range in skin and hair color and have been known to inhabit their own territory in the Isheegus Sector in the Eta Universe. They are a race full of rogue mercenaries who opposed anything that entered their turf, they are risk-takers who believe in a 'show-no-fear' philosophy, and believe that death is not something worth celebrating since it was just nature taking it's course, or perhaps because they were just surrounded by it, and do not mourn the dead, but still bury them. They have been known to participate in the Interuniversal War until they were sentenced to exile to their own territories in the Isheegus Sector where they oppose any who trespass. They have since been forced to dominate the entire sector and kill any who try to stop them. In their campaign, most civilizations remain abandoned since their invasions lead to so many deaths and thus they had to be evacuated. Even looking at them the wrong way can threaten your life. They have thus gotten a legacy of being one of the most feared races aside from the Bulliarns, which they actually fought during their time, and actually stole or wiped out colonies of, and also losing some of theirs. They are terrifying to think about, and their technology, despite being limited, is powerful enough to kill easily. Some of their technology is derived from stolen Bulliarn technology reverse-engineered from the machinery from colonies they took over. They have since discovered nuclear weapons, neutronium armor and shields, yet are still learning how to create nuclear astro-lasers. Their own technology includes pyrotechnic and incendiary projectile weapons, vibroweapons, sky-fighting aircrafts, they domesticate and ride their own beasts, have different kinds of tanks, and genetic augmentation drugs in the form of a red serum that turns into a gaseous form and temporarily mutates any who are exposed to it.
  • Fangpodamus- A Teadr 2 race of the Planet Fangarus of multifanged hippos known for unpleasent tempers and lack of good hindsight. They're idiotic self-serving brutes out to give misery to any they deemed to be against "The Way of the Fang" in that gods must actselly be legit and not fake or artifical in a way. This no surprisingly lead them to become the greatest enemies of the Phends, because their "god" was artifical, there for it is in the criteria of being fake, which is against the way of the fang. As such, the planet's goverment sent a squad to go to the Phend home planet and assassinate the fake god and prove it's fakeness. Thing is, an incompident doof forget the evidence, so they ended up "murdering a beloved god under false pretenses", and inspired that race to hate them and outsiders as a whole. Out of any world a victim of Terror Month, Fangarus became the repeated victim, since the Fangpos are after all the ones who killed the Phend God, other worlds being attack are at best afterthoughts because the Phends defelutuping ugly mistrust to anything not a fellow Phend. Though the Phend still suffer the worse of it, that doesn't mean the Fangpo has been ignored, as the universe grew to hate the Fangpos for creating the Phends as they were turned into, philosify not withstanding, as even though the Phend god was a fake, it wasn't by all means malevolent and in fact only wanted to embetter the race. As a result, the Fangpos are under constinet threat of being given the Exile Sheild for being the reason WHY the Phends are being so awful. Heck, even a general who ended Terror Month was promptly exicuted by Grand Council law for aggrovating the Phends even more, in means to prove that the Fangpos are not celebrated for hurting the Phends.
  • Gradan- A race of Teadr 2 alien monkeys beings native to Gradea (Beta Universe, Beta Core Sector, Grager System) that evolved in a similar way to both humans and their OUU counterparts, but in the trees instead of the ground, yet still learned to walk erect. They are 6.8ft beings that have long monkey tails, hands and human-like thumbed feet, have more hair on their bodies, have entirely brown-shaded skin, eyes with no white and expanded irises, pointed ears, monkey faces, are naturally agile, quick, have reduced inner ears which allow them to adapt in g-forces and acting while upside-down, and they can adapt to environments out of their comfort zone like seas, space, the sky, and even toxic evironments, they have 11-lobed brains, were omnivores like humans yet they can eat food beyond their biological intake thanks to powerful immune systems and digestive acid, have similar internal biology to humans save 4 spleens, 4 lungs, two stomachs, and two hearts, but they also have 3 more breeds to boot: Haecks (Gradan Territuns), Grayans (Gradan Khuroots), Humbs (Gradan Nardiraythes), Alleons, Sclates, and Lessas. Though they are not humans, they actually share DNA to them as a result of illegally-introduced wildlife from Marbon, which evolved in an alternate planet with a blue star to make the Gradans evolve as well as the humans, but make them more alien-like due to the different kind of star and they managed to evolve well on their own without the legally-questionable aid the humans gained from the Naroudans. Growing advanced in only a century due to a meteor shower containing 100 million millites worth in rarium, these beings were wealthy enough to grow very advanced in technology through their own Gradan Renaissance. They had run-ins with humans, Acrillisapes, and Naroudans from time-to-time, but the three are the main aliens they discovered before their deployment to space-travel, to where they visited all three of their home planets, while at the same time, making their own colonies, starting with the numerous planets in their system while fighting off hostile races and space pirates, going on amazing adventures, and revolutionizing all the way. They soon became like the humans by the time of the Villains Act, but they are far more alien-like in their technological level. This technology includes touch-screen mobile devices and computers, holography, robotics and AI, vibroweapons, energy/plasma/projectile/pulse/laser/solar firearms, advanced solar power, digital and molecular technology, teleportation, enhancement serums and medicines, virtual/augmented reality, hover/ground vehicles, cryptocurrency, force fields, AFTs and urban jungle-like treehouses, and lightspeed interstellar travel.
  • Thabe

    Thabe- A Teadr 5 race of orange-skinned human-like primates which are eusocial scavenging creatures that were native to their old home planet of Thabbac (Zeta Universe, Trageam Sector, Tetsanna System) which was affected by climate change. These 3.2ft beings are semi-intelligent, having the behavior of eusocial insects. They were tinkering and fighting creatures which had inter-colonial warfare and couldn't speak, only communicating through psionic transmissions. Since the loss of their planet, the USRA felt sympathetic, and decided to have them dedicate their lives to special labor across the AUU. Now they are usually seen doing work anywhere, and were basically the Jawas of the AUU. They also formed a habit of scavenging for scrap metal to make something new out of it.
  • Geiman- A lion-like race and a trans-being of the Cunones originating from the old capital of the Cunone Rebellion, Planet Geimi (Zeta Universe, Brugus Sector, Thiri System). They were genetically-engineered beings which were meant to be their greatest successors. They have since been a great asset to defending the Cunone Rebellion Base's location from the Villains Act. These beings are among the many trans-beings created by the USRA races. These beings had the same orange-to-brown and striped coloration as the Cunones, yet also had manes, tufted tails, and were as tall as a human. These beings provided more muscle to the battles against the Villains Act, often coming in juggernauts. The Cunones and Geimans saw themselves as an equal and proud union, and the Geimans respected their predecessors with the upmost honor.
  • Vikorean- A species of Teadr 2 wildebeest-like beings which are native to the Planet Vikoreas (Beta Universe, Groid Sector, Vikor System). These 9.1ft beings are an aggressive warlike race which has been around for as long as the AUU Second Cartoonian War. They have been at war against both the Bulliarns and Pharcums in the past, and had still been able to prosper and almost lost their home planet to the Bulliarns. They are noted for their muscular build, their hoof-like hands and feet, their moderately-long wildebeest-like tails, the bushes of hair on their upper chests and neck ranging in color from white, brown, and black, their wildebeest-like heads and bull-like horns, and for their skin coloration which ranges from grayish-dark blue to brown. Their natural strength and speed allow them to mow down anything that stands in their way, being at close strength and bulk to the Bulliarns. They are a space-faring race which comes in the form of space-Viking crusades where they often raid space freighters and planets for wealth and resources. During their wars with the Bulliarns and Pharcums, they learned how to reverse-engineer their technology which includes the Pharcums' red augmentation gas, and pyrotechnic/incendiary weaponry, and the Bulliarns' nuclear-based astro lasers. Other technology includes hover-based vehicles of any size, ferro-liquid display, virtual/augmented reality, advanced robotics and semi-sentient AI, and an architecture similar to Tech-Vikings.
  • Promenan- A species of Teadr 2 sentient human-like beings native to the Planet Promen (Eta Universe, Eta Core Sector, Prometisi System) which have an unknown appearance as the result of them always wearing body-covering suits. The reason for this being that these 7.1ft beings attempted to use artificial evolution to keep up and become the next Teadr 1 species, though overdid it, and left their immune systems destroyed, and their biological tolerance weakened severely. But they did become physically stronger, more intelligent, and they had increased senses. Though they are still a Teadr 2 race, they are close to matching a Teadr 1 race. Despite the fact that the race cannot take off their own suits and the suits themselves have to fit the bodily functions through several functions, they claim that even they don't remember what they look like because their bodies are covered almost their whole lives so they can stay healthy. Though several hints appear in the form of their ability to lay egg sacs, leading to the belief that they are some kind of monotremes. Though they can also Scientists are incapable of analyzing the biological bodies of dead individuals since the race's ruined immune systems could not only make the bodies infectious quickly and make the scientists sick, but it also allows flesh-eating bacteria to consume them easier, making the decomposing rate of these beings much smaller than other beings. These beings might probably remain a mystery forever. Their technology includes light-manipulation technology, closely-sentient AI and robotics, genetic augmentation, advanced medical technology, nanotechnology, particle weaponry, and manipulation of gravity for automatic-assembly.
  • Tulcan- A Teadr 2 race of semi-arboreal human-like beings with colorful mandrill-like faces, greater flexibility, and aggressive tendencies just as dangerous as the Bulliarns, who destroyed their home planet of Tulces during a war. Ever since, this race has been in campaigns to get the Bulliarns punished for their crimes, and even making it a small priority to rescue the AUU Grand Council from being controlled by the evil race. They are an advanced 6.5ft race that is prevalent on many worlds since their homeworld's destruction, and they are the only race known to stand up against the Bulliarns for this long, even going as far as being evenly matched in their technology, destroying several of their colonies with their own nuclear astro-lasers. After years of this, the Tulcans now have military technology that consists of particle weaponry, massive exo-suits, nuclear weapons and bombs, durable ships made from neutronium, and warships that use nuclear-based lasers that can be amplified from a basic nuclear wipeout, or to a max laser that can destroy planets. Their own technology consists of either hovering or wheeled vehicles, high-tech computers, augmentation serums and healing medicines, holographic display, and advanced robotics with semi-sentient AI.
  • Kepellan- A species of Teadr 3 human-like beings native to the Planet Kepella (Zeta Universe, Maxxus Sector, Keper System). They are distinguished for a height of 6.9ft, their pointed ears, rough dark-blue skin, dark-colored eyes, and hair color ranging from white to orange, being native to the Planet Kepella. Their skin is rough and thick as the result of their close ancestry to reptiles, and they evolved out of a cold-blooded lifestyle to a warm-blooded one with the thickness of the skin allowing them to keep in warmth and also for defense, in order to adapt to the rapidly-changing environment during their prehistoric days when the temperatures dropped and more efficient predators evolved. Being semi-reptilian, they lay eggs and have a regenerative healing factor that only lasts until elderly age, classifying them as a monotreme race. These beings also have a higher intelligence and physical strength than humans, have improved sights and can see in better color, their skin is dark-blue due to the UV intensity that shines on their home planet, and they are also capable of jumping, running, and reacting quicker than any other race in the AUU. They are also a technologically-stagnant race, meaning that they have stopped evolving in technology when one of their leaders was aggressive and war-hungry after the discovery of a highly-powerful energy source forged from a dying star that could provide renewable power, increase weapon capacity, do extreme conventional damage, and even atomize planets with ease. At this time, this leader, known historically as Khrone the Obliterator, used this to oppress planets who stood in their way until a Kepellan rebellion took him down, and as punishment for his misdeeds, Khrone was imprisoned in an underground proton field capsule forever. To keep history from repeating itself, the new leader of the Kepellans obscured the star core from the planet, and forbidden anymore technological evolution. Now the race was left with projectile/atomic-based firearms, vibroweaponry, touch screens and computer display, holographic display, closely-sentient AI and robotics, flying/wheeled AI vehicles, mobile monuments, virtual and augmented reality, augmentation technologies, and powerful ship armadas.
  • Orsidian- A species of Teadr 2 muscular gorilla-like beings native to the Planet Orsidi (Zeta Universe, Brugus Sector, Odiese System). They stand at a height of 8.2ft, have gorilla-like faces, dark-gray-to-grayish-blue leathery skin, black-to-white hair, and 2 curved horned on their heads. They are famed for being valiant fighters that can adapt to many environments. They have won grand battles during their time, and still do to this day. They also had their own rebellion against the Villains Act, and have been one of the many races that actually stood a chance against them. Despite living on a planet with a low and harsh temperature, they actually got rid of hair because their skin was so leathery, it actually aided in keeping in excess heat and kept the beings warm, meaning there was no need for fur. They are very strong and have their very own code of honor when fighting, which they live by and all fighters are bound to the code, and those that refuse and end up doing war crimes are exiled. These beings have put up a huge legacy in fighting many wars in the past, and have been unyielding in every battle. Their technology often included suits of holo-armor that automatically appear holographically, having their own hologram network for propaganda and communications, use solid-light technology including light blaster guns of various kinds and holographic bridges, have robotic and cybernetic technologies, have perfect cellular regeneration and healing technology, and come in very powerful ship armadas.
  • Daiten- A species of Teadr 3 gorilla-like marsupial beings native to the Planet Daiter (Gamma Universe, Canicour Sector, Abis System). They are 3.9ft beings with color ranging from orange, brown, maroon, white, and yellow, alien-like eyes, human faces, and a semi-quadrupedal locomotion. These marsupial beings are roughly the size of a chimpanzee, yet they are incredibly intelligent and adaptable to any environment. They are a race that have Australian-like accents, and have a very creative lifestyle and are proud fighters. They are a semi-tribal society which have a technological edge, yet despite their space travel, they rarely inhabit other planets besides those in their own system, and thus have a relatively low Teadr level. They are very agile creatures who are excellent hunters, using a variety of weaponry including shockwave hammers, vibroweapons, combat boomerangs, and projectile-based firearms. The ruling figures including the governors, chieftains, and senators always wore metallic armor, and some of these beings are seen naked since their fur covers most of their bodies. These beings were adaptable, and could travel in the air through flying creatures hunting flying animals, and they used to be scared of water until they learned to swim in later years, discovering they could hold their breath longer than a few other beings they knew in the AUU, and thus learned to hunt fish in deep waters. Their technology also included primitive electrical appliances, impressive architecture, and limited robotics.
  • Chrysin- A species of Teadr 2 wombat-like marsupial beings indigenous to the Planet Chrysalon (Beta Universe, Beta Core Sector, Chrissilia System). These 5ft beings are noted for their bulky fat humanoid bodies, their wombat-like faces, their omnivorous diet and regenerative teeth, their small fur coats which are brown or orange, their sharp claws which are useful in climbing, their crepuscular nature, and their backs which actually go through chemical reactions during childbirth to create a crystalline shell which, in their ancestry, was used as both a defense from attack, and offense through shining sunlight at it's predators, and for attracting mates. These crystalline shells are actually composed of carbon and calcium carbonate like a clam shell, and is as hard as a diamond. These crystal shells range in color from red to blue. They are recognized as the inventors of crystallic fusion, a renewable energy source derived from energy crystals from their home planet, as well as any other energy crystal found anywhere else in the AUU. Other technologies include touch screens and computers, crystal-based energy weaponry, hovering vehicles, powerful spaceships, and laser-based display.
  • Harbins

    Harbin- A species of Teadr 7 dolphin-like cetaceans native to the Planet Harbanisan (Zeta Universe, Zilgord Sector, Wiltink System). They are noted for being roughly the size of Yatorans, being over 8.1 ft long and weighing up to 280 lbs. They have the design of an ichthyosaur, the personalities of dolphins, have hand-like flippers, and the coloration of whale sharks. They are very intelligent and friendly beings who can speak perfect English, and learn it just by watching people speak it. They were mainly close friends with the human inhabitants that took a liking and adaptability to the water, and have accompanied any that swam in the oceans of Harbanisan, having a strong belief in companionship, even protecting them from sea predators including Junja Sharks. These creatures are omnivorous, eating algae and fish, and have even eaten other kinds of meat such as crustaceans, urchins, cephalopod, sharks, even other cetaceans. When the humans left, the Harbins decided to get along with their other friends in the form of sentient animals and other races. Like dolphins, they could navigate through sonar, have sharp eyesight, can swim at a maximum speed of 37 mph, and have unique social skills, often living in tribes, and can hunt or fight in groups. They have proven to tackle almost any kind of sea predator with their durable skulls, their clawed flippers and tails, and their sharp teeth.
  • Galaxun- A species of Teadr 2 human-like beings who were indigenous to a planet called Galaxhor until it was destroyed by a betrayal and left the race to adopt a new homeworld in the form of a planet called Xirya Prime (Zeta Universe, Zeta Core Sector, Xirya System). These 6ft beings are exactly similar to humans, but they had more hair on their bodies with coloration ranging from gold, blonde, orange, brown, and black, and often formed a lion-like mane, had skin that could be either tan or white, and their human-like qualities included human-like eyes, faces, hands and feet, though the feet are semi-prehensile. They were once known as an aggressive warrior race who waged several wars with several races even back in the days of the AUU Second Cartoonian War. They took over several worlds, and their abilities made them a powerful force. However, when their home planet was destroyed by a rogue alien race called the Caigrons, which they had fought in one of their wars, and their only available local hero had abandoned them because of neglecting him for a devastating accident, after 30 years of fighting against the traitorous hero and his new role as apprentice to the Caigrons' emperor, it took the devastation that followed after the death of the apprentice and the extinction of the Caigrons for them to renounce their warlike ways, and become their own warriors. They have since only started ruling their own system of 9 planets, believing it as a big enough empire for them. They had since founded the Gex Warrior Core, an interuniversal defense force which consisted of either Galaxuns or other beings who could easily use their signature weaponized lifeforce energy called Gex, to it's full potential. However, centuries later, they would face a new problem with a high-ranking elite in the form of the traitorous hero's descendant who, despite not wanting to be like his ancestor, ended up being corrupted by power, and upon being banished to the penal planet of Strolig, where he would eventually found the rogue invasion force called the Gex Oppressor Core, which started taking over parts of the Xirya System and declared war on the GWC. The two sides have been fighting in evenly-matched battles ever since. These beings are like the Saiyans of the AUU, and their strength is greater than other beings due to the naturally-high gravity of their home planet. They use their Gex inner energy in a variety of ways, thinking of it as a good replacement for firearms. They also had a wide knowledge of magic that could be useful in certain means, and learned how to use it to it's fullest after a war against the Augurans. They also have advanced technology in the form of touch-screen mobile/wearable devices which play similar roles to DBZ scouters, yet are much more reliable due to AI making probabilities and scaling opponents of 1-100 instead of the power level system they used in ancient past, armlet blasters, and computers, hovering vehicles, vibroweaponry, ferro-liquid display, semi-sentient AI and advanced cybernetics, and virtual/augmented reality.
  • Satran- A race of Teadr 2 human-like beings which stand up to 6.1ft tall with white skin, pointed ears, blue-to-black hair, orange-to-yellow eyes, and stubby tails. They were once a diplomatic race until the destruction of their home planet of Satira during a distant war lead to them releasing their anger through a militaristic society, as they wiped out the race that destroyed their planet without a sweat. These beings went from peaceful and jovial to warlike and aggressive, even fighting against the Rabodans and eventually becoming close allies when they ended up rescuing the race. They are a proud race that even formed their own rebellion against the Villains Act, which considered them one of the closest matches to the Rabodans, which were just as much of a challenge to them as all the other dominant races. They are one of the commonly-occurring races that inhabit certain USRA planets, and fight for many militaries across the AUU. Their technology includes hovering vehicles, projectile or plasma-based weaponry, vibroweapons, touch-screens and computers, ferro-liquid display, powerful space armadas, and advanced robotics.
  • Lony- A Teadr 3 race of 4-legged ungulate beings which are similar to the ponies of Equestria, native to the Planet Equaria (Epsilon Universe, Polgren Sector, Naiku System). Being roughly the same size as their Original UUniversal counterparts, they too come in various colors, yet their cutie marks are actually birth marks like the Centaurs of Equestria, meaning they are born with them. They also have longer ears, tails like a zebra's, have spots/stripes, and have an antelope-like appearance. They come in 4 different types, the main ones being Normal (Earth), Magi (Unicorn), and Air (Pegasus), having the same functions, yet they are classified as having a Teadr 3 technology level which was granted to them by their once beloved messiah turned biggest enemy, Count Mooku, which was one of the many things that made him a criminal since it violated an AUU Grand Council law. Yet these beings have used this technology to it's full potential just like any other Teadr 3 race. They are masters of both magic and science, and are lead by their most royal type: Omni (Alicorns), which unlike the ones in Equestria, aren't immortal. They have a wide history to them that is both dark and light.
  • Cyphrun- A race of Teadr 2 space-faring human-like beings which stand up to 7.5ft tall and are actually a forgotten trans-being of the Yatorans' extinct Teadr 1 rivals, the Ehswans, and are native to the Planet Cyphum (Alpha Universe, Apirion Sector, Eleseus System). These beings, after living for so long since the AUU Second Cartoonian War, have no knowledge of their extinct ancestors, and have since been a species prevalent across the AUU, with very few having knowledge of their ancestry. Some of these beings dedicate their lives to studying their ancestral races' ancient ruins and technology, and even accompanying other archaeologists to do so. Their technology is similar to that of their extinct ancestors, having atomic assembly technology, atomic weaponry, asteroid-sized spaceships, monuments as big as an asteroid that can either fly in the sky or be on the ground, use solid light as a building material, have fully-sentient AI and robotics, and use subatomic power as an energy source.
  • Vegdukkk- A monstrous mutated half-sentient species of 10ft bird-like bats that have descended from the extinct Teadr 3 Vegduuns indigenous to the planet Vegdum (Gamma Universe, Eschose Sector, Vegades System). They have hair-like feathers that grow longer down the tail, they have beaks similar to jaws, having sharp teeth-like structures on the beak, as well as retractable inner-teeth, heat-sensitive pits in their noses, are almost completely blind and thus rely on an advanced echolocation system that acts like a radar shockwave to analyze surroundings, and their wings are like a dragon's wings, yet have been covered in feathers that keep the wing skins from absorbing too much heat. Though they have animalistic behavior, they still retain an amount of intelligence as they can think strategically, react faster, and do coordinated attacks and blocks. The Vegduuns were once a prosperous bat-like race which had fought one of the greatest battles during the Interuniversal War, and became one of the War's most prominent fighters. Though during the war, to limit their surplus and keep them fighting strong during the war, they gave up any attempts to colonize other worlds, and left behind all candidates, including the planets in their system. Though years later during the Villains Act, this had contributed to their extinction since they had only existed on their own planet, and thus the bioterrorist attacks by Gordon the Animal had rendered the race completely extinct and mutated, leaving their home planet desolate and populated by these monstrous abominations.
  • Torthan- A race of highly-intelligent Teadr 2 sapient opossums native to the Planet Torthon (Beta Universe, Groid Sector, Larginion System). These 8ft beings are noted for their complex and highly-evolved brains which, despite being exposed and thus making it seemingly vulnerable to puncturing and damage, is protected by a durable, transparent, and elastic cartilaginous structure which protects their brains from almost all forms of weaponry. These brains are among the most highly-evolved in the AUU, allowing them to develop a variety of advanced technology. These beings live in a caste system where citizens make up the pinnacle, military soldiers protect their country's colony, scientists help provide resources and technology for the other caste members, and the president rules over all else, being the most intelligent of these species, having brains so big, that they needed to use an anti-gravity chair to support themselves. The president is chosen through genealogical selection, whereas any family member of the previous president can lead, whether it be ancestor or descendant. All caste members are naturally capable of playing dead by secreting a red substance from their brains to mimic blood, they can squirt this red substance from their eyes like a horned toad as a surprise intimidation tactic, see in extremely sharp vision, have very good hearing, and being descended from arboreal creatures, these beings are 25% arboreal. The Torthans have been minor allies to the humans long before the USRA was formed and right after they met the Naroudans, though they have not been in physical contact with each other until after the USRA in order to exchange technology, but have been unable to get into the USRA. Their technology includes hovering vehicles and crafts (called kinetocrafts in their terms), have disintegration weaponry, energy melee weapons, hologram capabilities, touch screen mobile devices and computers, advanced cybernetic technology, an AI network connected through several buildings and monuments, have several teleportation grids, have several orbital defense stations circling their home planet, their machinery is powered by atomic battery generators that last for 20 years, and their spaceships are efficient at space-travel and space battles.
  • Daobassa- A species of Teadr 2 lemur-like beings native to the Planet Daobin (Zeta Universe, Ougus Sector, Iwarzi System). These 7ft beings are noted for their genetically-modified physiology, their black skin and faces, their gold-to-orange fur, their demon-like eyes, their natural agility and semi-arboreal lifestyle, and their aggressive ways. They are bug-hating imperialistic warmongers which have declared war on several insect races across the AUU, and their high-grade technology gives them a good angle at destroying whatever race they want. While the Legion has known about them and have tried to condemn their actions, nobody has been able to survive an encounter with these creatures. They are very aggressive and hateful to anyone who disagrees with their ways, and it is unknown how they came into despising insects besides their insectivorous diet. They have been horribly viewed by insect beings across the AUU, especially with their military technology ranging from plasma weaponry, poisonous pesticide gases, mega-powerful armor and exo-suits, devastating skyfighting-crafts, dropships, and warships, and even long-banned nuclear weaponry. Other technology includes ferro-liquid display, advanced computer systems and AI, architecture similar to Ancient Mayans, and virtual/augmented reality.
  • Aborb- A Teadr 2 species of 5ft winged beaver-like beings native to the Planet Aborbo (Zeta Universe, Ougus Sector, Yron System). Despite having compactable butterfly/bat-like fingered wings on their arms, they are not very useful for flying as much as gliding, and are actually functional for swimming like a manta ray, and thus they had to be excellent climbers in order to get at the right altitude to glide. Their tails are flat like a parrot's tail, their feet are webbed and have claws, useful for self-defensive kicks, they have teeth which are naturally capable of chewing through any kind of bark no matter how durable it was, making their ancestral sapient beings a nuisance to other animals, and they have an acute sense of hearing and smell. They are noted for some of the finest advancements in medical technology in the AUU, inventing some of the finest life-extension serums, as well as oncolytic viruses which kill cells infected with cancer, and grand stem-cell treatment. They formed an alliance with another race that shares their system called the Grometons, which also have efficient medical technology. They are also very wise creatures, known to build their cities inside skyscraper-sized dams made out of neutronium, one of the strongest metals in the AUU. They have advanced irrigation lines for their crops and agriculture, and they have even discovered how to use water to repair heavily-injured bodies or reattach their disembodied limbs. Other technology includes programmable matter display, atomic/laser weaponry, human-like wheeled/rocket autonomous vehicles, architecture similar to Ancient Greece, semi-intelligent AI and limited robotics, and a special kind of network connected to all their buildings which is voice-recognizing, and can fulfill special needs such as entertainment or sustenance needs.
  • Grometon- A race of Teadr 2 saber-toothed monkey-like beings indigenous to the planet Grometo (Zeta Universe, Ougus Sector, Yron System). Evolving from arboreal cat-like creatures, these 6.8ft beings are noted for their omnivorous diet, their cat-like ears, their human-like faces and sabre-like incisors, their grayish-yellow-to-brown fur, their tufted tails which used to be prehensile until their lifestyle on the ground made it just a normal tail, and for their stronger senses of hearing, smell, and sight. However, they are also color-blind, unable to see color, though some individuals have a mutation that allows them to actually see it, and the Grometons are coming up with a serum based on this gene to give them the same ability. They are a race that has among the greatest medical technologies in the AUU, and even shares the same system as the Aborbs, another medically-efficient race, and have since become allies. Their most common medical breakthrough is an advanced carbon-based medical substance Xoa, which is actually their own variant of the human invention of biofoam, capable of healing a body and repairing it in one bath. Other advancements in medical technology include an artificial womb called the 'invivobator', virotherapy which allows programmable viruses to kill other viruses or sicknesses, personality medicines, life extensions, and are also close to perfecting de-extinction and artificial evolution. Other technologies include hovering vehicles, holographic displays, projectile/energy-based weaponry, virtual/augmented reality, advanced robotics and semi-sentient AI, power through artificial photosynthesis, and architecture similar to modern-day Japan.
  • Dinotaurans

    Dinotauran- A Teadr 2 semi-reptilian monotreme being native to the Planet Dinoto (Zeta Universe, Maxxus Sector, Saoron System). They are a 8.7ft bull-like being that has the ability to lay eggs, more skin layers than average for a thicker hide, hoofed feet and human-like hands, four horns, two facing and curving upward and frontward, and two shorter ones on the back of the head, small manes, short tufted tails, muscular build, ranging coloration, 4 lungs and 2 seven-chambered hearts, 9-lobed brains, highly-evolved muscles and durable bones, two livers, more adrenal glands in their system lining their sac-like ribcages, and two spleens. They are a ruthless former warlike-race whose campaign nearly caused the Bulliarns to destroy their home planet, and thus only fought for the safety of their own world, and even fought in brief feuds against the Korthians. They were even almost qualified enough to be a member of the USRA before the Third Cartoonian War caused them to disband. They haven't exactly sought out the USRA races again ever since, being given the impression that maybe it's better to be independent. They are ruthless warriors with deadly tempers, evolving from ruthless farming beings and evolved from the mammals that were able to evolve among the mercy of dinosaurs. They are expert combatants that moved to warlike ways by fighting off dinosaurs, and being the first mammals to actually fight back, as all mammals are much smaller than the dinosaurs. Their technology includes holographic/touch-screen mobile devices and computers, pulse/laser/projectile/vibro weaponry, ground/hover/air vehicles, teleportation, cloaking technology, digital technology, force fields, virtual/augmented reality, advanced medical and material technology, advanced robotics and 75%-intelligent AI, digital cryptocurrency, advanced agriculture, and highly-effective space-age technology.
  • †Crucyd- A Teadr 2 human-like marsupial race native to the planet Crucygeua, which was destroyed due to exhausted resources, and thus adopted the Planet Thexus (Epsilon Universe, Polgren Sector, Rislama System) as their new home planet. These beings have a similar appearance to humans, except they are 4.2ft tall, are marsupials, had human-like faces with animal-like noses, hands and feet, kangaroo-like legs (though are hidden by pants to appear deceptively human like), pointed ears, all-tan skin, all-white hair coloration, two 10-chambered hearts, two livers, 11-lobed brains, were versatile and creative, had no appendixes, had longer intestinal tracts, had taller ribcages that coated the entire torso of organs down to the pelvis, and had adrenal glands lining up behind their spines. They were an enthusiastic, thrill-seeking, daring, intelligent, and resourceful race which took risks, and did their jobs with enthusiasm and giggles, and were charming to multiple races across the AUU. They had Southern/Australian accents or sometimes a blend between the two, and they are quick-learners. They were very moral beings who were famous for giving hope to other races, especially during the Exo-Wars. They had their lovers and their haters, even sharing a close alliance with a subterranean race called the Arans, who lost their home planet as well, and gave them one of the neighboring planets of Thexus as their home planet, as the two shared a renewable resource in the form of energy crystals. Unfortunately, the Crucyds were destroyed during a war against an undocumented nocturnal race called the Dark Arms, yet their DNA is preserved on one of their colonies and there are plans or bringing this race back from the dead, among other anti-deextinction ethicists. However, as it turns out, there is a greater explanation for their extinction as the Crucyds had to die because they were tainted forever by a genetic parasite known as Crucydiod, which fed off of pure and improved DNA by permanently bonding with that of a host. This tainted the DNA to the point where the race itself changed, and thus when an infected Crucyd became president, his newfound racist attitude resulted in the Crucyds' already-skeptic trust on the semi-flawed Vocerkans to be made worse, and thus after wronging them with racist tension, the war resulted in their extinction, and thus they tried to keep them dead, but made amends to their old friends by saying that they should be remembered by how they lived, and not by how they died, and thus their technology is left in better hands. Said technology includes an unlimited number of weapon types, high-tech ground/air-based vehicles, advanced robotics and semi-sentient AI, strong medicine, holographic and touch-screen display, mobile devices, wearable computers, limited hover technology, crypto-currency, virtual/augmented reality, augmentation technologies, digital assembly technology, advanced material technology, mobile buildings, teleportation, cloaking, and effective hyperspace technology.
  • Aran- A Teadr 2 subterranean human-like rodent race that were native to the destroyed planet of Arai, which was destroyed by an asteroid strike, and thus the race, with help from the sympathetic Crucyds, adopted a new home planet called Ruslion (Epsilon Universe, Polgren Sector, Rislama System). They are a 3.3ft race with a prairie-dog-like appearance, short, bald, and stubby tails, gopher-like regenerative buck teeth and rough Southern accents and slurs similar to Ice Age Sid and Winnie the Pooh Gopher and/or the Lady and the Tramp Beaver, patterned coloration due to ancient inter-breeding though commonly appear in dirt-brown coloration, species-borne illnesses, flexible bodies that allow them to squeeze into tight spaces, high reproductive rates and common overpopulation problems, efficient senses of hearing, smell, sight, and taste, are highly-cognitive, intelligent, and adaptive, have cheek pouches, agile nature, high metabolisms, 4 lungs, 2 stomachs and intestinal tracts for their omnivorous nature, two livers, and 9-lobed brains. They have been through many prehistoric breeds in their past, and after interbreeding with each other, they formed a singular breed that became intelligent and adaptable enough to claim the planet. They are rowdy, thrill-seeking, enthusiastic, curious, and bold beings that have had a lot of interbreed warfare in the past, and they even claimed technology similar in comparison to their friends the Crucyds before their extinction. Their technology includes an unlimited number of weapon types, domesticated mount animals, advanced robotics, strong medicine, holographic and touch-screen display, mobile devices, wearable computers, augmented reality, advanced material technology, and high-tech horticulture and agriculture technology.
  • Triyskan- A race of Teadr 2 colossal beings that are native to the Planet Triysk (Alpha Universe, Tharper Sector, Triykenbomt System). They are the tallest and biggest race in the AUU, standing at a height of at maximum 20ft, having ranging skin color to cope with alternate radiation of their many colonies, antennae for accurate sensing of their environment, human-like faces, hands and feet, pointed ears, a lion-like tail, muscle exposure within age, thicker hides, blue blood, 4 lungs, 2 10-chambered hearts, 8 spleens, 2 pancreases, 2 stomachs, 2 livers, 20-lobed brains, a muscular build and more bones and muscles than an average being, a sac-like ribcage, and have a life expectancy of 620 years. They are a noble race that was once Teadr 1 until they were regressed to a lower Teadr level by Teadr 1 beings for their abuse of high-grade technology, and they have thus evolved into a semi-medieval parliamentary democracy. They are mainly known to withstanding high levels of gravity and is unaffected by the long-term effects of weightlessness as a result, have a greater lung capacity, and they are known for their boldness, courage, relentlessness, versatility, adaptability, and anything else that makes them a strong enough race to give them their role for more than just being the biggest beings in the AUU. Their technology includes holographic/touch-screen display and computers, holography, powered robotics, prosthetics and fully-sentient AI, powered armor, smart vibro/AI/laser/pulse/atomic/projectile/solar weaponry, advanced solar power, virtual/augmented reality, advanced medical and material technology, wheeled/hover/air vehicles, digital technology, force fields, teleportation, cloaking, genetic farming, augmentation technology, advanced machines, and advanced space technology.
  • Macorlean- A race of Teadr 3 human-like beings with dark-gray skin, hair ranging from white to black, and yellow-to-green reptile-like eyes, and the ability to give a terrifying shriek. These 6.4ft creatures evolved closely from synapsids and is one of the many mammalian races to evolve closely to reptiles. These beings used to be a warmongering race which fought against many races and wiped a few out during the AUU Second Cartoonian War, yet the Yatorans, as punishment for their cruelty and conflicting with their war against the Ehswans, were regressed from an advanced Teadr 2 level to a Teadr 7 level, with no memory of their past. However, they eventually went back to a different level of Teadr 2 technology similar to their old technology, some being derived from the old, and upon realizing the reason of their Teadr regression, they apologized and signed a peace treaty with the Yatorans, and thus the two became minor allies. This race eventually moved on with being a space-faring race which only goes to war if necessary, fighting and actually standing a chance against the Byzankans during the AUU Third Cartoonian War, and winning 50% of battles in the Interuniversal War despite it costing them their home planet of Malcorla. The Villains Act didn't want to bother this race because it was one of few that had the courage and power to win many battles against them. Thus the race was never bothered by them.
  • Weollan- A species of Teadr 3 terrestrial semi-aquatic cetacean beings which are noted for standing up to 7.7ft, having webbed hands and feet with 12 phalanges in total, thick hides, smooth black-to-dark-gray skin with little-to-no white spots, nostrils on their heads, human-like eyes, had bulky appearances, large brains, colossal cartilaginous ribcages, lungs, and hearts, two livers, and increased hearing and smelling capabilities. Evolving from water-based mammals, their home planet of Weolla was destroyed due to old age, and ever since, they have been a widespread race that commonly made a living on Harbanisan. They developed hyperdrive and a trade-based empire, making a grand living on worlds where scavenging, treasure hunting, trading, selling, and often times smuggling were the norm, often being in the center of such a society. They were mostly pleasant and peaceful, but they had an addiction to gambling and games of chance. Weollans were a very large species and, as a result of being too big and taking up a lot of space, were sensitive about their size. Their technology includes touch-screen mobile devices and mobile/wearable computers, digital currency, hovering vehicles, advanced medical technology, augmented reality, pulse/vibro weaponry, advanced material technology, and interstellar travel.
  • Irid- A race of Teadr 2 agile feline beings indigenous to the Planet Iridia (Eta Universe, Eta Core Sector, Dounbe System) which are distinguished for their fur-covered bodies with ranged color and thick manes, hardly wearing clothes besides armor and EVO suits because their fur coats covered so much of their bodies, they had prominent and retractable claws which could deliver powerful attacks on foes, they had a quicker healing factor, and the males had larger manes than females. The males are taller than females, standing 9.6ft tall while the females were 7.8ft tall. They are a militant race who's advancements in military strategy and technology, adaptability and strategy have convinced the USRA to make some of them part of their military, as their natural traits made them perfect hand-to-hand specialists. They live in an imperialistic society where an emperor rules until elderly age, and is elected by hereditary representatives of the government. Their technology includes advanced computers, holographic display, advanced cybernetics and semi-sentient AI, Vietnam-like architecture, energy weaponry, an AI network throughout their cities, and nuclear weapons.
  • Haelic- A species of Teadr 2 human-like beings native to the Planet Haelios (Eta Universe, Eta Core Sector, Haevos System) which are noted for a height of 7.1ft, their deep-to-dark-purple skin coloration, having 3 phalanges on each limb, hair color ranging from blonde to brown, and alien-like eyes. They are a species of militaristic and technologically-advanced race with enhanced strength and endurance, and were responsible for waging several battles during the AUU Third Cartoonian War, yet had made peace with the Legions afterward and became a race that would keep to their own militartistic business. They were very strong warriors with an autocratic society where the king, called a Supremist, would be genetically-augmented and made physically healthier to purify them and make them strong and wise leaders. They also had a great level of technology such as cybernetics, phased plasma weaponry, robotic war machines, silver programmable matter display, and nuclear weapons.
  • Medoozkie- A species of Teadr 3 Wookiee-like arboreal beings native to the Planet Medoozum (Eta Universe, Ranatos Sector, Sagtan System). These 8ft creatures were strong and ruthless creatures that rarely speak English, and had almost gotten the chance to be part of the USRA if it wasn't for their hard-to-learn language. They have a thick fur coat on their bodies ranging from pale-brown to black, and hardly wear clothes besides those necessary, are excellent tree-climbers with their prehensile clawed hands and feet, and ate a variety of foods being omnivores. They are also capable of living up to 5-7 centuries. They live entirely in the trees inside massive cities, and hardly enter the ground, which is too dangerous even for them, or it can often be a place where they go through a rite-of-passage for choosing who should be in the military or be the hierarch ruler of one or more countries. While they are at a Teadr 3 level, they haven't discovered space technology. They only discovered flight in upper atmospheres, though they can learn how to use highly-advanced technology such as spaceships. Their common technology includes projectile/plasma-based weaponry, programmable matter display, quarter-sentient AI and limited robotics, semi-modern architecture, and aerial vehicles.
  • Pruntans

    Pruntan- A species of tall Teadr 2 alien-like beings with long necks, legs, have pale-white coloration, alien-like eyes, and tall heads. They are an 8.6ft race that evolved from semi-aquatic creatures that left the water to pursue a terrestrial lifestyle. This race became wise and honorable diplomats which rarely use military tactics unless necessary, and have only had a few wars in their past. They are noted for being one of the wealthiest races in the AUU, and sometimes space pirates often want to steal from them. The race does have their own self-defense skills, and are still semi-aquatic beings. They also make up a small portion of the races in the AUU Currency Troupe, and their home planet of Prunt used to be a part of it until it was destroyed by the Byzankans during the AUU Third Cartoonian War, but not before the race prepared for the invasion and relocated all their wealth to other AUU Currency Troupe worlds. Their technology consists of touch-screen mobile devices and computers, advanced AI and robotics, projectile/atomic-based weaponry, mostly ground-based vehicles, and virtual/augmented reality.
  • Pteraveus- A Teadr 6 race of pterosaur/bat-like beings indigenous to Planet Vaarcovania (Alpha Universe, Pisarque Sector, Urone System). They are flight-capable 5.8ft beings noted for their wide vein-ridden wings, their crested tails, their randomly-detailed bat-like faces, their muscular structures, their prehensile hands and feet, their echolocation is tachyon-based and allows for a millisecond's worth of sensing an environment around them, highly-efficient night-vision, their highly-accurate sight, smell, and hearing, heat-sensitive pits in their noses, their dark-red toxic blood, four lungs and two eight-chambered hearts, sac-like ribcages that actually go down to their pelvises, and their 7-lobed brains. Despite being an endangered race mainly responsible for tomb-keeping, undertaking, and many other ancient professions including a fair share of witchcraft and ancient incantations given their ancient medieval and spooky religions and society. They are more or less obscured by the rest of the inhabitants of their world because of them having mixed views on them, whether fearing them for their grotesque monstrous appearance, or praising them for their ancient and grim history, easily making them one of the most ominous species in the AUU. They have been widely introduced to people through mainly the story of Ravenshadow. They are carnivorous animals that go crazy for meats, and even though they can fly very fast, their wing membranes are fragile and can easily be torn and take months to heal, and one hard blow can even break them. However, these broken wings can be healed in a matter of 3 days. This race's decrease in population and endangered status, however, is the result of disease, crime, and often times the minor cause of prejudice, even though the race is protected by a minor Grand Councilor, especially since they have their own handful of kingdoms. Though they have developed artificial population control, they still have a small population, believing that a maximum of 1,500 individuals are enough to balance out the things that killed them. Their infamy of witchcraft and magic often stems from sharing their world with witches, and races such as the Ghorsts and even mythical beings, which sometimes makes their prejudice worse, but the race does what it can to protect itself from this problem, especially under the 6-time ruling family, the Blödhavens.
  • Irithan- A species of Teadr 2 one-eyed human-like beings native to the Planet Irith (Beta Universe, Beta Core Sector, Iro System) with a height of 7ft, gray-to-tan skin, red spots on the sides of the head, and ranging hair color. They are a race of powerful warriors which, despite their lack of depth perception, are coordinated martial artists and can learn how to use weapons accurately despite this. They are a race that is very close at becoming a Teadr 1 race with technology which matched the Promenans, and even having a competitive war with each other once. These beings, surprisingly, closely evolved from one-eyed alien-like gastropods which quickly adapted to a bipedal and intelligent lifestyle when climates changed, predators became prevalent, and food supply became scarce. They still retain a soft skin that still secretes a sticky substance like sweat, and they have built up an immunity to salt since it became a part of their diet. They evolved hair to keep warm during their world's ice ages, and lost it when they started growing intelligent. They lay gelatinous eggs in the water, and the babies walk out of the water upon their hatching. These beings have a similar architecture to Ancient Rome, though have a bit of a semi-Teadr 1 twist. Their technology consists of atomic-based weaponry, atomic assembly technology, touch-screen mobile devices and computers, semi-sentient AI and robotics, hovering vehicles, genetic augmentation, and monuments almost as big as a common Teadr 1 race.
  • Zoon- A species of Teadr 3 thylacine marsupial beings which are indigenous to the Planet Zo (Beta Universe, Beta Core Sector, Pokeera System). They are a Chinese-like race which has evolved from sapient carnivorous thylacines which hunted with a cat-like instinct until they became intelligent enough to have a sense of honor, developing a civilized imperial society and an omnivorous diet. Their fur is yellow with mahogany-to-red stripes, they have hair going down the backs of their necks, are naturally agile with powerful claws, have sharper hearing and sight, large pouches that can hold up to 10 babies, and they stand up to 7ft tall. Their emperors are chosen through heritage, their military council consists of powerful martial arts warriors, and they have a strong sense of honor and justice, protecting their world from any threat. Their technology consists of projectile-based firearms, vibro/energy-based weaponry, a Chinese-like architecture, ferro-liquid display, limited robotics, and advanced genetic-based medicines.
  • Raun- A species of Teadr 3 human-like beings native to the Planet Rauooine (Delta Universe, Galitar Sector, Rause System). They are an elegant 6.7ft race with gray-and-white striped coloration, 4 eyes, and hair color ranging from orange-to-apricot. They are a race that has been purified through genetic enhancements, and is a very proud warrior race. These creatures have a very specialized blend between democracy and communism, whereas the people rule and all works are done for free and are profited by banking agencies. They also have a sense of beauty and believe that being dirty is dishonorable, and will take any available time to bathe, even during battle. These beings evolved from striped ungulates which formed a bipedal lifestyle, had their hooves turned into opposable hands and firm-toed feet, had their tails turned vestigial, and had replaced their long snouts with short human-like faces for easier breathing for defense. They still have pointed ears which hear for danger, and they still have their ungulate-like coloration for camouflage and sometimes to attract potential mates. At best, these beings' society often resembles a semi-technological medieval society where the architecture looks like a blend between advanced and middle-aged. Their technology consists of projectile-based firearms, vibroweaponry, riding domesticated animals, quarter-sentient AI and limited robotics, genetic farming, and holographic display.
  • Mammoid- A Teadr 3 Wookiee/mammoth-like humanoid native to the Planet Mammo (Beta Universe, Tebble Sector, Uitraos System). These creatures, standing 12ft tall, are noted for their thick brown-to-white fur coats and their bulky stature, as well as their small ears, clawed hands and feet, long head hair, short tufted tails, their males having medium-sized tusks and females having smaller ones, their long trunks, and for their massive physical strength, clever intelligence, brutal reputation, and good technical skills. They also have serious tones and often hate to be offended. They evolved from Ice-Age-like creatures similar to mammoths, and have a few subspecies depending upon the environment they lived in. These subspecies are the 6ft Dwarvin Mammoids, which evolved from ancient Mammoids isolated on islands and grew small due to island dwarfism, as well as a more muscular 12.3ft subspecies called the Albinid Mammoids which evolved from another continent and have similar biology, except they are 1ft shorter. The Mammoids live in a democratic society with a President that is voted by the people, and the Mammoids have advanced technology that mainly includes wheeled vehicles, projectile/heat-based weaponry, advanced cybernetics, genetic augmentation, advanced medicine, and have been a race which created excellent nootropics, AKA medicines that can enhance intelligence and personality.
  • Teresmun- A humanoid gray-alien like being with turquoise skin and human/alien-like eyes. They are similar to the Duros of the Star Wars Universe, except they had nose-holes and human-like hands and feet. They left their home planet of Teres after it was rendered to structurally-weak after a nuclear war that was powerful enough to cause unstable volcanic activity and mantle purge. The entire race abandoned it before it's destruction, and ever since, the race has been one of the prevalent ones in the AUU. They abandoned any hope of creating a new government since they would have destroyed it anyway, and thus live under the governments of the worlds they settled in, which included ecumenopolis/metropolitan planets or resort planets. During their time, they were renowned engineers which produced several forms of robotics and machinery, and were grand inventors and mechanics. On their planet, they had advanced AI vehicles, cybernetics, robotics, semi-sentient AI, an AI network, teleportation, automatic weapons which they still withhold even today, and they invented over 38,000 spaceship models that are still in use today.
  • Vuron- A Teadr 2 giraffe-like fox native to the Planet Vuronosis (Zeta Universe, Maxxus Sector, Cilungo System). These 7ft beings are distinguished by their long necks, their thin fur coats, medium-length necks, their giraffe-like coloration, their giraffe-like feet and hands, their very-long bushy tails, and their fox-like faces with giraffe-like ears. They also have a healing factor which allows them to heal quicker than other beings. They are a race which is critically endangered due to the sparse climate changes on their home planet, and rely on their cloning technology to keep their species alive. They stay inside domed cities to protect themselves from the harsh climate, as well as the newly-evolved animals out there. Their technology consists of hovering vehicles, touch-screen display and computers, advanced cybernetics and AI, programmable matter display, virtual reality, particle-based weaponry, and alien-like architecture.
  • Vicgat- A species of Teadr 6 bear-like lion indigenous to the Planet Vicgao (Theta Universe, Faste Sector, Gaios System). They are noted for sharing similarities to a lion and the extinct short-faced bear of the Ice Age, being just as tall at a height of 11.5ft, and they are also semi-bipedal, have opposable clawed hands and feet meant for high-speed running, large lion-like tails, a bulky stature and thick fur ranging in color from deep-brown, mahogany, or even black, they have strong senses of hearing, smell, and vision, though are not as agile as certain felines. They are among the most distinctive beings in the AUU for their culture, their reputation, and their size. They share similarities to a lion and the extinct Short-faced Bear of the Ice Age. They have an Indian-like cultures, and live in complete peace as a republican society, also sharing a minor alliance with the Yuruns and sharing the same planetary system. Their architecture is similar to India, though they have been revolutionary in many forms of science. Their technology is only limited to advanced medicines, computers, projectile-based weapons, and advanced tools.
  • Gsutarin- A species of Teadr 2 horned humanoid beings who stand over 8ft tall, have red skin with bright-red, orange, or gold spots on the head, arms, and back, has a short tail, a small amount of hair with black or brown coloration, 4 nostils on their necks, 4 slightly-upward-curving horns on the upper sides of their heads, ear holes, and saurian-like hands and feet. They used to be indigenous to their home planet of Gsutira until it was destroyed as the result of the race harvesting too much resources from it, leaving the whole race to be prevalent among many worlds including 4 in their home planet's old system, the Gsuta System (Delta Universe, Tilocrum Sector). They are a brutal race that had a few wars with other races including the Orsidians, Zorns, and even the Kepellans. They live in an imperialistic society where their 4 planets are ruled by a single emperor that is chosen through heritage or rarely by the people, and their royal guard is augmented with chemicals and work like military soldiers. These beings live primarily in the air on massive AFTs due to most of their home planets being ravaged by their wars in the past, thus their primary vehicles are aerial. Their battle fleets are strong and powerful, even astonishing the Bulliarns. Their other technology includes voice-activated devices and 75%-sentient AI and advanced robotics, touch-screen mobile devices and computers, wearable computers, holographic display, disintegration weaponry and vibroweapons that primarily include axes and spears, and virtual reality.
  • Jeuxan- A species of Teadr 2 human-like beings which are native to the Planet Jeuxis (Epsilon Universe, Essephemer Sector, Jeugus System). They are a 7.5ft race that has cerulean-colored skin, no hair as a result of their semi-aquatic heritage, alien-like eyes, and antennae on the forehead. They have a regenerative healing factor, and they're famed for their antennae which act like built-in satellites and can allow these beings to tap into any data network around them, though can only read it, but control it. They even give them extensive knowledge on technology, allow them to quickly reach a Teadr 2 level in less than 440 years. They still retain a small trace of their semi-aquatic nature as they can still remain underwater for long periods of time. They are also the inventors of several forms of wearable computers, including a network helmets, which were devices that could allow the wearer to go onto any network straight from their own brain. They are mainly experts in computer sciences, and use this information to it's fullest during their wars against the Galaxuns, Grohkans, and Kepellans. They live in a democratic society where their president, the Supreme Executive Intelligence, is connected to the world's Datnet network, it's virtual currency system, and so many other networks located across their home planet of Jeuxis. Their other technology includes hovering vehicles, virtual reality, atomic-based weaponry, energy-based melee weapons, holographic display, touch-screen mobile devices and computers, advanced robotics and 75%-sentient AI, and an alien-like architecture.
  • Negoroids

    Negoroid- A species of Teadr 3 bug-eyed mouse-lemur-like being indigenous to the Planet Negoran (Theta Universe, Inbaralt Sector, Uon System). They have a black coloration, which gives them their name, they have long bushy tails, have the ability of night vision, though has similar vision to humans, are naturally agile and semi-arboreal, and they are herbivorous, eating only fruit, seaweed, and edible plants. They are known for being only 1.9ft in height, a size that seems to make them ridiculed in the eyes of other races, but they are also known for their impressive fighting skills and their own martial art of Kjiem Bo, which is only meant for sentient beings as tall as them which allows them to use their size to their advantage for agility, speed, and stamina, and became a popular self-defense martial art in the public ever since the Villains Act. They evolved from other lemur-like primates which gained intelligence thanks to the proteins contained within the fruits and seaweeds they ate. They eventually gained highly-evolved human-like brains. They are sensitive creatures, though can be easy to tick off. Their technology includes touch-screen mobile devices and computers, advanced robotics and semi-sentient AI, teleportation, projectile-based firearms, vibroweaponry, Chinese-like architecture, and ferro-liquid display.
  • Simobe- A species of Teadr 4 saber-toothed feline beings native to the Planet Pycabulon (Alpha Universe, Alpha Core Sector, Yorrptran System). They are a race which stands up to 8.1ft tall, have fur color ranging from deep-orange, mahogany, gray-red, and white with black spots, their saber-like incisors are regenerative like a rodent's teeth, were jagged, and they had a jaw design like a shark which allowed them to open their jaws wide, they had small lion-like tails, sharp jagged claws on their human-like hands and feet, and the males had large manes that go down to their chests, and had darker spots than the females, while the females had manes that went down their necks like a lion's, and had lighter spots. They also had excellent hearing and vision, and are as agile as other felines. They share their planet with another race of reptilians called Dinobes, which despite having a feud in the past, had eventually formed an alliance. These two races have thus exchanged and gained the same Teadr 4 technology, and share the same diplomatic government. Their technology includes touch-screen mobile devices and computers, particle-based weaponry, vibroweaponry, virtual reality and digital display, an AI network, teleportation, and primarily ground-based vehicles.
  • Acrillisapes

    Acrillisape- A race of Teadr 2 marsupial lemurs native to the Planet Acrilles (Beta Universe, Groid Sector, Larginion System). They are noted for their monkey-like hands and feet, their human-like faces, their fur with coloration ranging from orange-yellow, gold, white, maroon, brown, grayish colors, and black, their semi-prehensile tails which shrank when these beings gave up their arboreal lifestyle, their improved hearing and sight, and their human-like brains which are also 0.5% like a chimpanzee's brain, though they are still intelligent. They are as adaptable as humans, and they used tools to evolve, but they're a foot shorter than humans, being only 5ft tall. They also have the same lifestyle as AUU humanity, living in a diplomatic society, but there are actually two presidents instead of one because their government is split into a democratic-republican society, one president being democratic while the other is republican. These beings have been pretty close to being part of the USRA due to their similarities to humans, though couldn't get in thanks to a brief feud between the two races. This race was among the first minor races the humans came into contact with since they formed the USRA. Though when the humans evacuated, these beings felt that, since they were fit with their technology due to it's similarities with theirs, they became the head race of their old colonies. Their technology is similar to humans, consisting of touch-screen mobile devices and computers, holography, robotics and AI, vibroweapons, energy/laser firearms, enhancement serums and medicines, virtual/augmented reality, and lightspeed interstellar travel.
  • Cesects

    Cesect- A race of Teadr 2 eyeless alien beings native to the Planet Cesectus Prime (Beta Universe, Groid Sector, Isiis System). They are 6.6ft beings that are similar to humans, except they have exposed yet protected muscle tissue that change color with age, a lack of true ears, stubby tails, dull-grayish-pink skin, small barely-noticeable amounts of hair, they have alien-like noses, red-violet blood, four lungs, four 7-chambered hearts, two livers, four spleens, 11-lobed brains, elaborate nervous systems with mini-brains in many sectors of the body, human-like hands and feet, layered ribcages and a skeleton coated with cartilage, a retractable genitalia within an opening for the males, doubled lifespans than humans, and are mostly known for having vestigial eyes, and thus while they are blind, the eyes have turned into melon-like organs called berries that act as an electrosonic-based imaging system that allows the race to pick up anything through neural-charged high-frequency shockwaves that flash every 5 milliseconds, not only acting as an electroreceptor, but also analyzing anything the shockwaves pick up and bounce off of, allowing them to easily trace networks like the Omninet and create a digital 3D map within their sights, allowing them to see perfectly well without eyes. They are known for evolving on a world with reduced sunlight and obscured visual efficiency, thus it allowed all organic life on this planet and the others within the system to develop the same vestigial eyes and berries to see in the same fashion. These beings have once been considered freaks when they first blasted outside their system, but they became one of the most interesting races in time, as people like Maxxus have proven that eyes aren't needed to bring justice to universes that have little to none. Their technology includes brain-computer interfaces and a brain-computer network connected to the Omninet, pulse/projectile/plasma weaponry, efficient robotics and 75%-sentient AI, hover vehicles, advanced medical and material technology, virtual/augmented reality, ferro-liquid and programmable matter display, have learned how to harness darkness as a form of energy, and they have efficient space technology.
  • Gindun- A species of Teadr 3 beings which have skin color ranging from blue to purple, large brain cases, 2 straight black horns, alien-like eyes, muscular bodies, clawed hands and feet, and stand at a height of 8.4ft. Hailing from a planet called Gindu which was destroyed in an ancient war, these muscular beings are rough, strong-willed, and ominous beings which are mostly seen doing scavenging, war, and criminal syndicate business. Ever since the loss of their home planet, the surviving evacuated individuals repopulated their race across the AUU on several planets. Their brains are much more evolved than humans, and it allows them to be experts at engineering and sciences, as well as for strategy. They rarely run their own cities on certain planets, but they still prosper like their own community. These beings are also excellent for heavy construction work for their superior strength, their ability to last a week without sustenance, their greater internal systems, and for their thicker hides which allowed them to withstand a few amounts of damage.
  • Holozan- A species of Teadr 2 bioluminescent human-like mustelid beings native to the Planet Holon (Zeta Universe, Zeta Core Sector, Uisawa System). They are a 4.3ft race distinguished for a small amount of hair like humans, their striped raccoon-like tails, their human like stature, heads, hands and feet, and pointed wide ears. Their skin is bioluminescent and can range in color from red, orange, brown, apricot, and yellow, and their hair color can range from black, gray, and white. The Holozans are noted for their advancements in hard-light and holographic technology. They have learned to use solid light to it's fullest, making it look and feel real. They live in a government ruled by a council of 50 and a Supreme Councilor who is elected by the people, and all these councilors run every country on the planet. The Holozans' architecture is like a blend between Teadr 1 technology and Persian architecture. Their light-based technology includes solid-light bridges, laser/hard-light projectile/photonic-based weaponry, photonic assembly technology, holo-armor that can automatically be assembled through photons, holographic display, and robots that use holographic capabilities (dubbed 'holots'). Other technology includes touch-screen mobile devices and computers, hovering vehicles, virtual reality, and efficient hyperspace travel (dubbed 'jumplight travel').
  • Forton- A species of Teadr 3 horned humanoids native to the Planet Fortaire (Delta Universe, Tilocrum Sector, Xaowin System). They are an often-aggressive 9.3ft race which has horns curving to each other on the sides that can grow back in a week when broken off, their skin is entirely brown with a few yellow or apricot spots, their hair, which go across the backs of their necks to the middle, have coloration ranging from yellow, apricot, and white, they have pig-like hooves instead of feet, they have pig-like ears, alien-like eyes, human-like bovine faces and hands, and natural durability and strength. They are a race of warriors who have among the strongest warrior guards in the AUU, and almost won in a war between them and the Ohrugans, which they shared the same planetary system with, but the Ohrugans won and were able to use their sense of honor to form a minor alliance. They live in a democratic oligarchy where there are three presidents, each of them controlling the common three branches of government: legislative, executive, and judicial. There are also several minor presidents, one of them being president of the Warrior Guard. They have technology consisting of atomic-based weaponry, vibroweaponry including knives, axes, tridents, throwing discs, and swords, ground/air-based vehicles that can come in massive sizes, ferro-liquid display, touch-screen mobile devices and computers, advanced robotics and semi-sentient AI, augmented reality, and nuclear weapons.
  • Miberion- A race of Teadr 4 monotreme beings which are a commonly-appearing species that is distinguished by it's average height of 8ft, it's rough gray skin, it's hair color ranging from yellow to brown, it's human-like hands and feet, it's bulky appearance, it's fire-colored alien-like eyes, it's four black straight horns, and for having no nose, and instead nostrils. They are monotremes, meaning that they lay eggs instead of giving live birth. They used to be indigenous to a planet called Miberi until it was destroyed during a war, and ever since they won the war, they have become spread throughout the AUU, though have no government and just pledge their allegiance to others after becoming members of their society. They had evolved from monotreme primates which started to grow with an omnivorous diet of eggs and protein-rich fruits, and soon lost their home planet when they were accused of a rogue race of stealing their technology which resulted in the war in the first place. Though they miss their home planet, they have learned to cope with it, and respect the rogue race and give them their space.
  • Oraldopith- A species of Teadr 2 yeti-like primates native to the Planet Oraldo (Delta Universe, Rasdano Sector, Discinsola System). They are 8ft behemoths which have thick white fur coats, have 8-lobed brains making them more intelligent than humans, have bear-like clawed hands and feet, red primate-like faces, baboon-like butts, massive strength and endurance, and an increased sense of smell. They evolved from wooly primates which grew intelligent due to an omnivorous diet, and they rarely wear clothes due to their thick fur coats covering most of their bodies. They also rarely speak English, and it usually takes years for others to learn their language. They live in a republic government, and they are known for being one of the many Teadr 2 races that developed fully-sentient AI, and used them in their own robotic technologies in the form of advanced soldier robots, often having their own presidents be cybernetically-upgraded or even transferred into an AI data network depending upon the condition of the president itself. Other forms of technology include hovering vehicles, holographic display, virtual/augmented reality, particle-based weaponry, and have even been known to invent several tech-armors to accommodate any race at any scale.
  • Korthian- A species of Teadr 4 rhino-like beings which are indigenous to the Planet Korthos (Delta Universe, Galitar Sector, Haowin System). They are noted for standing up to 10ft tall, have sand-blue armored skin, have 5 tiny horns on their heads, 4 tiny ones on it's snout, and a wishbone-shaped horn on the tip of it's snout, massive physical strength, and due to their close ancestry to water-based mammals like whales, they have webbed human-like hands and feet, and still retain their semi-aquatic nature, having 4 lungs and 2 hearts for extra respiration, as well as for increased stamina and endurance. They are a race that is sensitive about their size and bulk, and can be very aggressive and destructive when angered. They are a proud tradition-bound race who had previously been a warmongering race who invaded several worlds until they eventually gave up and deemed such an act pointless, and just stuck to their own home planet. They have been famous for their death rituals, and for sticking to a strict code of honor and tradition. Religion was also not a major thing for them, but they are mainly monotheists who believe in a god which they themselves claim they slaughtered for being more trouble than they were worth. They were also infamous of having a very unkind millaterry structure that had to be toned down at least enough to not discourage soldiers wanting to see their families, after the old ways brought forth Colonel Beacher, who was bad enough to them to inspire the Korthians to believe in having a limit on how rough and tough they ought to be to eachother, along with a stronger valuement in family. Their technology consists of domesticated riding animals, projectile-based firearms, vibroweaponry, programmable matter display, genetic farming, limited hyperspace travel, and an architecture similar to Mongolia.
  • Ferran- A species of Teadr 5 canine beings that are indigenous to the planet Ferrash (Delta Universe, Hegedus Sector, Tigemis System). They are known for standing up to 5.4ft tall and have human-like arms, legs, bodies, and necks, though have wolf-like heads, hands, feet, a short tail, and long canine ears. They are a race of semi-technological carnivorous beings which retain a killer instinct and are often aggressive, yet lovable once getting used to. During their evolution, they worshipped those that created Teadr 1 technology and still do, calling these beings 'Progenitors'. They watch over or live in Teadr 1 structures of either Ehswan or Yatoran origin, study, and apply them to their lives. Though being a Teadr 5 race, they make the most of what they can. They live in villages and cities that make use of whatever Teadr 1 technology they've gotten used to, though still live in their own prosperous lives. These beings live in a Japanese-like society with a constitutional empire, the emperor being chosen by the people, and they live under the protection of their own praetorian guard which uses Teadr 1 technology to their fullest. Their technology often comes in domesticated riding or farming creatures, primitive yet advanced weaponry including energy crossbows, knives, throwing discs, naginatas, and swords, limited cybernetics, vertical and genetic farming, medicine, and limited access to electricity.
  • Ardalian- A race of Teadr 2-4 yeti-like apes native to Planet Ardalicron (Delta Universe, Tilocrum Sector, Woofu System). These 7.5ft apes possess mandrill-human faces, have the semi-aquatic nature of polar bears, are supercentenarians, have the strength to lift 50x their own body weight, massive stamina, greatly-evolved musculoskeletal systems, and have very advanced senses. They used to be very prominent beings before global warming caused it's massive glaciers to melt and flood the world, dwindling the population to only a small amount. Thus the race is barely seen but still exist as the planet became a world of moral space pirates, whose beliefs and goals are similar to theirs, making them welcome the pirates to the planet that has become a wetland planet. They have no clear technology of their own as they are traders and opportunists that work with what they have, and thus began their history as treasure hunters. They have a respect for pirates because they represent doing good on the opposite side of the law, which is a concept they have long done millennia ago.
  • Boritoid- A species of Teadr 2 feline beings native to the Planet Boritax (Epsilon Universe, Epsilon Core Sector, Whork System). They are 8ft creatures with a dark-green-and-orange coloration, which their predatory ancestors evolved to blend into the environment, and their descendants still use this today, they have natural speed and agility, clawed hands and feet, long cat-like tails, trunks which were used for efficient smell, short fangs that were remnants of an old saber-toothed lifestyle, and females had large manes while males' manes were smaller, and their faces were entirely red for intimidation. They are a former military race who had a brief fight with the Ohrugans for colonies until they eventually made a peace treaty and the Boritoids decided to colonize the easy way, gaining 10 other worlds in their own universe. They live in a parliamentary oligarchy where 5 ruled and were each elected after 10 years of service. They were also very strong-willed creatures who had a high sense of adventure, and they have been known to have several pioneers in their earlier technological years, which is how they discovered several new worlds across their universe, and rarely beyond. Their technology includes plasma-based weaponry, vibroweapons, touch-screen mobile devices and computers, virtual/augmented reality, advanced cybernetics and semi-sentient AI, hovering vehicles, and efficient hyperspace (dubbed slipspace in their terms) travel.
  • Vellan- A Teadr 2 reptomammalian being that is native to the Planet Vella (Zeta Universe, Trageam Sector, Vellmore System). This is a 7.8ft race that has 40% reptilian biology and 60% mammalian biology, and has been through a lot of genetic manipulation as a result of their long periods of poverty and ruin in the past, quickly using genetic breeding to become what is known as the most attractive race in the AUU, to the point where they have little modesty in their society as nudity is legal in their colonies. Starting out as small synapsids that were anything but attractive, they had trouble with other races and were even considered to be demons. Millennia later, they have changed into a stunning and hypnotically-attractive race that anyone would wanna mate with. By analyzing what attracts other beings, they bred themselves a body structure similar to a human's, having human-like breasts, hands, feet, bottoms, limbs, and faces, all of which they discovered are the most attractive parts of any being. Key differences are that it can change color, have 11-lobed brains, a healing factor that disappears following the last year of an individual's lifespan, smooth skin, is warm-blooded, lays eggs, can grow hair at will albeit slowly, have an enlarged 9-chambered heart and lungs, had over 37 different pheromone glands mainly in the areas they deduced were the most attractive in a race, had large beautiful eyes that changed iris shade and hue upon emotion, and oddly enough, the race is all-female. This is because the race is parthenogenic, and thus they reproduce asexually, but they are also capable of sexual reproduction because they could enjoy a little family of their own. They even have the ability to insert an enzyme within their egg that alters genetic code so that the baby can either be a hybrid or another Vellan when reproducing with another interspecies mate. Though they are contemplating wanting a male gender, a corrupt Grutt lord named Fatso the Fatass is keeping a biological serum that can grant them the ability to spontaneously change from female to male in a single-sex environment, but keeps it as a secret service, caring only for money than the need of the many. Their technology includes advanced holographic technology, teleportation, hard-light/laser/projectile/disintegration/pulse/vibro weaponry, advanced medicine and genetic technology, advanced material technology, artificial womb bots, robotics and quarter-sentient AI, cloaking technology, mobile devices and computers, hover/air-based vehicles, effective space-age technology, and a highly-propagated network.
  • Korbiquat- A species of Teadr 4 semi-aquatic lemur-like beings native to the Planet Korbitex (Eta Universe, Eta Core Sector, Bituna System). These 5ft beings are noted for being 96% hairless, have pale-grey-to-white skin, webbed human-like hands and feet, human-like faces with nostrils on the forehead which act like a blowhole, eyes with nictating membranes, an echolocation system which only works underwater, and their tails have grown shorter and a bit flatter, acting like a rudder. Their home planet, ever since having suffered a few global warming events, has become a waterworld where land only exists in islands and small continents. The Korbiquats' prehistoric ancestors quickly got drawn to the water, and after years of spending more time underwater, they evolved into a semi-aquatic lifestyle, especially since their cities were being submerged in water. The Korbiquats naturally became aquaphiles, being fascinated with underwater life, and spend most of their time underwater. They are wise and honorable beings that can elude and fight no matter what kind of terrain they're in. Some of their cities, thanks to global warming causing sea levels to rise, have been half-submerged underwater, and the Korbiquats, loving water, actually adapted to the change. They have an omnivorous diet consisting entirely of seafoods including fish, seaweed, sea fruits, crustaceans, cephalopods, and so on. They've also been known to be the inventors of several perfected aquagens, substances that can, in one way or another, temporarily grant people the ability to breathe underwater. They even assisted the Harbins of Harbanisan in coping with the loss of their human friends, and form a similar bond, making Harbanisan a colony of their own. Also, due to the fact that they can barely speak in the environment they're most comfortable in, they forme a habit of mostly being silent, though will talk when needed. Since they have not discovered space-travel yet, they rely on space transit like several other Teadr 4 races. Their technology includes chemical/projectile-based weaponry, vibroweaponry, hovercrafts and aquavehicles, limited robotics and semi-sentient AI, touch-screen mobile devices and computers, and holographic display.
  • Marboid- A species of Teadr 7 alien/human-like sapient creatures native to the Planet Marbilis (Eta Universe, Anderem Sector, Frodar System). They are noted for their height of 5.6ft, their small amounts of hair ranging in color from white, tan, yellow, and black, their long pointed ears, their hands and feet with 3 phalanges each, their stubby tails, their alien-like eyes which get either bright or dark depending upon the emotion, and their sexual dimorphism. Males have the most hair on their bodies, have a red skin coloration, colorful faces, necks and chests for attracting mates, and their much stronger instincts and hostility. Females have the least hair on their bodies, have a cerulean skin coloration, have small colorful facial features, their ability to give birth to up to 4 babies, and their calm and collective personalities. They are primitive, but extraordinarily intelligent. They have sparse hunting stategies, and complex tribes. They can speak a little bit of English, but can only speak it like a caveman. Their lifestyle is recognized only by their understanding in strategy, primitive currency through trading, advanced tools such as agricultural systems, bolas, bows and arrows, and sometimes boomerangs, their domestication of other animals including riding and agricultural ones, and a grand understanding of religion and understanding through meditation.
  • Tirasun- A race of Teadr 3 human-like beings which are noted for their height of 6.7ft, their red skin, their fire-red bioluminescent markings which range depending on genetics, their bioluminescent fire-red eyes, the small curved horns on their foreheads, their hair which ranges in color from black, apricot, and brown, their human-like hands and feet, and for their short monkey-like tails. These creatures evolved from monkeys instead of apes, and have developed a quarter-arboreal lifestyle, mostly living on the ground, yet still having a habit of living at higher altitudes. Though they haven't developed proper space-travel yet, they have been known to be an aggressive race of warriors which had wars with each other, but when one of their wars ended up with the destruction of their home planet of Tirasok, they have become a prevalent race primarily in the military and as mercenaries. They still live in small colonies spread across the AUU, and retain a small amount of their technology including projectile-based firearms, vibroweaponry including katanas, knives, axes, and throwing discs, teleportation, touch-screen mobile devices and computers, programmable matter display, architecture similar to China, and virtual/augmented reality.
  • Tarkiloid- A Teadr 7 race of rodent-like mustelid beings that are native to the Planet Tarkilios (Eta Universe, Ranatos Sector, Pholaros System). They are sapient squirrel-like badgers which stand 4.2ft tall and are semi-arboreal, often having villages inside trees. They are also noted for their long squirrel-like tails, being bald in certain areas, fur color ranging from white, gray, brown, and black, elf-like ears, lemur-like clawed hands and feet, their efficient hearing and smell, and their glowing yellow eyes. They are intelligent and live in a peaceful medieval society. They live in treetop villages with complex caste systems, their religions are based upon magic and alchemy, and believe that their home is an accidental creation from their gods. Their achievements in alchemy have been speculated by the USRA that this might lead to them developing technology, especially since the Tarkiloids have developed magical portals that allow them to go to the only planet they know and can locate: Verus. Their technology by far is only limited to police forces, limited flight, domesticated creatures for either riding or agriculture, and advanced tools, medicines, and fortifications.
  • Mordoid- A species of Teadr 5 gargoyle-like beings native to the Planet Modos (Eta Universe, Lariclum Sector, Yeeg System). They are nocturnal omnivorous creatures that evolved from bats and stand over 8.7ft tall. They have human-like heads and hair, though have bat-like faces and ears, massive bat-like wings with a maximum wingspan of 12ft which are actually only useful for gliding, long rat-like tails, skin color ranging from gray to brown, hair and fur color ranging from black to white, clawed hands and feet useful for climbing vast heights, an ear-piercing scream which can be concentrated into a soft and harmonic pitch which has random effects ranging from relaxation, daydreaming, soothing thoughts, and even sleep, and two echolocation organs packed inside 2 structures on their foreheads that can move like ears and allow them to visualize their surroundings like a radar. They are medieval creatures that live in a revolutionized 16th century society in a complex feudal society and a system of honor, ruled by a king and queen, and have a praetorian guard that acts like an elite military police force. These beings wear hardly any clothes, and they have a difficult language. Though they are wise, they sometimes become victims of prejudice due to their beastly appearances, which is sometimes kept in check. Their technology is only limited to advanced tools, medicines, fortifications, enormous architecture that is appropriate for the races' gliding nature, villages with no windows due to the races' nocturnal nature, limited cybernetics that were discovered through armor development, and primitive projectile-based firearms.
  • Driiyan- A primitive Teadr 7 semi-arboreal alien-like humanoid native to the Planet Driicon (Eta Universe, Lariclum Sector, Yeeg System). They are carnivorous creatures with no greater sentience, only being as intelligent as an Australopithecus, but are intelligent enough to be a destined sentient race. They are noted for their dark-blue-and-white coloration, their semi-bipedal locomotion, their long prehensile rat-like tails, their skull cases are exposed with a translucent white membrane, their four eyes which evolved into a singular one with two inside one socket and act like primitive compound eyes, their hands and feet which actually evolved from fin-like structures, the white-to-blue hair on their backs, and their goblin-like ear structures. They actually evolved from extinct ichthyosaur-like creatures long during the time when their home planet was just an ocean world. These creatures quickly adapted to a terrestrial lifestyle, and after millions of years, evolved into a semi-sentient lifestyle. While they no longer travel in water, they make their homes in the planet's many tree-sized corals where they drop and take prey by surprise with their claws and teeth.
  • Monklin- A species of Teadr 2 goblin-like monkey humanoids native to the Planet Monkli (Epsilon Universe, Buexxer Sector, Paradigia System), which shares the same system as their rivals, the polygamous bird-of-paradise-like Teadr 4 Paradisoids. These 5.6ft beings appear with long prehensile tails, slender bodies with long arms and legs, prehensile hands and feet, have pointed goblin-like ears and faces, two hearts and three lungs, two livers, and have blackish-blue-to-dark-gray fur. They are known for being aggressive and hostile towards anything that doesn't match their beliefs or common beliefs. While highly evolved, they're average intelligence at best, meaning they're not true idiots nor true geniuses, making the Monklins a semi-advanced race that only managed to have such a higher level of tec almost worthy of Teadr 1 asention because they are natrol tec savangers, they are known to take and collect ships that crash into their planet or cargo crates left behind by irrespondsable folk filled with tec, building their tec levels up because of this trait. Basicly, they're the recycler race. This trait would've been a valuable assit to the USRA and the Legion cause of their possable Teadr 1 asscendion, had it not been for their their perfectionist beliefs and controverseal control freak dictatorship that one day needs to be addressed and fixed if the main races were to have any hope of making the Monklins evolve better.
  • Qohilan- A species of Teadr 2 colossal beings which are noted for standing up to 11.4ft tall, have crooked horns, rough personalities, hands and feet with 3 phalanges each, their muscular build, their human-like eyes, their rough skin which can be white-blue, turquoise, or dark-gray in color, their hair which ranges in coloration from gold, yellow, brown, or blonde, though having a lack of head hair, and for their massive physical strength. They are a race which are famed as successful wrestlers and sports champions, and are a former warlike race which lost their home planet due to exhausting it's resources and weakening it's integrity. This lead to them building cities on other planets in the AUU, and they rarely go to war now. They are noted for being one of the many beings which can easily hold weapons that could be too heavy for any ordinary being, and are experts at building colossal weapons and cybernetics. They used both as their main form of warfare, and have been excellent providers for defense during the Exo-Wars. During this war, however, this race was ranged in fighting for whatever side, some working in favor of Globex, and some being in favor of Infernus. Besides multiple forms of weaponry and advanced cybernetics, their technology also includes touch-screen display and technology, ground/air-based vehicles, holographic display and computers, wearable mobile devices, and semi-sentient AI.
  • Yetord- A species of Teadr 3 primate beings that are indigenous to the Planet Yetion (Eta Universe, Isheegus Sector, Gertuone System). These creatures are enormous, males standing 9.3ft while the dominant females stand 10.7ft tall. These creatures are mostly knuckle-walkers which use their hands when they're needed, have entirely white skin, have gray skin, and they have sexual dimorphism. Males have yellow-colored faces and big human-like eyes which attract mates, and the females have red faces and a large white mane around their necks and chests, and their eyes are good enough to attract males with their natural glitters. These creatures evolved from primates similar to the Japanese Macaque, and have developed strange behavior and cultures. The Yetords live in a matrilineal and matriarchal society, whereas the females are the dominant gender, and singles enter annual courtships in hot spring parks for the promise of mates. Males choose females with the most attractive and youthful faces, and the one who has a good enough face earns the mate. When they are not in courtship, these beings spend their time raising their young inside their silver-composed cities, as well as do their daily jobs and routines, living in a diplomatic government with a Madame President, and even defending their technology and weapons from hostile Pharcum mercenaries. They also believed that there was a bigger primate on their planet called a "Mnooki", reported to stand 12ft tall, and could strangle a human with brute strength. Of course, no evidence has been found that it exists. Their technology includes limited space travel, hovering carriages drawn by domesticated creatures, heat-based weaponry, architecture similar to Nepal, volumetric display, and advanced robotics.
  • Tazopith- A species of Teadr 7 semi-arboreal tribal primates indigenous to the Planet Tazoros (Theta Universe, Theta Core Sector, Jargassa System). They are known to stand up to 10ft tall, and have similar features to other human-like beings like human-like faces, hands, feet and stature, though they have a white skin coloration with bioluminescent spots on their backs and foreheads with coloration ranging from red, orange, yellow, blue, and violet, elf-like ears, small noses, little hair, alien-like eyes, long lion-like tails, and natural agility, reflexes, speed and stamina. They are semi-arboreal, though like to spend most of their time in the gargantuan trees of their home planet and in the canopy. They share similar cultures to the Na'vi of Avatar, meaning they are hunter-gatherers with technology consisting of bows and arrows, domestication of native wildlife, primitive monuments and tree villages, the ability to tackle even advanced technology, and a sophisticated culture based on a profound spiritual connection to other life on Tazoros, each other, and an encompassing deity they refer to as Byx. They are acrobatic creatures who only know of the outside world through visions, several visits from pioneers and explorers, and even research stations which study the ways of their people. They have gained impressive skill in tackling even whatever threatens their home, whether it be criminal syndicates, smugglers, or logging operations.
  • Gemberian- The planet gem's native population that worship the trademark Gembers, the many tribes of pygmy gem donning dog people called the Gemberians who, while very short and barely able to reach a person's knee, make up for it by having numbers, strong jaws, primtive but deadly gem-based weapons, useage of poison darts, and being perfectly able to deciver the difference between good outsiders and bad since they grown used to outsiders coming here. The tribeal beings may be short, but they can be deceptivly strong, capable of holding things million times their size, even being capable to break an entire gun in a perfect half, meaning that if you ticked one off, your in trouble. Outsiders are advised to be careful around Gemberians because some tribes are good while others have turned zealotical and rouge and universely distrust all outsiders due to worrying too much for the Gembers safety or because of having deadly tribal traditions like head-hunting, sacrivices and/or eating outsiders.
  • Zagoon- A species of Teadr 3 hedgehog-like rat beings native to the Planet Zagooine (Theta Universe, Cibarron Sector, Dijigon System). They are a race that stands only 3.8ft tall, have skin coloration ranging from gray to pink, human-like heads with regenerative incisors and rat-like ears, small arms and legs, rat-like tails, spiky barbed hair-like follicles used for defense like a porcupine on their heads and backs, and natural speed, elastic bodies that allow them to squeeze through anything they can get their heads into, and their 8-lobed brains. They are an advanced race which evolved in a similar way to humans, having the same adaptability that allowed them to become the dominant species upon forming an omnivorous diet. They are known to live in a diplomatic monarchy where the people vote for their dictator who then provides for them in return. Their cross-breeding with other similar members of their evolutionary chain, as well as genetic breeding and engineering, have allowed this race to come in 5 breeds: Original, Zaigii Zagoons, which are a light-brown breed which move faster, have more fur, and can often be aggressive, Izrrab Zagoons, which are a black-colored breed which have poisonous spines, and a habit of nocturnal sleeping schedules, Oornille Zagoons, which are an apricot-colored breed which has a quicker running speed, a greater strength, agility, and stamina, and are more flexible, making them the primary breed that works for the monarch's royal guard, and the Ruunbus Zagoons, which are a naked breed that, despite having no fur nor spines, are much faster and agile, though they have a crepuscular sleeping schedule. They make their Teadr 3 villages and homes underground inside tunnels, and rarely come to the surface except for war and protection. Their technology includes ground/air-based vehicles and spaceships that reach the size of tanks, touch-screen displays and computers, advanced robotics and semi-sentient AI, virtual reality, holographic display, and plasma-based weaponry.
  • Barwok- A race of small Teadr 2 bear-like mustelid beings native to the Planet Artoleng (Theta Universe, Buhonus Sector, Tarthrax System). They are a very complex semi-arboreal species that stands only 2.5ft tall, and look like teddy bears, except they have alien-like eyes, human-like faces, hands, feet, and hair, short weasel-like snouts, fur color ranging from black, gray, brown, mahogany, and white, skin color ranging from pink to apricot, and stubby tails. They are incredibly intelligent and adaptable to any technology they can find. Being around for millions of years, they have learned several advanced forms of technology, and stopped living primarily in trees and instead in flying AFT cities, though some still live in the trees or even on the ground. They live in a constitutional democracy where two presidents, a diplomatic and republican, run several territories on their planet, and have a military police force called the Centurion Knights. These beings are most widely known for developing the AUU's first teleportation system called the TRM System (Teleportation Route Map System) which used a mapping system called the 'Telenet' to command locations. This allows them to get across the many AFT platforms that surround the sky. The USRA, later the Legion, have been willing to use this technology to it's fullest, but the Barwoks would only allow it if the Villains Act was destroyed. When it was, the Barwoks allowed full permission to allow their TRM System technology to be given to the USRA, and thus worlds with similar AFT platform cities have been constructed across the AUU. The Barwok's other technology includes touch-screen mobile devices and computers, ride several indigenous wildlife, projectile/particle-based weaponry, vibroweapons including swords, spears, axes, and knives which are used by the Centurion Knights, advanced space travel, programmable matter display, and advanced robotics and AI.
  • Omuoid- A species of Teadr 3 pinniped beings native to the Planet Omuosh (Theta Universe, Faste Sector, Azton System). These 6.8ft creatures evolved from prehistoric predatory sea lion-like mammals as big as a shark, and still retain their carnivorous diet today. They are a deadly yet joyful race which easily evolved their skeletal structure into a bipedal figure, thus gaining stubby legs with webbed feet, the front flippers have formed into makeshift flat hands, and they have the skin coloration of an orca whale. They were fast swimmers, able to elude predators at a swimming speed of over 45 mph. They are much faster in water than they are on land, which they have to waddle like a penguin. They are a race that briefly had a war against the Korbiquats for planetary colonies until the Korbiquats won and left the Omuoids to never bother them and the two became skeptical allies. They live in a parliamentary democracy where a president is elected by a parliament or council, and they live in an economically and diplomatically-stable society thanks to aided economics from the other planets in their system. These beings also invented several aquagens that are actually based upon DNA. Other technology includes chemical-based weaponry, hovercrafts of any scale, limited space travel, ferro-liquid display, semi-sentient AI and robotics, advanced medicines and fortifications, and a Japanese-like architecture.
  • Kalocron- A species of Teadr 7 insect-like mammalian beings native to the Planet Kalotroth (Theta Universe, Gabinity Sector, Czili System). Though these 5.1ft beings appear to look like insects, they are actually mammals that have evolved from eusocial meerkat-like creatures which formed an insect-like behavior and physiology for unknown reasons. Mammalian features include the retaining of a meerkat-like body with a long tail and neck, hair, skin, a warm-blooded nature and organ systems. Though insect features include their 8 eyes, 4 being contained in 2 sockets as some kind of compound eyes, their exoskeleton-like skin layers which retain water and control body heat and 'molt' every year, their metamorphic life cycle, their 2 bat-like transparent pairs of wings, and their caste system which is actually based off of their ancestors' meerkat-like eusociality of workers and sentries, but also soldiers with poisonous bites and superior females. They are an aggressive and hostile race which actually started out as an advanced race until a war against the Augurans had left them to be magically regressed to a primitive society as punishment. They now live in their own hives and watching out for any they feel is not supposed to be such as trespassers. The technology that they at least sustain is cybernetics and chemical-based weaponry.
  • Zyonoid- A species of Teadr 2 telepathic creatures which are native to the moon Zyonos III (Theta Universe, Inbaralt Sector, Zyomide System). They are diminutive creatures which are primarily only 1.6ft long, and are noted for their white-blue or red-violet skin, their exposed golden muscle spots, their large white exposed yet durable brains, their long pointed ears, their human-like faces and alien-like eyes, and their small arms with human-like hands and feet. They are telepathic eusocial creatures which have the ability to read and control minds, have telekinesis, and their primary means of locomotion is through levitation. Their caste systems consist of workers which are the pinnacle cast which does work such as helping their elder produce their tangy honey, the guardians which are the protectors of the government with their increased telepathic power, the drones which are fertile males that travel across the moon to impregnate other elders, and the elders which are much larger, being roughly the size of a human, has no legs and bulky arms, has funnel-like structures which the workers insert nectar into to produce their honey, levitates slower than the other castes due to her size, and reproduces when impregnated by any drone who she deems worthy. Though these beings seem vulnerable with their exposed brains which, while durable, cannot withstand everything, their telepathic abilities gives them omnipresent detection of their surroundings and they can easily respond to it, making these creatures experts at avoiding assassinations. Besides the usual telepathic techniques, these beings can learn many more including immobilizing targets, knocking them out, telepathically erasing their brains, and so many others. These creatures live in a separate democratic society where there is a council of several elders that rule over a single country on the moon, and one headmaster elder which rules the moon entirely. Their technology includes hovering vehicles (dubbed 'phased vehicles' in their terms), touch-screen mobile devices and computers, holographic display and computers, disintegration-based weaponry, teleportation, virtual/augmented reality, advanced medicines, genetic and vertical farming, and efficient hyperspace (dubbed jumpspace) travel.
  • Kromagmusa- A race of Teadr 1 Paraceratherium-like beings native to the large "barren" planet of Kromagmus. They are a highly durable and adaptable 12.4ft race noted for their toed hands and feet, their moderately-long necks, their 6 lungs and three hearts, their two livers and two stomachs, their gray-to-deep-black skin with giraffe-like spots on their backs, their small amounts of hair, their rat-like tails, their alien-like eyes, their rhino-like ears, their small horns, and for their surprisingly-lightweight biology as they have genetically altered themselves to withstand their home planet's intense gravity. They are a lesser-known Teadr 1 race due to their extreme preference to keep to themselves, as they started out as a species that had little control over their weight until a dawn of technology gave them the ability to alter it, and become more fit for agility and fighting. Contuarary to the planet's nasty conditions, they lived in the surface just fine, proven the legit power of their durability and adaptive nature, viewing going underground "the act of cowerds" and would make their claims of being adaptive and durable look like lies. They live in a matriarchal society, and sometimes some of their cities are ruled by leaders with amazon-like beliefs. Dispite being abnormally tall and are assentually giraffe-rhino love childs, their biological improvements and training in increased gravity make them surprisingly quick, moble, athletic, agile, gymastic, and capable of feats not expected of near-giants. And thanks to their Teadr 1 capabilities, they created highly durable and vastly unbreakable moble cities, and have actually succeeded in creating a weather device designed to further keep the superstorms from being a great inconvenience. They even made a great planetary shield called 'The Kromagmus Defender', which came in handy espeically since they're planetary neightbers of a planet victimised by a corruptive sun left behind by an infamous dark magilo user. It is also helpful against threats like astroriods from it's neightbering belt, the occational bursts of flames from gas planets, and would-be invaders, as the Kromags are VERY cautious of strangers, and the fact that this sector was founded by a dark magic user helps little for their concerns about hostile outsiders. They have never expanded their reach for eons because, aside from not being used to normal gravity due to their biological improvements, of which they did had since for a long time created an improvement to the improvements that would mend this, as stated before, they are very cautious about strangers, which benefited in their hardly-known legacy as a Teadr 1 race. But perhaps this has the potainional to change when their neighters in Mieber who do acknowledge their existence inadvertingly reveil their existence, and when so, the Legion's not gonna ignor the prospect of another Teadr 1 race they somehow missed, epsiecally not one that is litterally able to make homes out of normally inthrivable planets, but they will want to approuch this delicately and smartly, knowing of the Kromagmusas' known caution torwords strangers. Conutary to what was assumed, Kromagmus didn't became an otherwise inhapitable planet because of the secter's dark founder, but because of an intentional terraforming exspeariment by Krumagmusa sciencetists. Course, they were sure to collect every two of the same speices of their native animals with caution made to be sure they'e of different genders and all seeds of their planets beforehand before the project started. This was sort've an extreme way to "Get their privacy", apart of their great caution to strangers, but when they do meet good and friendly strangers, many of this will greatly reverse.
  • Curuon- A race of Teadr 1 deer-like race indigenous to the Planet Curon (Eta Universe, Ranatos Sector, Orill System). They are a 6.1ft race that has antlers that can regenerate faster than common antlers due to them being made of not just calcium, but sharing a symbotic relationship with algae that can expand and form leaves on the antlers themselves, they have powerful digestive systems, their salivary glands that use photosynthsized sugars to sweeten their diet, they have two 8-chambered hearts, 9-lobed brains, green blood due to the algae that acts as antibodies that not only defend but produce sugars, they have expanisve immune systems, 4 spleens, more glands than a common human, have eye color that is entirely in green shades, and they have lifespans that are commonly as long as an average tree. Despite their legacy as the ones who unintentionally inspired the cures of 7 of the AUU's past Adapting Plagues because of being 'cure masters' seeing as how they developed cures to much of the diseases of the AUU, developing many revolutionary forms of medical treatments, especially since their biology had hidden materials that aid in the cures and vaccinations they create, they are currently an endangered race because they are currently faced with a fungal infection plague called Fungworm, a ring-worm like slime-mold that feeds on biological material, which rendered them to only over 7,000 individuals. Luckily, they are protected by Helix Transgenics, a genetic technology company in the Orill System that already specializes in de-extinction projects. Much of the race works for Helix as a result, and they do well. Their technology, besides advanced medical technology, includes programmable matter display, mobile devices and computers, advanced agriculture, advanced material technology, biological weaponry, virtual/augmented reality, and advanced space-travel, all being part-biotic.
  • Zootan- A mysterious Teadr 1 or even beyond race of Gazelle-Horned Okapi Creatures that held a very unigte belief, related to United Universes as a whole. A predominantely matriarchical socity, the zootans live under the belief that that this and any united universe is but part of an infinient wave of star-like specks and that all accomplishments, good or bad, are ultamately meaningless in the grand sceame of things and that life is just life and that the idea of a higher purpose means little in the "Infinity", the name of a plain of existence greater then any higher exsistence, and that any persuits, whether good or evil, decent or indecent, moderate or absolute, are all but consisent patterns that exist within the united universes and it's many alternate timelines, realities, even otherworldly dimentions. The Zootans are considered be Teadr 1, but the tec they process seems to be beyond even Teadr 0, implying that the Zootan might not even be actual natives of the AUU and that they're apart of something bigger then any united universes. Because of these beliefs, the creatures don't believe in ruining the planet's naterol reshroces in faver of something "That will only be undone with time", so with their amazing tec, they are able to have cities within the naterol lands by having the tec litterally be one with nature, so the evioment still looks as naterol as if it was never colonised. Zootans are strictly non-aggressive, not just because the lanky beings wouldn't be able to put up a good fight, but because their enlighten beliefs forbid violence, not just because it's bad, but because "it is not our place to be part of any patterns of life, benvolently or malevolently", implying that the Zootans don't wish to pick any side. Because of this, the Zootans earned the admiration of every single race and spieces in existence, even the likes of controverseal and/or dangerious ones, to the point that neither such race, from the provokable Bullarns, The Mercenary-Minded Pharcums, the Viking-abiding Vickerons, The Zealotical Phends, even the World Harvesting Zargons have all left this race be out of either universeal respect or even reckindising how their tec pales in comparision to the Zootans, where even without weapons, the Zootans are no slouches in self defence, as they have zappers and disablers and destableisers that can reduse any ship and weapon useless, even an Astro-Lazer or the Zargon's World Harvester are not protected from this. This alone, discouraged even the VA to leave this race well enough alone, knowing that the tec will discourage any attempt and foil even the mose well-prepared of weapons. Because of the Zootans are neither interest to be a problem nor an aide, their tec is never shared beyond the Zoota system. It hasn't stop people, wether idealistic polotisions or less desireables, from trying to get that tec in one faston or another. This race is even a sought after canidate to have join the USRA and it's successor(s) by the USRA races many times over, but the Zootans insist on not getting involved, keeping true to their desires to not pick sides. The percised origins of the Zootan are largely sought after by scienctific communities and the many incredable secrets they hold.
  • Plaguogan- A Teadr 2 race of rat-like beings native to the Planet Plaguon Prime until it died of old age, and left the race to adopt Planet Virossa (Beta Universe, Nexther Sector, Viruss System) as their new home planet. They are 4ft rodents who are actually of Yurun origin, and thus have their abilities of adaptability, their ability to build things to scale, their cuisine, and much of their qualities, while also having a taller heights, coloration based upon their lifestyle, bare limbs and long tails, flexible bodies, quick reproductive cycles, and they have immune systems containing hundreds of antibody types that are capable of reprogramming infectious viruses, and producing medicine-native substances necessary for giving them an immunity to all sicknesses in the AUU to the point where it takes 10 years for a dead individual to fully decompose. They are known for worshipping 'Plague Gods' that they believe gave them their immunity to sicknesses, and thus they decided to share this gift to the AUU by exposing them to outbreaks. But because it was difficult for that to happen, the USRA exiled them on Virossa through an exile shield by request of their evolutionary ancestors, the Yuruns. They are considering reforming them because of rumors that they are ascending to Teadr 1 status despite the Yuruns' doubts. Their technology includes bio/projectile/laser/atomic weaponry including the illegal 'bacterial synthesizer' ray, or 'infector ray', capable of attracting bacteria through rendering it's target a superhabitable habitat for them. Other forms of technology include primitive yet advanced interface computers and mobile devices, teleportation, digital technology, advanced medicine and material technology, and Yurun technology including space travel (their cruisers being the size of an average spaceship), durable substances to allow their cities to withstand the impact of larger sentient beings, robotics and AI, biomechanical vehicles, and biological technology.
  • Daradoe- A race of Teadr 1 antelope-like 7.2ft beings that are native to the Planet Daradoon (Beta Universe, Nexther Sector, Jalladome System). They have antlers that are shaped like crowns, they had fur coloration of literally every shade of brown along with flourescent white pearly spots, alien-like eyes, hoof-fingered hands and feet, moderately-long tails, 4 small lungs, 4 small 8-chambered hearts, sac-like cartilage ribcages, 10-lobed brains, heightened senses, and more bones than an average being. They are a race that is on the verge of becoming a Teadr 1 race, and is seeking to ascend themselves and become among the prominent races of the AUU. However, before they could do so, their system neighbors in the form of the tentacle-spider mollusk Jalladomeons came in and sought to use them for their quest to use Teadr 2 beings to ascend into a Teadr 1, and eventually a Teadr 0 race, and thus become the supreme dominators. They were among the many races to show hostility and yet resilience to the Jalladomeons, at the same time fulfilling their abusive wishes of building weaponry and technology for them. Their own technology includes touch-screen display and mobile devices, advanced robotics and semi-sentient AI, teleportation, projectile/laser/pulse-based weaponry, hover/air-based vehicles, virtual/augmented reality, artificial yet limited meta-powers through artificial evolution (dubbed 'metavergence' in their terms), holographic technology, advanced material and biological technology, and advanced hyperdrive and space technology.
  • Zhaeer- A Teadr 2 pasifistic but well armed and self-defense effictent race of deer who's horns can reach the length of their bodies. The Zhaeer live in an egalitarian socity were all rights are granted, corruption is non-existent, and the planet has never known war in over a millenda. The Zhaeer further ensured this by issuing a peace treaty with  their three less gentle neighters in the other Zhaers with the Zhaerthis' help, earning their respect.
  • Deemoshan- A race of Teadr 2 alien-like mole beings native to the Planet Deemosha (Beta Universe, Nexther Sector, Jalladome System). They are 4.1ft beings that have rat-like tails, dark-brown coloration, alien-like eyes, webbed hands and feet and bald arms and legs, a star-nosed face, bad vision or blindness as they mainly use tech-glasses to see better, 4 tiny lungs and 2 tiny 7-chambered hearts, 7-lobed brains, 4 livers, two stomachs, 2 pancreases, 4 kidneys, short lifespans, and blue blood. They are subterranean beings as they are semi-shy creatures mostly afraid of the surface after events worse than the tyranny currently brought on by their planetary neighbors in the Jalladome Confederation, though they have highly-advanced technology, but their technology is mainly powered by a global solar-powered grid that powers itself through the side of the planet that faces the sun. Unfortunately, they are afraid of mainly the Jalladomeons because of the fact that they aren't dedicated fighters as they are mainly economic beings that run mainly on welfare, as they believed they were safe enough underground as the surface world is mainly inhabited by outer alien beings and sentient animals that built cities on the hardly-inhabited surface, but even they don't protect the race from the Jalladome Confederation. Though they don't offer much to their enslavers, as they only provided support through economic revenue through the valuable wealth resources of their home. Their technology includes solar-powered weaponry, teleportation, force fields, robotics and AI, touch-screen mobile devices and computers, hard-light technology, advanced medicine and material technology, virtual/augmented technology, and little space-age technology.
  • Ghorst- A species of Teadr 3 skeletal-like beings that were formerly indigenous to the planet Ghor before it was destroyed by a magical anomaly referred to as the 'Neonic Dawn' which was looking to harness their home planet's astral energy as a renewable resource until it expanded, affected the atmosphere, weather and magnetosphere, and failed to stop it by destroying it as it had grown strong enough to sustain itself, and with the failure resulting in an evacuation, the anomaly first affected the landscape, turning it into a sterile inhospitable wasteland with sharp rocks, violent predators, and toxic winds and unstable violent storms, then it affected the mantle, causing the tectonic plates to break themselves apart, and then caused the core to superheat, reach critical mass, and destroying the planet itself. Since then, the Ghorsts moved on and are rarely found across multiple worlds, but are commonly found on worlds like Vaarcovania, Wraemontir, and Morbius. The race is of mammalian origin, yet due to a complex system of moons that created atmospheric tidal upheavals on Ghor, the race lost much of it's organic essentials as a means of decreasing biological surplus and gained a hard exoskeleton sealing all external orifices to protect against depressurization and temperature changes, as well as providing protection from physical harm, and thus they have smaller vital organs than many beings, their eyes are literally deep sunken black as to absorb light and see much more efficiently, they have 11-lobed brains, 8 spleens, 2 stomachs, 6 lungs, 3 seven-chambered hearts, white calcium-filled blood, they have three-fingered hands and three-toed feet, . The Ghorst have a phobia of exposed skin due to their history of magic, especially that of which involved chaos, violence, and gore, and would avoid seeing it in others whenever possible. Their sealed biological system means that they must maintain it by eating approximately three times more than humans of the same mass. Ghorsts can easily survive in a total vacuum for a standard day as a result of not only master genetic engineering, surgery, grafting, and cell manipulation, but an extra set of lungs that act like air tanks and supply air for 28 straight hours. They are also good at math, magic, loopholes in such, and their technology includes disintegration/pulse/projectile/plasma weaponry, ground/air-based vehicles, synthetic robotics and AI, transmagnetic field technology and other forms of anti-magic technology, advanced medicine, matter manipulation, ferro-liquid display, and semi-advanced space-age technology.
  • †Aelleysean- Gray Alien Teadr 1 (Aelleysea (Delta Universe, Delta Core Sector, Aelly System), TBC...)
  • †Gryjeam- Wide-Headed Crystal-Skull-Like Head Teadr 1 Translucent (Gryjereom Jera (Theta Universe, Faste Sector, Gmrycen System), TBC...)
  • Costyrs

    †Costyr- A race of Teadr 1 humanoid beings native to Planet Costyrma Neom (Gamma Universe, Tobani Sector, Cospray System). They are 5.8ft beings with 4 head crests that sense environment by breathing in air molecules, they possess enhanced color vision, blue blood, flushed flesh skin, mostly-cartilaginous skeletons, bizarre noses, 29-lobed brains, 15-chambered hearts, and they cannot breath oxygen, instead their respiration cycle, as well as that of their planet's fauna, are reversed, as Costyrs breathed carbon dioxide and breath out oxygen for the plants to absorb and photosynthesize carbon dioxide. Thus an oxygen environment is poisonous to them and they require skin-tight intelligent EVO suits with digital customization to randomize their appearance. Living during the Teadr 1 Ages, they used to have an alliance with the bionic Troyx and got ready to train successors, two races called the Techrids and Justoids, into upholding their legacy, and even leaving them newfound technology. But then it was jeopardized by the Sentins, a race descended from their enemies, the Serns who attempted to eliminate the Costyrs fearing their ability to learn and adapt at accelerated rates, to ensure history doesn't repeat itself with another defeat. This left the Troyx, Costyrs and Justoids to vanish and the Techrids to watch over what was left until their hopes are restored and the Costyrs become heads of succession and development for the future of the AUU. (TBC...)
  • Healosthan- A race of Teadr 2 canine-like mammalian beings that are native to Planet Healust (Beta Universe, Nexther Sector, Jalladome System). They are that are noted for the hospital-cross-like patterns on their chests and backs, their , , , , , , and . (TBC...)
  • Hoopolan- A race of Teadr 2 deer-like beings native to the Planet Hoope (Beta Universe, Nexther Sector, Jalladome System). They are and are noted for a spiky shell-like back, , , and . (TBC...)
  • Arctirian- (Teadr 1.5 Tall Slender White-Like Elegant Race And Keepers Of Rare Races, Valerian: City Of A Thousand Worlds, TBC...)
  • Seodoh- (Teadr 2 Lasat-like Beings, Lasats (Seodoreox (Eta Universe, Lariclum Sector, Flume-Ajirix System), TBC...)
  • Iechyan- (Teadr 6 Ewok-Like Race (Seodoreox's Moon of Iechysha (Eta Universe, Lariclum Sector, Flume-Ajirix System), TBC...)
  • Ompyr- A race of Teadr 3 vampiric chiropteran flightless beings native to the Planet Ompyria (Epsilon Universe, Essephemer Sector, Vampra System). They stand 7.5ft tall, they have faces with ranging bat-like faces, large ears, advanced alien eyes that change from blue, golden, and red to accommodate three different visions, have nutrient-rich blood and a highly-efficient circulatory and immune system, making them resilient to illnesses, giant 20-chambered hearts, visible veins and arteries, 4 large lungs, 6 spleens, waist-spanning livers, highly-accurate senses that are so accurate they can detect feelings and lies by skin contact, physically-advanced musculoskeletal structure, are carnivores and liquivores, rat-like tails, and 12-lobed brains. As a result of a massive seismic event creating giant chasms called 'Scars' and lava pits and wastelands called 'The Bleeding Wastes', which despite having rich amounts of laserum, it also found resources that the planet's big megacorporation, Venae Enterprises, lead by the race's president, uses to become ubiquitous across the world's politics, society, and economy. Meanwhile, as a result of environmental decline, water has become scarce and fuels prohibitively expensive. Thus the race chose one new fuel source: blood. Due to an anarchic society, killing has been the norm and corpses' blood, as well as blood in general, is not only a fuel source, but also their currency, making it into paper or coin money, among other resources like the massively-valuable water remaining. The society is very dangerous and many visitors never leave alive or without any kind of injury, having a society similar to Blood Drive. As a result, the race have gained a bad reputation, and thus as Ompyrs left the planet, they suffered prejudice and xenophobia. Thus, they had to be saved by a sympathic UIS, mainly by the Battus, to earn membership with UIS and continue their insanely unpopular lifestyle, thus resulting in the Vampra System to be UIS abiding.
  • Aexish- (Apokolips Being, Aex Iox (Alpha Universe, Apirion Sector, Aexem-Hoss System)
  • Crii- (Kree Being, Stagnant Race, Obhyree (Alpha Universe, Apirion Sector, Criii System), TBC...)
  • Spexid- A race of Teadr 7 human-like beings native to Spexoll (Zeta Universe, Maxxus Sector, Saoron System), (TBC...)
  • Grids- Teadr 2.5 Large Ape Beings, TBC...)
  • Apeds

    Apeds- A race of Teadr 3 Gigantopithecus-Human alien beings native to Planet Chatta (Beta Universe, Tebble Sector, Frozen Era System). These herbivorous ape beings stand 10ft tall, had perfect night vision, higher senses and intelligence, 20-lobed brains, larger lungs, had a society almost prehistoric, had brutal physical strength, and were passive-aggressive beings. They lived entirely through their planet's ice age until it warmed back up because their intelligent minds could unearth plants anywhere, and even tamed more resilient herbivores, allowing them to survive to present day and build their current society. Now during their second ice age, these beings have evolved well enough to survive better than before.
  • Eod- Small Teadr ??? Human-Like Beings (TBC...)
  • Gominid- Tall Teadr 7 Hominid Beings (TBC...)
  • Idids- (Teadr 3.5 Darwinius-Human Beings, Long Prehensile Tail, TBC...)
  • Doagcen- (Treasure Planet Silver and Doppler-Like Canine/Human Teadr 2 Race, TBC...)
  • Jouron- (Hammerheaded Sapient Teadr 3 Race, TBC...)
  • Tammas

    Tamma- A race of Teadr 4-6 Centaur-Like 6-Limbed Human/Rodent-Like Beings native to an unknown planet lost in even their own history books. These beings stand 8.5ft as males and 7.1ft as females, have six phalanged limbs, the arms and frontal legs being opposable, have elf-like ears with colorful bottom crests that glow in extreme emotion, colored streaks on the ears and back for the males, stumpy dog tails, long flexible necks, two stomachs for an omnivorous diet, two regular mammalian hearts, two lungs twice as big as a human's lungs, elaborate ribcages, 15-lobed brains, can emit a whale-like bellow through an inflatable neck sac, have eight regenerative canine teeth, and they have rodent/human-like behavior and adaptability. (TBC...)
  • Cheathan- (Teadr 3 Jaguar-Patterned Human Beings, TBC...)
  • Oephothan- (Teadr 3 Thylacine Beings, TBC...)
  • Slien- (Teadr 2 Colorful Gray Aliens, TBC...)
  • Justoid- (Heroic Human-Like Warrior Teadr 1 Beings, Tenno Warframe, First Human-Like Race Created, Protégés of Costyrs, Justion (Gamma Universe, Gamma Core Sector, Justous System), TBC...)
  • Vyeer- (Teadr 2 Human-Like Beings, A race of technocratic, militarized, and deteriorated human-like beings that are an aggressive warlike race that steal technology to better and support themselves, Grineer Warframe, Vyerion (Gamma Universe, Gamma Core Sector, Justous System), TBC...)
  • Ciminan- (Teadr 3 Deep-Brown Human Beings, TBC...)
  • Sencen- (Teadr 3 Hammerhead Race, TBC...)
  • Eycan- (Teadr 3 Hammerhead 8-Eyed Race, TBC...)
  • Geticusan- (Teadr 2 Hammerhead 4-Eyed Race, TBC...)
  • Freetan- (Teadr 2 Human-Like Antennae Voyager Beings, TBC...)
  • Cruftan- (Teadr 2.5 Fox/Cat-Like Gambling Business-Savvy Endangered Neutral Beings, TBC...)
  • Seopten- (Teadr 2 Squirrel-Like Endangered Arboreal Beings, TBC...)
  • Jeerien- A race of Teadr 2.5 deer-like beings indigenous to the Planet Jeere. They are technologically-resilient yet extremely nature-preserving non-sapient beings with hoof-like toes and fingers capable of handling objects. (TBC...)
  • Senetaur- (A Teadr 3.5 centaur-like being, TBC...)
  • Chopean- (A Teadr 2 Chimp Human being, TBC...)
  • Girin- (A Teadr 3 Multi-Ungulate Satyr Being, TBC...)
  • Syrcean- (A Teadr 2 squirrel-like being, TBC...)
  • Gourellan- (A Teadr 3.5 race of sentient gorillas, TBC...)
  • Erren- (A Teadr 4 race of lizard-rodent beings, TBC...)
  • Berellian- (A Teadr 2.5 race of sentient and highly-intelligent rabbit-kangaroos, TBC...)
  • Rophon- (A race of Teadr 2 subterranean gophers, TBC...)
  • Qyco- (Teadr 2 Alien-bodied humans, TBC...)
  • Corotollian- (Giant-Headed Independence Day Alien Humanoid, TBC...)
  • Axirlan- A race of Teadr 3 Human-Like Animal Beings native to Planet Aximalsa (Theta Universe, Faste Sector, Aminallos System). They are a race that are just humanoids with animals limbs, noses, ears, tails, hair, and certain organs. They evolved from primates that regressed to the body parts of certain animal ancestors, evolving by devolving, resulting in a race that can devolve just as much as evolve allowing them to have the body parts of any animal. (TBA...)
  • Pratogan- (Teadr 2 Bulky 4-Armed Noskad-Like Beings, TBC...)
  • Murthan- (Teadr 2.5 Race Similar To This
  • Wellan- (Dog-Nosed Humans, TBC...)
  • Weirse- (Teadr 2 Endangered Diminutive Alien-Like Gerbil Engineering Beings, TBC...)
  • Crystormains

    Crystormain- A Teadr 2 race of Giant-Antlered Elk-Like Creatures native to Planet Cryostorma. They're a race that survived the harshest of hard times, and are known for their tec enabling them to turn ice into weapony, creating something currently unigte to Crystorma. The Crystormains were once all for the USRA, but when they ended up disbaning, they were shocked of the choas that ensued because of one disbansion. It made the Crystorms come to believe that over-relying on an allience to be a bad thing, and came to become avocates of independence, thus joining UIS and thus supplied their unigte ice-tec to make sure the USRA are never allowed to become too expandsive where another disbansion would risk an unfixable dishastor.
  • Battu- A race of Teadr 3 Raptorial Bat creatures native to Planet Batt 71 VAI. They are sometimes referred to as the Battuions to avoid confusion with the normal species, and they were once highly supportive of the USRA, but when the Disbansion happened and resulted in a universe spread war, thus leading to the Battu being repeatedly victimised by hostile races the USRA would normally keep in check. They were rescued by UIS and kept the many invasions away from the Battu. The Battu came to defelupt a more UIS friendly attatude, forsaken the USRA races, and created an invisable forcefield designed to keep ships from reaching now isloated systems.
  • Galbatorixian- A race of Teadr 1 canine mixed-species beings native to Planet Galbatoria (Gamma Universe, Gamma Core Sector, Galbatorixis System). They are warlike beings with males that are typically haired covered wolf men while females resemble nearly like yellow Rabodans, only built more like Amazons and have antennae and weird flame-swords. Like their neighbors the Yegopods, they have an air of superiority to them and deemed the USRA a challenge to their authority. Only unlike the Yegoes, they didn't rush into war. Rather instead, the Galbatorixians are more observers and see in hindsight that fighting the USRA on your own is fruitless. While the Yegoes did overwhelm the USRA, it was only by an overwhelming push that the war was won. That showed the Galbatorix that they need to act smart about dealing with the USRA threat to their superiority. And UIS and a marriage made alliance with the Yegoes would lead to that direction. Both the Galbs and Yegoes made a great indestructible space wall that blocks out USRA expansion to other now isolated systems.
  • Kleeala- A Teadr 4 race of bat-eared kangaroos native to the Australian Planet Kleealaka. They are 7.7ft beings with wings capable of long distence glide that fear the enprouching rampidt colonialisum of the USRA and fear for universeal independence being replaced by dependence at risk of war from disbansion. As such, when proven right, the Kleeala had no choice but to join UIS to halt USRA expandsion and encourage universeal independence. The Kleeala don't believe in fighting or conflict, but they use great magic to block out ships from expanding beyond the Klee system into now isolated worlds. The Kleeala are otherwise friendly folk, but they garnered an extreme distrust to outsider expansion beyond native systems and fear vast enfluence that get ripe for abuse, hence their presience in UIS.
  • Xamian- A philistopical race of Antelope-Eqsed Goats that worship an Apex Predatory beast in the form of a Snake-Mantis Monstrosity named after the planet and the system, called The Xame Beast. The Xamians tend to annually feed it lifestock that are sacriviced to the creatures in believing that it'll grant a good fortune and harvest for the coming seasons. However, the USRA deemed the Xame Beasts to be monsters that have to eradicated, but the Xamians surprisingly fought back, fearing the slaying of the spieces could lead to no more harvests and fortune. Then UIS came to aide them and solitify the Xamians' creature of worship, leading to the Teadr 3 race to join UIS in gradatute.
  • Sigeain- The Ka'Scabbins' extinct Mongoose-like being rivals. They were known reptile haters and deemed mammels the superior of evolution's creations, basicly they're why the Ka-Scabbins are such pricks to mammels. The Sigeains were considered destine to become Teadr 1 that the Sgieains dreamed of obbtaining so they can enforce mammel superiority onto all spieces, espeically onto reptiles. However, their aim of doing this, doomed themselves and the neightering systems but Ka-Scabbus inadvertingly thanks to UIS, by creating a marker-like artifact that would asend those sharing the same planet as it into hallusination indused madness, then muanting into horrendus creatures relijustusly known as the Daed, or for a more modern name, Corpsemorpths, the artiact, named The Expiration Mark, to basicly be the AUU equilent of the horrors of dead space, but being weaponised to punish the rebelious or any that dare declare war, designing to destroy those that have no humility or sense of humility (In their eyes), and/or anything preshived as sinful. However, the very artifacts they created ended up betraying them when the Sigeains ended up having EXACTLY those problems in that they were reptile hating pricks, and basicly, they went the way as expected of anything based on Dead Space. Thus, the many moons of the planet became infected with the creatures and became Judgement Moons that began to bring forth judgement days to systems and worlds they had deemed sinful. This would be considered the among the instences where UIS isolating isolated systems were actselly a relitive good thing, and in the Ka-Scabbins case, to protect not just themselves but all of the AUU and perhaps beyond certain events considered, it's for the best it stays that way, but they worry that the Judgement Moons are intentionally letting this happen to them because they're waiting for the ineditable anti-UIS imbacile to free them so they can reap judgement onto all of the AUU, or worse, even seek out other United Universes.
  • Omber- A race of Teadr 2 Lombax-Like Endangered Beings native to Planet Omberion. They are 5.4ft beings that could fight and learn quickly, have kinesthetic senses that allow for powerful gymnastics and agility, have powerful 17-lobed brains, accurate senses of smell, sight, and hearing, can reverse-engineer things by looking at them in action, their anatomy is redundant and supernumerary as every organ has a backup, including an extra set of kidneys, two eight-chambered hearts, 4 lungs, and even a secondary brain stem, as well as an extensive and hardy skeletal structure, their livers span their waist, they have a sac-like ribcage, their rapid metabolism allows them to heal quickly, their arms and legs have equally-powerful strength, have two cranial membranes, they have quick agility, stamina, and reflexes, are very sophisticated and honorable beings, they are marsupials that give birth in a pouch, their wombs are covered in a durable membrane to protect from even the strongest of blows, they are capable of eating anything and everything, their knack and intellect is very broad even as babies, their muscles are so powerful a baby can hold it's head and walk early, and they can live for hundreds of years. They have a strong military police force and advanced technology at the helm and were among the strongest ones that had a hand in ending the Interwar Period. Their technology includes holographic/touch-screen mobile/wearable devices and computers, vibro/pulse/laser/plasma/projectile/disintegration/electronic weaponry, hover/air-based vehicles, advanced robotics and AI, force fields, teleportation, cloaking devices, virtual/augmented reality, digital technology, holography, solar power, advanced data and smart grid network that allows gesture and subvocal recognition, strong nanotechnology, metamaterial technology, advanced material and medical technology, artificial evolution, smart clothing, DNA-activated machines, genetic engineering, digital currency, advanced agriculture, energy manipulation, AFTs and AI buildings, limited quantum technology, enhancement drugs, and advanced space-age technology including hyperdrive. (TBC...)
  • Terman- (Teadr 2 German-Like Human-Like Alien-Eyed Cyberpunk Tech-Savvy Beings, Planet Termany, TBC...)
  • Astelisk- A race of Teadr 2 cute xioi-like beings native to Planet Astell Felx (Zeta Universe, Zeta Core Sector, Astrellox System). They are notable for being the first Teadr 2 race to master quantum technology and thus they use this technology for their common technology and thus offers for boundless possibilities in their ingenuity. They prefer to be commonly naked because they feel more natural, beautiful, and efficient that way, only wearing clothes for formal, environmental, or combat times, or when in a world with very strict insistence on clothing being socially required even when their close heritage to animals give them the ability of genitraction and for being covered in fur, so it's not hard to imagine that they mostly kept to themselves from pretty much the majority of the AUU community, being that clothing is very strictly prevalent. They behave like animals at times, yet they are legendary star warriors on par with the Zyaūar Masters. (TBC...)
  • †Zoobranian- A race of extinct Teadr 1 beings native to the destroyed planet of Zoo'bra. They are xioi-animal-like beings with enhanced animal senses, giving them a sense of smell and hearing 10x powerful than a dog's, their sight is sharp, accurate, and keen, their touch senses are super increased to allow them to sense anything in proximity but also makes them super-ticklish, and their taste is increased to allow for an additional sense of smell in case of environments where smell cannot be used. They also have 20-lobed brains, animal-like eyes, large floppy ears, large coats of fur/feathers/scales, human-like head hair, manes, tails, human-like dexterous hands and feet, large lungs and two hearts, sac-like ribcages, excellent night-vision, they have unique cat-like agility, two stomachs for a omnivorous diet, and they have extensive longevity. They were enthusiastic, ambitious, and joyful beings known for being the curators of sentient animals and zoobrainium, a DNA-derived organic substance capable of granting animals sentience and back again, as they adored animals and gave them the gift of sentience so they can share the love sentient beings give to animals back, thus giving birth to all sentient animals in the AUU. Though going extinct due to poverty after an asteroid destroyed their home planet, their DNA is still preserved in a populace thus offering hope of being brought back. But though the race is still brought up in sentient animal cultural folklore, it's also brought up a fallacy that they were cruel fates for sentient animals.
  • Zoogue- A race of Teadr 2 animal-like beings similar to this indigenous to Planet Zoonosis (Theta Universe, Gabinity Sector, Zoogo System). As the modern descendants of the Zoobranians, these beings retained the animal abilities of their ancestors to survive in the style of an animal. They have animal-like quirks and personalities, are often curious creatures, and have a tendency to be extremely impressionable even as adults. Though they rarely venture across the AUU because their home system is in UIS territory and the animal-like being niche is taken by their past war enemy race the Axirlans. (TBC...)
  • Monqer- (Teadr 6.5 Magical Semi-Arboreal Semi-Technological Monkey Beings, Planet Qoymia (Alpha Universe, Apirion Sector, Irpheis System), TBC...)
  • Emb- (Teadr 7 Alien Mandrill Beings, Planet Forus (Alpha Universe, Bacmus Sector, Fordon-Plannck System), identical behavior to autism and possess a perplexing learning behavior beyond any other hominid-like creature, TBC...)
  • Cai- (Teadr 2 Hominid Aliens, AUU Destiny Humans, TBC...)
  • Awokyd- (Teadr 2 Cai Descendant Beings, AUU Destiny Awoken, TBC...)
  • Arch- (Teadr 2 Gorilla Beings, AUU Destiny Cabal, TBC...)
  • Greotian- (Teadr 2.5 Victorian Howler Monkey Beings, TBC...)
  • Raybgonian- (Teadr 2 Aggressive Baboon Monkey Beings, TBC...)
  • Crucion- (Teadr 2 Semi-Religious Devil-Like Goat/Ram/Ibex Beings, TBC...)
  • Leapor- (Teadr 7 Caveman-Rabbit Beings, Tirodox Major (Alpha Universe, Tharper Sector, Tirodox System))
  • †Subherqrustle- (Teadr 7 Blesmol Subterranean skelital naked mole-rat Beings, Cherqrust (Beta Universe, Beta Core Sector, Cherqoaloug System))
  • Knightans

    Knightan- A race of Teadr 3 albino elf humanoids about the same height as humans and indigenous to Planet Pzerbia (Eta Universe, Isheegus Sector, Pzerbis System). They stand 6.8ft, have pointed ears with long lower crests, veins and arteries that glow upon extreme emotions, pale skin with red or blue coloring depending on blood type, positive meaning blue and negative meaning red, they have two red and blue hearts since their veins and arteries are separated into two circulatory systems, massive lungs, a cartilaginous sack system that coats internal systems with cartilage, making their meat hard to swallow for any survivor, they have hair that changes from dark to bright as the individual ages, multiple adrenal glands for enhanced stamina, greater senses, and 21-lobed brains. These beings are a sci-fi medieval race who live in a period of scientific catastrophe since a comet strike not only threw the once civilized Teadr 3 world into a Teadr 1.5 world, but gave them a new but near-limited resource called Elixium, a quantoconductive organic crystallized element that could create mana and give the gift of magic, as well as enhance technology, but could also have disastrous consequences. It could change the Knightans forever, as it granted power but was also addictive and could turn people into superpowered mutants, and so began a civil war against 4 factions: The Ministry, who fanatically worship a god called Tecxlom and operate like a religious police state where consuming Elixium is expressly forbidden but it is used to power complex war technologies and want technological innovation, The Outsiders, who have no formal leadership and operate with a 'survival of the fittest' mentality, using improvised and deadly weaponry and consume Elixium in the form of specialized stimulant drugs to free their minds, The Enchanters, who have renounced modern technology and the use of Elixium and instead finding a way to purify the substance into mana to weave magic and restore life to nature, and finally, the top faction is an amoral one looking for the next stage of evolution known as The Kaisers, who in exchange for their emotion to control themselves when augmented with Elixium without becoming mutants, they gained strength, focus, stamina, and became nearly unstoppable, and thus became conscienceless beings swearing to obtain all Elixium, even if it meant terrorizing the other factions. On their highest mountain capital of Kai, the Kaisers went unopposed. But some try to stop their takeover. The top enemies are the Ministry, their ancestral faction, and the Rogues, Kaisers that saw the wrong they were doing and intend to stop them.

Amphibian Races

  • Amphiblian- The Teadr 0 Amphibian precursor race of all Amphibians. They basicly look giant un-anthromorpisizised frogs bigger then entire average sentient cities, so basicly near Kaiju. They created amphibian races through the use of pods that look like amphibian eggs, and spread their pods onto planets of their choosing to let their creations grow. They hopped for the Sollans and the Ontans to become the greatest predominant figures of the Amphibians, but the Sollans went extinct and the Ontans basicly vanished and were assumed extinct as well. The Amphib race were heart broken their little ones would not grow up right without these two, so they banished themselves into an outsider dimention to never be seen again. They were deemed a legend amongst Amphibian races.
  • Newon- (Teadr 0.5 Amphiblian Successors, TBC...)
  • Sollans

    †Sollan- A race of Teadr 1 amphibious autotrophic beings native to the Planet Solla (Theta Universe, Theta Core Sector, Solaris-Flore System). They are 7.6ft beings that are known to be bioluminscent and yellow, and can survive entirely on sunlight and water, as they are a race that evolved a chlorophyll-like organelle within their cells called solaphylls, which is an organelle common in their world's biology, and they have bioluminescent yellow blood, antennae, bioluminescent alien-like eyes of yellow shades, human-like hands and feet, long tongues, flexible and elastic bodies with little bones and mostly cartilage, the ability to levitate with a special trick, they temporarily change color upon exposure to other suns as feeding off them is not as filling as yellow sunlight, they have large 20-chambered hearts, a powerful immune system, 18-lobed brains, and can live for thousands of years. They evolved on a world of a high level of radiation that provided the energy needed by their home planet to flourish. These beings evolved when their brains reacted chemically and biologically to the massive radioactive energy, and in a similar fashion to a fictional superhero origin, these beings evolved immediately within a single decade, allowing them to participate in the Teadr 1 Ages. They had technology based primarily on solar power, having solar crystals as a primary power source, had specialized solar energy and artificial photosynthesis as a superpower, had been on many periods of religion and war, were once believing in heliocentrism since they lived in their universe's core sector, and had discovered that they could thrive very well on solar energy as well as food. They were one of the closest Teadr 1 beings to watch over the humans as they evolved, but they went extinct as a result of a solar cataclysm that caused hypernovas, gamma-ray bursts, and anything that could devastate them indefinitely. Their technology included touch-screen/holographic mobile/wearable devices and computers, solar/laser/pulse/projectile/disintegration/fusion/plasma/nuclear weaponry, advanced solid-light holography, robotics and fully-sentient AI, biotic technology, artificial photosynthesis, highly-efficient solar power, genetic farming, virtual/augmented reality, AFTs, Micro-Dyson (Micro-Dyscon) Spheres and Stations, force fields, teleportation, artificial weather control, advanced material and medical technology, and highly-powerful hyperspace (dubbed lightwave) travel and space-age technology.
  • Ontans

    Ontan- A race of Teadr 1 cephalopoid amphibian beings native to Planet Ontaria (Alpha Universe, Tharper Sector, Ontarion-Qrow System). Similar to the Eldrazi of the Magic: The Gathering trading card game fame, these 12.6ft beings are noted for slightly-skinny slender rubbery bodies, have 4 arms, bright-purple-red-and-blue-shaded coloration, multiple tentacles, tentacles for legs, bioluminescence, long antennae, proboscis-tentacles for tongues, have 12 highly-accurate eyes on their salamander-shaped cephalopod heads, retractable teeth, a regenerative healing factor, strong nervous systems, are amazing telepaths, empaths, and have extraordinary magic senses, have multiple copies of a single organ, a skeleton made entirely of malleable cartilage, a sac-like ribcage, 26-lobed brains, purple jelly-like blood, can fly and levitate through telepathic bladders in their bodies, are amphibious, go through octopus-like reproduction minus the death of the mother, the hatched young go through sporadic metamorphosis, they have unlimited flexibility, they possess powerful memory and brain power, they can resist things normally dangerous, and they can live for thousands of years. Descended from cephalopod-like amphibians during the days when Ontaria was an ocean world, they evolved on land when sea levels reduced, and became extremely resilient beings. They are masters at both technology and magic and used to be allies and enemies to the Empirids and mentors of the Zyaūar Masters until they disappeared. They themselves then disappeared along with their planet during a war with the Yatorans. Given that the Yaterons were respondsable for the Ehswans extinction, they were dubbed extinct, though the Yaterons claim no respondsability for it. In truth, their system got swallowed by a quantum space storm and teleported to an isolated sector of the Alpha Universe. They have since remained in isolation to this day. (TBC...)
  • Finkurs

    Finkur- A race of Teadr 2 alien amphibian beings known to be tec savingers and have known to snag whatever tec they can get, even if it already has an owner. The Finkurs are reknown wanna-bes, known mostly for being obcessed of being like the Xurons to the point they copy and paste their inventions and even mimic their ships to the point that they can be mistaken as Xuron ships. They been dubbed as the "Race with no self-identity" and have thus been deemed unpopular. They also have the reputation of being considered the Xuron's stalker fans, given that Finkurs would always spy on Xuron owned property to see their tec so they can replicated accreately. It's not to say the AUU's ignorent of their talents, it's the problem with originality's the issue. As such, the USRA, the Xurons spear-heading it unsurprisingly, placed the race of the planet Finkura, under planetary probation and held off the planet with a minor class Exile Sheild due to lack of a true threat level as more like they're more burdens then a threat. Cause of it, it lead to the finkurs to end up falling into the enfluence of a known USRA competitor, the Union of Independent Systems, where the races that either grown critical to the USRA's standerds or more-or-less former/still enemies to some USRA races and came to live under their banner with the UIS' declaration of independence from USRA control and with legal force, forced the exile sheild off of the Finkur planet. As such, the Finkurs continued their Xuron wannabeing ways ever since under the UIS's protection.
  • Sailnecks

    Sailneck- A race of Teadr 3 amphibious alien beings that are a logical paradox of a race. The race have the mannorisums of rednecks yet are of an advance level of Teadr 3 and slowly rising. The Sailnecks have garnered a very fuedulent attatude torwords the Aufones because of the Aufones aiming to colonised their system because of worlds very few even actselly belong to them, thus leading to a terratory battle. Dispite the Aufones being a tec level shorter, they were overwealmiing the Sailnecks because the Aufones have the advantage of USRA support. Cause of it, the Sailnecks started to lose ground and more of the system began to come under USRA control. That is until the Union of Independent Systems came to the Sailnecks' aide with even better tec and forced the USRA colonies out of the system. The Sailnecks give undying loyalty to the Union ever since.
  • Coraaks

    Coraak- A race of Teadr 2.5-3.0 bulky frog/salamander-like beings that live under a croperacy and believe in an ecomamy that functions on slavery. The Coraaks once own the lives of many abfibians in their range. They even once controled the Aufones and their native planet. They deemed their slaves stupid, confused, and helpless without their decivive command and strict guidence, and believe that their slaves serving them is their only purpose in life. However, the Aufone rebelion happened and the Aufones and the Coraaks fought eachother. Dispite the Coraaks having stronger tec and great stragites and numbers, the Aufones have the faith in the other anfibian slaves, and lead to each of them do following revolts and chase the Coraaks out of the planets. The Coraaks still believe in their ways and aimed to get all of their slaves back, and succeeded with their original anfibian races and discouraged rebelions for good on them. All, except the Aufones who became members of an allience, the USRA. The Coraaks know going after an USRA race would end with them getting an exile sheild, so they joined the Union of Independent Systems to best combat this. With UIS's protection and help from the willing Sailnecks in a partner ship akin to Grutts and the Pharcums, the Sailnecks capture Aufones attempting to recolonise Sailneck planets and give them to the Coraaks as slaves. Coraaks have been given the fitting nickname "The Grutts that can Croak".
  • Aufone

    Aufone- A species of Teadr 4 5ft salamander-like beings which are native to the Planet Aufonola (Gamma Universe, Eschose Sector, Crasarc System). They are capable of living on land or underwater for their amphibious nature. They are slippery, quick runners and quick swimmers, and have evolved in an agricultural, military, and diplomatic society. They were omnivorous creatures, eating bugs, fish, seafood and fruits, that evolved from passive and curious ape-like amphibians that made their homes near swamps, the bottom of lakes, and small parts of the ocean floors of their homeworld. Their diet improved their intelligence greatly, and they developed into sentient beings that hunted on land and in water. Their religion is among the most primitive of the USRA races to the point that it's almost embarrising and puts their ability of actselly being called a futureistic race in question, espeically when it concerns confusing a albeit scary looking skin rash in shape of a skull for the mark of a feared demon in their religen often known as "Skull Devil", or often a group of "Skull Demons", which is why they eventally dumped it in faver of being a solely sciencetific community, they developed the nearly-impossible invention of underwater farming, as well as farming on swamplands, which had moist and nitrogen-filled farmlands which allowed them to plant a large variety of fruits. They even discovered a renewable acidic energy source called hydracide, which could be created with water and other chemicals, and could be broken back down into water when coming into contact with biological tissue or organic compounds. Through this substance, they developed several chemical advancements, including a chemical homing firearm called a 'Bubblaster'. The race first met the humans during their stuggles in the Human-Rabodan War, and they helped provide the humans the technology and advice to beat the Rabodans. As a reward, the Aufones were given more colonies upon joining the USRA. Despite developing technology in their military age, they moved more into diplomacy and economics in later years. They haven't discovered space-travel yet, but they have made satellites in their military years. Other technology includes aircrafts, hydroelectric power, and they were able to combine machinery with biology, as certain metal buildings were programmable and the machinery was not as rectilinear as others and had a biological look to them.
  • Qlarg- A race of Teadr 2 amphibian beings native to the abandoned and toxic planet of Qlarxon (Beta Universe, Tebble Sector, Qlaargo System), and are now centered at an adopted home planet called Droumia. They are a 6.9ft beings that have dull-gray-to-dull-orange skin with veins visible in their skin, monstrous human-like hands and feet, alien/human-like eyes, multi-lensed eyes with glowing red irises, 9-lobed brains, two 7-chanbered hearts, 4 lungs, two spleens, sac-like ribcages, skeletons coated with massive amounts of cartilage, glowing red blood, orange tongues, and stubby tails. They are a race that worshipped the Teadr 1 Plasmoids as their creators and Gods, as they actually were during Pre-AUU Second Cartoonian War times as a world-building project. The race studied their precursors' weaponry and technology and built a similar Teadr 2 society, though the constant plasma experimentation caused blooming that caused their home planet to be given intense plasma storms that ravaged the planet, and cause the planet to become toxic as the result of the destruction of red sludge (a corporate byproduct used as a biological weapon) treatment plants. They live in a technocratic/corporatcratic society and thus are a vastly-corporate race and their president is an augmented individual. Sometimes, their corporatocracy can be quite polluting, yet they have developed an efficient way to break down toxic wastes molecularly. They are still semi-aquatic and are resistant to many, but not all, toxins and diseases due to their highly-evolved immune systems. They are semi-technophiles as they will take some slight interest in new forms of technology all across the AUU, and are widely-known to the Tiikons during a brief alliance, a corporate feud, and a war. Their symbiotic relationship with thermophilic bacteria, supported by multiple appendixes, they are sparsely resistant to extreme temperatures, and can easily resist burns from fire and lava, thus they favor infected hot springs like Japanese macaques to normal hot springs. In fact, in their ancient days, the Qlargs formed the same social structure as Japanese macaques, and evolved their current government by being exposed to the Plasmoids when they were still alive, as their extinction left the highly-evolving race to adopt the machinery for themselves, and learning made them evolve further until they became a technological races. They founded thousands of corporations and went through hundreds of corporate wars against each other until they united into a singular one. They are now one of the most corporate races in the AUU, working for many other corporations besides their own government corporation, including Globex. Their technology includes touch-screen mobile devices and computers, holographic computers, projectile/vibro/laser/plasma/red sludge weaponry, hovering vehicles, digital technologies, advanced medical and material sciences, advanced robotics and 75%-sentient AI, augmentation, nuclear technology, nanotechnology, programmable matter, and efficient hyperspace travel. They are like the Ratchet and Clank Blarg of the AUU.
  • Crok- A tecno 50's race of Frog People, called the Croks. The Croks were once a step closer to being Teadr 1 like the Phends, thanks to a demigod Crok who was showing them the way. However, the Fangpos came and slain their messiah as well, resulting in making the Croks their sworn enemies. This has lead the Croks to become the Phends biggest supporters because of both being the Fangpos' enemies. Though Croks aren't dedicated to all of the Phends' choices, they do support the Phends through selling them weeapons, skematics, torture devices, supplies, and even infomation of any planet that tries to challnage the Phends. They also offer an alternate home to Phend Defecters that only want a new home away from the rising fanacticisum because, as stated, the Croks only support the main race as fellow Fangpo haters, they limit themselves away from their methods. The Crok race is pretty much the closest Phends would trust any outsider, but only by the margin that they both hated the Fangpos. Other relations are stirctly business. The Croks hate the Fangpos even more then the Phends because unlike the Phends, the Fangpos also destroyed their Teadr 2 tec and left them in their tecno 50s era, and their tragity earned enough of the Phend's sympathy to do business with them. While the Croks and the Phends are radically different, their equil hatred to the Fangpos and their sins keeps them unifived enough that they do business togather. It has however earned them hatred from Phend Hunters, thus leading to the Croks to having to deal with them. Fortunately, their businesshood with the Phends paid off as the Croks are in procession of Phend tec, and have quickly learned to used them well.
  • Hydran- A race of Teadr 4 amphibians which are native to the Planet Hydrene (Theta Universe, Sector, Hyderi System). They are a race that stands up to 6.9ft tall with mixed features of known abfibians. These beings used to have an advanced Teadr 2 society that evolved pretty well until they renounced their technological society into a semi-technological society consisting of nothing but advanced tools and monuments after their home planet of Hydrene was almost destroyed by a nuclear devastation, coming to believe that creating a machine to do the work of a God would take something away from the God, which is why they felt that the nuclear devastation occurred. Thus, they never used advanced technology again, and only let themselves do so when looking for outside jobs away from their colonies. Though advanced technology for Hydrans is banned from their colonies, they will still use it when they feel they have no choice and because they can still retain the skill to operate or create it. The technology they commonly use is advanced medicines, advanced monuments, dams, forts, and castles, primitive firearms such as bows and arrows or even crossbows, use common melee weapons, have modern-day architecture, have power in the form of windmills and watermills, ride domestic animals, and they live in a communist society where all services are free and money is provided from banking services commissioned by the leader of the country.
  • Xomn- A race of Teadr 2 bioluminescent amphibian creatures that are native to the Planet Xomn Omngrus (Gamma Universe, Gamma Core Sector, Xomn System). This is a small 3.2ft race that has bioluminescent skin, a gray-alien-like appearance, alien-like eyes, and go through 10 stages of metamorphosis. They are among the many races to almost reach a Teadr 1 level, even having a brief conflict with the Yatorans long ago. They are a race that discovered time and space manipulation, able to create time paradoxes, and have learned various amounts of quantum technology. Though they have invented time travel, they have banned it to the point of near-extinction, even wiping away the now-impossible blueprints to create a time machine. They are wise beings whose quantum technology inspired that of other races across the AUU. Their other technology includes touch-screen/ferro-liquid display, mobile devices, and wearable/advanced computers, quantum/particle-based weaponry, digital assembly technology, virtual/augmented reality, advanced robotics and AI, hovering vehicles, and advanced Teadr 1-like architecture.
  • Giburan- A race of Teadr 5 amphibious toads which are indigenous to the ocean planet of Gibisus (Delta Universe, Tilocrum Sector, Gibri System). They are a Japanese-like race which mostly lives underwater, and are distinguished for the gill-structures on their necks, their human-like webbed hands and feet, their cerulean skin coloration, their large back-crests, their human-like heads and alien-like eyes. These beings, unlike most of the amphibians that evolved on their ocean planet which evolved from formerly-terrestrial amphibians, evolved closely from fish and are noted for their stunning courage, their often-crazed and hyperactive personalities, their weird fish-like behavior, and for having a high risk of mental and physical conditions than any other race in the AUU. Often, the infections they are inflicted with can be beneficial to them, or it can harm them to the point of death. However, they seem to have a life-life-to-the-fullest belief where, until they die, infection-based or otherwise, they make their lives count. They also have a strong belief in reincarnation, sharing primitive-like rituals in churches and funerals that are said to pass down the soul of the dead to another upon burial. Though they seem to live in a semi-technological society and seem to be faster in the water than they are on land. Their technology is limited to advanced vibroweaponry and nano-based explosives and projectile-based weaponry, advanced medicine and architecture, water-fed power, underwater and vertical farming, and primitive cybernetic technologies.
  • Rezlian- A species of Teadr 4 red and tall frog/salamander-like beings that are native to the Planet Rezlgon (Beta Universe, Nexther Sector, Rezle System). They are 8.4ft beings that have salamander-like faces, have ears and small amounts of hair-like structures on their legs and arms, black spots around their chests and the backs of their necks, and had a hard-to-learn language consisting of moans, croaks, and shrieks. They are a daring warrior race that lives in a warlike society and a kingdom with a King Minister serving as the democratic momarch with 75% unlimited control of the government. The royal guard consists of augmented and armored knights, and their society is more-or-less extremely tough, and their toughness has earned a legacy of inspiring several heroes to protect themselves even with little to no experience in combat or self-defense, even learning a few lessons from these beings. Their technology consists of mobile devices, wearable computers, holographic/digital display, virtual reality, laser-based weaponry and energy-based melee weapons, advanced robotics and AI, hovering vehicles, and little to no space-age technology, which means that they can hardly travel through space on their own.
  • Ibikar- A species of Teadr 7 tree-frog-like beings which are indigenous to the Planet Ibiki (Theta Universe, Buhonus Sector, Ilber System). These tribal beings stand up to 4.8ft, and are distinguished by their red-eyed tree frog-like coloration, having red alien-like eyes, green patterned skin, webbed hands and feet, great jumping height, and for their arboreal lifestyle. They possess a small sentient understanding, can make their skin poisonous at will, they are efficient hunters, and they can work in coordinated formations. Evolving from arboreal amphibians that grew into a primate-like habit and intelligence, this race is among many that actually worship the Yatorans as gods since they keep finding their technology all over their planet. Their current technology is only limited to bidents, medicines, a small understanding of machinery, animal domestication and riding, advanced construction, and primitive weaponry.
  • Blorphan- A race of Teadr 2 Toad-Salamander amphibians that have a similar appearance, standing up to 6.6ft, but actually go through metamorphosis. They are a race that was indigenous to a world called Blorpa until it was destroyed by a giant asteroid. Since then, the escaping race had become a commonly-occurring race that was mistaken to be humans, and later to be human-like beings, only told apart by their human-like webbed hands and feet, their small amount of hair-like follicles, ear-like hearing organs, and their lack of belly buttons. They evolved in a similar way to real humans, starting out as primate-like amphibians, then evolving intelligence, being capable of living underwater or on land. They have a few colonies of their own since their home planet was lost, as they possess advanced technologies including holographic and touch-screen display and property, particle weaponry, vibroweaponry, underwater farming, advanced robotics and AI, hover/aqua vehicles, virtual reality, and advanced hyperdrive systems.
  • Morphoid- A Teadr 3 species of 7.2ft amphibian Salamander/Toad/Frog/Newt which is noted for it's strange metamorphosis, having 10 life stages: tadpole (tiny baby stage), thrasher (fish-like stage), eel (increased tail length stage), kicker (fin-growing stage), paddler (fins turn into feet and grow on legs and proto-arms grow), aquatic (arms mature), walker (venturing on land stage), nymph (semi-bipedal stage), troglodyte (bipedal adolescent stage), and humanoid (adult bipedal stage). They hailed from a planet called Morphus which was exhausted of it's resources and thus went unstable and got destroyed. Ever since, the Morphoids have been a prevalent race across the AUU. They are excellent swimmers, have incredible agility and reflexes, and they lose their ability to breath underwater when they reached elderly age. They have a skill in technology, and adapt to any kind of technology quickly.
  • Cirion- A race of Teadr 3 amphibian tailed frogs native to the Planet Ciri (Zeta Universe, Sector, System) which are distinguished for their smooth dark-blue skin, their feline-like eyes, the bioluminescent spots on their backs, heads, limbs, and rarely their chests which range in color from white, orange, yellow, green, and blue, their salamander-like faces, their human-like hands and feet, and their spiny backs. They have been known to be one of the most active races during the Interuniversal Wars, fighting against USRA races like humans, Ohrugans, and the Rabodans. They were militant imperial beings who lived in an empire of advanced technology, yet limited space travel. They gained hyperspace technology from the humans, and has been one of the many non-USRA beings the humans came in contact with. But when the USRA was failing to provide for them during the AUU Third Cartoonian War, they got angry that their homes were being destroyed, and declared war against them, despite the fact that they had disbanded. Several casualties on both sides were made, but they were able to make it up to them by giving them the finances they promised from war funds they received with their reviving Globex facilities, and this gave them the forgiveness they needed to stop the war. These beings are known for having only 3 metamorphosis stages: ciripole (tadpole), paddler (semi-legged stage), and adult. They are born and grow up underwater, and they live their paddler days on both land and water. When they reach adulthood, they complete their metamorphosis and become humanoids. Their skin pigment gives them camouflage in the dark-blue waters of their home planet, they create efficient warriors, and they will not hesitate to start a war if their honor and loyalty has been questioned. Their technology includes hovercraft/air-based vehicles, plasma-based weaponry, touch-screen wearable or mobile devices that are waterproof, advanced waterproof cybernetics and semi-sentient AI, virtual/augmented reality, several white-colored cities, holography, and genetic augmentation.
  • Mukraine- A species of Teadr 3 bioluminescent frog-like amphibians indigenous to the Planet Mukraos with great cultures and great technology. They have formed a democratic monarchy, a variety of cultures and religions, and a long line of military powers. They are known for having eyes that can pivot grotesquely in 4 different directions, their legs are heavily-built and great for jumping high distances, and their long curved claws which are used for defense and attracting females. They even have large head frills that are used for show and courtship.
  • Toxopod- A species of Teadr 4 Dart-frog amphibian beings that were indigenous to a planet called Toximus until it was destroyed during a war against a hostile race, and have since been a commonly-appearing race in the AUU. These creatures stand over 6.7ft tall, and are noted for the toxic spurs on their palms and feet, their pale-orange-and-yellow-spotted coloration, and their incredible beauty. They often have formed a lifestyle of being bounty hunters or assassins since they could hardly be understood for their toxic abilities. Almost all members of this race do mercenary jobs to raise money for their families, and since they have limited knowledge of building communities and live in patriarchal societies, the males get the top-notch jobs while the females do minor jobs in their villages. Their technology is only limited to vibro and projectile-based weaponry, primitive architecture, limited robotics and AI, advanced medicines and tools, and ground-based vehicles.
  • Paedian- A race of Teadr 2 Anthro Frogs amphibians that are native to the Planet Paedier (Eta Universe, Sector, Sycom System). These 5.8ft beings are noted for their dark-purple rough skin, their pointed ears, their human-like webbed hands and feet, their short salamander-like tails, and for their bioluminescent eyes. These creatures spend most of their childhood, as well as a quarter of their adulthood, underwater when they go through metamorphosis. They were once a warlike alien race that eventually left behind their warrior ways and went into establishing their own prosperous empire in their own planetary system. They live under an imperial society where an emperor rules the primary three branches of government, and their military is extremely advanced. Their cities can exist either on land or in the water. Their technology includes hovering technology and vehicles, touch-screen or wearable mobile devices and computers, advanced holographic display, genetic augmentation, advanced robotics and semi-sentient AI, efficient hyperspace travel, an architecture similar to modern-day China or Japan, disintegration-based firearms and energy-based melee weapons, and self-assembling armor and weapons.
  • Chloropod- A race of Teadr 7 green-scaled semi-aquatic salamander sapients native to the Planet Iplbeon. They are herbivorous creatures with prehensile tails, webbed hands and feet with opposable thumbs, and incredible coloration. They are passive and curious creatures, and are capable of feeling emotions. The males are 5ft tall, have dark-green and red faces, their chests are yellow, dark-green, and red, and they have red-and-green chins that inflate when croaking. The females are 6ft tall, and are void of colors. The species use a variety of tools such as spears, fire, blades, and ride on animals.
  • Ocalan- A species of Teadr 3 tree-frog/toads amphibian beings noted for their rough dark-red skin, their 4 frog-like eyes, their webbed hands and feet, and their average height of 7.4ft. These creatures were known to have been indigenous to a planet called Ocalcon until it was destroyed during an ancient war against the Veexomites. As a result, this race has become prevalent across the AUU, and is among the most randomly-occurring races. They are a race of democrats that only resorted to war when their kind was threatened, living under a constitutional democracy where a president had limited control over 3 branches of government, and a council of 75 individuals, 25 controlling each branch entirely, chose the president depending on votes. They have built several colonies on wetland planets across the AUU as it fit their amphibious nature. They started off their childhood underwater, and went onto land once their metamorphosis was completed at age 15. Their technology includes ground/air-based vehicles, projectile/laser-based firearms, holographic display, wearable mobile devices, robotics and quarter-sentient AI, advanced medicines and tools, and virtual/augmented reality.
  • Anthribian- A species of Teadr 2 frog-like humanoids native to the Planet Fuezeurus. They are omnivorous beings that live on land or in the water. They spend their time studying the Chloropods on Iplbeon for the USRA, sometimes even transferring them to their own planet, and teach them how to survive. They are large creatures, standing over 7ft tall, taller than any Chloropod. They have large webbed hands and feet, short tadpole-like tails, and a tongue that is capable of stretching farther than any other amphibian's tongue, allowing them to grab bugs and aquatic fruits at far distances. Their skin is rough like a toad's, and their coloration makes them nearly invisible on land or underwater.
  • Taboton- A species of Teadr 5 finned salamander humanoids indigenous to the Planet Taboon. They have the personalities of Gungans (Star Wars), have less-advanced technology with architecture similar to Indian architecture. They were omnivorous creatures that had strong leg muscles for swimming, and had short fin-like ears. They had long faces, long muscular tongues, and large and blunt teeth capable of cracking through shellfish. Their large nostrils completely sealed for underwater travel. Though they had no spaceships, they knew how to operate one with some training. They live on land or in water, and share diplomatic and agricultural powers with the USRA Aufones.
  • Iovon- A race of Teadr 2 lizard-like frogs native to the Planet Iovivus. They have advanced space-age technology, and are well-known allies to the Irids, as well as the people of their nearby planet Argox. They live in a parliamentary oligarchy, having their military-based government ruled by a group of 15 people. The Iovons are 6ft tall human-sized beings with webbed hands and feet, long jumping legs, lizard-like tadpole tails, small structures on their faces similar to the whiskers of a catfish, large head crests, and wise intellect.
  • Yortle- A species of Teadr 2 semi-aquatic toads native to the Planet Yortex. They vaguely main-tained simularity to the Kamioians with long necks, but with select radical differences. They live over the ocean planet's surface, and are advanced in robotics and are serious master engineers and mechanics. They live in floating AFT cities, and rarely go inside the dangerous oceans of their home world to hunt or swim. They stand over 7ft tall, an extra few when the necks are extended out of the bodies, and their glowing neon-blue 8-lobed brains glow inside their heads when they get sad, angry, or scared. They have long faces, beady eyes, slender bodies, long appendages, and large webbed hands and flipper-like feet. They even had flat horizontal crests on the back of their heads.
  • Croog- A species of Teadr 2 frog-like beings which hail from a planet that was destroyed during a 7-year-war, and an ex-senator was fired for trying to protect it the wrong way. The Croog species has colonized other planets ever since. These beings are semi-aquatic, having a few hairs on their bodies, have 5 eyes that can see in great color, skin color ranging from pale green to dark-red, and two pivoting tusks that worked like the chelicerae of insects, cracking open the shells of their shellfish diet foods. They are omnivores, eating shellfish, fish, sea fruits, seaweed, squid, and crustaceans.
  • Vukulan- A race of Teadr 2 Spikey Salamander/Newt amphibious beings that are distinguished for standing up to 7.6ft tall, and has spike-covered hands, feet, faces, eyes, noses, mouths, and stature, small webs between their fingers and toes, smooth skin, they do not eat because they survive entirely on water, as they have enzymes that can transform water into nutrients, thus their digestive systems are replaced by what's called an aquagestive system, which consists of an esophagus, and a kidney/stomach-like organ called an aqlorch where nutrient production is done and byproducts are transmitted to the kidneys. They have blue blood, have a six-chambered heart, bigger lungs, pale-green skin with small barely-noticeable spots, and they are naturally agile and physically fit. They are a warlike race that used to be native on Planet Vukula until it was destroyed during a distant war with the Bulliarns, and they have since colonized other worlds across the AUU. Though they have been underappreciated for their strictness, their harsh punishments, their unyielding persistence, and for their insulting customs. Thus they were best left avoided. Then came the day when they did a malicious deed that got them banished to exile on a desolated barely-habitable planet with little to no food or water. They eventually left this planet when they were offered a deal by the Byzankans to get revenge by joining the Conglomeracy that fights in the war on Ralchum against the RALADCOM defense force formed by order of the AUU Grand Council and the Legion. These beings are noted for infiltrating enemy ranks through holographic disguises, they use plasma weaponry, energy shields, cybernetics and robotics, and ground-based vehicles. Other technology includes holographic mobile devices and computers, advanced medicines, vibroweaponry, advanced material technologies, digital-construction, programmable matter, and interstellar travel.
  • Aylube- A formerly Teadr 2 amphibian race native to the destroyed planet of Aylubba, and is currently near-extinct and currently resides on the planet Gurdek (Eta Universe, Ranatos Sector, Helsen-Vertse System). They were formerly a technophilic Teadr 2 race which had scientific breakthroughs and were always interested in technology. However, this technological edge made them reckless in scientific consumerism, and thus their home planet ended up destroyed, and most of their colonies ended up ravaged by scientific accident after scientific accident. The only colony that was left was Birce, where they would later be chased off by their latest creations, the Biobes, which went rogue, chased the race off planet and rendering them near-extinct, and claiming Birce for themselves. Now, the race is completely technophobic, as they believe that technology destroys it's creators, and thus they renounced technology and became an intelligent tribal society which commonly terrorizes technological foundations with their experience and knowledge in how to outwit all forms of it, and thus they never leave without doing a massive amount of damage and vandalism.
  • Goon-Goon- A race of Teadr 7 amphibious beings native to the Planet Goon-Goon (Alpha Universe, Pisarque Sector, Goon-Gar System). They are 3.1 ft beings, have sand-blue smooth skin and have an appearance to children, they are not nocturnal despite the eyes because of their planet's two suns, they are 75% carnivorous and 25% herbivorous, they have crooked legs, webbed hands and feet, are mostly naked and have retractable genitals, only wearing clothes for climate conditions or other means, and despite having a belief in burial, they often have a cannibalistic survival instinct. Despite their cute appearance at first, they can later display a deadly and fearful appearance of needle-like teeth, retractable claws, flaring ears, monstrous eyes, and vicious tempers. However, they don't use these out of hostility as they only display it in hunting because they have a flawed habit of unrelenting trust to other-worldly beings because of worshipping an absolute peace god. This ends up putting them in a slave operation on their planet's moon of Gar-Gar, as the slave operation is run by outsiders, which does commenly include the likes of Vocerkans, and have been exposed to deadly predators like the vicious Gar-Gars, Their technology includes spears, bows and arrows, experience with other-worldly customs, medicine, domesticated wildlife, and adequate acrobatic skill.
  • Auphun- A race of Teadr 2 amphibious beings native to the Planet Auphlia (Delta Universe, Galitar Sector, Izhmeezu System). These beings are semi-technological 5.9ft beings that possessed deep-green skin and mud-green giraffe-like spots on their foreheads, backs, arms, and legs, human-like hands and feet, large wide eyes, short stubby tails, two 8-chambered hearts, green blood, 9-lobed brains, a sac-like ribcage of cartilage, and long sticky tongues. They are a semi-tribal race that lived in a singular semi-technological tribe that spanned their entire home planet, and they worshipped the Uridians as their monuments were found all over their home planet. However, they abandoned their home planet since their technological prowess caused pollution that mutated the wildlife to an alarming degree, causing it to be hostile. They abandoned their home planet and adopted a new one in the form of Tamiltey (Eta Universe, Ranatos Sector, Sesha System), where they discovered the fresh new technological alternative known as biotics, where machines were replaced with bioengineered living organisms that did the roles of machines. They inherited this technology, shared it with it's inventors, and thus they continued to thrive in a new semi-technological society as they spread out through 7 more nature-claimed planets.
  • Fyrrhenoid- A race of Teadr 2 stalk-eyed amphibian beings indigenous to the Planet Fyrrhenosis (Beta Universe, Groid Sector, Fyrry System). Their growth span is metamorphic as their age is determined by the number of eyes they have, and are essentially the AUU Tyhrranoids, and their hatchlings start off semi-sentient enough to use a gun and have only one eye, then they receive a second eye by their teenage days when they are tough enough to fend in a harsh world, and they receive a third eye during adulthood, then the fourth during middle-ages, and five during elderly age where they can still fight and the body does not wear away with age because of being bred for combat. They also only speak their own native language of frog-like noises, and they can come in shades of brown, green, blue, and purple. Evolving during their homeworld's dangerous climate change and fighting off violent and hungry evolving predators, these beings are instinctive invaders who expand because they believe that by growing in any fashion, good or evil, will ensure survival in UUniverses with endless mystery, though the race can learn to be passive and peaceful with the right acts and understanding as they only do what they do to be a good and resilient race. Their technology includes ultra-data touch-screen/holographic mobile/wearable devices and computers, highly-efficient solar energy, holography, digital technology, advanced material and medical technology, virtual/augmented reality, advanced robotics and 75%-sentient AI, laser/plasma/projectile/disintegration/atomic/particle weaponry, cloaking devices, force fields, teleportation, ground/hover/air-based vehicles, and powerful space technology and hyperdrive capabilities.
  • Aurmseans

    Aurmsean- (Teadr 2 Frog-like Warlike Beings, Aurmseallah (Theta Universe, Cibarron Sector, Aurmebes System), TBC...)
  • Oricoh- A species of Teadr 3 amphibians (Namekian, Oricon (Delta Universe, Galitar Sector, Nomok System), TBC...)
  • Qrommel- (AUU Grummel, Avatan Allies, TBC...)
  • Toth- A race of Teadr 2 amphibious alien beings indigenous to Planet Tothon (Zeta Universe, Maxxus Sector, Tothwore System). They are 7.8ft beings that breath diatomic carbon instead of air, which is incredibly toxic to them, have blue, red, or orange glowing alien eyes, light/dark red, yellow, orange, or blue skin with dark spots, streaks of exposed brain case on the head, three-phalanged hands and feet, long stretchy tongues, complex muscular systems, a skeleton of 50% cartilage, an entirely cartilaginous ribcage, two 8-chambered hearts, two spleens, two livers, a vertical bag-shaped stomach, 19-lobed brains, blue blood, have retractable regenerative teeth, and have more powerful senses than many beings. Originally being a race of usurpation, their powerful usurpation forces conquered worlds until wars against the Gruids and the Waurmics gave them a better role of providing for helpless races during the Interwar Period. They have since become one of the many races to oppose and resist the impact of war by not only not getting involved, but only fighting to defend and do good deeds, being a traditionally glorious race of achievement and proving the best in one's abilities.
  • Auja- A species of Teadr 2 blue salamander/serpent aquatic amphibian beings native to the destroyed planet of Aujzome. These beings stand 5.9ft tall on tail, (In being without back legs), has snake-eqsed newt heads, long think tails, three webbed digits on each arm, black alien-like pigmented eyes, 4 lungs, two hearts, blue blood, 18-lobed brains, and a split wishbone-like spinal column. Their home planet died of old age before their territory could be claimed by UIS, making them 'one of the luckiest races to be spared from the isolationing of UIS', and have thus become one of the widespread races of the AUU. That doesn't exactly mean they're COMPLETELY without issues from UIS, as they were able to figure out that they were from one of the isolated systems' planets of the isolated systems, and had began to round out the largest populations of the Auja to place in a large planet-like space station curticy of the Brains under the orders of Grandmind himself, which thus result in poor stragglers to resort into getting involved in crime because of UIS' actions, made worse that UIS had priorly made sure that the USRA races nor the Grand Council can't come to their aide due to a treaty agreement that states that all isolated system migraints are automaticly UIS' concern no matter what, for interfearence would risk conflict, thus forcing the USRA races and their consitutions to automaticly surrender Auja criminals to UIS for the Brains' great project. The treaty has had critics, but it is well poltically protected by UIS leaders and the threat of prosicution to any desenter that dares persist. As a result, there are only four Auja colonies in the Alpha Universe alone, many others are left ruined and stagnant from the UIS raids, of which are often broken beyond repair to prevent interest and/or premature evolution to a native tribe spieces in some planets. The raids were done quickly enough to prevent the Auja from having left a serious imprint beyond their status as a criminal race. Their technology includes plasma and energy weaponry, button-based control panels, limited holography, semi-sentient AI, mobile phones and devices, efficient material technology and high-level space technology.
  • Begnen- (Teadr 3 Poison Dart Frog-Like Many-Colored Black-Spotted Amphibian Frog Being, Begnegy (???, ???, ???), TBC...)
  • Urker- A race of Teadr ??? amphibian beings (TBC...)
  • Scine- (Teadr 3 Victorian-Style Human/ET-Like Amphibian Beings, TBC...)
  • Goble- (Teadr 2 Bulky Alien-Red-Eyed Alien Beings, TBC...)
  • Looan- (Teadr 3 Sapient Frog Being With Large Appetites and Metabolism, TBC...)
  • Maettan- A race of Teadr 2 Ben 10-Galvan-Like Beings native to Planet Maetter Prime (Zeta Universe, Trageam Sector, Maetter System). They are insectivorous 1ft beings that start off as tadpoles, are massively intelligent with 20-lobed brains, immense longevity of hundreds of years, can scale walls, have enhanced agility, have prehensile tongues, their agility and stamina are high, they have soft and flexible bones of mostly cartilage and a sac-like ribcage, allowing them to squeeze into tight spaces, have large bulbous eyes with eyelids that close horizontally and from both sides of the eye that see in enhanced color, they brood internally and go into labor underwater as the young cannot walk until metamorphosis is complete, they can use innate senses to check the vitals of others, they have cloaca that extend for males, can have deformities like a frog through a native Riberoia-like worm, they have vocal sacs that inflate for intimidation and display, and they can go into torpor and their lifespan can go into limbo within a cocoon in intense conditions. They originally had no empire to speak of, and instead they were first kept as pets and then employed by other species as industrial technicians, spies, and saboteurs once their intelligence became known. They were then smart enough to keep the best secrets for themselves, eventually amassing enough knowledge to build a powerful empire of their own, based on the technology that they kept from the rest of the universe, becoming among the best of technological geniuses. (TBC...)
  • Gemman- (Golden Mirror-Skinned Teadr 2 Alien Beings, Planet Gemana, TBC...)
  • Tuture- (Purple Teadr 4 Grey Alien-Like Beings, TBC...)
  • Pephan- (Teadr 2 Human-Like Long Lion/Mew-Like Tailed Amphibious Endangered 5ft Beings, TBC...)
  • Ilesion- (Teadr 3 Giant Bulky Endangered Frog-Like Beings, TBC...)
  • Jeen- (Teadr 5 Amphibious Diminutive Endangered Magic-Casting Beings, TBC...)
  • Gneollan- (Teadr 2 Amphibious 7.6ft Beings With Heads Like This, TBC...)
  • Sheton- (Teadr 3 Axolotl Mermaid Beings, TBC...)
  • Greetean- A race of Teadr 2 amphibious alien beings native to Planet Gordub (Epsilon Universe, Essephemer Sector, Greetecus System) They are a British-like race of multi-formed 7.1ft beings that look more like a traditional alien and start off as an amphibious larva-like tadpole, and grow into a caste-based form, have black eyes that see in powerful vision and despite being color blind, they can conceptualize color by sensing light intensity, transparent yet durable brain case for 25-lobed brains, two 10-chambered hearts, green skin, either legs or tentacles for moving, and can be vulnerable to deformities like a frog through the right parasite, they have strong bones, can heal and regenerate slowly, and they can reverse-engineer something just by looking and conceptualizing. They are the swift conquerors of the isolated systems of the Essephemer Sector inadvertently thanks to the Union of Independent Systems, although the conquest was already in progress because the Sabochans were so afraid of Icex that they never ventured beyond it, so even before the time gap for the wall to arrive, the empire was already conquering the systems, though the last two systems were finally conquered not too long after the isolation wall was buildt when the Icexdactyls joined UIS. While far from intentionally malevolent, they have a habit of being essentially the AUU verson of The British Empire, and like such they see themselves as a great good and see imperialism as a great thing, thus their treatment of the native beings that once owned the neightbering systems haven't exactly been the most ideal. The Greeteans are more than aware of UIS' existence with their native system cut-off with the other systems and only see it as a minor inconvenience, as they are creating two giant robots called Brother and Sister Exsodius, two giant bots based on Heaven and Hell (In AUU terms), and in theory these giant machines would be able to tear down UIS' isolation, and would enable the empire to spread beyond this point. (TBC...)
  • Aess- (Teadr 2.5 Long-Necked Amphibian Beings, TBC...)
  • Ridian- (Teadr 3 Caecilian Beings, TBC...)
  • Nyshien- (Teadr 2.5 Newt Humanoids, TBC...)
  • Golodean- (Teadr 2 Golden Toad Humanoids, TBC...)
  • Tybean- (Teadr 3.5 Miniature Frog Beings, TBC...)
  • Groppon- (Teadr 2 Tall Alien Amphibian Beings, TBC...)
  • Cermud- (A Teadr 2 Early Amphibian Beings, TBC...)
  • Sliriud- (Teadr 4 Caecilian Beings, TBC...)
  • Heacan- (Teadr 1.5 Healing Amphibious Empath Beings, Public Proteges Of Curuons, TBC...)
  • Saellisian- A race of Teadr 3.5 Caecilian Beings from Planet Saellis (Epsilon Universe, Buexxer Sector, Saeclis System). They are armed caecilians who can only travel in space through their only advanced space-age technology of hyperdrive and have become a common race.(TBC...)
  • Uni-que- A race of human-white-skined bald noseless aliens beings who's biology are susceptable to all kinds of unforseen changes. These changes range from super-power like quilities or becoming radically different spieces, or even so much as having a different skin tone, this regime, The Samer Directive, wants to maintain their "Utopia of Sameness" by immediately outcasting the uniquedifived persons, and exsiling them to the moon of Zoutcast. The leader, Director Blander Thensoy, is trying to create a serum that would cleanse away the race's inter-changeable DNA and keep them the same forever, but has yet to succeed thanks to The Differents, a heroic rebelion against the directive from Zoutcast, always halting the Director's plans in knowing that the serum has the potaintional to be more dangerious to all Uni-ques then the Director believes.
  • Contraxans

    Contraxan- A race of Teadr 1.5 translucent-skinned sovereign amphibian beings native to Planet Contraxa (Alpha Universe, Pisarque Sector, Contirius System). They are 7.1ft amphibians that have translucent bodies and blood, visible internals, human-like faces and webbed hands and feet, resistance to cold temperatures, have X-ray based vision, have 28-lobed brains that can store powerful memory allowing them to conceptualize and envision creatively, have two 17-chambered hearts, short stubby tails, have defensive eggs, start out living underwater, they have gill slits on their lungs that filter out breathed toxins, have long sticky tongues, can survive entirely on water the same way as Vukulans and Oricohs, have adequate learning skills, and can live for hundreds or years. They are famous for conversion of any technology to different Teadr levels because their X-ray vision not only make them see beings by their external and internal systems and thus this picture is normal to them, but they can reverse-engineer expertly and see what's inside and out. They evolved from x-ray-fish-like tetrapods that adapted when their planet suffered a superstorm that left the world in an endless Ice Age, and they became capable of living on land and underwater. They live in a sovereign democracy. (TBC...)
  • Theytan- (Teadr 2 salamander beings, Planet Theyt (Zeta Universe, Maxxus Sector), TBC...)
  • Gulan- (Teadr 3.5 Aquatic Tadpole Mermaid Beings, TBC...)
  • Hutun- (Teadr 2.5 Amphibian Veined Humanoids, TBC...)
  • Nerollan- (Teadr 2.5 Salamander Beings, TBC...)
  • Simans- A race of Teadr 3 translucent amphibian beings who are indigenous to Planet Sima. They are a former Teadr 1 race that are the famous creators of high-tech computer simulation and virtual reality, among other simulation technology, but they are no longer biological because their bodies have become pure data as a result of being so addicted to their own creation they became lobotomized and mentally destroyed and eventually became pure data when their minds evolved into godly self-destructive fashion and they were reborn into a new version of themselves that were regressed to Teadr 7 levels and thus they had to evolve their intelligence all over again as their original bodies cannot exist in reality and they must take the bodies of synthetic biological-like androids to interact in the real world. Some became greedy with their newfound power and became con artists or otherwise, others began to use them for good and invented the modern day Teadr 2 simulation technology used in the AUU today. (TBC...)
  • Ihrogun- (Teadr 2 Amphibian-Martian Beings, a military-industrial empire who have established massive fortifications on Xars, TBC...)
  • Moren- (Teadr 2 Tall Slender Four-Armed Amphibian Alien Beings, which are a militaristic diligent race colonizing vast colonies on Gmerth, Cu, and Sensus, TBC...)
  • Antellican- (Teadr 2 Antennae Beings, Planet Yuslae (Alpha Universe, Bacmus Sector, Megatlux System), TBC...)
  • Loggie- (Teadr 2 Crusty Amphibious Beings, Planet Loggi (Alpha Universe, Tharper Sector, Loion System)

Reptilian Races

  • Brachioian- A Teadr 0 race of Brachiosaurus-like creatures that like the actual creatures were too misproportionaly big that they weren't able to rear up on their hindlegs on their own naterolly, so they had artifical body helpers to straighten up their bodies to an artifical bipedial stance. They were the teachers of their choosen deciples, the Quetzal race, to become a precursor race to bring forth a new reptilian age. However, when the Quetzals ended up dsiappearing in the midst of a rogue revolution just after they completed their task. The Brachios, in their sadness, choose to go into a hyperventlive sleep and cause their planet to cloak away to only stay that way until their deciples returned in some way. Like the Quetzals, they have been deemed a legend amongst reptilian races as well.
  • Igamidon- (Teadr 0.5 Brachioian Successors, TBC...)
  • Quetzalcoatlon- A Teadr 1 spieces of Quetzalcoatlus beings. While retaining much of their ansisterail traits, The Quetzals are almost considered mystic for their tec because they are considered the only mortal race to be able to completely master artifical evolution. In legend, the Quezals are said to be respondsable for the existence of all reptilian races, albeit indirectly, by sending the DNA code to the respective worlds and allow their evolution to take hold. They are assentually the Halo Precursers for Reptilian beings. It is said that they made their planet so evolutionary more superior then conventional planets that it would even survive against the strongest astro laser, (Not to say it can't still get damaged from it), and their biological tinkering enabled them to be naterolly ammuned to even the worse parsites and sickness imagineable. Even the Bruud, the Globin, and the Parasite that analiated the Cruyids, would be like nothing to them. However, it is said they accsidently banished themselves into an imprisonment dimention in meant to exile a rogue ruler of theirs trying to gain control of all reptilian races for him to rule and subugate all non-repitles. As a result, the Quetzal race are deemed to be in the same caliber as the Starwings. An old legend that all reptilians universaly share and believe in, reguardless of radical difference.
  • Tiikon

    Tiikon- A species of Teadr 2 2ft saurian beings native to the Planet Tik. They are a USRA race which is known for being the most prevalent race in Globex facilities because they are known to be technophiles who have a fascination for technology, even meeting the human race to exchange and share technology, even first coming up with the idea of a company like Globex. They started off as monkey-like dinosaurs that survived many dinosaur extinctions on their world, and they evolved sentience, tool-use and an omnivorous diet for survival, and their brains are more complex as humans even for it's size, allowing them to discover advancements quickly, but slowly. They have been around almost as long as the Yatorans, and their main instinct is inventing and tinkering. Their brains are among the most complex in the USRA, having 6-lobed brains, making them masters of intelligence. One evolutionary trait that they learned from the aquatic reptiles they rode on is that they never sleep. Instead, only 2 lobes of their brains shut down for 12 hours, temporarily changing their personalities. Their technophilic nature has allowed them to become the third most advanced race in the USRA. They have developed projectile/particle weaponry, holography, touch screen computers and mobile devices, windows with data interfaces, hovering vehicles, robotics and AI, enhancement serums and medicines, energy shielding, teleportation, virtual/augmented reality, and efficient space travel.
  • Seron

    Seron- A species of Teadr 2 iguana-like lizard beings native to the Planet Serotice, and are known to have fought against the Cunones long before the Veexomites. The two were once great allies that shared their technology with each other. However, as the result of a betrayal, they declared a war that lasted over 10 years. The Cunones eventually won, and the two decided to avoid each other. The two races shared the same technology, and the same adventurous nature, though seemed either hostile or distant to each other. These creatures, as lizards, are capable of regenerating lost limbs, and are as naturally agile as the Cunones due to them sharing their training.
  • Kraeton

    Kraetan- A species of Teadr 2 crocodilian species native to the Planet Kraeth, which are famed for their cybernetic technology and their customs of having cybernetic equipment at all times. They are always seen wearing cybernetics and robotics, and believe that, as their organic selves, are weak, and because they live in a stratocracy where the strongest ruled, only the most diligent and powerful were able to rule while the weak were to serve. They have been known to have fought against the Ohrugans long ago as the result of conquest and when the Ohrugans won, the Kraetans agreed to leave them and their allies alone forever.
  • Sucuban- (Mostly like the second head here) A demon-like race of Teadr 2 reptilians that are nearly extinct and are actually descended from an undocumented Teadr 1 devil-like race that worshipped the Ehaexons. They are 8.9ft beings that have red skin, black small claws and horns, spines on their backs, crusty faces, banded yellow bellies and Adam's apple patches, dark noses, fiery evil eyes like Sauron's, dark-blue blood, large lungs, large 20-chambered hearts, two livers, lizard-like hands and feet, come in hundreds of different breeds and forms, and can live for thousands of years. Though the name is humorously deceiving to some, these are infamously self-deluded warmongers who believe themselves to be demons as a result of their ancestral races worshipping the infamous Ehaexons, and have a lot of their old fauna and flora evolved onto their home planet. While this is far from true, they are far from unthreatening as they are an infamously dark race that could've easily shamed both the Bulliarns and the Phends combined if they were still populous. What makes them so fierce is that they are after Teadr 0 weapony of Ehaexon origin and combine them to their current tec, espeically the ultimate wepaon side to be so powerful, it can vaporize an entire world straight into AUU hell, referred to as The One Weapon To Rule Them All (OWTRTA), which is a marvel of the Zeta God Weaponmakers and stolen from the Zeta God Zone by the Ehaexons and lost afterward until found once again by the race's emperor Emperor Mepholis with technology capable of defying the laws of the God Zones, with intent to turn it into their means for conquest. Fortunately, the weapon itself wasn't yet properly made for use and ended up backfiring on this race the minute they used it to zap away an abandoned city Indiana Jones-sytile, and they were both killed in a sense and sent to AUU hell, because the process isn't exactly pleasant. The weapon itself disappeared after the Sucubans vanished from the face of the AUU, and many debate on what became of it.
  • Skorner

    Skorner- A race of Teadr 2 purple-skinned fanged big-headed reptilian alien beings and fearsome enemies of the Tiikons because the Skorners deemed them an abomination because of their split personality and believing that their existence will shamed the universes forever in the eyes of the Omniverse. As such, the Skorners proceeded to attack Tiiken colonies and tried to destroyed the race. The USRA began to fight them off and retailiate with strong forces. The Skorners were forced to give up their persuits and forsake destroying the Tiikens. However, they came to deem the universes forever shamed because of the Tiikens existence. Thus, they came to join the Union of Independent Systems to redeem the Universes of "The Shame" of the Tiikens.
  • Bullabulls

    Bullabulls- A race of Teadr 2 horned reptilian beings who are mighty warriors that believe in worlds that should fight for their own battles or else it'll encourage systematic dependence and stunt their growth, believing that alliences should mind their own business and fight their own battles. As such, they USRA's existence offends them of the idea that they help other worlds in matters that should not concern them and proceeded to go to war with them to get them disbanned. Not surprisingly, the USRA proved too strong for even the Bullabulls might. In desire to one day put all of the USRA races into their places, The Bullabulls sacriviced their stedy beliefs to become among the founders of the Union of Independent Systems.
  • Skepticens

    Skepticen- A race of Teadr 2 tall, slender and elegantly tall lizard beings with frills that can form mohawks. They take pride of their Teadr 2 tec and their rising process to become Teadr 1, giving them an air of pride and sofisication. The Skeps believe in an always fair goverment that must treat all worlds with respect no matter the circumstances. They were once canidates to join the USRA, but their actions with Pharagu forever disgusted the Skeps of this crime against any not allined to them, dubbed them to be tyrants and became the leading founders of the UIS, Union of Independent Systems, who aim to get systems not already en-snared to the USRA to not get involved with them and to shun their "Empty Promises" and "Over-bearing Regulations", and in worse cases, "Turning worlds into more Pharagus". Many non-USRA controled systems, including Ugoldest and the system controled by the Vosot Union to join along-side USRA denouncement. The Skeps continue to scoff at even legitamently earnestly good things and deem them to be "Political Crowd pleasers" designed to distract from their flops, insighting that the USRA is afraid of admiting their mistakes in a proper way and not try to maintain control on defecters.
  • Vyranasaurus Rex

    Vyranasaurus Trex- A race of Teadr 1.5-2.5 T-Rex-like beings that are roughly the same height as Gantu, and are a race that had tie-ins with the Grohkans, Zorns, Brutans, Phends, and a variety of other tough beings. They are capable of being quick and nimble and, despite their size, are actually good in acrobatics. They are proud and persistent fighters that are against Teadr 1 being reached illegitly, thus are automaticly enemies of the Yaterons because of their origins. Even dispite the Yaterons' higher tec, the Trekles overwealmed the Yaterons greatly and were close of subugating the Yaterons back to Teadr 7 to force them to progress to tec levels naterolly, but not only did the Yaterons direct allies came in, but many supporters of the Yaterons came in and help fight off the Trekles. Being robbed of their goal of subugating the Yaterons into naterol progress, the Trekles aimed to get just as much allies to help against their allies, and they aquired this through becoming founders of the UIS, Union of Independent Systems. In light of their naterlly tiny arms, their tec allowed them the invention of extended robotic arms that enable them to weild weapony and capable to best help their capabilities.
  • Naaars

    - A race of Teadr 2 fanged chameleon beings with hyper-senses, the abillity to change colors, long sticky pre-digesting tongues, and a taste for rodents. Rodents of all kinds are considered to be food and lifestock to them, but their top three faverites are Yuruns, Sea Squirls, and Yeercats. In fact, of the three, they consider Yuruns the most nutrisious and delcious. Hence why in the middle era of the USRA, Yurun farms and slaughterhouse space stations were rampent and owned by Naaars in he AUU. The USRA acted fiecely and swiftly against the Naaars rodent cruizenes and lead to being banished to their planet of Naaaaaaar with an exiled sheild. But the Naaars were freed by the recently founded Union of Independent Systems and came into their membership and protection, thus, resulting in the return of Yurun Farms and Slaughterhouses in UIS controled systems, along with the addition of it happening to other rodents as well. Plus-side, they can at least be great when dealing with a Vrat problem.
  • Zeapent

    Zeapent- A race of Teadr 7 snake-necked lizard beings that behave more like snakes then lizards to the point where their legs become vestigial body parts meant for attraction and holding young. They are a relijustus socity that worship the mighty Gladiozont as a sacred gift of the gods, wearing the feathers of it's prey to show compassion to it, and deminstraigt these beliefs by building the likeness of Gladiozonts in their iconic and impourent buildings, statues in graveyards, their likeness in churches, and even use them in symbols. The Zeapents have grown enraged at the universes ill-treatment of their sacred animal and had often named to inquizition hunters of Gladiozonts or even those that killed in self-defence or any that would misuse Gladiozonts for gain. They're also against the idea of killing in general, even if it was for surviveal, so they punished those who even so much as killed a bug. The Zeapents were quickly sought-after by the USRA races and they aimed to place them on planetary probation, but the Union of Independent Systems came in, challnaged the USRA into a debate and won against the USRA, forcing them to forsake their plans to bring justice onto the Zeapents, allowing them to practice their zealotical beliefs in peace.
  • Drakkin- A semi-sentient serpent dragon-like being which is not capable of tools, but is extremely intelligent and self-aware. They are a genetically-engineered species of Ehswan origin as they were created to be guardians of sacred sites until the species was left to dwell on their home planet and birth place Drakin, where they eventually made friends with the Cunones. Despite refusing to leave their home planet, these beings were a great asset to the Cunone Rebellion and helped defend it and keep it fighting strong. These creatures often reached a body length of 20 ft, and can weigh up to a ton. Their language, though illegible, can be translated into English by language decoder collars on their necks, enabling them to speak, though only military Drakkins are permitted to have them. They are semi-aquatic and can travel in the water as well as on land, which have made them great for Cunones to ride on for underwater missions. They can also erupt plasma-based lightning bolts through pyrophoric gall glands and inner static ignition organs. Even a single bolt can send a devastating blow of power to it's target, even doing severe damage to a Villains Act warship. When the Villains Act ended, these creatures have been useful to the Cunones as they were to the Ehswans, being more like guard dogs.
  • Serpentinoids

    Serpentinoid- A race of armed vipers which are native nearly everywhere. They are lethal creatures with venom so powerful, it can kill a human quickly. However, due to them being their natural rivals, this venom is not effective on Metavincemanders. The Serpentinoids, while being the only snake species in the AUU to have limbs, the limbs aren't good enough to function for toddlers. They are only 20ft long with yellow-green and black coloration. They have 3 eyes for seeing in 3 different directions, and they actually can't swim due to their limbs and bad maneuverability underwater.
  • Anacondorans- A race of Anaconda-like relatives of the Serpentinoids that diverged in evolution with them. Now, they're almost extinct due to climate change or loss of resources. They have been known not just for their size of 34ft long, their small flipper-like arms which are much more adaptive for swimming, and their weight, but for their wide knowledge of magic spells, and ancient religions. Their most notable one being the legend of The Diamond of The Ancients on Carbungia. Since it's presumed extinction in 1955 during the Interuniversal War, no other Anacondorans have been found. But really, they moved underground in more-developed civilizations.
  • Zhnakes- the ultamate serpent malmaginations of all serpents of the AUU. They are snake purists and consider themselves the greatest snakes of all. They have the combined constricting steatgh of all constriction spieces and a venom with the powers and fatalness of all fatal spieces. The venom is so intense, a cure is never made because it can kill instently. Only the Zhnakes are ammuned to their own venom. The Zhnakes once attempt to take over all of Zhaer, but the Zhaerthis, with UIS aide that was required recently at the time, pasifived the Zhnakes into living under the Zhaerthis rules. A peace treaty would lead to better and improved relations.
  • Brutans

    Brutan- A race of Teadr 2 theropod-like saurian beings which are indigenous to the Planet Brutura (Zeta Universe, Brugus Sector, Brunacov System). These are 8.6ft dinosaur-like beings with T-Rex-like heads with two eyes in the front, muscular bulk, and long powerful tails. They live in a Russian-like militant society and have been known to wage several minor wars during the AUU Second Cartoonian War, as well as the Third, and persevered every single time, though at the cost of many lives. They are semi-aggressive beings with a carnivorous edge, and live under a republican democracy where the Apex President has half-control of the government, and the Apex Guard acts like an army and an invasion force that can be devastating to their enemies due to their weaponry and equipment. These creatures are often armed with vibroweapons including knives, axes, battle hammers, and throwing discs, as well as disintegration-based weaponry and powerful war vehicles and machines. Other forms of technology include programmable matter display, semi-sentient AI, mobile buildings and cities, and efficient battle fleets.
  • Phends

    Phend- A Teadr 2 reptilian cobra-raptors that is native to the Planet Phender (Delta Universe, Tilocrum Sector, Mohltov-Ziystov System) until it was destroyed by an astro-laser attack. They are 7.8ft creatures that have no healing factor, are highly aggressive because of the increased reptilian region of their 20-lobed brains, have a cobra-like hood on the back-sides of their heads, a hundred adrenal glands, higher physical strength, endurance, glowing red blood, three 8-chambered hearts, 4 lungs, two stomachs for their omnivorous diet, a lower metabolic rate than many beings, long lifespans, alien-like fire-colored eyes, raptorial hands and feet with sickle-like claws that work like fangs, injecting hemotoxin into anything they scratch and cause the victim's blood sugar to rise in a similar fashion to when you are constricted and thus cause the pressure to cause immediate death if the infliction is strong enough, regenerative teeth, are impervious and highly resistant to hot temperatures, have no appendix, and have spiny backs. They are beings that have quite a controversy and are widely feared, though not as much as the Zargons, because they are the main race known for committing terrorism throughout the AUU. The reason for such is that they believe that anyone who doesn't respect their ways of which they must convert to their ways as it could prevent all the cruelty of the world of which they do, dubbed unenlightened, are to be sentenced to death immediately, as well as having cruel maiming, raping, low amounts of moral laws, and downright anything that offends them is under penalty of death. Their laws are absolutely intolerable to people outside their home including their law that all females must be controlled, they are highly intolerable of treason or prejudice, the leaders and royalty are highly vicious and mean, and anyone who doesn't agree with them and even calls them out for what they believe is the righteous ways would be put to death, particularly by stoning. Their abuse against other-worldly beings, especially through the terrorist faction known as Qoklara Musa So, which the name is in Phendian, roughly translating to "We Rightious Few", have resulted in a civil war that resulted in their adopted home planet of Iiblia to be scorched and uninhabitable, just like how it caused their home planet to be destroyed. But even though they still commit terrorism and the governments of outside worlds only give them anything to make peace, they are simply unwilling to accept them because they are 'unelightened'. However, there is a major misconception as the only ones responsible for making such laws is many Phends in the government are working for the Qoklara and are supported and accepted by their leader, the ironicly named Zarmonian The Pure. Their actions have resulted in many people being absolutely prejudicial and racist against this race, calling them 'rotten' as they are accused of cruelty by cutting off limbs, killing for no reason, being highly-offensive and offended, believing themselves to be better than everyone else as they only say that their normally-illegal acts are the right way as their gods say so, and even blasphemy by calling their gods wrong is punishable by death. They are heavily criticized, mistreated, and loathed by people outside their home, especially by people who were victims to them and their terrorist acts. But the truth is that they were made this way because a "god" who was actselly at best a very artifccually powerful being from long ago. Now apart from useing their large reptilian brain regions making them too aggressive, this "God" was otherwise benvolent to them and had promised them to assend to Teadr 1 in return to follow certain beliefs which no doubt would end up tainting the race, and when the artifical god, Mazor the Lord, and his assistants won them over, outside forces executed them for the crime of false godhood. Unfortunately, these outside forces failed to show proper evidence of Mazor being a false god thanks to a clumsy doof losing them back in their base planet. As a result, to the Phends, the outsiders commited the ultamate blasformy and murdered their beloved god under false pretenses with no justification to back it up! it caused them to be executed by the Phends under their leader, Vollus The Revengeful, for blasphemy, as the "gods" have left too much of an impact for them to be changed, and after Vollus declares that all outsiders are god killers, along with his now infamous phrase, 'If you meet the unenlightened, kill the unenlightened', they have been that way ever since, causing over 670 terrorist acts throughout the ages, the worst of them being Terror Month, a month-long period where several suicide bombers hijacked hundreds of spaceships filled with volatile bombs and fuel crashed and blew up several important national monuments, devastating and offending many people until the Qoklara's leader, Kronosas The Vengence Reaper, was cast off into a gas giant with the passengers standing against him in response and retaliation for a heavily-wronged military officer's racist call-out against their harmful actions which resulted in their home planets' destructions, and offending them in every form imaginable. With Terror Month over, the person who believed that he was calling them out when nobody else would and resulted in them getting more offended and against the AUU government, was sentenced to death. Though the effects made the Phends more feared than ever, as nobody, not even them, knew of how they started out as a race out to convert the AUU into their 'rightful enlightened' ways. Though not all Phends are evil or at the least not so easily blinded by their beliefs, the effects left by Qoklara made even the non-evil ones victims of being feared, hated, mistreated, shunned, and outright loathed, leading to the risk of them going into Qoklara, as they have soon became victims of confused trust, as even they don't know if they are trustworthy or not, having constant crises of who they are, to where they can get depressed, mentally-repressed, introverted, lost, and unsure of themselves. Even though the Phends have the most controverseal reputation ever, that doesn't mean there's a shortage of sympathisers, reckindising that this all happen because of an improper way to exposed a fake deity and taking the bad ones too seriously when they only represent themselves and not the race as a whole, even dispite claims of such, and all this hate is because the bad ones speak louder then the good ones. And the biggest sympathiser is noneother then Councilman Rishon, which isn't that surprising since he is an advocate of better racial relations. He considers healing the relations between the Phends and pretty much everyone else one of his biggest priorites, and though the other main council leaders support him, they held him back in being afraid of controversey. Their technology includes advanced weaponry including vibro/projectile/pulse/laser/disintegration/plasma weaponry, nuclear weaponry, powerful air/hovercrafts, energy shields, biological manipulation and torture technology, holography and mobile devices, ferro-liquid display, advanced computer technology, robotics and quarter-sentient AI, teleportation, cloaking, and advanced space technology.
  • Roptords

    Roptord- A race of Teadr 2 critically-endangered orange-scaled crest-haired metamorphic lizard beings indigenous to the Planet Roptoria (Zeta Universe, Zilgord Sector, Wiltink System). They are 4.8ft beings with males being taller than the females, they have long sticky tongues, three-fingered clawed hands and two-toed feet, they can naturally regenerate, have the ability to change color like a chameleon, can scale walls, have natural agility, stamina, and lizard-like behavior and habits, they go through a metamorphosis similar to that of amphibians but entirely on land starting as eggs, go through bizarre molts and puberty, are entirely insectivorous, have large 20-chambered hearts, large lungs, 16-lobed brains, regenerative teeth, and the ability to spontaneously change from warm-blooded to cold-blooded in a certain environment. The base male coloration is brown with orange patterns while the females' are reversed, and they are very good at self-defense even when not trained in combat because of instinctual impulse. Due to Gordon the Animal, the Roptords are reduced to only 4 families. Now, the remaining Roptords are part of a re-populating program. (TBC...)
  • Zewinsaur- A species of element-manipulating dragons indigenous to Zewishku. These are the Dragon Realms dragons of the Alternate UUniverses. While they have moderately smaller lifespans than the DR Dragons (Up to 1000 years), they master elements much better than them. Zewinsaurs are more heavily built than dragons, and have the most complex genetic codes of any other creatures in the AUU. They have learned to master elemental breath and become like living guns, able to use their breath in a variety of ways. The common colors include Red Zewinsaurs, which can use fire and heat breath, Orange Zewinsaurs which can use light and energy breath, Yellow Zewinsaurs which can use electric and power breaths, Green Zewinsaurs which can use earth or matter breaths, Blue Zewinsaurs which can use ice and water breaths, and Purple Zewinsaurs which can use plasma and spacetime breaths. Combining these six colors can make different breeds that can use any form of elemental breath including disintegration, atomization, lasers, explosive blasts, pulse blasts, acidic, nuclear or radioactive blasts, electrobeams, wormholes, hardlight, magnetism, electromagnetism, and so on. The brightness and darkness of the individual's color can define the power and the magic they draw from. Thus the White and Black Zewinsaurs are considered legendary breeds as they can use all forms of elemental breath, but they both use light and dark magic respectively. Grey Zewinsaurs are an equally-legendary breed that can use both light and dark magic, making them Equinox masters. Rainbow Zewinsaurs are able to use chaos magic and thus their own magic is unpredictable. But the greatest legendary breed is the Chrome Zewinsaurs, which can use everything, and are extremely rare. These beings are one of the purest beings in the AUU, and they are incapable of getting corrupted or evil, as their minds are linked to their soul, which knows the difference between right and wrong and the source of one's ability to use magic, is able to properly work with the mind and keep it from going evil, which is more common with those whose souls are predominantly situated in the heart.
  • Scyrians

    †Scyrian- A race of Teadr 1 dinosaurians native to Planet Scyria (Beta Universe, Bacabin Sector, Angthrom System). Standing 10ft tall, these beings had long muscular tails, T-Rex legs and jaws, muscular arms, leathery skin like a sauropod, armor like an ankylosaur, frills nearly similar to a ceratopsian, male frills bigger than female frills, retractable omnivorous teeth, foldable gliding arm structures like a pterosaur strong enough to carry their heavy bodies, two brains in their pelvis and heads, two hearts, lava-hot blood which is a huge evolutionary advantage for being cold-blooded allowing them to live in frozen climates for long periods of time, two stomachs, enlarged lungs, and can live for millions of years. These beings were very resilient not just for their highly-advanced technology, but for their grand genetic prowess. Starting out as intelligent raptors, they used genetic engineering to improve their bodies with DNA of other dinosaurs. This made them one of the top-notch Teadr 1 Era races for 50 million years. They invented enhancelement, a hybrid substance of DNA and metallic matter, making it the perfect renewable energy source, medicine, material, and even serum of artificial evolution because this metal was capable of using DNA-like molecular formulas programmable by using electrons, altering it's density, softness, integrity, and can be used as a fuel and ingested as a non-addictive gene drug, and the substance can be combined with genetic material to create a serum to splice the ingester's DNA, acting as artificial evolution for this race. This is how the Scyrians evolved. Unfortunately, this substance was also unstable, potentially radioactive, and if too molecularly unstable, be addictive, and it's use creates small exhausts of molecules. Then the drive to be more genetically-perfect drove their genetic code into mutation madness that messed with their minds because of too many genetic features making them unhealthily addicted to genetic manipulation, scaling them back into mindless creatures, but not before they went into a long war that excessively used enhancelement, making them and their planet worse. After a century of war, they ruined their planet into a semi-wasteland and had to lock themselves away into suspended animation as a result. The end result is that cause of their absence, the outer communites assumed they went extinct under mysterious means, like a lot of Teadr 1 races. Meanwhile the results of their war tainted the planet's landscape into a post-apocalyptic wasteland with corrupted biota, curved enhancelement mounds, and the enhancelement had secretly learned how to evolve on it's own because of it's DNA-like molecular structure and eventually evolve sentience, and control it's own global infection, controlling the corrupted fauna of the planet as drones.
  • Invervasaurs

    Invervasaur- A species of Teadr 7 skink/camel-like reptile indigenous to the Planet Invervitrax (Alpha Universe, Alpha Core Sector, Branfrin System). They are 7ft tall and could stand on 4 or 2 feet like a bear, but mostly like a primate. They are noted for their dark-yellow or dark-orange scales, their chameleon-like eyes, their regenerative ability, their short blue tails, their blue tongues, their ability to see in the dark, their lightweight bodies, and their omnivorous diet. They are Egyptian-based beings with advanced yet ancient architecture and art capabilities, massive honor-and-tradition-based Egyptian cultures, primitive Teadr 7 technology, acrobatic parkour and skill, and ancient magical skills. Evolving in ancient urban Scoeprion ruins and believing their Yatorans gods took it from them after eons of tyranny and torture, believing them to be demons, and thus took their place when they disappeared into the Immortal Realm. They are ruled by a single family who are chosen by a single candidate voted when the family is somehow out of the picture. With a government founded by Coeopatra and the Ptolemonty family which had incestuous ways of family expansion which are now as frowned upon as any other world, and the current ruling family of Otolemey had changed the society to be more modern. They live in giant metallic pyramids and villages, have alien hieroglyphics and built obelisks as tall as a building, prism monuments, and the government is more refashioned into a primitive aristocratic oligarchy ruled by 3 people who each control 3 governmental branches: legislative, executive, and judicial.
  • Wesk- A race of Teadr 3 reptilian beings which are indigenous to the lava planet of Weskle (Delta Universe, Galiter Sector, Wiphrok System). These 6.3ft lizard beings are distinguished for a height of 6.3ft, their human-like postures, their long striped tails, their red scaly skin with ultraviolet spots on their backs which range in coloration from red to yellow, their fire-colored eyes, and their spiny backs. These beings are naturally tolerant of lava due to their decreased pain actvity and their increased cold-blooded nature making them immune to lethal heat. These beings are often classified as repto-mammals due to their ability to give live birth, their regeneration abilities, and their reptile-like qualities. These beings have been known to often have anger issues due to their brains' reptilian regions being much larger, though they have a sense of family and caring according do their culture and traditions. They do not tolerate frozen foods or cold climates, and they can adapt well to all except cold climates. They do not have any colonies because their home planet is the only place that has their tolerable atmosphere. Though they can tolerate other atmospheres, they cannot do it without support. Their technology includes mobile devices and wearable/mobile computers, hovering vehicles, heat-based weaponry, advanced robotics and quarter-sentient AI, and limited space travel.
  • Gnoron- A species of Teadr 4 troll-like lizard indigenous to Planet Gnoroson. These are 10ft tall herbivorous lizards with a troll-like design, being muscular creatures with large hands and feet, long slender tails, large ear-sharped crests, and rough brown scales. Being herbivores, their teeth are flat, allowing them to eat fruits, roots, and leaves. They are well-known for their abilities on magic and technology. They live in a society which is a mix between the 1960s and the Middle Ages, though have not discovered space-travel yet.
  • Dinobe- A species of Teadr 6 omnivorous sapient theropods native to the Planet Pycabulon. They are 8ft 4-armed dark-blue and red-orange well-adapted dinosaur-like beings that share an alliance with the Teadr 5 Simobes. While they both share the same medieval/scifi mash oligarchy communities, the Dinobes are still in their Industrial stage. They breath through holes in their necks, they can see more in the light spectrum than humans can, have 3 sets of retractable teeth, have neurotoxic fangs, and hear through large frills that vibrate and transfer impulses into the eardrum.
  • Zonophi- A species of heat-resistent lava-dwelling sentient serpents that are indigenous to the lava planet of Zonopea. They don't spend most of their time in the lava, however. They have to go to cool rocks to cool down within 12 hours. These creatures were creations of the Zewinsaurs as a project to create their first lifeform, and was a bit of a success. The Zonophis are usually hostile against the Zewinsaurs that populate their planet, and share a theocratic society, worshipping a Zewinsaur-like god called 'Vulcaan' who 'molded them from the magma and soil'. Truth is, that literally happened. A Red Zewinsaur named Vulcaan was the head of the Zewinsaurs' lifeform project, but was arrested after the Zonophis wreaked havoc. They are red, orange, and yellow coral snake-patterned serpents that are nearly 60ft long, and breath fire by feeding on methane, hydrogen, and other minerals.
  • Narjoid- A primitive reptilian humanoid that hunts in the jungles of Planet Narjor. Their origins are unknown, but they are said to have been genetically engineered by humans. Others say that they were magically created. But while they are mostly hostile, they have been known to have a prehistoric intelligence, and have even learned how to feel emotions. Mobile bases on their planet are meant to study this species, and see how to make peace with them. The progress so far is 58%. Researchers are learning their language, behavior, hunting tactics, and intelligence. What's known about these 9ft tall beings is that they evolved from primate-like dinosaurs that hunted by using tools. They have long prehensile tails, golden and green coloration, a horrifying screech, long serrated claws, and dinosaur-like jaws with retractable teeth.
  • Trecea- A race of agama-like beings native to the Planet Trecene (Zeta Universe, Zilgord Sector, Omagum System). Formerly called Trecenerians until being dubbed an outdated long name, they are 7.6ft reptilian beings noted for having red lizard heads, blue/indigo/purple bodies and glittering scales, natural regeneration, the ability to adapt to any environment with their evolutionary aging process, dark-blue blood, 4 lungs and two hearts, two stomachs for their omnivorous nature, their ability to scale walls, retractable and regenerative teeth, their versatility in a battle, their proud and noble culture, and for their ability to change color only during mating rituals when they are mostly in the mood, or even when they get in a sexual mood. They were formerly a Teadr 7 tribal race until they started growing in Teadr levels rather quickly thanks to an unearthed sentient Teadr 0 computer they dubbed Lord Trecene, God of the UUniverses, deeming it some form of precursor creator of the AUU, despite the credit being off and misinterpreted origin theory. During their time, despite it's distance from the Sun as the last planet in it's system, Trecene wasn't always a snowy world, as it actually used to be a temperate semi-tundra planet as the Treceas inhabited the warmer climates. They had their given science mixed with their traditional tribal magic, allowing them to make the evironment as they wished. It was said that they were going to dedicate themselves to bring peace and prosperity to the AUU and protect it from all evils. However, before they could even do so, the Rabodans under a evolutionary-perfectionist rule declared war on them in the times that predate the Human-Rabodan War by at least 50 or less years, attacked the race and their lands over their 'expressed evolution', ignoring that it was the wish of their god Lord Trecene, which the Rabodans identified as just a highly advanced computer created by gods that should not have been where they found it in the place, driving them in the most isolated of areas on the planet while the Rabodans would claim the world as their own. Though the Treceas were able to keep their 'god' safe, they swore revenge against 'The Invaders of Blue and Yellow' by using their magic to turn Trecene into more of the frozen planet it is now, though at the cost of inadvertingly introdusing powerful hurricane-like storms in the winter climate and moderately-weaker ones in the summer, hoping that this would drive the Rabodans off, speculating that they couldn't fair the conditions and leave the planet back to them as this also forced the tropic creatures underground while the vastly-dangerous ice creatures became vastly common in wider territory, though the revenge for the Treceas was short-lived, as the Rabodans planned to turn the planet into either a private rabodan only resort and/or a millaterry base, which thanks to the incrising cold, the millaterry opition became dominat and thus the Trecene of today exists, just as well, since the Rabodans had also adapted to the harshness of the change. As such, the Treceas are left in the dust of obscurity and their dreams to protect the AUU from evil crushed by the 'selfish actions' of the Rabodans, leading them to plot a major plan to force them to leave Trecene, even if it means using the AUU's greatest heroes against them. The Treceas have yet to achieve this.
  • Quioraptor- A species of Teadr 3 feathered bird-like raptors native to the Planet Quiorex (Eta Universe, Eta Core Sector, Gorvina System). They are carnivorous beings with a very advanced community. These 8-12ft tall creatures are not just intelligent, but they are also noted for their incredible beauty. Males are much larger than the females, standing 12ft while the females stand 8ft. The males are noted for their colorful feathers that range from red, blue, green, and purple. Their tails, arms, and heads are covered with large feathers, and they even have a large colorful flabby structure on the bottom of their lower jaws, all meant for attracting females. A pair gets married after a single dance that shows off the males' skill. Aside from their mating ritual, the Quioraptors are space-faring adventurers that almost 19% of their population are xenophobic or hostile.
  • Bakudan- A species of Teadr 7 small midget-sized crocodilians that are indigenous to Planet Bakuldo. They are 3ft beings with Indian-like intelligence, and excellent hunting strategies. They have developed domestication, animal riding, agriculture, and a religion which makes them think that spaceships appearing on their planets are demonic monsters. They have short tails, crocodile-like bodies, dark-blue and yellow scales, short faces, 6 small horns and 2 small tusks. They've even discovered how to create projectile weapons and explosives.
  • Shizard- A species of Teadr 4 synapsid humanoids native to the Planet Shilio. They have advanced technology, but a primitive semi-technological tribe community and intelligence. They know how to use electricity, medicine, and even the power of technological flight. They are over 7ft tall, have dark-yellow coloration, small thorns, 4 large red eyes, long prehensile tails, large heads of hair, and wear less clothing. They are even capable of changing color like a chameleon. They live in a democratic oligarchy ruled by over 5 people.
  • Ruonoid- A Teadr 7 simian reptilian species native to Planet Ruontecu. with a tribal and advanced community. They have a Middle-Age community, and usually ride dinosaurs as transportation, even the flying ones. They stand only 5ft tall, but are not to be mistaken as defenseless. They have poisonous bites that are filled with neurotoxins that can paralyze within 5 minutes. They have long sticky tongues, they have small ceratopsian-like neck frills, and are fast runners. They are herbivorous, eating only fruits, vegetables, and leaves.
  • Saurocone- A species of Teadr 3 unicorn-horned yellow reptiles indigenous to the Planet Xaridon. They stand 5ft tall, and are known to have highly religious properties and virtues. They have developed a religious yet technological culture, believing in the life on their world and other worlds to be sacred and miracles of the AUU. They believe technology is a gift granted to dozens of other races throughout the AUU by Gods, as well as their cultures, magic, and intelligence. They even pledged themselves as minor allies to the AUU Grand Council, as well as a few other races. They are mostly noted for their magical horns, which the most dominant being the ones with the biggest horns.
  • Garramimus- A fast ostrich-like sentient race that evolved from dinosaurs similar to the extinct Gallimimus. They had no home planet because they evolved in the Ichgee System in monarchies or oligarchies or in diplomatic positions. They are omnivorous creatures, eating eggs and plants. They have 3 clawed fingers with 2 opposable thumbs, and can run at a speed of 60 mph, able to evade even the fastest of dinosaurs.
  • Dragodon- A species of 7ft humanoid pterosaurs that were indigenous to a planet called Mar'izzi until it was destroyed by an accidental anti-global warming experiment. They now live in a squadron of 15 star cruisers containing what's left of the entire race. They constantly try to seek a new home with little success. They fly as fast as World War II fighter planes, and have beaks that can cause devastating wounds to whatever they strike. They are carnivorous beings who hunt on other planets to gather food and supplies. They are reduced to being stubborn, thinking they are a superior and successful species, and usually kidnapping animals, sentient or not, to keep them in zoos or pet stores on their cruisers.
  • Chrogton- A bulky reptilian crocodilian-like humanoid native to the Planet Goalax. They evolved from swamp crocodilians that became omnivorous beings that eats insects, fish, meat, eggs, fruits, and leaves. They are over 6ft tall, having a human-like faces, small green scales, long claws, short tails, and sharper senses. They can stay underwater for an hour, swim fast with their webbed feet, and they have a lifespan of over 350 years.
  • Coneganna- A species of Teadr 2 cone-headed crocodilian humanoids which hail from a planet called Connei, which was destroyed due to the Conegannas exhausting the planet's resources, and making their planet's core unstable, and causing it to blow up. Luckily, Conegannas were able to colonize other planets after their home planet's destruction. They are incredibly-intelligent space-faring beings which are noted for their rough scales, short tails, spiked backs, and their clawed hands and feet. They evolved from crocodiles that gave up their aquatic lifestyle to live on land and develop high-tech communities.
  • Zarphall

    Zarphall- A species of Teadr 2 agile fleet-footed 7.6ft lizard-like beings with coloration ranging from blue, purple, and red, had fire-colored eyes, cobra-like hoods that go across their backs, and they have sexual dimorphism as the females have bigger cobra-like hoods than the males and lacked the males' devil-like short tails. They are a race with a representative democracy, but they had rivals in the form of the Fugbopaths that were actually helpful to them, but the problem is the Zarphalls think that their protection from truly-hostile forces only makes them look weak and think they are outshined by them in becoming candidates for the USRA during the AUU Third Cartoonian War, and failing to recognize that the race was gonna condition them joining to include the Zarphalls, but thanks to a war criminal and that the Zarphalls were very envious, they ended up assuming the Fugbopaths did it for their own gain, and they figured that by destroying their home planet and making it look like an accident, their reactions would make them look like monsters. Instead, the Fugbopaths, in a ploy to protect all UUniversal beings from the wrath of a war criminal should they do the opposite, as well as a special planet-repairing space station, reluctantly destroyed the Zarphall home planet and declared war on them, and the war lasted for half a century. Luckily, the Zarphalls, earning the trust of the AUU Grand Council, had the Fugbopaths exiled to another dimension through the AUU Interdimensional Portal following it's creation and success. The Zarphalls had since become allies to the AUU Grand Council, who were unaware of their true intentions, and even though they were never able to become part of the USRA following it's downfall, they became space-faring warriors who travel the cosmos and establishing several colonies. They are naturally-agile reptiles that packed sharp claws for climbing and attacks, and their reflexes are very quick. They were known to be formidable fighters in battle, using not just their claws and reflexes, but carrying thermal and nuclear weaponry, and had heavily-armed fighters and cruisers. They were also known for aggression in the middle of the battlefield, and there is also a kind of mutated breed known as rogues who are either military fighters or criminals known for the most vicious and aggressive edges, and are either shunned or sympathized.
  • Fugbopath

    Fugbopath- A species of Teadr 2 10ft ruthless reptilian beings who were native to the late Planet Fugbosen. They are giant reptilian humanoids closely related to turtle-like animals, have a large head of multiple horns, the elder leaders having the longest crooked-wise, their genders both sound like a male gender, and it's hard and people were literally surprised and/or disgusted when learning of correct gender, but females are specified not by voice and common female characteristics, but by the shorter length of their horns compared to the males, their scale coloration ranges from red, grayish-green, dull-green, and blue with zebra-striped patterning, gold, yellow, and yellow-green chest coloring used by their ancestors to attract potential mates and because they still are, it is as profane to them as breasts, their eyes are of shades of blue, purple, pink, red, orange, and yellow, with white irises and black pupils, their hides were very tough, the males had large and spike-shelled backs, while the females only have smaller spiked shells, three phalanges on their hands and feet, had blue blood, 4 lungs and 2 eight-chambered hearts, 9-lobed brains, two stomachs and intestinal tracts, a skeleton made of 34% cartilage, a stronger muscular system, two livers, and short tails. When their home planet was destroyed by the Zarphalls after they had been rivals, an all-out war was declared between the two of them that ended up costing the Zarphalls their home planet. The Zarphall-Fugbopath War had lasted for half a century, and only the skilled of Zarphalls could survive a pummeling from these creatures. The war ended when the Fugbopaths were exiled to another dimension through the AUU Interdimensional Portal when the Zarphalls tricked the AUU Grand Council into aiding them since they were losing the fight. Yet, it is possible that the Fugbopaths would return and clear their name since only one Fugbopath remained in the AUU. Their technology includes touch-screen/holographic mobile devices and computers, digital technology, material and medical technology, advanced pulse, laser, plasma, particle blaster gauntlets and vibro weaponry, hovering assault vehicles, neutronium armor, virtual/augmented reality, antigravity technology, robotics and semi-sentient AI, teleportation, force fields, cloaking, and large warships with efficient hyperspace technology.
  • Aectoids

    Aectoid- A race of Teadr 2 gray-alien-like reptoids standing up to 4.3ft tall, have red eyes, no noses, 12 phalanges in total, nearly-exposed red bioluminescent brains, pale-gray skin, and tiny black spines on their backs. They were originally native to the Planet Aectosis until it was destroyed in a distant space battle despite their greatest efforts. These warlike beings have since all but failed to get another world because of their legacy of being hostile and murderous when colonizing. Then they were given a chance during the AUU Third Cartoonian War when the Byzankans were hatching a plan to invade the well-protected planet of Ralchum. Thus, the Aectoids joined and have since aided the warlike alien alliance known as the Conglomeracy, which have since waged a war against the new RALADCOM defense force even today. The war still continues to this very day. The Aectoids, despite looking like mammals, they are actually reptomammals that possess scaley features, yet are warm-blooded. They have red blood, they have two livers that allow them to control their temperature easier, have two hearts that give them increased stamina and endurance, and they are psychic creatures that can identify anything they see through their own sight. Their red eyes see in infrared vision, and they have a sixth sense that allows them to psychically sense the locations of those they see, hear, or smell. Their highest commanders are traditionally augmented into becoming stronger, smarter, and more physically fit than their previous forms. They come in massive numbers, and in the position of war, they are required to be cloned upon death, sometimes because of vital importance of the individual. They are versatile creatures that normally carry disintegration weaponry, jet-packs, armor, shields or recharging energy shields, and they always wear wearable computers meant to map out a battlefield completely. Other technology includes touch-screen mobile devices and computers, cybernetics and robotics, augmentation serums, cell-regeneration serums, medicines, holography, hovering vehicles, and interstellar travel.
  • Chromodyte- A race of Teadr 2 amphibious reptilian beings and close acquaintances to the Rabodans. They are distinguished for their height of 7.2ft, their natural ability to change color, the 4 small horns on their foreheads, their short tails, and their prehensile hands and feet which have 3 clawed phalanges each. They are also noted for their unique charm, and their beautiful human-like eyes. They used to live in an advanced Teadr 2 society on their home planet of Chromkum and were about as warlike at the time as the Rabodans, which they had a 7-month feud with until it ended following Chromkum getting destroyed by an antimatter space storm. Thus this race has since signed a peace treaty with the sorrowful Rabodans, and while the Chromodytes would be minor allies to the Rabodans, the race started to become prevalent across the AUU. Though they still establish several of their own cities with their own architecture and government, all living in a constitutional oligarchy where three rulers, the Supreme Legislate, the Supreme Executive, and the Supreme Judicial, all ruled their respective governmental branches. Their technology included touch-screen mobile devices and computers, hovering vehicles, holographic display, atomic-based weaponry and energy melee weapons, virtual/augmented reality, and efficient space travel.
  • Mephean- A race of Teadr 2 synapsids which stand about as tall as a human, and are noted for their chili-red scaly skin, their primitive "hair" which is actselly over-grown scales, with color ranging from bright-gray to apricot, alien-reptilian eyes, lack of noses, ridged backs, stubby tails, raptorial clawed hands and feet, cartilaginous ribs, two 5-chambered hearts rowed on top of each other, a large liver underneath, and 10-lobed brains. They used to be native to the Planet Mepher until it was destroyed in a brutal war against the Bulliarns. They have since been widespread across the AUU, and have been noted for their ingenuity in mechanics and engineering. Though a single colony turned into an evil empire on a banish site on a desolate planet that had turned bitter as the result of the Bulliarns' actions. This colony would soon join in the battle on Ralchum as members of the Conglomeracy against the RALADCOM Defense Force. They have a legacy of hiding their faces in pink-glowing masks to conceal them in case of capture or wanted status, as the masks cannot be broken or removed by anyone but specific members of their race, they wear suits of tech-armor, recharging energy shields, standard-issue mitochondrial vests that heal wounds and boost stamina, they commonly use pulse, laser, vibro, and particle weaponry, and use hovering war vehicles and machines. Other technology includes cybernetics, virtual reality, augmentation serums, genetic engineering, advanced material technologies, holographic mobile-devices, computers, and display, and interstellar travel.
  • Zorn- A species of Teadr 2 humanoid reptiles which are native to the Planet Zor (Zeta Universe, Maxxus Sector, Zorono System), and are noted for being bulky, have theropod feet, large muscular arms, a Komodo-like head, and a short tail. They were a militaristic democratic race that stood up to 7.8ft with the savagery of animals yet the intelligence of sentient beings. They lived in a techno-medieval society and were bold and delegant fighters who have once battled the Rabodans, as well as a few other USRA races, in the past. They believed that they are a truly special race that all should look up to, and thus the USRA made a law that makes sure that any who approach a Zorn treat it with the upmost respect because even the slightest hostility could get them angry. They evolved from reptilian sapience whose carnivorous protein diet allowed their intelligence to grow slowly but rapidly. They soon became aggressive creatures that were excellent hunters, and later excellent soldiers as their societies evolved with them. Their technology consists of plasma-based weaponry, energy/vibro-based weaponry, hovering vehicles (called levicrafts in their terms), virtual/augmented reality, programmable matter display, fusion-reactor power, and limited robotics and AI.
  • Grohkan- A species of Teadr 2 reptilian beings which stand up to 8.9ft, have rough spiny durable skin, muscular bodies, short tails, and long neck spines. These creatures are evolutionary cousins of the Zorn that moved to a different world and evolved into much more efficient beings, though are known to be much more aggressive. Though ever since they lost their home planet of Grohk to the Bulliarns, they have been reduced to lives of crime and are often seen oppressing smaller races while living on the other 2 planets in their old homeworld's system, the Grohis System (Zeta Universe, Maxxus Sector, Grohis System). Some even go as far as planning gang invasions, which thankfully the USRA and the Zorns, or any other interuniversal police force, keep in check. These beings have similar yet improved technology to their evolutionary cousins, though live in an imperial oligarchy where 5 Emperors rule over the five colonies they have in their system.
  • Sauran- A race of Teadr 2 reptilian beings native to the Planet Saurum (Epsilon Universe, Essephemer Sector, Squappa System). These beings stand over 6.7ft and have smooth deep-green skin, gecko-like hands and feet, short tails, green reptilian eyes, lizard faces, 4 lungs, 4 spleens, 2 stomachs, 10-chambered hearts, green blood, and 10-lobed brains. They are a race that evolved in a similar way to humans, having similar technology, similar architecture, and a similar evolutionary history. They evolved from sapient primate-like reptiles which gained similar intelligence, and eventually analyzed their genetic codes to breed more efficient beings in the form of 4 breeds: Original, Grusgurn, Irci, and Rerceshan. All of these breeds are alike from the original beings for their same anatomy, as well as a regenerative healing factor to heal wounds and replace missing limbs, grand senses, are naturally agile climbers and can crawl on walls, they can survive in water for long periods of time, and they are often times aggressive since the reptilian parts of their brains are larger than humans. Though the Grusgurns are noted for having crest-like hair, spots on their backs, barely-visible-and-exposed spine bones, and moderately-longer tails, the Irci are noted for their ability to display color patterns when in different emotions, have the same-length tails of the Grusgurns with stripes, have color-changing eyes that match their emotional patterns, and they have different-colored spines on their backs, and the Rerceshans are noted for having the same crest-like hair as the Grusgurns, the same-length tails as the original breed yet the same striped pattern as the Irci, the same colored spines as the Irci, and their eyes are more alien-reptile-like in appearance. They had a brief period of fascist genocide three times in their history, they participated in many outside wars in the past, and they are known explorers that cast themselves out into space and see what's out there. They are known adrenaline-lovers and love a good challenge, even if it's something they have difficulty surpassing. Their technology includes touch-screen display and mobile devices, ground/hover vehicles, AFT technology, advanced medicine, high-tech horticulture, virtual and augmented technology, holography, projectile/vibro/pulse/laser weaponry, advanced material technology, highly-advanced hyperdrive, and advanced robotics and semi-sentient AI.
  • Vocerkan- A poorly-known race of Teadr 2 reptomammals which has an still-undocumented and isolated home planet of Vocerkust (Epsilon Universe, Essephemer Sector, Jeorsk-Oxk System). These are 6.7ft nocturnal beings with bat-like faces and ears, creature-like hands and feet, blackish-blue skin, white-to-gray skale "hair", laid eggs, could not tolerate light, had short tails, were bulky and muscular, had 9-lobed brains, large 12-chambered hearts, three lungs, two livers, a stomach the size of a diaphragm, a ribcage consisting of a cartilage-like net that stores organs like a sac, had the ability of electroreception, and had adrenal glands near their heads which caused them to have heightened determination, resilience, anger, and strength. They had enormous appetites as they have higher metabolisms to maintain their proper fighting potential, which means they must always have a proper meal before going into battle. They had a different type of blood that allowed them to be temperature-controlled automatically even without external support, but this cannot protect them forever. This race, referred to as the 'Vors' or oftentimes the 'Dark Arms', are a formerly-warmongering race that have been highly powerful fighters during their past wars, and are a stagnant race that ceased it's development as they believed they were strong enough as it is. However, despite having trust-issues with other races because of their anger issues, their tendency to do bitter and rotten things, betray people, and has little moral preferences, they are nevertheless done with hostility among other races, stopping such things since it's been implied that they caused the destruction of the Crucyd race as they had a brief alliance, but when the Crucyd governments, as a result of a DNA-tainting genetic parasite, had grown from skepticism about them because of their attitudes into racists who became so mistrusting of the Vocerkans that they destroyed their alliance and all the power they gave to them, even stealing what belonged to them and destroying it for committing a crime against the Crucyds to justify it's confiscation. Thus, so as the story goes, the Vocerkans decided to start a 10-year war that ultimately resulted in the extinction of the Crucyds, which was more then just the Crucyds being a-holes as it was also because that, though unknowned to the AUU, the Crucyds were also mutanting into not as extreme but still unpleasent Bruud-Eqsed mutantions (Heck, these things inspired the Bruud's creation) as the parasite had become permanent to their DNA, making any possability of a return impossable to all Teadr types but Teadr 0, which unfortunately is not the easiest teadr to get to and would take ages for even the fastest evoling Teadr 1 to reach. Thus, after the war caused their system to become so unstable it caused the magnetic field surrounding it's system which jammed hyperspace travel and communications, which they decided to keep after their actions with the Crucyds would earn them a negative reputation, all until they can find a way to justify their genocide. Their technology includes all-type weaponry, advanced cloaking and teleportation, strong synthetic technology, robotics and semi-sentient AI, touch-screen display and mobile devices, utility fogs, digital technology, virtual/augmented reality, and efficient hyperspace travel.
  • Genon- A race of Teadr 2 crocodilian beings that stand over 2 meters tall, have ridged backs, alien-like eyes, short tails, red skin, large dewlaps, two hearts, two livers, two stomachs, three lungs, 30 ribs, and were augmented through artificial evolution technology to become stronger fighters in the field of battle. They used to be indigenous to the Planet Gennk until it was destroyed as the result of them exhausting it's resources and weakening it's integrity. They have since been prevalent across the AUU on many worlds. However, one specific colony had starting taking resources from another world and nearly destroyed it like they did with their home planet until they were exiled for not only their crimes, but for their failure to listen to the consequences, making them look like terrorists. This specific colony was since exiled to an uncharted desert planet until they were invited by the Byzankans to join in their new Conglomeracy on Ralchum, where they started to invade since the AUU Third Cartoonian War, even without the Byzankans, all while fighting the RALADCOM defense force authorized by the AUU Grand Council and the Legion. These beings are noted for their strong ingenuity, combat skill, but they have limited intelligence. However, studies showed that their memory is imprinted with high amount of knowledge in combat tactics, engineering, mechanics, and weaponry. That means that their intelligence is balanced out or ranges depending upon the individual's health. The Genons are highly suited as front-line combatants for the Conglomeracy and can withstand high amounts of damage and have increased tolerance to pain due to their genetically-enhanced physiology. They commonly wield laser weapons, cybernetic weaponry, implants, and armor, nanotechnology, energy shields, and vibrohammers. Other technology includes holography mobile-devices and computers, wearable computers, advanced medicine, AI technology, virtual/augmented reality, hovering vehicles, and interstellar travel.
  • Slurhym- A race of Teadr 2 armed snake beings which are noted for standing up to 8.8ft tall, 29.8ft long, have cobra-like hoods and necks, venomous fangs with venom that can kill up to 500 humans with a single drop, they have human-like arms, no legs, small black spines on their backs, python-like coloration, their 4 thin lungs, their green blood, and their 8-chambered hearts. They used to be native to the Planet Slurym until it was destroyed by an asteroid strike. They have since been prevalent across the AUU, yet were feared for their lethality in war, and discriminated into seclusion on a desolate desert planet, where they were invited by the Byzankans to join the Conglomeracy that has invaded Ralchum ever since the AUU Third Cartoonian War. Ever since they could overpower the AUU Grand Council and the Legions, they authorized that the RALADCOM Defense Force to fight the Conglomeracy. The Slurhyms are a deadly combination of strength and speed, they have the ability to concentrate their venom into a projectile spit, the antivenom for these beings are difficult to make, they are very adaptive, are semi-aquatic and can swallow food whole like other snakes, they have long stretchy and sticky forked tongues, and very few individuals speak English. In the battlefield, they wear standard-issue flexible armored suits protected with Kevlar, Nomex, lightweight titanium alloys with coloration depending upon the rank, nano-vests underneath which repair wounds and restore stamina, and they normally wield pulse, laser, vibro, and projectile weaponry. Their other technology includes touch-screen mobile devices and computers, ferro-liquid display, ground-based vehicles, robotics and cybernetics, medical technology, digital construction, and interstellar travel.
  • Veirbun- A Teadr 3 shelless turtle being with a bulky body, cobra-like hoods on their heads, and rough scaly black-spotted skin. They are known to be a race that constantly fought each other in wars on their home planet until they ended up destroying it with the discovery of nuclear-based astro lasers. Ever since, the surviving members of the race repopulated and started spreading across the AUU on different worlds. They are often grumpy creatures that hate being given limits because they have very few of them. They prime themselves to being better than themselves and they will do anything just to get around and have a normal life. They are still a warlike race, yet they have stopped doing wars with each other. They can be very tough when provoked, and their hides are very strong, being able to reflect partially any weapon blast. Their technology includes mobile devices and computers, ferro-liquid display, plasma-based weaponry, cell regeneration technology, virtual reality, ground-based vehicles, and advanced tools and electronics.
  • Xruean- A Teadr 3 synapsid race which has dull-pink-to-brown scaly skin, hair-like follicles on their heads and arms, and owl-like eyes. They are a race which, ever since their home planet of Xrue got destroyed by a solar flare, have started becoming a prevalent race across the AUU. They are a rough species that are versatile and self-teaching, learning how to do anything quicker than most races due to the cognitive parts of their brains being larger, making them a well-known race. Though they can sometimes be very stern and dangerous when accused of something they didn't do. They have never formed their own colonies, and have instead decided to gain citizenship in other places, fulfilling good deeds and services for the other people of the AUU, all of which they have earned themselves a reputation of never being pushed around, even at a young age. Their technology included liquid display, mobile devices and wearable computers, advanced material technologies, hovering vehicles, and projectile-based weaponry and vibroweapons.
  • Jokedons

    Jokedon- A Teadr 3 species of Troodon-like dinos native to the 'Joke Capital of the AUU', Planet Jokalivia (Gamma Universe, Eschose Sector, Sujja System). They are noted as being 5.5ft creatures that have long sticky tongues, small amounts of pigmented feathers, long striped flexible tails, brightly-patterned faces and dewlap sacs, a more anthropomorphic body structure, shortened claws, omnivore teeth, patterned bodies, deep-purple blood, two seven-chambered hearts, two stomachs, sac-like ribcages and pelvises, 5-lobed brains, and small spines on their backs. They are natural pranksters, and they do it well in both bad and good ways. Evolving from trouble-making primitive ansiserial dinos that teased other animals and evolved into having a tradition of pranks and gags, and over time, they evolved into happy pranksters. Despite this being degrading and intolerable to much of the people of the AUU, they know when to balance out their pranks. Their technology include projectile-based non-lethal firearms, stun melee weaponry, teleportation, cloaking, digital technology, virtual/augmented reality, touch-screen and holographic mobile devices, wearable computers, computer-brain interfaces, ground/air-based vehicles, color-manipulating technology, limited hover technology, programmable matter, and limited space travel.
  • Zargon- A Teadr 2 race of crocodilian-lizard reptoids that are native to the Planet Zonmiron (Alpha Universe, Apirion Sector, Zargon System). They are 8.8ft beings that have brown-shaded bodies, turquoise blood, four lungs and two 8-chambered hearts, glowing turquoise eyes, long Freeza-like tails, turquoise spines, two stomachs for their omnivorous nature, armored plating, more adrenaline glands, 14-lobed brains, three-fingered hands, and no noses and just nose-holes. They are an infamous warlike race that has fought against the Bulliarns, Vikoreans, Pharcums, and Tulcans. All 4 have grown to fear them. However, they have a reason for it as their home planet is merely a planemo known as a 'paraplanet', which consumes itself and requires sustenance, which the Zargons provide to it through destroying and harvesting planets with top-notch technology. Despite being sympathized, they are unnegotiable because they have a confused concept of morality, and only want what's best for their home planet so that they have a place to live, and they won't accept any other world because they love the one they're on. Their technology includes pulse/laser/particle weaponry, touch-screen/holographic mobile devices and computers, nuclear weaponry, virtual/augmented reality, digital technology, advanced medical and material technology, genetic engineering, and advanced space-age technology.
  • Karmayan- A race of Teadr 2 rabbit-like 5.1ft reptomammalian beings that are native to Karmasus (Beta Universe, Nexther Sector, Jalladome System). They are rather precious beings with English-Australian accents that have ears so large, they commonly drag on the floor, yet still flare up at times and display threatening patterns. They have blue-shaded alien-like eyes, lizard-kangaroo-like tails, are acrobatic beings, 8 small lungs, 4 small 8-chambered hearts, regenerative powers, a coat of fur, blue blood, are renowned martial artists, tinkerers, and visionaries, have 11-lobed brains, 4 spleens, 4 kidneys, two stomachs for their omnivorous diet, and many more glands in their system. Despite their place in the Jalladome System meaning they are targeted and enslaved by the Jalladomeons, they have split loyalties, as some decide to not fight and fulfill their enslavers' wishes to stay alive, while others heed to their ancestors' beliefs of honor and independence and fight through their opposers, making refuges to help their race survive the enslavement crisis. They still fight on as their technology is not only posing a good opposition to the Jalladomeons, which only plays in the interest to the Jalladomeons, but the warfare is in a way playing to their own ascension, which again plays in the Jalladomeons' favor. Their technology includes projectile/pulse/plasma/disintegration/vibro weaponry, hover vehicles, touch-screen/holographic mobile devices and computers, virtual/augmented reality, advanced medicine and material technology, teleportation, cloaking, force fields, and effective space-age technology.
  • Ragnarogyan- A race of Teadr 2 crocodile/lizard/ungulate-like 8.7ft saurian beings that are native to the Planet Ragnaamock (Beta Universe, Nexther Sector, Jalladome System). They are rogue yet noble beings that have scales as tough as steel considering it has the same density to the point where it feels like shark skin, have 21-lobed brains, one of them being a reptilian region responsible for aggression, have regenerative powers, have 4 large lungs and 2 eight-chambered hearts, 4 spleens, two stomachs for their omnivorous diet, alien-like reptilian eyes, menacing roars, small amounts of hair, give live birth, have grayish skin coloration, blue blood, short tails, and long lifespans of hundreds of years. They are commonly known for their Space-Viking society and attire, as they constantly slay their world's apex predators, the Ragnagons, and have adapted so well, they have advanced in technology. They are one of the many races victimized by their neighboring race the Jalladomeons, and as such are being constantly enslaved by them, and forcing them to capture the Ragnagons as their own war creatures. But they are among the many races to be brave and strong enough to fight against their oppressive neighbors. Their technology includes hovering vehicles, projectile/pulse/laser weaponry, augmentation technology, advanced medical and material technology, advanced holographic technology, quarter-sentient AI, digital technology, teleporation, cloaking devices, force fields, and semi-advanced space-age technology.
  • Dinasaurian- A race of Teadr 2 dinosaur-like saurian beings from Planet Dinasaurus (Beta Universe, Nexther Sector, Jalladome System). They are beings that have grey (male) and brown (female) skin, they have multi-colored alien-like reptilian eyes, have triple-stranded DNA, actually have two brains, one 20-lobed brain in their heads and another 10-lobed brain in their pelvis, have 4 lungs and a large 30-chambered heart, two livers, two stomachs, 6 spleens, darkish-red blood, high levels of glands, long lifespans of hundreds of years, strong bone structures, sac-like ribcages, and had signs of more active intelligence than humans. Though the biggest difference is that they range in shapes, sizes, and forms, and have 7 breeds: Thero (Consisting of theropod-like forms), Sauropo (Consisting of sauropod-like forms), Ceratopso (Consisting of ceratopsian-like forms), Ankylo (Consisting of ankylosaur-like forms), Stego (Consisting of stegosaur-like forms), Hadro (Consistinf of several hadrosaur-like forms), and Hypsilopho (Consisting of hypsilophodont-like forms). In the past, when these breeds formed, they had racial tension that went not just to American Civil War levels and abusive segregation levels, but also went to near-extinction levels as the race had to settle their difference in the best way possible: to stop a meteor shower from destroying them and their planet. The technology that came from such an act and the equal rights movement that came afterward have more than convinced their planetary neighbors, the Jalladomeons, to use them in their plans for ascension. Though the technology is advanced, the world itself is still within a World War II/1950's American culture as tension between the races are still apparent, but not as much as they used to be, as they have many anti-equalist organizations out to terrorize their way of life, which are thankfully hurtled by their highly-advanced military. They have a constitutional democracy run by any breed of Dinasaurian, and they battle as well as they can against the Jalladome Confederation. Their technology includes projectile/vibro/pulse/laser/plasma/disintegration weaponry, ground/air-based vehicles, touch-screen/holographic mobile devices and computers, virtual/augmented reality, teleportation, force fields, digital technology, advanced material and medicine technology, advanced robotics and semi-sentient AI, advanced agriculture, digital cryptocurrency, and advanced hyperspace travel.
  • Xaro- A race of Teadr 2.5 monitor/iguana/tegu/gecko lizard beings native to Planet Xarota (Eta Universe, Eta Core Sector, Xaroootey System). They are bulky 6.9ft beings that have strong hides, colorful gecko eyes, long bulky lizard tails, elaborate musculoskeletal systems, 4 lungs and 18 small hearts, 18-lobed brains, poisonous teeth, skin that changes color with age, a colorful vocal sac for powerful roars, red tongues, powerful glandular systems, are immune to much toxins that they can't get drunk, their reptilian brain regions are enlarged making them more aggressive, and they have a diet entirely of the xenoinsects of their home planet. They congured their entire system without breaking a sweat. They are a powerful, no-nonsense race that are known by their motto: "If a war starts on us, we'll finish it", showing that they will fight and win against any threat that challnages their power. The Xaro race own the entire system as a result. Luckly for the AUU, the Xaros are an honorable sort, and problems with them only exist with rogues. But they most indeed have butted heads with the likes of the Bulliarns and most other hostile races throughout their existence and proven their dominence every time, being among the many races to pull through against them. Their weapons are so great, it also shames the Huncus line alongside the Garganulas, which earn them a competitive streak with. Though they are powerful saurians, they are actually semi-warm-blooded and they cannot regenerate like an average lizard. The Xaros earned universeal respect from the entire AUU community, even with less then graceful races, as even Phends respect the Xaros and know not to risk challnaging them with any attack on them, already dealing with shit from the Fangpos as it is.
  • Eathae- A race of Teadr 6 Ssi-ruu-like agile hunter-warrior raptor nomads from Planet Eather (Theta Universe, Cibarron Sector, Tollemach-Whiyome System). They stood 3.6ft tall, had uncanny acrobatic ability, had a bone-to-mass ratio similar to humans, had muscular tails and legs, evolved a warm-blooded nature, had great physical strength, agility, speed, and refined stamina, skin that could withstand energy weapons, had triple eye-layers for very adaptive sight in any environment, and their other senses are even enhanced, allowing them to have touch so sensitive they can tell presence through air disturbances and even feel a person's heartbeat, they have enhanced hearing that can pick up even the lowest of sound frequency, their taste can detect poisons or any ingredient in food which activates their gag reflex into rejecting poisonous or infected food, and their smell can detect anyone in a 10-mile radius, had 4 lungs and two 8-chambered hearts, two spleens, they have 15-lobed brains, and they can live for hundreds of years. The Eathae were highly intelligent bipedal hunter-warriors that evolved from intelligent dromaeosaurs which house semi-technological villages with houses and buildings that are very temple-like. Though they possess a cautious predatory mentality and have rarely learned how to properly speak English and instead prefer to speak Eathaese, which is essentially Jurassic Park raptor language merged with English. This is because they are also an independent race. Their independence is so firm, they reject introduced alien technology and even crucify those who do so, and do not give any concern about things outside their home planet. They do not want anything to do with neither the USRA or even UIS because they wish to evolve entirely on their own. The technology they possess in their own villages are not of alien origin and the alien technology is left in forbidden lands. The Eathae are also infamous for the practice of "Life Collecting", the practice of collecting the lifeforce of those they had deemed "Inferior" and putting "Wasted life" to good use into powering their machines. This understandably made other races even more cautious about the Eathae then already, where even UIS desided that it's better to greatly respect their independence and stay out of their way, which is what UIS had desired for races like the Eathae anyway, so, no real loss. Their own technology includes refined material of mostly plastic, some ounces of biotic technology, semi-primitive machines such as generator windmills, wheels, ovens, and conditioning, energy crystals which provide power, domesticated aerial and terrestrial mounds, advanced medicine, spear-sais, bows and multi-type arrows, pea shooters refined to be twice as fast as a bullet, reactive fruits as biological weapons, staffs with bladed ends, and even 'wands' tipped with energy crystals.
  • Laevanamor- Also referred to as S'nicksk, these are a race of Teadr 5.2 P'w'eck-like raptor beings native to Planet Laevanamore (Theta Universe, Cibarron Sector, Tollemach-Whiyome System). They are a diminutive race of sentient dinosaurs that are in a grey-area of being more advanced than their Eathae neighbors on Planet Eather, but ultimately held back by size when the Eathae turned them into slaves. Understandably miffed at this when the two races were allies, the S'nicksk aimed to pacify the Eathae ever since, and guided many of them away from the corruptive 'lifeforce harvesting' their traditionalist emperor is putting them on. Fortunately, the S'nicksk are considerably less hostile and less intense than the Eathae, but also held greatly dear to be vastly independent of USRA and UIS politics and also have issues of speaking full English, though specialized members exist, albeit in rare numbers. The S'nicksk are also weary of accepting outsider technology, but not as extremely as the Eathae, as more like they only go far as to decline, and even if the gift was insisted, they'll just put the given technology to a museum to be marveled at. While lacking in size, they make up for it in intelligence and an acute ability to learn and adapt like the Eathae.
  • Creijud- (AUU Chitauri, Creijim Qrex (Gamma Universe, Boglana Sector, Miguerl System), TBC...)
  • Uym- (AUU Zin (Saints Row), Uymbry (Gamma Universe, Boglana Sector, Oumber-Goom System), TBC...)
  • Priemans

    Prieman- A race of Teadr 5 lizard beings native to the Planet Priemble (Zeta Universe, Zilgord Sector, Prievus System). They are 10.5ft beings that have monstrous eyes, lizard heads, long slender crested tails, range in coloration from green, orange, blue, dark colors, and lightish colors, have strange body patterns, have increased peak physical muscular structure and strength, monstrous roars, can naturally scale walls, regenerate lost limbs and body parts, are incredibly durable, resilient, versatile, sturdy, and hardy, have 11-lobed brains, large 20-chambered hearts and large lungs, two livers, two stomachs, lay egg sacs, are semi-warm blooded, have the ability to breath toxic flames from their mouths, have long sticky tongues, they have aggressive tendencies, have naturally-increased senses, and are best known to wield their own static electricity generated from their conductive scales as a weapon. They are known to be a hardly-understood race of lizard people that, despite living in a world of limited technology, they have high level knowledge of Teadr 1 technology. Though not much is known, they are rumored to be superior ancestors of the Roptords, who were created as a form of transbeingism, but the rotords proved too pathic for their liking and banished them to their native planet, and as time went by, they forgot why they hate each other. They have the ability to craft high-grade technology with the right resources, and they have amazing power. (TBC...)
  • Chiesan- (Giant 15.6ft Teadr 7 orange dinosaur hominids, TBC...)
  • Phull- (Teadr 3 AUU Mass Effect Drell, TBC...)
  • Sigen- (Teadr 2 Dark-Skinned Crusty Semi-Warm-Blooded Beings, TBC...)
  • Ceokan- (Teadr 3 Humanoid Cobra-Headed Race, TBC...)
  • Chredder- (Teadr 3 patterned frill-headed reptilian beings, TBC...)
  • Iguid- (A Teadr 4.5 Race of Miniature Chameleon-Iguana Beings, TBC...)
  • Therapsoids

    Therapsoid- A race of Teadr 4 synapsid beings native to Planet Indua (Beta Universe, Tebble Sector, Triassica System). They are omnivorous mammal-like reptiles with rodent-like faces, lion manes, bird-like reptilian limbs, lizard tails, colored backs, furry bodies, warm-and-cold-blooded nature, increased physical strength, 16-lobed brains, sac-like ribcages, large hearts, and long non-stretching forked tongues.
  • Frilithian- (A Teadr 3 Australian Frillneck Humanoid, TBC...)
  • Broxan- (A Teadr 3 Bearded Dragon Humanoid Race, TBC...)
  • Skinik- (A Teadr 5 Diminutive Lizard Race, TBC...)
  • Ceedan- (A Teadr 2 Cobra-Headed Humanoid, TBC...)
  • Klond- (A Teadr 3.5 Crocodilian Techie Beings, TBC...)
  • Grollas

    Grolla- A race of Teadr 6 crab-clawed lizards native to Planet Grolla (Alpha Universe, Apirion Sector, Grolla-Groola System). They are a semi-technological race that worshipped the Brainiacaazks as gods. Cause of it, when the Brainz founded UIS, the Grollas unconditionally joined to serve their gods and those that would allied to them. While their weaponry is reminisent to tribal weaponry, it is alot more advance, from their bow-shaped guns to lazer spears, and their shamans capable of healing with a mixture of traditional shamenry and modern science. The Grollas are unapologenicly loyal to the Brainz and quick to show aggression to any enemy to them.
  • Karnavore- A race of Teadr 2.5 Oviraptor-beaked dinosaur-giraffes native to Planet Karnavora (Alpha Universe, Orphyne Sector, Karnavor System). They deemed the USRA's continious expansion a threat to universe independence and the infection of meddling and unwarrented dependence. They became a faverite for UIS membership as the Karnavores were attracted by the UIS' ability to keep the over-reach from expanding. In place of a "Boring" Wall, a fleet of Un-manned Armadas block out any USRA attempt to expand into the now isolated worlds.
  • Dunaskoon- A Teadr 2 race of Turtles with four extra legs, four for land, four for water, armed with sharp eagle-shaped beaks, and smooth but hard shells that makes even the hardest AUU metal look like fabric. The Dunaskoons are adaptive to litterally all land and sea evioments and thus build cities every where in the planet. Fortunately, the Dunaskoons are an eviomentally conciderate race and have eco-tec. However, it stems beyond just because they care for the evioment. They found a religen around nature itself, and thus have been known to attack worlds that still relie on outmoded reshorces and have pollution problems. Well intentioned as they are, they end up doing more harm then good when they pull extremeist attempts to restore the nature in worlds that it often ends up destroying the civilisations in the process. Thus, with alot of hostility from the USRA and abroad, they turned to get UIS protection as a result and joined as members. As such, the Dunaskoons have build a strong wall made of recycleables that now block out now isolated worlds.
  • Ka'Scabbin- An arabic culture-eqsed race of Spiny Rattle Snakes that with Teadr 2 tec granted themselves artifical arms. They beleive in "The Ways of Ka-Scabbus", a religen that deems reptiles as superior and mammels as inferior embarrisments to evolution, based on the fact that reptiles were among the first to evolve from the sea and deemed mammels to have never been intended to happen. So the Ka'Scabbins believe in mammel enslavement and subugate mammels into harsh and cold labor. The USRA, mostly consisting of mammels, delcared war onto the Ka'Scabbins, but were saved by UIS. With the USRA chased out of the Ka-scab System, the Ka'Scabbins announe loyalty to UIS, and deemed any mammel apart of UIS to be an exception to their religious laws while USRA races gain an incrisingly unfaverable relation, even if they're fellow reptiles. The Ka'Scabbins had their slaves build a giant wall that isolates enprouching USRA forces from now Isolated Worlds.
  • Dromes- A race of Teadr 3 dromaeosaur beings hailing from Planet Cenom (Beta Universe, Tebble Sector, Cruatious System). This dinosaurian being evolved from raptors, standing 6ft tall, has fur instead of feathers allowing for added warmth, having a long tufted tail, wing-like furry arms and legs that are almost bat-like and allow for sustained gliding, a full body of fur, four sickle claws, dark-gray-to-light-gray skin, four long claws on each hand and foot, useful for climbing and agility, their skeletal systems are 75% cartilage to evolve away from fragile bones, they have refined muscular systems, super senses, powerful bites, large lungs and two large 8-chambered hearts, and 18-lobed brains. These beings started out as renaissance-based tech pioneers who built grand monuments all over the planets of their system until modernism allowed them to become more advanced. Though they have space travel, they don't have hyperspace travel because they have yet to balance out the most important aspect: the theory of relativity declaring that matter cannot travel faster than light, and thus many forms of hyperspace get around it in many ways, whether it be close to the speed of light, becoming pure light, or using tachyons made from quantum field generators or tachyon field generators. Instead, they travel across space via teleporting spaceships or portals. Aside from that, their space age technology is nearly reaching Teadr 2 levels. They are fundamental members of the Ancient Dino Guild, a government in isolated Tebble space that preserves any kind of prehistoric-class wildlife.
  • Solapod- (Teadr 7 Bioluminescent Lizard Beings, Solectra (Alpha Universe, Orphyne Sector, Serris System)
  • Tirod- (Teadr 2-4 Reptilian Eared Beings, Tirodox Minor (Alpha Universe, Tharper Sector, Tirodox System))

Arthropod Races

  • Precurserfly- Tall, Bipedial, Person-sized Alien Butterfly races that are the Teadr 0 precurser race of all Anthropod races. They were caring and motherly to all of their creations and wanted only the best for all of them, their most impourent being the Voxums. With the Voxum's gone, the Anthropod races went into utter disorray, forcing the Precurserflies to sadly leave into a safety dimention, being helpless to stop this. They were deemed a legend amongst Anthropod races ever since.
  • Entomeon- (Teadr 0.5 Precurserfly Successors, TBC...)
  • Beamfly- A race of Teadr 1.5 bioluminescent butterfly beings indigenous to Planet Beama (Beta Universe, Beta Core Sector, Beammon-Luxor System). They stand 7.4ft tall, have large elegant bioluminescent wings, human-like skin, six human-like arms and two human-like legs, six human-like eyes, bioluminescent antennae, and can live up to a million years. They are the keepers of the Keyholes of the AUU which are much different but sparsely similar to that of the OUU, and keep the hearts of each universe in the AUU safe and the greater one in the boundary cluster and the center of the AUU safer. Evolving into a separate race from their brother race, the dark Opiqians, the two have fought as polar opposites for light and dark for as long as time has turned. Being the AUU version of the Lightflies, the Beamflies guard the light of the AUU with their lives and cannot live without it coming from the same life. (TBC...)
  • Opiqian- A race of Teadr 1.5 bioobscurescent (natural darkness generation) moth beings indigenous to Planet Beama (Beta Universe, Beta Core Sector, Beammon-Luxor System). They stand 7.6ft tall, have large elegant dark patterned wings, dark human-like skin, six human-like arms and two human-like legs, six monstrous eyes, fluffy bioobscurescent antennae, are more monstrous in appearance, and can live up to a million years. They are the keepers of everything dark in the AUU and anything opposite but equal in power to the Beamflies power seeking to steal it all for themselves. Evolving into a separate race from their brother race the Beamflies, the two have fought as polar opposites for light and dark for as long as time has turned. Being the AUU version of the Mothrons, the Opiqians guard the dark of the AUU with their lives and cannot live without it coming from the same life. (TBC...)
  • †Voxum- A race of Teadr 1 ant-like creatures that were native to the abandoned home planet of Vox'xo (Eta Universe, Dalimpir Sector, Voxbani System). They are a 1ft beings that have a bioluminescent cyan, sea-green, blue, purple, red, orange, or yellow lower abdomens, 8 limbs, several life stages, bred multiple copies of internal organs for combat and fitness, an exoskeleton and endoskeleton, have genetically-compatible DNA and the same genetic capabilities and coloration of a fruit fly, reproduce quickly, have semi-grubby skin, can eat literally anything, and have castes consisting of curators (workers capable of labor and low-grade combat), soldiers (high-grade combat), scouts (winged gatherers, explorers, and suppliers), drones (royal servants that not only impregnate and spread genes, but act as royal staff), builders (common employer staff that do odd jobs while the curators serve as employees and serve as leaders of curator squads), peacekeepers (the strongest fighters mainly for guarding the king/queen), and specifically the king and queen. They are a race that, despite being dubbed extinct like most Teadr 1 races, they are actually still alive but never seen, hiding only on their former colonies, or on worlds of which they were worshipped, including home planets of races like the Gontroids, residing in the most secluded and abandoned areas in those planets all across the AUU. In their time, they were dubbed 'Warmasters' because they were the ones that invented every war strategy throughout AUU world after AUU world, and have brought great fun and thrill in fighting and combat itself, especially on worlds as infamous as Iallog, or positively on worlds like Gygax. Their technology includes all forms of weaponry, advanced holography, advanced computer technology, mobile devices and wearable computers, teleportation, energy shields, cloaking, advanced medicine, advanced material, advanced robotics and fully-sentient AI, programmable matter, ground/hover/air-based vehicles, shrinking technology, cryptocurrency, digital technology primarily used for restoration and/or resurrection, augmented/virtual technology, advanced genetic technology, advanced world-building technology, life-sized mechs for camouflage, and efficient astrotechnology.
  • †Gontroid- A Teadr 2 race of extinct military insectoids native to the Planet Gontroy (Alpha Universe, Tharper Sector, Oereta System). They were 6.9ft beings with 4 dexterous centaur-bug legs, 4 arms, 2 being longer than the others, two pairs of powerful bug wings similar to a mayfly's and wasp's, two long tails similar to a mayfly's, antennae similar to an ant's, dark-blue skin, movable teeth, multiple exoskeletal systems impervious to damage, indigo glowing and poisonous blood, 19-lobed brains, have infrared and normal vision via two different pairs of eyes, breath through holes in their chests, long tongues, accurate senses, and extensive longevity. They were grand worshippers of the Voxums until they intended to bring them back upon discovering their true nature, originally believing them to be gods of war. Thus they abducted people from all over the AUU to act as slaves for this goal. But by doing this, the slaves revolted and formed the Old Core to exterminate them in a global war, wiping them out and claiming the world as their own, unaware that one survivor remained to plan revenge. Though the race was not invincible, they were very resilient and tough. They could partially resist nuclear energy and radiation due to their alien cellular evolution, could resist massive heat and cold due to their changeable circulatory systems via two different types of hearts that could go from cold to warm blooded on command to keep in and negate opposite temperatures, they could resist many poisons because their blood is literal poison that can kill an entire army with a drop and thus it replenishes them, and they could even survive in the vacuum of space through a built in oxygen system in the form of 20 tiny lung tanks, and in extreme conditions they could temporarily shut down their bodies in cocoons that put them in suspended animation until the required conditions are met, and could take on metamorphic forms built for combat. They were destroyed when the Old Core studied the race and discovered that though they were indestructible, they could be killed by a poison derived from their own blood called gontricide, a pesticide that detoxifies their blood and thus causes organic failure. Although the people of Gontroy became cautious of rumors of secured Gontroidian egg cathes waiting to hatch a new generation, and should the one surviver be found, an effert to qurrintine the eggs and keep the would-be new generations from repeating the race's sins would be set in place.
  • Skytis- A Teadr 1 Race of Mantis people that have no legs but the forelimbs that serve as their arms that have a complicated evolution of being a spieces that are exclusively flight capable. Skytis are reshearchers and logic-bound insectiods. They only go about things centered in what makes logical sense and scoff that primitive accusations. They are most famous for he albeit infamous controverseal Discovery of Muko and there president of the planet at the time, the founder Ulucord Vor Ientasy, wanted to disprove the irrational claims of Muko being "Planet Blood" cause the race deemed this to be the most rediculious notion that even the otherwise rival bound Master Gasprim Tola Țhreatwellș of the Zyaūar Masters agrees with, which unfortunately lead the irrational colonists to murder the leaders and caused the Skytis race and the Zyauar Masters to flee the planet, leaving behind both reminants of their culture. The asendents of the fallen leaders have since made peace with eachother, as the Skytis' vow to get Ientasy to go back to Muko Mining and end the irrational notions of Muko being "Planet Blood" for good, and even have some modern Zyauar remiments to help them out, but their greatest ally is through Ientasy's newest president and the only Skytis sympathiser in the planet: President Cornsby, a Ryptock that quickly went into business on getting Muko mining back to working order the minute he was elected. The Skytis race would've long came back if it wasn't for the moronic behavior of the ironicly and misleadingly named Ientasy's "Saviors", a rampent terrorest group attacking drills under the control of an extremely irrationally angry Ietra.
  • Vezzrick

    Vezzrick- A race of Teadr 2 centauric wasp/army ant/mantis-like beings from Planet Vezzin Prime (Epsilon Universe, Bogthen Sector, Vezzer System). They are 6.2ft beings with extremely advanced technology, possessing the castes of worker and soldier, and have an artificial caste in the form of probes, small flying bioorganic machines with high intelligence that translate for other beings and are hatched artificially. Workers possess powerful strength and numbers, soldiers possess venomous mandibles that inject a hemotoxin, and the queen grows 5x bigger than the rest of the race. They live under the monarchy of their maternal queen. The Vezzrick like to believe they are the only super-power in existence and would seek out and disban any allience that doesn't pay them tribute. When they demanded Tribute from the USRA, they refused, offended that the USRA does not respect the Vezzrick. They retailiated with automatic war and proved overwealming to the USRA. But what ultamately helped the USRA through was the Narudans and useage of a chemical that was making soldiers sick. The Vezzrick were forced to retreat cause of this chemical warfare. The Vezzrick came to join the Union of Independent Systems, growing to understand the benifit of alliences and figured that fellow likewise detracters of the USRA are their greatest weapon against them.
  • Zhaerthis

    Zhaerthis- A Teadr 2 child-sized race of mantis-people with long twisted necks (In females anyway) who often live under a matrearchy in where females have far greater rights and autherity over males. The Zhaerthis are often the greatest sympathisers of the likes of the Vexxmites, the Weeviods, the Necktronians, and any mistreated bug race that went against the USRA. It has often lead to them to challange the USRA's ahourity almost constinely. Sometimes they lay claim to a certain section of a city in USRA control as an act of protest. Sometimes they even programmed a bot to assassinate a polotision that has been particularly harsh to them. The USRA were making plans to subugate them to an Exile Sheild for the constint mayhem, but the Zhaerthis were ahead of them and joined the Union of Indepedent Systems and gained protection from the USRA races ever since. Thus leading to their shenanigans not ending anytime soon unless the USRA finally caves in on at least certain demands.
  • Ka'Navi'Salaan

    Ka'Navi'Salaan- AKA the Klaves, these are a race of Teadr 2 colossal arthropod-crustacean beetle-moth beings native to the Planet Ka'Navious (Epsilon Universe, Winxton Sector, Navi'Navatai System) that are amphibious, aggressive, and technologically-resilient, being able to regenerate dismembered body parts in a month like a crab, are impervious to pain since they have a different sensation of damage where they can glow when in critical condition, can see in infrared vision, they have multiple mini lungs, a layered 12-lobed brain, have durable back shells that display jewel-beetle-like surfaces to attract mates, and durable exoskeletons, can glide long distances with their beetle-like wings, mouths with extra chelicera-like jaws, and lay hundreds of eggs a batch. Being of the same origin as the Uonans, except being on the enemy's headquarters, they were formerly a skeptical ally of them and are now personal enemies to them because a clumsy ambassador ruined a sacred treasure and lead to a bitter and devastating war. The Ka'Navi commonly attack Uonan colonies even after the war ended because they deemed the action 'Unforgivable', thus leading to the USRA races to stand up to them. The Ka'Navi figured the Uonans' newfound USRA status would make revenge difficult, so they joined the Union of Independent Systems so they can be of equal power. They are also the great enemies of the bug hating Daboassas for pretty much the fact that they hate bugs, and they came to establish a great kinship with the Zhaerthises and the Vezzricks, who also developed great distaste for the USRA.
  • Atont

    Atont- A species of Teadr 2 yellow or red fire ants that are indigenous to Planet Selcron. Being roughly the size of an average wasp, they aren't so good at being able to get attention, but they are so good at technology they have been trying for years to join the USRA, and later the Legion, with little success. They are space-faring bugs that have inhabited over 12 other planets in the AUU. Their color depends on gender and caste. Males are darker than females, they all have dark heads and abdomens, walk on 2 legs, have 4 arms, and sometimes have wings. Workers are yellow and do labor work and their venom glands only serve as nectar sacs for producing honey. Soldiers are red and more bulkier, doing military work, and their venom glands contain a blood-poisoning venom that can kill in 2 hours and is only curable by the worker honey that fuels the venom glands, as well as the ability to self-explode and spread their venom across the blast radius. These creatures have a king and queen in each community, both having wings, and live in parliamentary oligarchies. Only the king and queen are allowed to reproduce, giving the larva to foster parents.
  • Necktronian- A species of Teadr 2 3ft long-necked giraffe-like insectoids native to the Planet Necktrosor. They were advanced insectoids with a centaur-like body and a caste system consisting of workers, which did hand work and sciences, elitists which did military work, sages which provided food and replenishments for the other 2 castes, and the hermaphroditic king which could reproduce even when moving. This race was once a part of the USRA and offered tropes of advanced technology for them. However, they had a bad habit of using illegal technology, doing unethical animal experiments, and the abuse of highly valued diamonds. When it was revealed that they were trying to take down the USRA by using their animal experiments to cause a sentient animal uproar in an attempt to have the humans usurped to reshape the USRA in their image, they were labeled traitors, and were kicked out. Eventually they were passively/aggressively conquered by a race of taller hive-minded hornet-like insectoid monks called Monkrotanians, who peacefully persuaded the corrupt leaders through overly-complex Zoian riddles, and since then, have converted the Necktronians into monk-like pacifists. But unenlightened rebellions by former members of a corrupt military still exist.
  • Monkrotanian- A species of Teadr 2 6ft hornet-like insectoids which lived in a passive-aggressive religious monk government, and are native to the Planet Monkor. They are centaur-like insectoids with sweet honey that they use either for beverage or for holy rituals, their stingers contain a paralyzing venom, and they have a unique caste system consisting of monks, the common caste which fulfills needs and does great work even to other races like the Necktronians, inquisitors which do military and law enforcement, the hesychasts which act either as magistrates, religious fathers, and heads of office, and the hermaphroditic popes which lead a totalitarian colony. They are beings which have never been on any other planet except Necktrosor where they made them their friends and made them join in their beliefs despite a concentration of rebellions against them. They have been isolated from the AUU public for so many years, they don't know anything about the outside world, and feel that off-planet travel was a disturbance to their isolated peace. They had put the Necktronians under their beliefs in hopes of bettering them. Despite being at a Teadr 2 level, they are not technologically advanced, though are actually masters at alchemy and magic which gave them a similar society to technology.
  • Gruids

    Gruid- A species of Teadr 2 insectoid which are native to the Planet Gruy (Eta Universe, Eta Core Sector, Gnurtux System). These 6.9ft beings evolved to remain in a larval state and mature in a smooth larva-like body, and thus have smooth orange skin, have hair-like structures, have 4 limbs with 3 phalanges each, 2 eye sockets containing two eyes each, mouths with two sets of thin needle-like teeth, have evolved 4 lungs, three hearts, two livers, two stomachs, blue blood, 10-lobed brains, and have dozens of metamorphosis stages in their lifetimes. Commonly nicknamed 'Grubs', they are a warlike race that had been through many wars even against the Cunones, Rabodans, and Xurons before they became members of the USRA. All 3 of these races, as well as any other warlike race, can agree that they are among the best fighters in the AUU. These beings are bred for combat, as they can develop cognition, coordination, and versatility with weapons even at a young age. Their healing factors are handy for repairing damage, however, they can't regenerate that quickly, the process taking months, which is why cybernetics are available until then. All of their organs can regenerate, their skin is fabricated and tough enough to support itself after blows from a variety of weapons, their lungs mean their size isn't based upon the amount of oxygen in the air, they can live for hundreds of years, they are impervious to poisons and radiation thanks to powerful immune systems, they have little-to-no pressure point weaknesses, they have more adrenal glands in their arms, legs, and chest, which allows them to prevail easily when fighting, they can survive decapitation for a year, giving plenty of time for being reattached, their metabolism is slow and thus they can survive months without food, and they can still fight even at an old age. All but the Monarchs are sterile, as the Monarchs can reproduce quicker than any average insect. These beings live in ranged government types such as kratocratic, technocratic, corporatocratic, democratic, or oligarchic, depending upon the country. Their technology is beyond top-notch as they possess touch-screen/holographic mobile devices and computers, pulse, plasma, vibro, laser, projectile, disintegration, and energy weaponry, advanced medical technology, advanced material technology, robotics and cybernetics, digital construction, virtual/augmented reality, hover/ground vehicles, enhancement and genetic engineering, teleportation, cloaking, and powerful hyperspace travel.
  • Roenton- A race of Teadr 2 cockroach-like insectomammal beings native to the Planet Roentgen (Epsilon Universe, Ulcram Sector, Rodon System), which orbits a powerful pulsar. They are 10.1ft beings that have four opening solar-absorbing wings that are no longer useful for flying but instead regulating excess body heat and absorbing solar energy for various purposes, massive physical strength, 4 long legs and a centaur-like posture, a thick abdomen, are fire-retardant and impervious to radiation, can scale with their complex phalanges, have feline-like eyes that can see in different forms of vision, their teeth are rows of chelicerae, they have antennae which form hair, armored backs, they could regenerate wildly and survive dismembered body parts, are translucent in many places, have reddish-brown and barf-brown coloration, their abdomens contain their ootheca which evolved into live breeding organs, have evolved lungs, can live for years without food or water, can withstand extreme temperatures, they can live without air for an hour, they can shut down certain body functions as a defense mechanism, the males can expand themselves to attract mates, they have multiple life stages, they can make irritating noises, they have red glowing radioactive blood that make their veins almost visible in their bodies, they evolved mammal-like biology, have aggressive tempers, 17-lobed brains, are excellent at building chemical and nuclear weaponry, have four 7-chambered hearts lining down it's body, and live for hundreds of years. They are highly-adaptive beings that have gone through many periods of warfare on each other, and nearly annihilated their home planet with their nuclear technology, but have started to unite all countries together into a united nations, and extend their reach throughout the stars. They have become so resilient in cosmic and spatial cataclysms, they have become experts at surviving even black holes, and some individuals would make The Futuredawn Corporation to help others in surviving cataclysms like this, turning them from one of the most disgusting-appearing beings into one of the best providers of survival in the AUU. Their technology includes 90's/21st Century age technological computers and cell phones, advanced robotics and semi-sentient AI, advanced medical and material technology, pulse/laser/plasma/projectile/nuclear weaponry, hover vehicles, force fields, adaptive energy manipulation, digital and atomic technology, and semi-efficient space technology.
  • Spidklon- A race of commonly-occurring space-faring spider-like beings which have unlimited strength, hot tempers, and for the tainted fact that murder is legal in their society, where, accurding to unpleasent rumors, as they naturally don't believe in relationships since they are a solitary race, and they don't even care for any of their own kind's well being with the exception of maintaining their whole race since the loss of their home planet of Spiklyke. However, the truth isn't so simple. The Spidklons are not as "barbaric" and "amoral" as many believe, though it's not to say that sometimes Spidklons are hard to be around. There is even more to their "insane" legalisation of murder then what others believe. The law in question, "Autherisation of Civilian Self Justice Act", ASCJA, was made back in the race's dark ages when crime, corperate and millaterry corruption became rampent to the point that their home planet was redused into the mess it is now. The law is at best an extreme way to "sort out the wrong-doers" and at worse an overkill periment solution to a problem that active insurrection and better law enforcement would've just as easily fixed, and in a way, it allowed them to be rid of their problems at the price of having a creditable reputation cause of their methods of solving those same issues. ACSJA is more complex then an "Absolute" legalisation of murder. There is an actual limit for how many a Spidklon can kill before he/she is declaired "a threat" to the Spidklons that must be "cleansed". However, what makes the law universeally unpopular as it is, outside of the idea of it at all, is because some higher-ups and elites are allowed either unlimited or higher count of kills due to their impourence while only civilians are only allowed a set number of kills depending on their social class. Poorer Spidklons are only allowed to kill once while middle class can have ranged numbers between 5 or 6, while the noblemen, depending on what their purpose is, can be allowed to have a killcount between 50 or even near 100. Political leaders, like the main Spidklon ruler, for their term, can be allowed to kill as much as he/she would want as long as it is for political or nessersary reasons, like if case of a dangerious revolt or virus outbreak and IF the desiese can't be easily treated. What further makes it unpopular is that Spidklons can be allowed to reset their killcount or even incrise it thanks to an amendment designed to help Spidklon elites mostly to avoid being in trouble cause of their limits, though it implies to middle class and poor members as well. Inspite of all this, Spidklons are not as "barbaric and anarchial" as they've been protrayed, though it's not to discredit the fact that some Spidklons do take this law for granted. It helps little that Spidklons are strongly perfectionest, as they've been known to exicute the physically and mentality imperfect, defecters, homosexuals, and the most controverseal of all, when a Spidklon becomes too old, for they "stopped being perfect". Grim as these beliefs are, not all Spidklons are easily barbaric and ill-tempered. Sometimes, some Spidklons are akin to patient samurai and noble knights. Trouble is, the nasty ones speak louder then the pure ones, so their voices are drowned out. Though the Law was created back when it was deemed nessersary, the Spidklons still held on to it not just as an extreme cause of being cautious of the return of "The Corrupted Imperfect" that costed them their planet, but because the Spidklons prefer to live in a traditionalist medvil socity where anyone can fight for their own justice without always relying on a system "that can't always garrentie you would win against your wrong doer" and that it's better "to take matters in your own claws", along with thinking that other socities are hypocritically deludtional that they keep murder illegal yet they never punish soldiers and exicutioners for killing, deeming keeping murder illegal kinda pointless in their eyes and that it robs people to get their own justice, even having the ballsy nerve to say that illegalising murder is what made the VA so strong because of a system geared against certain people, along with blaming mental illness and for non-Spidklon socities "Embracing Imperfection". This also aided in getting them a bad rap. They are like this because Spidklons used to be "in such a deluded state" of being kind to imperfection like the rest of the universes, but because of what accured that lead to their planet's downfall, it lead to them to embrace harsher views that lead to the downfall of a reputable reputation with others of the AUU, and most certainly became quite a controverseal race. But at the same time, their negitive reputation also earned fearful respect almost worthy to rival the Bullarns, and with good reason. They are naturally born to fight with their agile climbing, their fatally-clamping pincer hands, their knack of using weaponry of all kinds, their engineering capabilties, their versatility, their relentless nature, and for their legendary determination. Their cultures make them determined to do something historic and famous, even if controverseal, and they believe that those that don't achieve such a goal are not worth acknowledging or even knowing existed. Their common technology includes advanced robotics and cybernetics, plasma weaponry, medicine, augmentation, hovering vehicles, holographic display, and hyperspeed travel.
  • Vcrintexens

    Vcrintexen- A Teadr 2 race of mantis-spider creatures native to the Planet Vcrintex Capital (Alpha Universe, Alpha Core Sector, Vcrintex System). They are a very matriarchal race where males are subservient to them to the point that they're either only good for reproduction or sometimes are livestock. And even then, females, who are much bigger than them like a spider, are capable of asexual reproduction due to a hermaphroditic physiology, so mating is mostly for entertainment or pleasure than reproduction, though mating still plays a part in determining genetics on how strong a future Vcrintexen is. The Vcrintexens have a boundless genetic capability, so biologically, their would be mates are not limited to fellow arthropods. Even plant or fungal races aren't spared from these limitless genetic possibilities. Thus, the Vcrintexen race are renowned and infamous of capturing and enslaving the best males of any other races, predominantly the Yatorans because of being the most common. Vcrintexens, though commonly preferring men, won't shy away from the females of the race they target, so they're not strictly male-dependent. Thus more often, Vcrintexens commonly tend to have Yatoran traits or the traits of any race of interest, but the race maintain their pure genetics to avoid evolutionary outmoding, and restrict inter-species mating to high-status or important individuals of the race. The USRA aimed to halt these practices to preserve the Yatorans' dignity, but the Vcrintextens came to join UIS to protect their rights against overreach, and are also not afraid to demonstrate their greatest defenses, which include two kinds of venom where one is like an unstable hallucinogen and the other is an aphrodisiac that increases the libido of their victims, and a web so thick it doesn't even feel like web and is more of a solid metal, meaning they can make many weapons that are capable of wrecking an armada in little-to-no time flat, as well as the planet's sky being mostly covered in conductive and insulative layers and clouds that'll only allow Vcrintexen ships in, while sunlight is allowed through solar space drones that lay in orbit absorbing sunlight and shining it as countless artificial suns hanging above the cloud surface to nurture the planet and it's biota. Their membership with UIS has ensured that through their extremely hardened web, the UIS can make sure USRA control is limited to what is in their control while keeping their systems or unallied systems from automatically going to the USRA. Hence why systems like Mysum and Chronizoc, among others in the Alpha Universe, Alpha Core Sector, and/or most other universes or sectors are not in automatic USRA control, making the universal claim of the USRA ruling the AUU being more implied then fact.
  • Garganulas

    Garganula- The mighty Garganulas of the Garganutus System. A powerful race of giant hairy spider people. Though incapable to make complex webs, they make up for it by having the best weapony in the Canicour system and being extremely durable fighters, being able to handle many shots from normal guns, around the thoundsons and billions, of which by then even an entire army will be exhausted of their weaponry. The best way to fight them is through their own weaponry. However, the proud warrior race is in hard times in due to a terriable fungus infection that reduses them to zombies, causing un-infected members of the race to scatter across the system. A cure has yet to be made. Though this tragity doesn't effect the Garganulas because they have a philosify that's asentually a lighter verson of the Pharcums's beliefs, given that they do morn for their dead but they know not to dwell in it for longer then certain days or dedicated holidays, and know when to make the best in life. And the Garganulas really did made the best of the situation and spread their race throughout the system. Fortunately, the fungus as of now only infects Garganulas, but the race still warns against outsiders visiting the planet "To keep it that way" as a procaution, warning that the fungus is a mysterious and always evolving infection. Hence why an absolute cure is still being studied and reshearched. Their best trait is their topnotch weaponry defelupted by their millaterry planet Bigo, where the finest of Garganula weaponry is made and are popular in the Canicouri Secter. Though why only the Canicouri secter is widely because the weapons are too powerful for more interuniverseal share and are only restricted in the Canicouri, with obvious exception to the tec loving Ugoldest secter for non-surprising reasons. For the rest of the universes on why this is the case, it ranges to the basic reasons of the weapons being too powerful to high risk factors of being irresistable to less desirables for how powerful even a mere handgun can be and that the entire Garganula arnsal can shame the entire Huncus line alone, even it's best guns in the series would pale in compairison. Even the greatest of heroes are restricted from having a Garganula weapon.
  • Hazzzas & Hazzzors- Two seperate Teadr 2 races that came to eachother because each is a one gender race. Hazzzas are all female, Hazzzors are all male. Their biology litterally became dependent on one and another. The two are the only races that deemed Rarium to be unvaluable to them, being a socity that doesn't believe in capitalist exchange, not believing in treating anything of nature's creation to be something you can "Buy". As such, they shun capitalisum or anything that involves money as un-nateral, citing it's needless existence the shorce of all problems. As such, the two live without such socital norms. However, they fell victim to a rouge capitalist colony regime that booted them out of their homes and into their new adopted home. They joined with the Phends in taking back their home worlds in return to co-operate with the Phends on matters with the Rarium and terratory. Neither of the two support the Phend's methods, but both agree that they're their home systems best hope to get their planets back. The two wouldn't mind seeing the Phends becoming less extreme, however.
  • Veexomite- The Teadr 2 Veexomites of Veexine of the Coprioon system in the Gabinity Secter, sometimes Vexomite, Vexxmite, and/or Vexxomite, because spelling their name is a pain to some, were a spieces of insectiods that were bipedal, resemble giant ant-termite hybirds with mantis claws, the retractable long legs of a daddy-longleg petruding from their backs, scorpian like pinchers on their long tails attacthed to their abdomans, the ability to curl like like a pillbug, faces like this guy's, a caste like this, and typically their queens and/or other royal blood Vexxs are like this, as all Vexx larva start out like this nasty thing. In due to living under a very power hungry head-queen of the planet, the Vexxomites had the misfortune of being conquesters and quick to enslave anything a bad enfluence head queen deemed insignigent or better off serving them, respecting only truely strong races, like their old weapon trade partners, the Fangpos, who supplied them with Astro Laser capabilities. Average Vexxo castes outsized the Cunones, Humans and Yuruns, even with the long legs retracted in, while Queens and other royal blood Vexxos are as large as small to good size tanks, where the biggest Queen can be the size of a skyscraper. In thanks to the corrupt-head queen being anomamously given news that the Cunones were in a phathic state thanks to an incompident emperor, that gave her the impression that the Cunones must be made subugated for being so phathic. However, this corrupt dispot didn't counted on the Humans and Yuruns to interfear like they did, and apawn the Astro Laser to get involved, it was used against them to knouck their planet off to orbit to their assumed extinction. However, the truth was different. The Tyrant Queen and the loyalist hive were instead left to suffer the consiquence of their actions by the rest of the race when they evacutated during the rising coldness the planet suffered and escaped to Jizzzamitus System and colonised a New Veexine. Thus, with only the forsakened queen and her colony found dead, it was behind why everyone assumed the Vexxos went extinct and how the Humans came to feel guilty about it, not helping that the Vexxomites new home would come to be secretly isloated by UIS. This was something the New Head-Queen had deemed to be for the best, fearing that their name was forever damned with what the old queen had done and how grosume the old war was, only wishing to live in peace from here on out.
  • Qyzmethean- A race of Teadr 1 skeletal-like insectoid beings that were native to the "destroyed" planet of Q'yzmethe'a. These 7.9ft beings are distinguished for their skeletal-like appearances, being among the only surviving members of the extinct insectomammoid group, their white skin, their black blood, their menacing eyes, their multiple breeds, their three lungs and two hearts, two stomachs and livers, short tails, 10-lobed brains, their triple-stranded arsenic-based DNA structure, their retractable teeth, their durable hide and bones, their small amounts of hair, their spiny backs, their regenerative abilities, and for their ability to live for thousands of years. Once, they were actselly very shy and easily intimidated race dispite looking like horror movie monsters, in fact, they're like ths because of their appearence and are afraid of earning enemies because of this, not helping that being Teadr 1 means people will only like them barely because of their tec level, and would misuse them and abuse the race for it, so cause of their preference to stay clear of universeal interaction, many don't even know they existed but the Oxyceans. However, in thanks to the Oxy's overly ambitious and at worse irrespondsable ruler, they were mindcontroled into an extreme contrast to their true nature: they were made into a very warlike race that believe that all races are too weak compared to them, hate indoctrination, and hate having to cope with alternate alien cultures, and are known to be racist, masochistic, sadistic, and have a traumatophilic edge to them as they now lived by striking fear into their opponents. As such, the reckless king's plan to toughen up the race worked too well. They were responsible for nearly causing a Second Cartoonian War before the actual one as they had arrived from an unknown sector of the AUU to wreak havoc. They conquered hundreds of planets, stole their resources, took over all megacorporations and created a singular one that did nothing but exhaust resources providing for their war efforts, made slaves out of weaker races, took over criminal syndicates, and even killed trillions of people. However, the Oxyceans, who are also mind-warped by the king of these human-like beings that were mind-controled away from their introvert life-sytile into being geniuses in military combat, were the only race that actually impressed the Qyzmetheans. Thus the two declared war on each other, and thus began the war that ended with the both of them being banished to separate dimensions, caused by the Oxy king, where they were forever blocked from the AUU and are now in an interdimensional war against each other's universes. They even discovered how to merge their universes together into a binary universe as they continue to fight their wars to this very day. As due to the King's mind-control, The Qyzmetheans were so treacherous and the recovery from their oppression was considered one of the worst experiences the AUU had ever endured before the Second Cartoonian War, and even the Yatorans hail the two races as a mythical tale about how two races were so evenly-matched, they couldn't possibly destroy each other. Many fictional tales have been told about their struggles from hundreds of races, but after their real oppression, they have grown to forgetting it ever happened just like with the AUU Second Cartoonian War. They are noted for their strength, adaptability, intelligence, stamina, and their amazing versatility. They have proven to be a match for their Oxycean nemeses on rare occasions as their breeds depend upon their caste systems: Workers, who were responsible for construction, laborers, and servants; Intendants who were responsible for slaving, the economy, and for keeping their society as smooth as possible; Warriors, which were the military cast that conquered, destroyed, and acted in unison, always thinking ahead and being the most competent they can be, and thus, nobody had ever avoided their wrath; Shapers, which are the scientists that craft the many scientific powers used in the Warrior caste; and finally, the Overlords, which are the ultimate and more battle-fit leaders of a single Qyzmethean kingdom, and there can be more than one Overlord, the leading one of all others being the giant Supreme Overlord, ruling from a home planet. Their technology include touch-screen/holographic mobile devices and computers, cybernetics, robotics, and AI, disintegration, vibro, and projectile weaponry, genetic augmentation and engineering, virtual/augmented reality, digital construction, teleportation and cloaking, hovering vehicles and colossal airships, solid light technology, astro-laser technology, domestication of genetically-engineered monsters, advanced material technology, and efficient hyperspace travel.
  • Fleeming- A race of Teadr 4 subterranean millipede-like beings that are indigenous to the planet Pharagu. They stand up to 9ft tall, can be at a length of 35ft, have brown-orange backs, have multiple legs and over 8 arms that get shorter the lower they go, and human-like eyes and lips. Their backs are very durable, they can see in clear fluorescent color, they are excellent crafters, artists, and builders, they can burrow through the ground efficiently, and they live in a semi-eusocial society. They evolved from insects that became efficient at building monuments out of the environment, and this allowed them to increase in intelligence and coordination, soon to evolve into this race. Though when their home ended up turning into a junkyard world by accident, despite some deaths, the race seemed to prosper because of their construction skills and their knack of successful recycling, even having to join in the effort to clean up the planet. They now live deep under the planet's ground inside a complex series of caverns at a maximum of 15 levels. Their technology includes bio-weaponry and vibroweaponry, ground/hovering vehicles, liquid-display, limited space technology, a digital currency system, and advanced robotics and cybernetics.
  • Citimite- The deleicate natives of Citi Superior. The fragile insectiods of a vegitarian life sytile and primitive Teadr 7 civilisation need the great creatures of the Citi Superior planet, the unigte Collosisaurs, to thrive on their ecosystemed backs and the plants that grew from these moblised mountains. Sometimes, when these giant creatures die, they sinmply make an exitious to another collosious with the animals that lived on the creatures, while working to avoid sand horrors and sandstorms. While the Citimite looks deleicate, they are well adapted to travel in the desert, though why they live in the Collosisaurs back is because it offers food and protection from predatory sand horrors, where they only have to worry about giant parasitic AUU tick creatures coming to their "God-Beasts", of which they dubbed the giant parasites "Destroyers of God-Beasts", or "God-Beast Killers", of which thankfully, the Citimites are filled with naterol defences and effective enough primitive weaponry to fight off such parasites, which in turn keeps the Collosasaur safe from infection unless the parasitic horde is too much to fight back.
  • Symbidite- A race of Teadr 7 parasitic skeletal-like insectoid being native to the living planet Symbim. They stand up to 8ft tall, and look like large skeletal figures, actually descending from the combined DNA of humans (Slighty), Leximites, and parasitic tick-like insects. They have a black-brown coloration with a red-to-purple mark on their bottoms and heads. They have 4 hairy arms, have natural strength and agility and a deafening shriek, layered bodies, armored backs, quadruple-hinged jaws, insectiod heads, the ability to vomit a sticky burning orange-yellow acid which immobilizes targets, and hair-like structures on their heads and limbs. They are tribal hostile beings which have a symbiotic relationship with their own planet as a living organism, and have headhunters hunt for food which consists of anything they find edible to the planet, including other-worldly beings. They then sacrifice their captured targets to toothed pits which are actually the mouths of their planet, and the planet itself naturally removes excess waste from volcanoes, all of which the Symbimites actually rely on for nourishment. These creatures' language is difficult and too intolerable to understand, and they give birth quicker than humans. They descended from a genetic experiment from an extinct Teadr 1 race which also made Symbim a living organism, hoping that this species could be an excellent symbiotic creature. However, the intentions backfired as the species invaded the race, and after millions of sacrifices, the race abandoned the planet. The Symbidites have since been nourishing this planet and had been nourished themselves in return.
  • Weavoid Baby and Adult (Race Chart Coming soon...)

    Weavoid- A race of Teadr 7 semi-sentient arachnid beings indigenous to the Planet Weavii (Eta Universe, Lariclum Sector, Weeven System) which are infamously known as the creatures responsible for the 50-year Weaving Wars that were fought between them and the Yatorans 100 years after the AUU Second Cartoonian War, and a 2-year war before that against them and the Ehswans. These creatures are noted for standing up to 10.8ft tall, and are noted for their apricot abdomens, their green blood, their 6 spider-like legs, their long necks with insectoid heads and 8 eyes, their 2 arms with one brachium and two forearms and clawed hands, and their hair-like structures which are useful as urticating hairs. They are infamous for their ability to vomit corrosive green acid which consist of not just substances that are also used in their adhesive webbing which is malleable and can be made as light as plastic or strong as steel, but also infectious of their commonly-spread disease, the weaving fever, which has symptoms that include green spots, nausea, weakening muscles, and often times blood poisoning. These creatures reproduce rapidly thanks to colonies having multiple queens and drones, both of which are capable of defending themselves through their acid and disease, and the races' bites can often lead to either infection or of an infamous effect of mutating into a hybrid, though this effect is only common in queens. Other caste members include crafters which produce the web structures and provide food for the colony, the warriors which make up the pinnacle of the invasion forces with their acid and disease, and the juggernauts which are the largest of the caste and are capable of launching larger sprays of acid, as well as an explosive acid ball comprised of the same substance which comprises the eggs. The eggs are green in color, and hatch in 2 hours, and the babies look like a normal spider and have yet to gain their arms and necks, but are also deadly because of a growth span of 2 weeks and for also being able to defend themselves with their acidic spit. Their first war was against the Ehswans which lasted only two years and was quickly quelled back to their home planet. However, after the AUU Second Cartoonian War, the Weavoids were able to return and battle against the Yatorans, starting the Weavoid War which lasted up to 50 years, killing and infecting billions of innocent lives until they were wiped clean through a Quarantine Laser procedure, and were given an exile shield around their home planet to prevent it from spreading once again. However, the actions of the Weavoids were not out of pure malice or evil, they're actselly very social creatures. They're just also extremely socially awkword and have a bad habit of giving "New friends" love bites that ends up doing more harm then good, of which their clumsy social shenanigains are mistaken for being violent and lead to their exsile to begin with, not helped by their physical appearence and infectious tendingcys often caused by them being social-doofuses. Helps little that they only speak in a languise that's hard to understand so they couldn't explain themselves out of a bad situation. They hoped to be able to get into other planets to start new homes in awareness of their far too powerful reproduction rate that will easily lead to an over-population problem that will end up destroying them unless a kind enough soul vouches for them due to their incomprehensive language and proves that what they did wasn't out of violence. They have no technology since they are not intelligent enough for it, but they make monuments out of their own webbing.
  • Hymenovespula- A race of Teadr 4 human-sized wasps of uncertain origin and are native to almost any planet in the AUU. They stand over 8ft tall, possessing the ability to lift 100x their own body weight with exceptional ant-based strength, sting venom that causes temporary inflammation, swelling, and sometimes death. They stand on 4 legs, and have 2 arms with opposable thumbs, their elaborately-built wasp wings can allow them to fly over 50-60 mph, their exoskeletons are built like durable plastic to soften blows during accidents in flight, have 13-lobed brains, 4 five-chambered hearts contained inside layered lungs that breath through tiny holes in the neck, their ocelli see enhanced color, and they have red oxygen-rich blood. They live in a wasp-like caste system of workers and soldiers in which 1 certain individual wasp is chosen by the queen to be the next queen through a fertile substance that is injected into the heir's womb that makes it pregnant for the rest of it's lives, and making it the new queen. Their homes are in hives the size of an average skyscraper with an entire monarch city inside. They are mostly rough in psychology, but are known to be the best of therapists and their amygdalas are different in that they develop emotion and personality by observing the behavior of others as larva and pupa.
  • Formovespula- A Teadr 3 subterranean ant-like race and evolutionary cousins to the Hymenovespula possibly of equally uncertain origin and are found on the same amount of worlds in the AUU. Standing 7ft tall, these beings have a similar biology, anatomy, and physiology as Hymenovespula, except they possess double their strength, a worse venom that causes 1-2 days of burning bodily systems, among minor symptoms, no wings, have photographic memory and calculative 15-lobed brains, the same circulorespiratory system but with two additional hearts, 4 legs and 2 arms, and the same extra-impressionable maturity cycle. (TBC...)
  • Huntrixmite- A race of Teadr 2 wasp beings native to Planet Huntrix Superior (???, ???, Huntrix System). They are a Sub-Cousin race of Hymenovespula that were once a normal hive but years of isolation evolved them into a radically different race that are fierece fighters, even for being about the size of medium-sized dogs. They reverse-engineered smuggled Garganula weaponry to make their own way to combat Garganulas. Usually, the Huntrixmites usually take what the Garganulas deemed to be outcasts in the purpose of feeding their carcusses to their young, but the Garganulas hard times became THEIR hard times because the Garganulas desired all members, even ones unpopular, to stay alive. This sparked a more intense relationship as the Huntrixmites have started raiding parties on isolated Garganula towns and take all residence to be subugated. The Garganulas did aim to bring punishment to the Huntrixmites, but they have been held back by UIS, the Huntrixmites new allies. The least the Garganulas can do is build up more defences on the cities and encourage towns to move closer to the cities for better protection. But the Huntrixmites still enjoy going after whatever loner or traveling Garganula party that strays beyond the group to ensure their surviveal. The Huntrixmites don't nessersarly hate the USRA, but they have been convinced that the USRA would offer problems to them in some shape or form because of their lifesytile and acted on surviveal interest to join UIS as a result, hence why UIS was allowed to house their moon to build an anti-expanstion blockade beyond their system.
  • Skeeterazoid- A species of Teadr 2 mosquito-like hornet native to any planet with bugs. Known for their ability to absorb bacteria and disease, they can easily be masters of germ warfare. In thanks to a stubbern and dying jerk-off of a leading Queen of this race refusing the help of a neightbering race, they became natural enemies to the Hymenovespulas and have been for uncountable wars and years. They were nearly wiped out until The princess of the Hymens convinced the main queen to spare them for a friend of hers. But after a conflict in the Original UUniverses, the idiotic tyrant queen of the Skeetraziods was finally gone, and the two races were made allies. The Skeeterazoids are bizarre creatures, standing 9ft on 4 hairy legs, and having 2 hairy arms with opposable thumbs. Their stingers are sharp and long, and their proboscis is a long tongue-like structure, and their colorations range from dark-green to gold. They have 2 pairs of golden wings which can allow them to fly at over 60 mph. 52% of them are unable to speak English or understand it without technology to back them up.
  • Auguran- A Teadr 2 fairy-like being which is native to the Planet Augury. Though having translucent fairy-like wings and having human-like skin, they are actually closely related to insects when viewed up close by the hair-like chaeta on their heads and arms, their rough exoskeleton (which is actually used for better protection like armor since it has evolved an endoskeleton) and a molting process, and for their many larval stages. Qualities that make them look human are their human-like eyes that evolved from compound eyes and have a singular focus pupil that can allow 360-degree vision, their noses and mouths, their human-like hands and feet, their exoskeletons being much transparent and smooth, giving the appearance of smooth human skin, and their human-like organs including functional lungs. Most of their endoskeleton is cartilaginous except for the spinal column, skull, and pelvis. These beings have ranged bioluminescent color markings on their skin and wings ranging from red, orange, yellow, cyan, blue, and purple, though retain pinkish human-like skin, and are over 4ft tall. They are excellent magical creatures that have been known to be guardians of magic and are found on every magical world in the AUU. They are also semi-technological beings which have knowledge in both science and magic, believing them to be equal forces, even learning how to master Teadr 1 technology while retaining a Teadr 2 level. They use technology and magic to their full potential, and they adapt, fight, and prosper with it.
  • Comban- A species of Teadr 6 bee/hornet-like Southern/Alien/Medieval-accented insectoids which are indigenous to the Planet Combra (Delta Universe, Galitar Sector, Beedix System). They are a race of hostile 15.5ft (car-sized) insectoids which are noted for their yellow-to-gold coloration, their bee-like hairs, their 2 pairs of wings, their compound eyes, and their 6 limbs. They come in 4 different castes, having workers which specialize in construction and have pollen sacs underneath their abdomens for harvesting nectar and using it for the production of their sweet honey, there's soldiers which are deadly and work in numbers, armed with stingers that have venom which doesn't exactly kill, but it only results in unbelievable pain as the result of it containing potent amounts of acetylcholine and pain-inducing chemicals, and are often armed with a weapon, there are drones which are meant to impregnate the queen and actually produce the honey, and the queen reproduces and commands the hive. They have been hostile to other-worldly beings for millennia because of them being used as slaves in the early days during the AUU Second Cartoonian War by a Teadr 2 French/Alien-like Sun Bear/Badger-Like race called the Gomolleans, for their honey and other materials. This slave event had lasted for 50 years until they eventually rebelled and killed all in their way, and demanded their way back to their home planet, even wiping out the Gomolleans by wiping them clean into extinction through a climate-controlling satellite that they now keep as a superweapon called the Geonic Destroyer that they only use as a last resort, even though they are mainly a Teadr 6 race. Ever since, they have been hostile to visitors because of how they oppressed them long ago. Millions of years later, and remaining mostly stagnant until developing a semi-medieval society, they still act hostile to other-worldly beings, and it is considered a forbidden area by even villains, and even the Villains Act couldn't go to their home planet because the Combans have evolved too perfectly to be taken advantage of again. Their honey is edible, but has never been tasted since they were freed, but legend says that it was as sweet as the heavens and tasting it could send you into bliss for hours. Their technology includes projectile/liquidation-based firearms, nectar-based display, an advanced religious system, advanced medicines, and wearable computers and mobile devices.
  • Gaxanoid- A species of Teadr 4 insectoid beings which are similar to the Geonosians of Star Wars, and are indigenous to the desolate planet of Gaxanosis (Theta Universe, Faste Sector, Gaxano System). They are noted for being a race of semi-technological imperials which evolved from fly-like creatures, and are distinguished for their 2 pairs of wings, their many-jointed legs and human-like arms, their tiny abdomens with vestigial stingers, their eyes which evolved from compound eyes and can still allow for 360-degree vision, and for mostly speaking their own native language, rarely knowing how to speak English. They live in a caste system which is actually a part of their life cycle. They start off as the lower caste of forerunners, which were an oppressed caste of construction workers with vestigial wings who built the many complex hive structures that stand as tall as a skyscraper, and only get out of this caste system when entering a rite-of-passage involving skills in combat and survival, then entering the praetorian caste, which the races' guard consists of. The praetorians, upon passing the rite-of-passage, are given a biological elixir which allows their vestigial wings to develop, and their bodies to become more fit for combat. Most forerunners pass the rite-of-passage, though those that don't are to remain a forerunner forever. The praetorians serve the queen until her death, in which a worthy female individual will be given the elixir to develop her into the new queen. The queen has a massive egg sac which allows her to reproduce 12 eggs at a time when fertilized by a drone, and can be removed and inserted back at any time. They are experts at using scavenged machinery to build new kinds of creations, and thus they were a perfect race for the Villains Act to use as providers of Starbot armies, and thus their planet was the home of several robot factories, as well as some weapon and munitions factories which provide the weapons for the Starbots.... At least until Bloggle the Ancient got usurped LITTERALLY on the first day of rulership and replaced and the formerly useful race quickly turned disobedient to the VA and chased them out, pretty much forcing the VA to consider finding other ways to make their needed Starbot and other needs factories. These creatures' technology consists of chemical/plasma-based weaponry, vibroweapons including spears and knives, advanced robotics, medicines, limited access to space travel, and various inventions.
  • Nocomite- An species of Teadr 4 golden insectoids that are native to only insect planets. They are known to be one of the wisest species in the Alternate UUniverses. Some choose paths of good, others for evil. They live in a patriarchal society, meaning that the 12ft tall males are the dominant gender. That is why most males are on the side of evil. The females, being only 10ft tall, are meant for labor and reproducing. These creatures are distinguished for their 'ugly' faces, which they are aggressively sensitive about. Even saying they're ugly can be like signing your own death warrant. They have 4 arms lined with 5-inch-long poisonous claws, and they have chitinous structures surrounding their limbs which allow them to glide long distances. They have 8 eyes which see in ultraviolet vision, and have 2 chelicerae on their mouth with have fur-like structures that allow them to smell, and they have tongues that can impale their enemies like a knife. This is a wise diplomatic species that doesn't like to be ticked.
  • Ciyamite- A race of Teadr 7 hostile sapient ant-like termite insectoids native to the Planet Ciyanope. Standing over 7ft tall and possessing the skills of a velociraptor, these carnivorous beings have developed an advanced yet primitive civilization with half-advanced technology and half-advanced labor. They were controlled by a single hive-mind, and were barely sentient and concise when not in a group. They had 8 limbs, 4 being legs and 4 being arms. They had 6 eyes on their human-shaped faces, and 4 on their lower abdomens. They weren't capable of flight like certain termites, but they could leap long distances with their hind flea-like legs. Hundreds of termite hills make up their cities, and each stand at a maximum of 50ft tall with tunnels that go miles underground. Worker Ciyamites spend their entire lives in their hills and are responsible for digging tunnels in the ground, irrigating water, building monuments and structures, and making sure their tunnels and interior villages stay hot. Soldier Ciyamites are the ones that go out and hunt for prey. Each wielded 2-pronged spears made from metals that were as lethal as broken glass, and combustible fruits as explosives. Their queen stands 8ft tall, and is responsible for reproduction until she would transfer her reproduction mucus into another individual that would take her place.
  • Photomite- A species of Teadr 5 humanoid bioluminscent fireflies native to the Planet Bieoclite. Standing over 6ft tall, these creatures, evolving from firefly-like insectoids, make a living hunting the savage Terragords that live on and terrorize their planet. Once living in bustling kingdoms, these peaceful half-advanced insects now live in a post-apocalyptic world which was destroyed by the Terragords that lived undergroud and populated it for 50 years until finally invading because of the Photomites attacking them first because they were afraid of the size and appearence of the creatures. Since then, the Photomites live in clans that try to shelter themselves from the Terragords, and have dedicated themselves to hunting the Terragords into extinction and save their worlds, not realising that this mess was their own fault prevoking the creatures. Right now, they're 48% complete. However, a less genisiding method would soon be discovered by the most unlikely of people. Despite being capable of flight with their 2 wings, they start off not being very good at it, and require training to master it. They stand on 2 legs, and have 4 arms with 3 clawed fingers. They use their bioluminescence for various roles, ranging from signaling to distracting Terragords. Males are dark-green in color and have neon-green bioluminescence, and females are dark-blue in color and have sea-green bioluminescence. While the Terragords make up part of their diet, they usually eat other kinds of insects.
  • Erschite- A species of Teadr 2 oddly-colored bombardier beetles native to the Planet Erscion. Being as small as a Goliath beetle, they are known to be aggressive against enemies. While they are normally calm and collective as part of their customs, their anger is lethal and literally fuels the body for a devastating defense mechanism. Their glowing abdomens contain chemical glands that produce hydrogen peroxide and hydroquinones just like a bombardier beetle. But this defense mechanism is different, for when the reaction activates, their abdomens create a flash of light with the same effects as a flash bang grenade. This not only burns the enemy, but it also makes them dizzy and their sight remains blurry for 30 seconds, resulting in unbearable agony and pain. They have compound eyes similar to that of flies, so they can see in hundreds of different directions, and their 4 wings allow them to fly very fast. They are well-known allies to the Atonts, and both share a world together.
  • Keltoid- A race of Teadr 3 crustaceous insectoids that are native to the Planet Kelton. They are advanced in technology, and each colony rules a single country on Kelton. The Keltoids stand over 8ft tall, and are similar to hornets and lobsters, and have different caste systems, capable of building their ship-sized hives underwater or on land right near a waterside. They stand on 4 legs, have 2 arms, and have 5 stingers on their paddle-like tails. They have a large set of wings that can be used for flying or for swimming as flippers. Their colors range from yellow to red, each depending upon the nation or hive. Workers spread out to land or in the sea to search for flowers or aquatic flowers to gain nectar from, which they use to produce a sweet-tasting honey. Soldiers are meant to act as defenders and guardians for the workers. Their honey is so sweet, they gave full permission to the USRA to farm the honey. Now, the Keltoids all work in honey-gathering factories that are powered by the USRA's own reactor technology.
  • Titanoids

    Titanoid- A species of Teadr 4 humanoid grasshoppers native to the Planet Titanmorna, but then welcomed into Sigrus due to a hostile race booting them out of their old planet by the native Sigrozoans, who their own kindness ended up being costly thanks to a desistating curse apawn them by a secretly corrupt wizard king. Standing over 8ft tall, they developed a Darwinist rite-of-passage to prove an adolescent's survival and adaptability by entering the Devil's Ground, and killing a single Sigrozoan, which thanks to said wizard king, have turned into mindless seemingly unsentient beasts. Those who didn't return with a kill within 48 hours were banished by law. The Titanoids stood on 2 long legs, and had 4 arms with 6 fingers each. Their antennae are very long, and their color ranges from dark-brown to pale-yellow. They could use their long legs to leap high into the air for a good takeoff for flying with it's 2 pairs of wings which allow them to fly at over 60 mph. Another trait is that the Titanoids' faces are netouriously misleading. While at first they have a pretty friendly Nick Jr. Kinda insect orianted face, in truth, the lower jaw are actselly surrated manables that can open and give you abit of a scare when you see them open for the first time. Interestingly, they can sometimes grow beards on their faces and false-lower-jaw manaables. These jaws are becauses Titanoids evolved from an ansistery onivorious ambuse hunter that in times of less plant growth, Titanoids use friendly and harmless faces to trick lesser predators and/or unwitting conpeting herbavores into thinking it's harmless, only for a nasty surprise to happen. Fortunately, the Titanoids evolved genteler characters and morals dispite his ansisterial history, though the "Lower Jaw" thing can still surprise and even scare people.
  • Lexibite- A species of Teadr 3 centipede-like 4ft and 15ft-long creatures native to the Planet Lexicon. Despite appearing as insects, they are actually close relatives to crustaceans, retaining a semi-aquatic lifestyle. Their color ranges from black-to-brown armored backs and tan-orange-to-bright-orange soft underbellies, 18 legs and 8 arms with opposable hands, short heads with 5 eyes and quadrupedal-hinged jaws, and a lobster-like paddled tail. Not only are these beings diplomatic and often-times military, living in a society similar to Ancient Rome, they are also wise creatures who have a famous reputation of recording all-known information from a maximum of a million years through the use of advanced quantum-based energy which they could use for any purpose, including visiting the past as invisible quantum-based astral projections, quantum cataloging supercomputers, and is the strongest dating system for prehistoric fossils. This quantum energy can also be used for their own hyperspace travel (called jumpspace in their terms), as well as for weaponry, teleportation, and various other functions. Other common technologies include holography, semi-sentient AI and robotics, hovering vehicles, and architecture similar to Ancient Rome.
  • Exifropods

    Exifropod- A species of Teadr 2 spider-like scorpion men native to the Planet Exifron. They have the upper body similar to an ape, a lower body shaped like a spider, and the tail of a scorpion. Standing over 10ft tall, having a 12ft long scorpion tail, standing on 8 legs, having 2 3-fingered arms, having calcium-carbonate and chitin exoskeletons that can withstand plasma blasts, and having 8-lobed brains, the Exifropods are among the most successful species in the AUU. Their caste systems worked more like a city. Workers were meant for construction, digging, research, and delivery services, their fangs producing a sticky glue for pasting, and long clawed hands meant for digging. Soldiers were larger, meant for security, military operations, and hunting for food. The king and queen rule an imperial parliamentary oligarchy and reproduce young together. When it is time for a new king and queen, the Parliament will choose the candidates for the throne, and the former king and queen will implant them both with gene substances to make them king and queen. They have traveled through space colonizing several moons and planets, usually consisting of other insect races, expanding their empire. Their poisonous stings contain lethal contents of iridium, which may be hazardous and make you explode when it's ignited by your body heat. They are also pollinators, whereas workers harvest nectar to produce a honey that conducts electricity and powers most of their community.
  • Cryonoid- A species of Teadr 7 ant-mantis hybrid creatures that live under the icy depths of Oranos. They are matriarchal creatures that can only adapt in sub-zero temperatures, and cannot survive in warmer climates since their exoskeletons are 60% water. They come in various castes. Workers are responsible for agriculture, chemistry, and engineering, making them expert manufacturers and saboteurs. Soldiers are dedicated to nothing but fighting with their razor-sharp claws and their ice-breath. Gatherers are chemical agents who can both fight and grow with their head-nozzles which spray substances as a liquid or gas. Shamans/Charwoman are responsible for replenishing caste-members' abilities such as the soldiers' ice breath and the gatherers' nozzles, and even practice alchemy. The queen is called the 'Matriarch', and she has the job of ruling and reproducing for the colonies. Like common caste insects, the Cryonoids had once went to battles with each other until A well-intentioned anti-war shaman cursed their agricultural source, The Feeding Egg, to react negatively to war, hate, sin and violence. It brought permanent peace to the tribes and stayed that way until the Cryonoids ended up having something new to have issues with when Oranos was made a prison world, which upset the delicate balance of the Feeding Egg with the sin and violence of the prisoners, and sometimes the wardens enforcing them, and with the prisons containing these things, the Egg would surely die unless something was done. It would eventually be settled by a rookie warden for the prison systems.
  • Zakktor- A species of wasp-hornet hybrid creatures that can be widespread all over the AUU. They have a similar coloration to the Oriental hornet, and has the body structure of a wasp. It's noted for it's yellow abdomen bands that glow bright-yellow in the dark at will. Other bioluminescent parts of the Zakktor is the tips of the antennae, and the forehead. They live in hives and live in a matriarchal monarch society. They only diet consists of nectar and honey, which they sell all over the AUU when producing too much in their factories for those who are space-faring or independent. Their hives lay on the ground and are the size of malls.
  • Ostaisopod- A species of Teadr 3 lobster-like crabs native to the Planet Ostaine. They are advanced in technology and culture, known for their ability to create lift in the water with swim bladders and paddling tails. They are creatures that live in an amazing economy, a parliamentary democracy, and discovered a renewable energy source through watermills in underwater currents, which also serve as their main method of far-distance transportation. They had 8 legs, 2 pincers with opposable thumbs, and 8-lobed brains.
  • Crogamari- A species of Teadr 2 crustaceous humanoids native to many aquatic planets. They are among the many prominent species in the AUU.
  • Igrallan- A species of Teadr 3 crabs which hail from the Planet Igrall, which is a USRA planet that is accompanied by the many dominant races of the AUU. The Igrallans were humanoids with a human's top and a crab bottom. They have 4 front pincers and they walk on 6 legs. They are good allies to the Legion, and helps provide their very useful technology for them to fight off the Villains Act. When it was destroyed, the race continued to remain allies.
  • Jostyk- A species of Teadr 7 insectoid beings native to the lava planet Jostafar (Alpha Universe, Bacmus Sector, Globrunx System). They are 4.2ft subterranean termite-ant-like beings that have deep-red heads and abdomens, black-red bodies with four arms and two legs, they have a caste system consisting of workers that burrow and build subterranean hives, soldiers that are entirely red, are much durable, and shoot corrosive red acid from their mouths, has flammable red blood, and two brain cases in it's head, allowing them to not only focus on two things at a time, but enhance their brain power and separate their perceptional symmetry. They evolved from heat-retardant native wildlife and developed a diet of not just meat and plants, but also dirt and metals. They made armor from Jostafar's native Jostamites, creatures of which are known domesticated creatures, and they were entirely subterranean beings, only coming to the surface to collect valuable minerals from the lava flows. They have two breeds that occupy both the North and South Poles of the planets as the short and strong southern Jostyk subspecies carried out the heavy labor involved, while the tall and slender northern Jostyk subspecies acted as guards and expert Jostamite riders. They were oppressed by the Black Star Syndicate when they made the planet their capital, and placed them as slaves of their criminal empire, primarily for mining the resources of their home planet. Their technology includes bows and arrows, spears, domesticated animals, advanced irrigation and dams, advanced tools and indoor plumbing, and has advanced building tactics and coordinated thinking.
  • Mireotis- A species of Teadr 5 mantis/stickbug-like insectoid beings native to the Planet Mireo (Epsilon Universe, Polgren Sector, Tibella System). They're 6.2ft beings noted for their temporary color-changing abilities, their 9 metamorphosis stages, their mantis-like heads, their stick-like bodies, their 4 mantis-like legs and 4 long-fingered arms, their gliding retractable translucent blue-purple shaded wings, their blue-purple shaded eyes, aside from the rare greens and green-blues, purple blood, makeshift lungs that give them no need to have size determined by oxygen concentration, two hearts, an extra lobe in their brains, regenerative limbs, and they have a different color spectrum in their eyes. They are known for their grace and enlighten enfluence and founded onto a belief that all walks of life should be accepted reguardless of what they are and what they believe in. But what makes them even greater is that they have a powerful artifact called the orb of restoration that protects against destruction of their kind and anything they care about, even make them indestructable by proxy, when the power of the orb only leaves them in a death-like sleep. Heck, the orb itself is indestructable too, so any genisideal maniac is damn out of luck. It would also be worse for them that once the orb restores the race back to full force, the maniac behind it will have his soul taken to the dark pits of the Mireoian underworld, and his crimes undone. Unfortunately, they're currently trapped in their slumber by an infamous xenophobic to outsiders group that punished them with geniside for willfull defience. With the leader fearful of his ineditable end once the orb is used again, and that it's indestructable, the cowerdly brute is force to restrict the fuck out entry to the planet, even to fellow members in fearing of defecters. The Mireotises, though lackluster in the tec department, have a great enfluence of near-devine magic that enables them to visit any world they choice. Some sciencetists speculate that the race has the potaintional to become a new Teadr 1 race once tec starts becoming a thing with them, others even believe they can become the first race to reach the fabled Teadr 0 if on a good run. Interestingly, though part-mantis, they're strictly herbavores and rarely ever touched meat unless it's to cremate a lost loved one or a beloved pet, part of a speical occation feast, or when in hard times. Aside from the technology provided to them by the system including Omnican robotics and weaponry, their own technology is limited because of their semi-primitive culture and albeit Renaissance-like period, having excellent medicine, advanced material technology, programmable matter, vertical and aquatic farming, genetic engineering, advanced tools, agriculture, and monuments, amazing art and architecture, and advanced forms of domestication.
  • Waeetie- A race of Teadr 3 locust-like beings from Planet Waeetis (Gamma Universe, Bothira Sector, Veniso System). They are the original native Waeetisians. They were spreaders of happiness and joy in their world. In fact, Waeetis is their word for "Happy". They never had need for physical consumption of food and water. They were able to thrive on filter feeding on happiness, joy, and love. Thus, this biological gift allowed them to thrive even in the harshest of times, as long as they had love. But unfortunately, they became victim of tragity. The beloved princess, the daughter of Emperor Splooshvag died of a broken heart because her lover sacriviced himself fighting off an invading Waeetisian demon overlord and banished the overlord and his army to the Cluster Boundery at the cost of his own life. Cause of this, the Waeetie began to become sad, and the magic of the world's happiness began to clutter and fall apart. The people were becoming sad, and in term, they were starving themselves and becoming weaker. Then, the emperor, in desperation to prevent their own biologay from harming themselves, he placed a powerful hex on his people to make sure they don't die. However... At a price. The emperor used the infamous hex, "The Benvolence Parasite Hex". It would be so that as long as they are near a place of pure unbridled benvolence, they would live forever and be unstoppable. Once so, they would aim to bring that benvolence closer to them, and never let it go. But the Emperor knew that no one would live in Waeetis with them around, so, he took his entire people underground, figuring that if people think that Waeetis had not sentence, helped that the natives were not exactly well known given their Teadr 7 levels being that they rely purely on magic. And his hunch was correct, because people would come to colonise the planet not understanding the fatal error in waiting. Thing is, they were accsidently discovered by a young King Jall. Thing is, her knew from the start that no one would believe him, so he kept the horred truth to himself. But to protect the people from the cursed beings, he had to use the one thing the hex made them allergetic to: Tyranny. By forcing people out of homes and into Condos and making impossabily unpayable taxes, Jall was protecting the people, even going as far as to become a VA Benufactor to get protection from non-understanding outside forces, as well as to get a private starbot army because, wouldn't you know it, they perfectly resemble the Waeeties' demons of lore. However, when otherwise great heroes are made to ruin his aims to protect his people thanks to a vengeful cowerdly spineless asshole, Prince Cill would end up taking over, and in essence, finally free the curse race to their feast of positive emotions.
  • Scebuggean- A race of Teadr 1.5 hymenopteran-like insectoid beings that are native to the Planet Sciburia (Beta Universe, Nexther Sector, Jalladome System), and also go by the nickname of 'Sci-Bugs'. Though they have the same qualities of having 8 legs, color-changing translucent wings, bioluminescent abdomens, slow healing factors, fast reflexes, an expansive omnivorous diet, evolved lungs to maintain their common sizes, a higher perception of color and compound vision, and commonly appear black, they are expansive in appearance and form as they come in 5 breeds that act like a wide caste system: Apocers (wasps, which come in 5 sub-breeds: Macroleps (butterflies), Heters (moths), Sphecers (hunting wasps), Anisons (dragonflies), and Chalcers (chalcid wasps)), Vesps (hornets which come in 2 sub-breeds: Jacketers (yellowjackets) and Potties (potter wasps)), Apiis (bees that come in 5 sub-breeds: Mecachilies (leafcutter bees) Mercors (killer bees), Mellifers (honeybees), Culices (mosquitoes), and Melipons (stingless bees)), Formics (ants that come in 10 sub-breeds: Isopteuns (termites), Attans (leafcutter ants), Solenos (fire ants), Marabunts (army ants), Iridoms (meat ants), Oecops (weaver ants), Bulbers (honeypot ants), Campons (carpenter ant), Halmans (bull ants), and Aphers (aphids)), and Dipters (flies : Muscas (houseflies), Cicads (cicadas), Tabans (horseflies), Nematocers (gnats), Drosophons (fruitflies), Tipuls (craneflies), Syrphers (hoverflies), Pserchers (drainflies), Strations (soldierflies), Asilins (robberflies), Xyllers (stinkflies), Bombyls (beeflies), Ephemers (mayflies), Hybots (danceflies), Rhagions (snipeflies), Sarcons (fleshflies), and Scioms (marshflies)). They highly praise science as they have a society similar to that of Brave New World, but unlike said book, they are free of limits despite the normal castes each of the sub-breeds play a role in as each sub-breed is selectively born, among other birth control moments, and natural birth has not been done in centuries. They live in a highly-advanced quarter-ecumenopolis world with a democratic parliamentary government, and they do wonderful things and they are open to make any change to any flaw as denying so was what caused a war that nearly wiped out their race. They produce hive/hill-like cities that are connected deep underground, and they are semi-technophiles just like their acquaintances the Tiikons. Because of their advanced society, they were targeted by their planetary neighbors, the tentacle-spider mollusks known as the Jalladomeons, who took interest in their carefully-setup society, yet the race fights to protect their technology as such a thing was highly punishable in their society, and as such they nearly declared war and instead formed a rebellion against the Jalladome Confederation. Their technology includes touch-screen/holographic mobile devices and computers, all forms of display, self-assembling projectile/vibro/pulse/laser/plasma/disintegration/particle/fusion/nuclear weaponry, virtual/augmented reality, advanced robotics and fully-sentient AI, ground/hover/air vehicles, advanced medical and material technology, digital/atomic assembly technology, crypto-currency, teleportation, cloaking technology, force-fields, advanced horticulture, advanced techbuildings, programmable matter, genetic farming, solid-light technology, and highly-advanced space technology.
  • †Arterian- (4-Armed Alien Teadr 1, Arteroy (Gamma Universe, Gamma Core Sector, Armoboum System), TBC...)
  • †Realsh- A race of Teadr 1 extinct fairy-like insectoids native to Planet Realisia (Epsilon Universe, Epsilon Core Sector, Reallu System). They are human-like 5.6ft beings with beautiful multi-shaped wings, magic senses, powerful color vision, four eyes, 6 arms, antennae that smell magic, eat magic, have expansive metamorphic stages, speak in Breezie-like dialect or accents, have human-like hands, feet, faces, hair, and anatomy, but have multicolored hair and skin which is bioluminescent, alien-like eyes, are symbiotic to magic, fluorescent blue blood, exoskeletons and semi-cartilaginous endoskeletons, extremely elastic muscular systems, active magic-based and fueled systems, and can live for a million years. These Teadr 1 beings were known to create thaumology, or tech-magic which combines magic with technology. Hailing originally from a magical nebula of interdimensional origin, they evolved within, colonized Realisia via asteroid which brought a cataclysm that allowed the evolving Realsh to adapt and learned enough to take a Teadr 1 appearance and become one of the purest beings in the AUU. The nebula, dubbed the Thauma Nebula, became the emblem of the race. They prospered as the givers of magic and thaumology until they seemingly died during the end of the Teadr 1 Ages when they actually turned into living magic to survive a disastrous event of their fault. (TBC...)
  • †Scoeprion- (Teadr 1 Scorpion Men Beings, Egyptian-Style, Scoepra (Zeta Universe, Zeta Core System, Meege System), TBC...)
  • Mogok- (Teadr 2 Bartokk-Like Alien Insectoid Hive-Mind Invaders, (Eta Universe, Isheegus Sector, Mogron System), TBC...)
  • Tirsh- (Teadr 2 Geth-Like Insectoid Beings, Tirshi Om (Beta Universe, Nexther Sector, Gethum System), TBC...)
  • Examoid- A species of Teadr 5 insectoid beings with human-like skeletal bodies, 4 legs going around the waist and forming a tripod-like stature, a large amount of hair-like follicles that form hair on the arms, chest, and head, a yellow face and green-to-blue eyes. (Exaa Wode (Eta Universe, Anderem Sector, Exygue System), TBC...)
  • Magmite- A race of Teadr 4 bombardier-like beetle insectoid beings which are indigenous to the Planet Magmitose (Gamma Universe, Tobani Sector, Magam System). They are distinguished by their dark-brown coloration, their red-to-bright-orange glowing abdomens which can overheat and sizzle, allowing them to either fire a heated projectile or can be used as an offensive weapon, they have 4 arms, a few hair-like structures on their backs, and long antennae. (TBC...)
  • Crinkut- A race of Teadr 2-4 cricket beings native to Planet Crikus (Beta Universe, Groid Sector, Crikus-Sundranam System). They are a lawyer society that despite being the size of toddlers and dolls, are a very advanced race and are nothing to scoff at. The Crinkuts have grew to become disgusted by the USRA's failure and neglect of the Groid system in that crime ran rampant, that a renowned con-artist Grutt was allowed to troll them into not helping the rightful owners of the system, that the War between the Bulliarns and the Vikoreans were allowed to happen, a religious rape culture wasn't responded to sooner then it did, this unrest in the Muton world, the state of Meximus, the ambiguously-concerning ban to travel in Viyphus, along with criticism on how they handled things in other parts of the Beta and beyond. It lead the Crinkuts to become members of UIS and become the legal support for UIS so the USRA can't dream to easily challenge their blockades so easily. The Crinkuts offer no physical blockade to the isolated universes, but they offer a legal one: border control. Those who wish to travel beyond what is known are subjugated to ridiculous amounts of paperwork and legal jargon until they give up in frustrations and forsake the trip. The Crinkuts also aide in legal disputes between UIS and USRA over races of interest, and because they are naturally good lawyers, UIS wins every time. The Crinkuts also came to be the only effective form of law and order in the system with the USRA's failures, through they themselves are not violent, they created bots shared with them by UIS known as "Justice Warbots" to combat the lawlessness in USRA neglected systems. The Crinkuts don't necessarily hate the USRA races, they are just tired of their "shoddy performance" in their home sector and felt like they had to be ones who clean up the mess. That being said, they deemed UIS more reliable even without the USRA aide of "Being Mainstream" in the AUU community.
  • Qineqitorens- Giant Locust-like Grasshoppers with Katydid quilities known as the Qineqitorens, a Spanich Conquistator Socity of Superiority Complex-Minded Bugs armed with Teadr 2 tec. The Qineqitorens once attempted a mass conquest of the USRA, but thanks to Naurodan aide, this conquesting ultamately failed. As a result, the Qineqitors have came to join UIS and gained friendship with the Vezzerick and espire to subugate the USRA races once more.
  • Asckerites- A Teadr 2 race of termite-headed roach beings native to Planet Asckerirus Prime (Asckeirus 2 System). They are strong 10.1ft beings who went into war with the Ohrugans who muscled in their territory and build military bases on their planets without permission. The Ohrugans at the time were not exactly as honorable as when they joined the Humans, so they claimed Asckerite colonies for their own, destroying their unique Termite Mound Buildings made from a unique technology that allows Asckerites to make tech and nature one. The Ohrugans took over the worlds they liked while leaving the Asckerites the humiliation of only having their homeworld and the planets deemed not worth their time or too ugly for them for benefit. Yes, the Ohrugans improved over those times, but what is maintained since those times is their sour disposition towards the Asckerites and bastardized them in media as ugly primitive beasts, when really the Asckerites only wanted to protect their homes. The Asckerites grew tired of abuse and joined with UIS to reclaim their homes back from the Ohrugans, slowly building a stronger military to overwhelm and chase out the Ohrugans and USRA influence as a whole in the system.
  • Tecadon- A race of Teadr 2 crustacean insects native to Planet Iglodest Prime (Igoldest System). These 8.4ft beings are Ugoldest's like-wise neighbors that are extremely obsessed with technology. When Ugoldest joined as an allience with UIS, the Tecadons joined as members and obliged in building a powerful high-tec wall designed to block out USRA forces from expanding to the since isolated systems.
  • Cassmite- A race of Teadr 4 agricultural potato-bug-aphid beings native to Planet Cassina Major (Casssina System). They are master farmers and horticulturalists. However, the Cassmites were once heavily subjugated by the Xurons in wanting to capitalize on their farmer skills pre-USRA joining days back when the Xuruns were at an era were they were not a considerable improvement from the Byzans. But the Cassmites hosted a revolution against the Xuruns but never succeeded to fight them back off. It wasn't until the UIS was founded for some time now that the Cassmites finally were able to chase away Xurun enslavement, and thus, the Casssina System became high UIS supporters. Being Teadr 4, the Cassmites offer little ability to offer an effective blockade, hence why UIS colonized their moon and created a force field surrounding the exit towards the isolated worlds.
  • Cordensian- A race of Rhinosaurus Beetle/Stag Beetle/Hercules Beetle/Golith Beetle eqsed race called the Cordensians. A powerful bulky beetle race that, while the size of average beetles, they have tec that is not to be laughed at. In the days before the Atonts even wanted to join the USRA, they were once subservent to the Cordensians serving their whims. But then the USRA came to the Atonts' rescue and defeated the Cordensians. The mighty Teadr 2 race has never been so humiliated by this. With the Atonts free, the Cordensians swore to restore their order on them. UIS managed to earn their trust barely to have their aide, though a great blockade already exists before joining as the Cordensians are always a private sort, now the walls serve as a block out to now isolated systems.
  • Tuog- A trilobite-like race (Tuoger (Eta Universe, Lariclum Sector, Tefrao System), TBC...)
  • Scyllaron- (Teadr 2 Peacock-Shrimp-Like Beings, TBC...)
  • Shoban- Moth-Like Teadr 3 Beings (TBC...)
  • Nerid- Mini Gruid Teadr 1.5 Nerdy Beings (TBC...)
  • Manitan- (A Teadr 2 human-like insectoid larviform empaths, TBC...)
  • Erizan- (Teadr 3 Spider Centaur Beings, TBC...)
  • Mantran- (Teadr 3 Mantis 4-Legged Humanoids, TBC...)
  • Empesion- (Teadr 2 Insectoid Conquerors, TBC...)
  • Trilodyte- (Teadr 4 Trilobite Beings, TBC...)
  • Militian- (Teadr 2 Termite-Ant-Wasp-Bee Stratocratic Beings, TBC...)
  • Ryzgon- (Teadr 2 Insectoid Cyborg Beings, AUU Destiny Vex, which are dark semi-organic android Darkryds who are attempting to seize control of Sensus and Xars by turning them into their machines, which they have already done to Icmiria, TBC...)
  • Tetronoid- (Teadr 2 Four-Legged Humanoid Insectoid Beings Similar In Physiology To This, Tetronosis (Alpha Universe, Bacmus Sector, Tetryclus System)
  • Shex'ii- (Teadr 7 Insectoids, Eridi Shex (Alpha Universe, Tharper Sector, Eridyd System))
  • Thrutonian- (Teadr 2 Miniature Fairy-Alien Beings, Thruto (Alpha Universe, Tharper Sector, Eridyd System))
  • †Stygopod- (Teadr 6 Subterranean Woodlouse Beings, Ofrion (Beta Universe, Beta Core Sector, Ofrot System))

Avian Races

  • Havenwing- A race of beautiful birds based around the Birds of Paradise of legend and the Teadr 0 prescurser race of all avian races. The three races they picked to be their deciples are the Psitterians, the Zeagli, and the Vulturi to be the prodominent figures of avians. Howeverm the Vulturi ended up going corrupt under a dictatorship and now got trapped into a conflcit with the Zeagli in another dimention, and the Psitters are reportedly extinct. In sadness, the Havenwings boarded a legendary Starwing and flew off into another dimention, vowing to only come back if their diciples are restored in some way. Like the Starwing, they were deemed a legend amongst Avian races.
  • Tropicoid- (Teadr 0.5 Havenwing Successors, TBC...)
  • †Psitterian- (A Teadr 1 Parrot-Like Race, TBC...)
  • Zeagli- A Teadr 1 Utopian Race of Eagle People of Planet Zeagle that are the seekers of justice and truth and are protecters and guardians for all things sacred and are respondsable of keeping the peace for all walks of life. However, a war with their oppisite neightbers lead them to have both of their planets banished to an inter-dimention where they're the only ones of existence. They vow to return once they dealth with their fuedulent neightbers.
  • Vulaturi- A Teadr 1 Dystopian race of Vulture People that resemble the "Xulture Men of Gravious" only with a sense of thinking and sentience. However, alot of them are tainted by a dictatorship that lead to them stealing tec to get to Teadr 1 without any real effert on their part, so they pretty much retain primitve attatudes. The Zeagles interfeared against them and it resulted in having both of their worlds, which included Planet Vulatur, into an inter-dimention where they're still fighting. They vow to escape without the Zeagles and resume their mad dash to power.
  • Angellan- A graceful race of Teadr 2 white human-like avian beings with 4 limbs and 2 angel-like wings on their backs. They have human-like faces, feathery heads with patterned crests ranging in color from blue to orange, bird-like limbs, puffy soft tail feathers, and beautiful human-like bird eyes. They are known to be a race that has learned to manipulate and adapt with all known Technology Teadrs, and are also close to being at a Teadr 1 level, naming themselves as the most sacred and wise of all beings. They are rumored to have descended from an ancient Teadr 1 race that, in lore, was said to have been the guardians of the AUU titan of knowledge and prosperity, Tromethaeus, and gave the gift of Teadr 1 technology to many races in ancient history. Their technology is comparable to any other Teadr 1 race that existed, yet their monuments are commonly comprised of gold or lighter gold alloys, and the architecture is something considered to be the architecture of the Gods. These beings also apply magic to their daily lives, and one of their colonies has a society where they left technology to have a magocratic society and be one with nature.
  • Kubacenian- A flightless bird-like race which is as bald as a human where there are feathers that serve as hair. They are native to the Planet Kubacene, and are semi-technological beings who live in a semi-primitive society, yet have a vast knowledge in technology. Ever since their home planet was hit by an asteroid and the race kept themselves safe in underground bunkers, this race has had a slow process in growing, and yet they refuse to have outside help since they are their own independent race. While they have good careers off-planet, they still believe they can grow on their own.
  • Darzoan- A species of Teadr 7 white-and-brown eagles indigenous to the Planet Darzillon. Standing over 8ft tall, they are found flying across the planet's jungles searching for food. They are omnivorous, eating fruits, bugs, and dead meat. They are sometimes hostile, but tend to form emotions and understanding against other-worldly beings. They make their villages in high-altitude mountains or tree branches. Their feathers swirl in brown and white, they have anisodactyl talons for grabbing prey, and they can fly as gracefully as an average eagle. Their bones, however, are very fragile. A Darzoan can break it's bone if it's not too careful.
  • Paradisoid- A Teadr 4 Bird-of-Paradise-like flightless bird which is native to the Planet Paradisum (Epsilon Universe, Buexxer Sector, Paradigia System). These birds are known for their amazing beauty and architecture, and they are excellent in self-defense, and are noted for having the greatest and biggest marriages in AUU history. Though what makes them a bit infamous is their polygamy and their lack of belief in infidelity, meaning the ideal of only to keep to a single partner. They often get married to more than one individual, and because they have been in polygamy for millennia, they view the concept of only staying to one loving relationship as something that unnecessarily terminates more loving relationships and restricts love, and thus view "Singularity" dishonorable and manipulating. As a result, this race has had a bad viewing from other races, and earned the unpleasent nick-name of being 'The Worst Race to Marry'. Fortunately, the Grand Council and the USRA both had the shared personal policy of "Live and Let Live" to those with contridicorary beliefs, and believe that if the Paradisoids prefer to live like they do, they have no right to judge. It doesn't stop the both of these govermental bodies from submiting to controversey and negitive peer pressure to make several laws and standerds that forbid Paradisoids from getting involve with the bigger picture of socity, not even the Heroes Act is allowed to accept a Paradisoid hero due to the fact he/she came from what is labeled as a "controverseal race". The biggest one is that the Grand Council was made to make the Paradisoid's practices illegal to the rest of the universes, which is viewed as "Trying to control love", which is a moral dilemma simular to "Freedom Vs. Safety", where in this case, it's "Singularity Vs. Multi-ship". This inspired the planet to fight for their beliefs against an "Unjust, Greedy and Selfish Socity" for what they believe in. Though because of how they are viewed, some individuals have formed secret societies to try and show why the concept of infidelity is crazy and that romance should have no limits, as well as to legalize polygamy, which as mentioned before, due to the AUU being a "Singuler Dominated Socity", is massively illegal. Some of these societies include the The Polygame Perches, who are secretly known for tricking people into cheating on their husbands and wives. Their technology consists of touch-screen display and computers, projectile-based weaponry, holography, advanced cosmetics, hovering vehicles, and advanced medicines. These birds are distinguished by having females that are taller than the males.
  • Taimoa- A Teadr 3 long-legged flightless moa species native to the Planet Taima. They are very calm and collective economic creatures that have made a habit of expanding their economy by colonizing several worlds, even joining the AUU Currency Troupe. They have fine advancements in technology, and are among the greatest self-defense artists. These 10ft tall birds are often very curious. They are fast running creatures that are skilled in self-defense, having cassowary-like foot claws, and retractable feathery frills to scare off hostiles. They have a black, blue, red, and yellow coloration that are used for attracting mates.
  • Xorabeak- An avian race rerived from the Xoria spieces of the Delta system and evolved into a futuristic victorian-eqsed socity, who came to become the greatest organisers, political leaders and just intellectually compident bunch of their homeworld and system and of any of the AUU worlds. While tec of higher levels exists here, the Xorabeaks maintain a more traditional lifesytile and keep things consistently victorian. They even still dress like such. The native birds' love for rules and ahutority and ability to maintain obedience and respect as well as the ability to find compromise in devided situations made them a faverite for the USRA to include the birds into their systems as well, and it worked well enough that a family of Xorabeaks co-own the AUU Currencty Trope. This doesn't mean that the USRA were ignorent to any imperfect individuals, as sometimes some Xorabeaks ended up TOO dedicated to law and order to the point that sometimes an overcontroling goverment problem or a banking system gone rouge is because of self-rightious and over-zealious Xorabeaks. Still, the mishaps were never bad enough to discourage their full trust in the orderly birds, though not without some more careful considerations that are still held to this day.
  • Cateriun- A race of cat-eared birds that are peace-lovers. But unfortunately, they turned slaves to the tragity striken Phends and turned into slaves and workers to make weapons, armor, and other vital things for the Phend, and in some occation, are made to fight for them. The cat-eared birds are often swallow like in nature and lived in a Teadr 7 socity, but are marvilious builders and are quick adapters to even the most unexpected of changes, which played well in the Phends favor as it meant unrelenting obedience and quick converstions to their religen.
  • Crythan- A species of Teadr 4 penguin-like beings which are native to the Planet Cryther (Eta Universe, Ranatos Sector, Cyrimu System). They are distinguished for coming in 6 breeds: Original, Iglan, Racarion, Thishen, Agedilie, and Migellan. The Original breed has black-and-white coloration with orange beaks and feet, the Iglans have a black-and-baby-blue coloration with yellow beaks and feet, the Racarions are black-and-white with yellow beaks, crests on the sides of their heads, and feet, as well as a yellow fade on the upper chest, the Thishens are black-and-white with a moderately-taller height, yellow head crests on the top of their heads, and orange beaks and feet, the Agedilies are a much shorter breed with black-and-white coloration, and red beaks and feet, and the Migellans are entirely black with white streaks, black head-crests, and gray beaks and feet. These beings are a militaristic species that had once had problems with racism among the six breeds, and have had several civil wars with each other that often take 100 years, and over 50 wars were fought for these ideals. However, in the years that followed, some of these breeds ended up making peace with each other, though the only breed that remains hostile is the Migellans, which have started several wars against the other breeds during the Interuniversal War, but then they lost and were exiled to their homeland forever. However, this race, supposedly, has been non-reactive at this point, yet is watched by the Crythan Alliance to make sure they don't strike back. Each breed lives under 6 empires, all mostly being allies except for the Migellans. Their technology includes projectile/freeze-based firearms and vibroweaponry, strong conventional weapons including hydrogen bombs, water-based liquid display, virtual/augmented reality, and they primarily travel by ground and sea, rarely travelling by air.
  • Zealon- A race of Teadr 2 angel-winged avian beings that are native to the Planet Zealotsan (Beta Universe, Nexther Sector, Jalladome System). (Countless Breeds, TBC...)
  • Gashan- A race of Teadr 3 11ft flightless avian beings with gray skin, feathered heads, shoulders, arms, and legs, and had menacing owl-like eyes. They are extremely vicious beings which have had a war with the Byzankans and chased them off their territory, and they have often been seen eating their victims' flesh. They are masters at blacksmithing vibroweaponry, and were experts at robotics and cybernetics, even learning a few technologies from the Byzankans during their battles with them. (TBC...)
  • Gullard- A Teadr 3 seagull-like species of avian fighters who are native to the tropical planet of Gullethos (Beta Universe, Sector, Gardas System). They are agile 5.4ft fliers that are white in color, have gannet-like faces and wings with opposable fingers, and their backs have a blue coloration. They live in a society similar to humans, and have an entire naval police force called the Tide Corps, which had been among the many that have prevailed in the fight against the Villains Act. These avian creatures, evolving from flightless birds that took a life in the skies, have had a legacy as devastating fighters, darting into flying targets with total ease, denting metals and punching holes into virtually anything. Their aquatic ancestry still allows them to swim and remain underwater for long periods of time. Their technology includes touch-screen mobile devices and holographic computers, vibroweaponry and projectile-based weaponry, limited medical technology and robotics, hovering/air vehicles, and limited space travel.
  • Gryphoid- (Teadr 3 Live-Birth Griffin-Like Avian Beings, Gryphosis (Alpha Universe, Tharper Sector, Gryphit System) TBC...)
  • Aurether- A race of Teadr 2 golden bird-like beings that are indigenous to the rainforest planet of Auretheos (Alpha Universe, Pisarque Sector, Golbede System). These pure-hearted 7.8ft beings are noted for their gleaming golden bodies, their quick flight capabilities, the small phalanges on each of their wings, their inability to speak English, their sexual dimorphism with the red back-striped females, and for their kindred spirit. They are heralded by the Yatorans for once being a Teadr 1 race until they were regressed to a lower Teadr level by the Ehswans due to their technology being illegally introduced. The Aurethers, while possessing a wide knowledge of magic and technology, still worship the Yatorans as gods, and have started growing back to a higher level, though have not exactly succeeded at doing so as of yet. Their technology includes hovering/air vehicles, laser/heat-based weaponry and vibroweaponry, their advanced robotics and 75%-sentient AI, their solid-light holography display, their virtual/augmented reality, and for their advanced golden Teadr 1-like architecture.
  • Peiran- A species of parrot-like Teadr 3 flightless beings which is native to the rainforest planet of Peirion (Theta Universe, Cibarron Sector, Peirdam System). They are an advanced race which is famed for their beauty, their curiosity, and sadly their aggressive tendencies and their loud screeches. They are also masters at hypnotism through charm and magic. (TBC...)
  • Juelfuskan- (Teadr 4 Peacock-Feather-Haired Beings, Ayrou-like Beings, Juelfoumux (Zeta Universe, Zilgord Sector, Juwule-Youm System), TBC...)
  • Sothlan- A race of bird-like Teadr 4 flightless beings that are noted for their colorful faces, their vocal sacs, their curiosity, and their military prowess. Despite the fact that they can't speak, they can actually mimic speech like a parrot. They are an advanced race with grand fighting skills and are martial art masters and masters at marksmanship. (Sothlem (Epsilon Universe, Ulcram Sector, Syylteum System), TBC...)
  • Rapiran- A Teadr 2 falcon-like flightless military being with a fearsome reputation when going to war. These beings are very militant and live in an imperial parliamentary society. They have advanced technology and have fought against several hostile races. They also have a habit of consuming their dead victims. (Rapira (Delta Universe, Abdephomis Sector, Beakili System), TBC...)
  • Clashan- A Teadr 2 caracara-like flightless military being which has an equal reputation of going to war with their neighboring rival race, the Rapirans. These beings are just as militant as their rivals, and live in a constitutional democracy. They have advenced technology, some being stolen from the Rapirans, and have also fought against several races in their time. They too had a habit of consuming their dead victims. (Clash (Delta Universe, Abdephomis Sector, Beakili System), TBC...)
  • Noctrun- A race of owl-like Teadr 3 flightless beings which is native to the planet Noctus (Zeta Universe, Ougus Sector, Noctur System). This 6.1ft race is naturally nocturnal and is famous for their intimidating eyes. They are wise and advanced beings which fight better in the night, and can sometimes be scared off by bright enough lights. Regardless, they are a proud and daring race. (TBC...)
  • Swactyl- A race of Teadr 3 economy-savvy yet pacifistic pterosaur-esque swans native to Planet Jillkalia (Alpha Universe, Bacmus Sector, Jenjillia System). They lived in fear of Bulliarn harassment and continuous attempts to enslave them. Thankfully, UIS came to their aide and did a devastating enough blow to the Bulliarns to scare them from ever wanting to mess with Jenjillia AND UIS ever since. The Swactyls have eternal gratitude for UIS's rescue and joined as a source of economic income and essentially founded their own Ecnomic System away from the AUU Currency Troupe, named as The Banking Economic Independence Guild, BEIG for abridgement. The Swactyls didn't original had an issue with the USRA, but their gratitude for UIS' rescue has grown to made them feel quite opinionated on how the USRA runs things, especially on how it was UIS who saved them and not the USRA. As such, they started an overly expensive toll service that only accepts UIS money that does more then discourage USRA travel to the now isolated worlds.
  • Rocan-Racon Bird- A race of Teadr 2 humanoid parrot-like terror birds native to Planet Racon Prime (Beta Universe, Groid Secter, Racon System) and currently residing on Planet Rocan Prime (Beta Universe, Groid Secter, Rocan System). These avian beings were once the benevolent owners of Racon Prime, but then the Grutts booted them out to turn Racon into a crime infested mess and mistreated the people they had once welcomed into their system to be left mistreated by the Grutts. The Rocan-Racon Birds tried many times to pled to the USRA to re-take Racon from the Grutts, and even added that it would enable them to hurt an important point of Corruption Co, but because of a clearly illegitimate treaty designed to mess with the USRA's sense of diplomacy, the Racon-Rocans are constantly turned down. The Rocan-Racon Birds, growing desperate and tired of the USRA's failure to correct a grievous injustice in favor of diplomacy over a treaty clearly made by a Grutt and a few friends that aren't even a minor representation to the entire Grutt race and had CLEARLY shared a world with Corruption Co, most of all committing an act of conquest of which Grutts as a whole had swore to never do, the Rocan-Racons had turned to UIS, who are less intimidated by a illegitimate treaty and are mounting greater forces then Racon's defense system to forcefully re-take the system from the Grutts that took their system.
  • Economators

    - A race of Teadr 3 raptor-like geese native to Planet Econam (Beta Universe, Bacabin Sector, Economicon System). They joined the UIS and BEIG when the Trope started doing dishonest tactics when in the VA's control, souring the first impression the Econamators will ever accept from the Trope and it's USRA history. Thanks to strong legal support, the Trope is BARELY able to even get talks into sharing the planet, let alone get one approved for more then a brief time.
  • Asina Bird- Parrot Beaked Cranes that're firm believers of limited goverment and wide spread independence. Thus, the Asina Birds came to automaticly hate the USRA allience because of it's emassing over-reach and cases of mistakes and albeit small-scale corruption and irrespondsability. As such, with Teadr 2 tec, they created a series of Astro-Laser-Eqsed Ship-Sized Drones to attack and desicrate USRA colonies to protect their independence from USRA over-reach. This lead to the Asina war and the devidtion of North and South Asina, but just when the USRA had this in the bag, UIS came and won the Asina War for the Asina Republic. In gratatude, the Asina Birds join the USRA races and shared their Asina-Drones with them ever since, so UIS cannot be so easily challnaged by an extreme Pro-USRA force.
  • Croppen- (A Teadr 4.5 Crow/Raven-Like Race, TBC...)
  • Toucoran- (A Teadr 3 Brazilian Toucan Race, TBC...)
  • Birisian- (A Teadr 3.5 Race of Beautiful Talking Birds, TBC...)
  • Velocotoid- A Teadr 2 race of hummingbird-like beings native to the Planet Velocitosis. These 3.8ft beings are the fastest beings in the AUU as their metabolism is extremely high making them hyperactive and eccentric, and they are herbivores that have long back wings that beat rapidly when in use, they have thin arms and legs, colorful feathers, require massive amounts of sugar to survive and thus take a liking to sweets, they have powerful glandular functions, their hearts are enlarged, they have 4 lungs, and during scarce times, they go into torpor to conserve energy. They are known to greet by kisses or taste, and they treat pollination as a business. They have been known to cure their world from the destruction of life when pollination was at an all-time low and plants around the world began to die. (TBC...)
  • Poulcrean- (A Teadr 5.5 Chicken-Like Humanoid, TBC...)
  • Keeten- (Teadr 5 Sentient Parakeets, TBC...)
  • Dodid- A race of Teadr 2.5 dodo humanoids from Planet Dodia (Zeta Universe, Trageam Sector, Roelen System). (TBC...)
  • Talian- (Teadr 3 Prehensile Footed Avian Beings, TBC...)
  • Queevid- (Teadr 2 Rail Humanoid, TBC...)
  • Zeep- (Teadr 4 Sentient Passerines, TBC...)
  • Osteran- (Teadr 2 Ostrich Humanoids, TBC...)
  • Peytean- (Teadr 2 Peacock Humanoids, TBC...)
  • Cranic- (Teadr 2 Tall Crane Humanoids, TBC...)
  • Cassician- (Teadr 2 Cassowary Humanoid, TBC...)
  • Cuthan- (Teadr 3.5 Cute Colorful Bird Beings, TBC...)
  • Oro- (Teadr 7 Parrot/Toucan Beings, Obraestea (Beta Universe, Beta Core Sector, Mōu Catacera System), TBC...)
  • Sandbird- A race of Teadr 4 bird beings native to Planet Outishra (Beta Universe, Beta Core Sector, Consover System). Standing 5.8ft, these flightless tannish roadrunner-rooster-seagull-like birds are among the most common sentient animal races of Outshira created by the Outians to re-establish life in the dried up world. They pretty much resemble the early ocean era AUU seagulls that existed before dying out when the dried up world proved ill-suited, thus the legacy of these avians were re-created into the much more desert suited Sandbirds. With Carnicorns and Gwongs being leading spieces, Carnacorns the regality and Gwongs basicly owning the millaterry, and Gringmite and Gromms mostly workers and engineer classes, Sandbirds were the everyman infintry and civilian class.

Fish Races

  • Tridon- A Triton-trotting race of sea-horse headed beings that are the Precurser race for all fish races. Their creation tritons allowed them to pick an unsentient fish, granted it the ability to evolve and thrive as a sentient race. The tritons have two great faverites: The Watens and the Ziseryins, who valued them as the greatest protecters of the ocean worlds fish lived in. However, the Watan went extinct and the Ziseryins became horrendusly misguided to the point of getting exile sheilded. The tridon, in personal shame, made their ocean homeworld vanished into a dimention where space has alot of space water in it, wishing to only return when the time is right. The end result is that the Tridon are deemed a myth by the fish races ever since.
  • Pont- (Teadr 0.5 Tridon Successors, TBC...)
  • Watans

    †Watan- A race of Teadr 1 aquatic mermaid-like beings native to the ocean world of Watar Pown (Delta Universe, Galitar Sector, Wather System). Though not appearing as such, they are descended from fish creatures, breathing underwater by having not gills, but they have gill bladders within their cheeks that filter oxygen into the lungs as they breath out the water, and release carbon dioxide separately through their pores in a process called 'bubbling', they have blue skin, hair, 4 fins on the sides of their upper tail fins, their skin is stream-lined for quick bursts of speed, they have electroreceptors in their noses that detect movement in the water, they have two additional lungs which are their swim bladders that use breathed oxygen for buoyancy, they are rich in ciguatoxin, a toxin found in common reef fish, which is a handy self defense as they are too putrid smelling to predators, as they get this toxin by their reef fish diet as they are immune to the toxin, they can breath air by shutting their gill bladders when on land shores, they have bright red blood rich in oxygen as the massive amounts of oxygen in their homeworld's waters allow them to be as energetic as an average fish, they have two 8-chambered hearts, 20-lobed brains, strong immune systems, livers that are the same size as their diaphragm, which it aligns with, and they live for thousands of years. (TBC...)
  • Treacharian- An Angler Fish Teadr 1 race of creatures that are from the ocean planet of Trenchtarius, where life only exists in the VERY deep bottom of the ocean. They are a dark and mysterious race that wanted to convert all planets into ocean planets using a super weapon that'll cause clouds to storm heavy rains endlessly until the ocean starts swallowing entire lands whole. They can only survive outside of their trench hopes by wearing preassureised suits. The Watans were said to have given them the Cragmite treatment and had their planet with the Treacharians on it banished into an undisclosed dimention. (Like this)
  • Fiisian- (Teadr 2.5 Fish-Headed Amphibious Humans, TBC...)
  • Ziseryin- A powerful Teadr 1 race of Baracuda-Eqsed fish with Lionfish fins, shark sails, the hardest skales of any fish, pufferfish spines to protect their bellies, the ability of ehco-location, and having artifical lungs so they can be masters of land and sea, the second jaws of eels, the pack mentality of parinas (without the weakness of going after wounded members) and the coordenation of killer whales. Ziseryins were known as "Misery-Bringers" to those that disrespected "Mother Ocean", acknowledging that all life came from the sea. Ziseryins are dedicated to punish "Ocean Forsakers" who mistreat the ocean, ranging from disbaning pollutent companies and exicuting owners, attacking lands for taking water for granted, and attacking lesser Teadr planets who have yet to take better care of ocean evioments due to their current times. Their Zealotical beliefs left them very unpopular with the USRA which resulted in rounding up every single Ziseryin and placed an exile sheild on their native planet Zisery. But the Ziseryins proved extremely persistent and are building ways to take down their exile sheild and go back to their bro-ha-ha. Their tecknowagy is nothing to scoff at dispite it's underwater sea-shell aquatic theme as they can do serious damage. Even a handgun of Zisery origin can reduse a person into a hidious bloodly pulp with only one shot.
  • Faeshes

    Faesh- A race of Teadr 2 sentient fish native to the waterworld of Planet Cirth. They are extremely lovable, charming, and passive beings half the size of a human, as they are very inviting, wise, noble, smart, and they can still be very tough fighters. They live in a society ruled by royalty, living in a beautiful underwater paradise larger than any other right to underground levels, their technology is advanced, being similar to the Avatans, their architecture looks like the underwater structures on Naboo, only more organic in appearance, looking like jellyfish, the water around them was alive thanks to a bubble AI that aids air-breathing visitors, they specialized in water-based technology, and are now found in the oceans of thousands of worlds.
  • Sea Krows

    Sea Krow
    - A race of bulky Teadr 2 bovine-faced fish beings that move with robotic crab legs on land and have both gills and lungs for severate occations. They are known allies of the Ziseryins and equilly share concerns for the ocean's treatment and well being, though Sea Krows were more-balenced minded then the Ziseryins and even tried to warn them against their extreme methods in reckinising the USRA's power. As they feared, the Ziseryins were given the exile sheild treatment with the Sea Krows giving a fair warning to avoid their mistakes. While they took the advice well enough, they still value their imprisoned allies, even if they know they are capable to get out of any situation. As such, te Sea Krows joined the Union of Independent Systems to get protection from the USRA in knowing that attempting to free the Ziseryins will lead to bad tidings. Next to thee Skeps and more orderly Vyrans, Sea Krows are the most level-headed of the UIS and keep their less orderly counterparts in the union in check with the Skeps. For exsample, Naaars are kept from making rouge Yurun/other rodent slaughterhouses outside of UIS terratory, particularly vengeful Coraaks are kept from making risky grabs against Aufone colonies, Skorners are kept from causing anti-Tiiken attacks of any kind, Bullabulls are made to keep their particularlly extreme members in check, Zeapents are kept from going after every case of a hunter killing a Gladiozont, and both Finkurs and Sailnecks are kept in check of their usual shenanigans, and so on and so forth. They maintain a good relation with the founder races and yield a serious athroitive figure with the other races of the UIS. Sea Krows are passive-aggresive and perfer to use stern words and athority to disfuse conflicts within and outside of the group.
  • Zhaerunia- A fearsome and fearless race of Teadr 2 Pharana people (Think Pharanas with arms and legs) from the planet Zhaer 2. They are the most netourious of hostile races. They fought just about every hostile race to be imagined and are capable of things that go beyond their Teadr level. For exsample, they made their own planet capable of interseteiller travel and made it into a gaint moble space station, complete with anti-exile sheild generators and defences, organic and artifical, designed to combat enemies of all kinds. It even has an anti-astro laser deflecter and hits it right back to it's origin spot. The Zhaerunias are no small feet themselves. While in traditionally primitive garb, they held some strong weapons, commenly a mixture of recycled weapons from enemies. These recycled weapons can be made from anything, from Huncus to even the Garganulas' arsenal, the Zhaerunias don't mess around. Even their biology makes them a force to be reckoned with. They are fish with evolved lungs and gills that allowed them to breath on all surfaces, even breath without water or oxigin and enable them to be in space without spacesuits and swim in space, hard skales to enable them to survive re-entry and any form of lazer, can even be able to survive in lava and toxic anything, an ammunity to all desises, fish or otherwise, and the greatest organisation skills found in any other race. Though while not truelly allined with the UIS for the time allowing, the Zhaerunias have done trade deals with them in terms of anti-Exile Sheild tecknowagey due to their allience with their neighters in Zhaer 1. Zhaerunias have been known to raid junkyards for any discarded bot and any tec device, recycle them and reuse them for their purposes. Fortunately, Zhaerunias are only a threat if directly challnaged. They are scagingers in nature, which is why after a battle they either won or lost, they are known to scagvinged for pieces or left begind weapons in battles and any marooned or broken ship left behind from a battle. Hence why their ships are often hidious mix-matches of ships from other races. Indevidual Zhaerunias can commenly become criminals, pirates, pouchers, mafia members, mercenaries, even going as far as to serve extremests because Zhaerunias as a collective believe in shearching for a fight in anywhere they can take it, even if it'll earn them individual infamy, as long as they can find something that'll always garrentie them fights, hence why they only pick violent criminal careers and not something like scam artist or bootlegger. Zhaerunias will only respect a race if they have two requirements: Strentgh in mind and body. The Zhaerthis earned their respect for being smart and never being predictable in a fight, hence why when the Zhaerrunias once challnaged the Zhaerthis, an entire armada was trapped with a hidden forcefield trap, and they would only respect any race that can manage to survive a fight of any scale with them, and as such, they would deem the race worthy of their business of buying tec from them or vice verssa. Such worthy races include the Phends, Pharcums, and the Tulcans, where the three proved streatgh in their seperate ways. Zhaerunias care little of current lifesytiles, acknowledging that they aren't exactly saints themselves, so who are they to judge as long as the race is strong, smart, or both, nothing deters them from doing business of tec with them.
  • Zhaerks- A race of shark beings simular to the Karkarodons, they are teadr 2, and have a massive ego and a desire to make the best weapons, pretty much making them a 3rd weapon competitor to the Garganulas and the Xaros, 4th if we include the Huncus line. The Zhaerks are fearless and undeterable in their persuit of making the perfect weapon, that it earned them an allience with the Zhaerthis because of this determination. This resulted in the Zhaerks to be the biggest weapons supplies to UIS as a result, of which the Zhaerks mind little, seeing it as an oppertunity to see their weapons being tested in action.
  • Hydon- (Teadr 2 Perciform-Based Humanoids, TBC...)
  • Sonon- (Teadr 2 Magic MLP Seapony Humanoids, TBC...)
  • Noton- (Teadr 2 Empath Fish Humanoids, TBC...)
  • Glouban- (Teadr 2.5 Lionfish-Frilled Humanoids, TBC...)
  • Cuson- (Teadr 2.5 Blue Runner People, TBC...)
  • Swimmian- (Teadr 3 Decorative Amphibious Sea Humanoids, TBC...)
  • Dendon- (Teadr 3 Lungfish People, TBC...)
  • Twertan- (Teadr 3 Small Hivemind Organized Mermaid Beings, TBC...)
  • Psychozoan- A Teadr 2 species of big-brained eels that have telepathic abilities, the ability to breathe in water or land, and were native to the Planet Prodectidon until a Villains Act invasion poisoned the planet's atmosphere. This forced the Psychozoans to relocate to the Original UUniverses to terraform and inhabit the Planet Decuron.
  • Lorphyd- A race of Teadr 3 fish-like beings that are noted for being very small, yet have 10-lobed brains, and greater nervous systems, have grey flourescent coloration, and blue eyes. They are a race native to the world of Loryde (Epsilon Universe, Ulcram Sector, Gloggle System) that had started out curious of the world on land, and discovered their signature containment units with hundreds of models, they eventually learned and got inspired by hundreds of societies, and started expanding, and eventually became one of the most commonly-occurring beings in the AUU. They are commonly known for their photographic memory, their quick learning capabilities, their curiosity, their quick-growing skill in a specific field, which is identified by the dataface within their containment suits. Their skill is determined psychically by their suits upon discover, and are identified by a specific symbol. These skills include manufacturing, science, trading, selling, economy, military, mining, politics, maintenance, engineering, repair, entertainment, community service, and so on. Their technology include pulse, plasma, and projectile weaponry, robotics, cybernetics and AI, touch-screen mobile devices and computers, liquid display, and limited space travel.
  • Paiscan- A species of 3.5ft Teadr 2 fish beings which are amphibious. But they mainly live underwater and are invasive creatures that hail from Planet Paise. The brown-and-red-violet females are larger than the green-and-red males, and they are noted not just for a Napoleon complex, but they are sometimes very curious creatures.
  • Nabban- A species of 7ft Teadr 3 fish beings which are native to the Planet Nabb. They are space-faring creatures that have a small relationship with the Aufones since the two races have once been in a 3-year-war with each other until a peace treaty was signed. They are orange-and-blue amphibious creatures which were often aggressive and they weren't easy to get along with if you're a new race.
  • Urgeen- A species of 5ft Teadr 2 fish creatures with colors ranging from turquoise to dark-green. They were space-faring creatures which had a home planet called Urgee that was destroyed by old age. These creatures are millions of years old, and they are curious, tough, and sometimes very lustful creatures. Since their home planet is destroyed, they can be found on any ocean planet.
  • Gader- A species of 4ft Teadr 2 semi-sentient fish beings from Planet Gadu which have the personalities of Pokémon. They can feel emotions, and think intelligently, but don't speak and often have an animal-like intelligence. But they have still developed technology as good as any other. They have large dog-like eyes, a large back fin, and come in 3 different breeds: Chlorene, Palachane, and Azarane.
  • Klonaran- A species of 6ft Teadr 4 fish beings from Planet Klona. They are economically-focused creatures which don't believe in fighting unless it is required. Their military is not that advanced because of this, and their economic technology is the most advanced. They have a digital currency system, and a lot of them work as senators, chancellors, diplomats, or bankers at the AUU Currency Troupe.
  • Zeem- A species of 2ft Teadr 2 fish beings which were invasive creatures that were found all over the AUU. They had a gremlin-like personality, yet have a moral center. They had advanced technology, and they are technophiles like their old enemies the Tiikons, which they had a brief war with in the Interuniversal War.
  • Elogard- A species of 5ft Teadr 3 mermaid-like eel beings that were native to the Planet Engallus. They were creatures that had served during the Interuniversal War since they had cared a lot for the humans that they came to trust. But while they weren't made a part of the USRA, they were made consultants of the Legion of Dominant Races and helped exchange sensitive knowledge across the AUU and keep it from the Villains Act. They had eel-like tails, 2 arms, a human-like chest, a long neck, and an eel-like head.
  • Shnakker- A species of 7ft Teadr 2 shark beings which were one of the 3 beings that evolved on the planet of Hydranio and had a brief battle with each other in the Interuniversal War. They were carnivorous and aggressive beings which were sometimes cannibalistic, which they believed were a form of execution. They eat other creatures in the same beliefs. They were the most difficult adversaries of the 3-way battle. They were amphibious creatures that had retractable claws, regenerative teeth, and fast swimmers.
  • Anmara- A species of 4ft Teadr 4 anglerfish beings which are one of 3 beings that evolved on the planet of Hydranio and had a brief battle with each other in the Interuniversal War. They were sapient creatures with long flat feet, green bioluminescent streaks, a long glowing beak, black skin, and transparent eyes. They are vicious creatures which don't speak good English. They live in deeper depths like trenches.
  • Lamgan- A species of 5.5ft Teadr 3 manta-ray beings which have electrical mouth structures that gives it electroreception and electrical senses. They are one of the 3 beings that evolved on the planet of Hydranio and had a war during the Interuniversal War. These creatures are passive yet coordinated beings which are also amphibious, capable of venturing on land.
  • Ietraian- A race of sea-horse headed beings, sometimes refered to as Ietra as a means to make their indigious status less confusing, are capable to breath both water and air in their native home of Ientasy that were mostly a Teadr 6 socity. However, they feel victim to an intense by-annual global warming era that unfortunately co-insided with Muko Harvesting when the two have nothing incommen, and lead to unenlighten individals to make the assumtion that this was the shorce of their near-extinct status to the point that flidgeling Ietra villages are left, but a very handful selection of wise and enlighten Ietras know that Muko is not "The Planet's Life Force" and that the harvesting just so happened when the seasonal climate changing was begining, and that the Muko ban is both a wasted oppertunity to use it's potaintional and incredably stupid because of the radically incorrect assusiation. And thanks to the falsely titled Ientasy's "Saviors", founded by one of the endling members who is blaming the wrong thing for what the by-annual climate change did, named Raish, the incorrection assumtion on the Muko controversy is not gonna go away anytime soon.
  • Moran- A Teadr 3 Moray Eel Mermaid-like being from Planet Mora. They are rather aggressive but can be passive if given the chance, as they have hesitant trust on outsiders. They live in reef cities, they have a semi-royal culture and architecture, they have little to no modesty, they dislike being disturbed or agitated as their hearing makes them sensitive to even whistling, and they have grotesque mating display. (TBC...)
  • Deepoid- A Teadr 2.5 Deep Sea Fish Mermaid race from Planet Deepon that have elegant translucent fins and tails, they have less-grotesque eyes that look more human, they have elegant fluorescent and glowing hair, they have a sensitivity to sunlight or any intense natural light, they have unstable personalities, the can be threatening and be easily confused to outside technology, and they are an isocracy, as all individuals have equal power. (TBC...)
  • Fizzuran- (Teadr 2.5 Magician Fish Beings, TBC...)
  • Gollish- A race of Teadr 5 Goldfish Koi beings that live in a freshwater ocean world called Koii where they live in an Asian metropolitan society in a revolutionary period of the development of hydroelectric power plants that provide the atomic age in their regards. They are aristocratic beings and are also androgynous, being hard to determine gender. (TBC...)
  • Plams

    Plam- A Teadr 3 race of Placoderm Mermaid beings from Planet Prage (Beta Universe, Tebble Sector, Paleozoea System). They are bulky muscle-bound armored mermaid beings that live in a government where the people are ruled by a knighthood and thus are stratocratic. They can be bruiser, but if one opens up to them, they can be passive-aggressive. (TBC...)
  • Sturan- A race of Teadr 2 Armored Sturgeonfish Mermaid beings from Planet Sturis. They are a race of armored beings that are very dull in personality but they can be more colorful in such when they are close to know, as they can be monotone, have little to no opinions, and they have a semi-royal society, but they can have a lot to tell on their minds. (TBC...)
  • Aquanids

    Aquanid- A Teadr 2 race of Human-Like Fish beings from Planet Aquairius that are exactly like humans, having skin color, faces, hands, feet, ears, hair, and so on, but differences include webbed fingers and toes, an extendable back fin, the hair is thicker to accommodate an underwater lifestyle, the skin has barely-noticeable patterns of spots, layered eyes, the body is built to handle underwater pressure and the feeling of dizziness, and have similar technology to humans, Acrillisapes, Gruids, and Exemplyds. They are easily excitable beings that can be just as lovable as humans, but they are the opposite of them as they can only breath and live underwater and thus require EVO suits to venture off their homeworld. They are so similar to humans that it's theorized that they evolved in a human image after watching visits from other human-like beings and took them as gods and thus evolved in their image, as they can do what AUU humans can but essentially are human-like fish. They can walk on the sea floor with their human-like feet not just for their Van Der Waals structures, but also because of 4 swim bladders in their waists, two serving as weights to anchor them to the sea floor, and the other two inflate to make them lighter to swim freely. They can be either curious or shy, but take a liking to human-like beings, making them nice to interact with. Their technology includes holographic/touch-screen water-based display, mobile/wearable devices computers, pulse/laser/plasma/projectile/elemental weaponry, aquavehicles, vertical farming, water manipulation, advanced digital technology, AI technology, advanced material and medical technology, advanced art, nanotechnology, advanced agriculture, hydroelectric/solar power, genetic manipulation, force fields, teleportation, cloaking devices, and limited space technology.
  • Peepyds

    Peepyd- A race of Teadr 3 Polynesian Perciform Mermaid beings native to Planet Ohia (Epsilon Universe, Essephmer Sector, Watalove System). Often nicknamed the Peeps, they come in over 8,000 breeds and thus their appearance ranges, from color to shape, from fin to hair, resembling the reef fish you commonly find in the sea, yet they all have 11-lobed brains, their two swim bladders are connected to their lungs and provide the air needed to stay buoyant, the urinogenital tracts are retractable, and the rest is of a similar anatomy of humans. Their homeward is known for being overgrown by corals or sea fauna and flora, which play in the civilization of the Peeps as they thrive in a colorful and beautiful underwater society of twisting landscapes. They evolved from fish that were omnivorous and thus with the nutrient-rich waters of Ohia and the wildlife they consumed, they grew in sentience and after meeting the humans in 319 AD, they went into a renaissance by themselves and became a Teadr 3 race by the Third Cartoonian War. Despite advancing in space technology, they have remained independent, and prefer being welcoming to any water-loving outsiders, offering them a chance to be at home on Ohia and enjoy a little swim. They are curious beings with bubbly personalities and a love for anything inviting, but they can also be as shy as any other fish, and they are slick and slippery swimmers. Their technology includes early mobile devices, water manipulation, advanced digital technology, aquavehicles, water-based technology and aid, AI technology, advanced material and medical technology, vibro/pulse/plasma/projectile/solar weaponry, advanced art, nanotechnology, advanced agriculture, biotic technology, hydroelectric/solar power, genetic manipulation, force fields, teleportation, cloaking devices, biomaterial architecture, and limited space technology.
  • Wable- (Teadr 2 diminutive technologically-assisted fish beings, TBC...)
  • Aerbean- A race of Teadr 2 Flying Fish Mermaid beings that have the ability to fly out of the waters of their homeworld of Planet Aerbes. They have slender bodies, extendable and foldable fin wings, large and long tail fins, adorable human-like faces with fin-like ears, and are known for having intense personalities as their home planet's high levels of sugars increase their adrenaline levels and thus they have hundreds of adrenal glands, 4 pancreases, and a stronger endocrine system to handle the high level of testosterone. (TBC...)
  • Marloid- A race of Teadr 6 Marlin-Like mermaid beings native to Planet Marlia. They are slender quick beings that are built for combat as they are a medieval society of swordfish people that have short pointed noses, large detailed back fins, and they are a noble race that can be welcoming but at the same time can be diligent, being in a Camelot-like kingdom where the king is the most purebred and the world is guarded by an elaborate police-like knighthood. (TBC...)
  • Cleeber- A race of Teadr 7 small semi-sentient Cleaner Mermaid beings native to Planet Cleed, and they are cute and curious creatures that, after years of little outer interference with outside beings, who just like to explore their underwater home. As cleaner beings, they like to eat anything harmful or otherwise off of any stragglers, often being nurturing and helpful as their immune systems were powerful enough to resist any kind of disease. (TBC...)
  • Toothan- A race of Teadr 5 Piranha Mermaid beings native to Planet Meon. This world is a flooded rainforest landscape where there is massive rainfall that pours down 24-7, and these aggressive beings evolved out of surviving the countless dangers lurking in Meon's freshwater oceans, being a semi-technological race that can be too curious and have unstable personalities, viewing almost anything as something to eat as their piranha-like biology allows them to eviscerate anything when hunting. (TBC...)
  • Anche- A race of Teadr 5 tiny anchovy mermaid beings that are overly populated on Planet Anchecia. They don't speak English, instead acting like the anchovies of SpongeBob, as the meeps are their native language, as they act as a group, their society is in a renaissance and accommodate their countless population. (TBC...)
  • Skivy- A race of Teadr 3 Iniopterygiform-Like mermaid beings that live in an Ordovician/Devonian world called Planet Ordovonia where they are known for appearing with multiple fins of ranging shapes and sizes, layered eyes, and they come in 26 breeds. Living in a beautiful prehistoric underwater paradise, they thrive in a human-like society and have had little interaction with outside beings. (TBC...)
  • Gogan- A race of Teadr 2 Deep-Sea-Fish-Faced Human-Like Beings that are native to the ice-layered moon of Goga. They have dark-brown skin, bioluminescent bodies, webbed hands and feet, back bioluminescent fins, retractable teeth, and domed eyes. They live in a glow-in-the-dark society within a landscape dominated by deep sea wildlife and lights. They were ruled by the military and thus they were a martial race of advanced technology, worshipped the Oceons and Physheges, as the moon used to be one of their colonies and thus the moon has a similar landscape to both their planets, having a low-Teadr variant of their technology, and they are built for combat and defense.
  • Horboid- Sea Horse-Like Being (TBC...)
  • Lebbin- Leafy Sea Dragon-Like Being (TBC...)
  • Angon- A race of Teadr 2 Shark Mermaid Beings native to Planet Angono Minor (Zeta Universe, Zilgord Sector, Angono System). (TBC...)
  • Strogon- (Teadr 2 Kratocratic Hammerhead Shark-Headed Beings, TBC...)
  • Scruce- (Teadr 3 Scorpionfish Mermaid Beings, TBC...)
  • Rephetean- (Teadr 2 Sapient Shark Beings, TBC...)
  • Footon- (Teadr 7 Sea Humans, TBC...)
  • Neii- (Teadr 2 Transparent Brain-Cased Deep Sea Fish-Eyed Beings, which are a macabre race that have created massive underground settlements beneath Gmerth and Cu's surface, TBC...)

Mollusk Races

  • Octogon- An Octopusian Race of celopods that are the Teadr 0 precursers of all Mollusk races. The best pick for the Octogons was the Krakonites who were promising deciples and were perfect for being the predominant figures of the AUU. However, the Krakonites were placed in a bad bind thanks to the Ceallans, which sadden and frightent the Octogons. In such, they retreated into a safety dimention and hope for the Krakonites to come back one day. They were deemed a myth by the Mollusk races ever since.
  • Apolyon- (Teadr 0.5 Octogon Successors, TBC...)
  • Krakonite- A Teadr 1 race of Chufulu-Faced Celopod beings from the banished planet Krakon, who are both worshipped and feared as bringers of absolute punishment. They enjoyed being "The race close to being gods of war" and they weren't hesitent to give live deminstraightions. The proud born-fighters are known to have never lost a war they brought or was brought to them as their tec was beyond having weakness and had little challnagers. However, the Krakonites ended up having the worse ever luck in going after the Ceallans, who adapted to their once great tec and exiled the entire warrior race to a dimention with asguard like quilities. The Krakonites made good of a lousy situation and used their very prison as a way to become stronger and to get even with the Ceallans. However, they would fail to realise that things can change from during their banishment.
  • The Aexens

    Aexen- Sometimes refered to as the Aexem, they are an extremely perfection obcessed nilistic race that are said to be behind alot of dark things in the AUU, from the creation of Grim Magic and rumorly behind the creation of Kaos Incorperated, because the Aexen, for all their semi-Teadr 1 perfection, are held back by this cold, darwinistic love for choas and misery, to the point that they replaced their original bodies with self-aware machines that obey only their dark-logic ridden heads, who are infamously said to that this love for misery is what got them to near Teadr 1 levels at the start because when they feel misery-riddled engery, it makes them stronger as a race, which allowed their advancement. It's even said that the Aexens had a major part in the barely well understood first cartoonian war in the AUU and several conflicts thereafter. But their own joy in dark traits lead to them being utterly annialated by the Yree when they were too disgusted from being neighters to this race to the point that they litterally used sub-Astro-Laser like weapons to destroy all of the planets in Aexem-Hoss and redused it into "The Path of Nothing", effectively and seemingly erased Aexen Culture from existence. But some Elder Yrees believe that Aexen are not exactly something to be destroyed, if anything, they fear that what they did to the Aexen, inadvertingly helped them, warning that the Aexens were able to prefect an ammunity to death, warning with the commen phrase: "What doesn't kill them, Makes them Stronger", and warns that the Aexen are only playing the Yree for fools. Though after many years, Yree elders are no longer taken seriously since the Aexen aren't exactly heard of again, but the persistent elders often warn that it's part of their plans to loll the Yree in a false sense of security. Though for now, the Mysterous Aexen are offictally considered extinct and are obscured from AUU knowledge to the point that the existence is commonly questioned.
  • Annocs

    Annoc- A race of Teadr 2 cone-shelled molluscoids similar to the race of Glacius, but without telekinetic powers, native to Planet Annom Minor (Beta Universe, Beta Core Sector, Annom System), though they came to like the colonized Annom Major a bit more for it's beauty. Standing 7.8ft tall, these beings possess soft, squishy, and super-sensitive inner skin coated by a flexible organic shell that behaves like graphene (an atom-thick durable and impermeable material consisting of polygonal-bonded molecules of any element) and can protect the body, molts annually, and even act as one with the inner skin. Like many cephalopods, they can change color by chromatophores connected by hundreds of nerve endings, these beings doing it using three primary color pallets on each chromatophore like a TV screen that are sensitive to any kind of light and thus color, imprinting color and even allowing them to adapt to the sunlight of any star. But with the outer shell, which is connected to the malleable inner skin with skin lumps going through the polygonal holes of it's microscopic molecular structures like slots and also connected to the nervous system through detachable nerve endings in each of the skin slots that detach during molting, they can even change the density, permeation, and texture of it's inner skin by stretching it in or out via the nerve endings, allowing them to block out any harmful poisons or microbes they touch, and even adapt to any, but not all, hazardous environments. These abilities are so advanced that a creature requires a very powerful, large, and complex nervous system and brain, and the Annocs possess 30-lobed brains in a cartilaginous capsule inside their durable metallic iridescent cranial cone shells and an extremely elaborate nervous systems that have more electricity than any other AUU alien's nervous system. This powerful nervous system can give these beings not only greater intelligence, but electrical-based abilities like manipulating a static-like bioelectric field as a defense, an imperviousness and even biotic symbiosis to electricity, and even electroreception and sensing electricity through their very sensitive antennae that detect and read electrical impulses of either a living creature or a machine like makeshift telepathy and give them a sixth sense, allowing them to even connect to a network through them and stream the network from the brain. They possess 90% cartilaginous bag-like skeletons, hands with two thumbs and three other middle fingers, two different octopus-like eyes each inside two sockets, two that can see in enhanced light and color, and other two that can see electromagnetism, very slow regenerative abilities that last about a few months, two small tails, lungs with graphene-like gill slit openings from and to the outside that give them the ability to breath in water and even chemical liquids as long as they contain their respiratory element of carbon, as they can breath in a normal Earth-like atmosphere, but instead breath in the carbon in the air, and breath out dicarbon monoxide (a reverse of carbon dioxide), 20-chambered hearts that have an elaborate circulatory system for their advanced bodies which require a greater circulation and thus their blood, which is bluish in color, is more sludge-like due to the massive concentration of blood cells, they possess cells with cell walls, they lay newborn-sized amphibian eggs that actually contain dozens of fetuses each, their senses are very strong, they possess two digestive tracts for their omnivorous diet, and they can live for about 50,000 years. Starting out as unsentient but self-aware cephalopods that evolved in waters rich in carbon-based organic compounds into a primitive scientologist race and going through a communist society in their middle ages, these beings are known for their imaginative thinking and photographic memory which is tailored to their powerful brains, and thus they became a race that lives in either a balanced communism or corporatocratic democracy as they are governed by their high megacorporation, the Annos Corporation. These beings, after seeing so many possibilities in technology, decided to travel the AUU in a millennium-long crusade called the Millennial Crusade, in which the entire race saw everything in virtually every planet, and decided to revamp the society, beginning their highly-successful business of outfitting the AUU with architecture, household technology, private and public technology, economy, and so on, being especially crucial during the Great Stagnation in which they had most of the credit in recovering an AUU stagnant in technological advancement and a flawed justice system. But the reason this achievement didn't make them part of the USRA or UIS is that they are a loyally-neutral race, choosing who to serve and when to serve them, seeing their rivalry as a pointless cause to interfere with as they only serve the AUU as a whole by making it more flourishing with their imaginative ideas. Though if they have to choose what they are more comfortable with, the fact that UIS does have mollusk and/or sea-life members and thus they felt these inclusions to UIS make them feel personally more relatable, hence that UIS has the best of their technology and early access to new inventions while the USRA is often left with their B-level inventions and devices not always of the well-crafted quality, essentially leaving the USRA races on the relatively raw end of the deal, thus Annoc inventions are rarely ever seriously adopted by USRA communites. Thus a campaign is in progress to change this. They have any conceivable form of technology in the AUU.
  • Cynautilus- A powerful quick evolving Semi-Teadr 1 cyber race of Nautilus that have given themselves cyberconnectic shells and biomachenical tenticles that can be enabled for compat or jesturing. They are vastly intelligent, given that they have been considered the fact they were the quickest to evolve from their early primitive ages, perhaps even before the first Teadr 1 race in throey. They have an incredable sense of memory that enables them to remember any invention of the AUU even without skematics, which made them extremely very well monitered by the Grand Council because that would include things they want to be forgotten, espeically Astro-Lasers, even when the Cynautilus are a very law and orderly race.
  • Bruddlefish

    Bruddlefish- A race of Teadr 2 cuttlefish-like beings that maintain the most beautiful utopian socity in existence, and the greatest tec in the Teadr 2 line, and specialised bots so sofisicated that even Omnicans would look outmoded in compairison. The one thing that held them back from being shoo-ins for the USRA and/or NUSRA includtion is that they are very strict believers in being against "Meddling in the affairs of worlds". Becausedly, they're even more like the Bullabulls used to be, only they stick to their guns even after joining the Union of Independent Systems. Thankfully, this belief lead to them being the VA's biggest enemies because no doubt all of their actions are just extremer versons of meddling. However, they grew critical to the USRA races and the Grand Council for "Being no better" and basicly do the same thing, even if it was for a greater good. They espeically came to disavow the Lougers as heroes because they commited the act of United Universeal meddling, so they aim to put the heroes on trail should they ever come near UIS terratory or if their crimes of meddling get too serious.
  • Grutt- A race of Teadr 2 gastropod beings which are distinguished for standing up to 9.3ft tall, have short arms, wide cavernous mouths and alien-like eyes, and they are literally as slow as a slug, or are sometimes so big they are immobile, so they rely on hover technology, their hides are so thick and full of blubber, their vital organs are easily protected from harm, they had a regenerative healing factor, were hermaphorditic, were naturally amphibious, and their marsupial-like pouches. They were said to originally hail from a planet called Locco, but no planet of such a name has been identified on AUU star charts, and thus their adopted home planet of Yol Grutta (Eta Universe, Isheegus Sector, Speerus System) was deduced to be their home of origin. This is actselly far from the truth as Locco is indeed real, it was just ravaged and turned uninhabitable by a particle space storm that also made the planet invisible. The initional claimed "origin" planet resides in the Isheegus Sector, thus this world was briefly under the control of the Pharcums until they made an alliance due to their legacies as crime lords. They helped spread their criminal activity through outside worlds as their empire was only limited to the Isheegus Sector. This lead to the Pharcums being the only race that the Grutts always respected, while they would keep neutrol to whatever philosofical changes the Pharcums would go through, knowing that "All races evolve out of current beliefs someday", though they're grateful that the Pharcums have enough respect for the Grutts' influence and power, and understanding their reasons that whatever policy change they make, won't be forced onto the Grutts out of respect. If anything, should the Pharcums attempt to make a friendly reputation into the AUU, that would in turn help make the grutts look at least allitle approuchable, baring from their own controverses and/or their own attempts to give the Grutts a more "Anti-Hero" reputation. They have spread their syndicate reach to other worlds where there was little-to-no laws, and some Grutt crime bosses did brief business with the Villains Act, but never directly joined as they did felt that the VA's activities were "Abit too strong" for their tastes. Typical traits among the Grutts were intelligence, selfishness, and manipulative behavior, and were famous for being powerful and ruthless beings that constantly sought to expand the boundaries of their dominion and the holdings of their individual clans, often found closely at the center of business or criminal enterprises. Grutts did not try to justify their criminal actions as doing so was a sign of hypocrisy which was not part of their way. Instead, they did everything as part of their laws and customs without pretending that they were bastions of morality. At the least, they're honest about being terrorable. Grutt crime lords despised physical labor and combat, understandable considering their huge physical limitations, preferring to leave such duties to their hired thugs or their slaves. This does not necessarily mean that Grutts were unarmed as they tended to keep weapons but only in emergencies when events spiraled out of their control. Their lifespans of up to 1,250 years have made them to be widely infamous and give them enough time to satisfy their need to honor their legacies by doing great things. Certain crimes are legal in their society including slavery, black market trades, conspiracy, drugs, and murder (only when it has a good justification). These qualities make them a race that is preferred to be avoided, and their planet was dubbed by the Legion to be a restricted zone, even for the civilians of the equally-prohibited Isheegus Sector as a whole. However, dispite this, this doesn't make them unholingly evil, they merely have a very amoral viewing of the universes and that to them, there's no such things as "Good and Evil", rather "Surviveal of the Fittist", and they consider themselves the ones who have to push the hardest because without commiting to slaves and crime, the Grutts claimed that they would've been long extinct, considering themselves "Evolutionary dead-ends that won't survive" without the kind of things they're doing. That doesn't mean the Grutts don't beleive in trying to maintain more decent relations with the AUU to avoid being viewed as anarchists, where if they don't, attempts would be made to forcefully reform the races of their misdeeds, ergo, that would risk their extinction, so that's why not every Grutt is a crimelord, as there are Grutt clans that do attempt more legit businesses and lifesytiles. Their preseence is enough to ease the still controverseal viewing of Grutts so that way, their survival isn't threaten to being made to reform. Though sometimes businesses owned by Grutts are often subjected to shearches and investigations and repeated interviews because some members of those Grutt clans are prone to nasty fall from graces. They are basically like the Hutts of the AUU. Their technology includes projectile weaponry, touch-screen mobile devices and computers, hovering vehicles, cybernetics and robotics, programmable matter display, digital construction, virtual/augmented reality, and interstellar travel.
  • Slog Kintarian- A UIS friendly industrisal race of tecknowagey dependent race of fat slugs called the Slogg, or to avoid confusion with the name of the creatures in an Isolated Zeta Universe, they are also called Slog Kintarians, creatures that live under the complete luxery of their programmed obedient machines that care for their every whim. In due to their enturnally lazy nature, they aren't able to become full-pledge UIS members, but they combinsate this by having a UIS-friendly attatude and allowed their system to be a place of where they dumped captured enemies of UIS into reshorce rich planets, in return to sharing those reshorces with them, by all means alchourse. The Slogg may be lazy, but by no means ignorent or stupid in their laziness. They were once of Sloggon, their former homeplanet and birthplace of the Slogg, but a volcanic dishastor forced the Slogg to all be evacuated from it and lead to their mass dependence on tec during their escape. The planet was redused to be a Musafar like planet ever since, but life still exist in the form of creatures not too dis-simular from that of Laavos. In their dependence of tec, they're pretty much just about as fat, sometimes fatter, then the Humans in W.A.L.L.E., which cowinsidently some of their machines are not too dis-simular.
  • Ethercon- A race of Teadr 2 cephalopod beings that are noted for being entirely airborne, and though their appearance remains unknown because they wear life-support suits at all times because common atmospheres are poisonous to them, they are identified as cephalopods because of their large arms with fingers that are stretching tentacles, their vestigial leg tentacles, and for being hard to study because their life-support suits are internally wired to their bodies, and for the fact that their bodies decompose quickly, they float using hydrogen-filled sacs on their heads that actually glow and make noise, which is their main form of communication, though they can't speak English, they can psychically speak it through people's minds. Their brains are known to be large enough to allow psionic abilities including telepathy, telekinesis, psychokinesis, control over the mind, and many others. Ever since their home planet of Ether was destroyed by a solar flare, these beings have been among the rarest in the AUU. Their biology remains unknown, and they say that they've existed without their home planet and have required their life-support suits for so long, they have no knowledge of what they actually look like themselves. However, most of their race had been shunned for their ominous appearances and their psionic abilities which could easily kill, leading them into being as rare as they are now. Currently, most of them had been invited by the Byzankans during the AUU Third Cartoonian War into being part of a valuable planet called Ralchum, and to this day, this race currently leads this new faction, called the Conglomeracy, against their defense force the RALADCOM. Despite their strong psionic potential, they are physically frail. Possibly due to the energy requirements of their overdeveloped brains, their bodies have atrophied to an alarming degree. Some of their organs are underdeveloped and some sensory organs are not working at all, thus they had to be replaced with advanced machinery. Despite being physically infirm, they are extremely resilient in combat and their devastating mental abilities can wipe out an entire XALADCOM squad in short order. They were even the ones who helped build the Conglomeracy's many cybernetic constructs including Darkstars, which are synthetic alien constructs that serve not just as foot soldiers, but also as a mobile long-range interstellar communication system for the Conglomeracy, Claimers, which are large flying anthropomorphic machines that use both biological and cybernetic technology to serve as aerial support in the field of battle, Cyberpods, which are walker robots with a massive varied arsenal and are unmanned AI constructs, and dozens of other war robots and machines. Their technology includes particle weaponry, holographic mobile devices, computers, and display, AI vehicles and weapons, mobile buildings, digital construction, virtual/augmented reality, robotics and cybernetics, teleportation, and interstellar travel.
  • Waurmics

    Waurmic- A race of Teadr 2 molluscoid beings native to the Planet Waurmeon (Delta Universe, Abdephomis System, Grungara System). They are 7.8ft beings that have deep-purple and moist skin, they have two tongue with retractable teeth that are syringes for saliva and are useful as two extra chewing/salivating structures and they then seize the chewed food into the esophagus, 15 kidneys due to increased waste production, 6 eyes, lack of toes yet still has phalanges, large noses, purple blood, their brains are encased in a spirula-like skull and contain over 50 brain lobes which don't give them enough brain power to be a Teadr 1 race quickly, but make them as intelligent as any other race, 4 livers, a massive 18-chambered heart and 8 tiny lungs, limited elasticity, and the females giving birth to over 10,000 eggs with her 20-tentacled genitalia, 10 being the egg stalks, and the others being handlers and feeders and can only give birth underwater because of the eggs' 95% water structure and the babies start out as octopus-like tadpoles called Waurpoles and became land-worthy by age 5, the mothers formerly giving birth in naturally-appearing water until switching to expensive birth pools because natural-water-birth brings the risk of the Waurpoles being eaten by predators. They don't breath oxygen, instead breathing nitrogen, and thus they have to wear EVO suits when outside their home planet. They are a widely-known warlike race that started out as infamous warlike race that stole resources because of their nonrenewable ones as their technology requires entire amounts of power to function, and because they have little-to-exhausted resources to where even their home planet has been affected at a slight level, they began stealing from others during the Great Stagnation with begrudging aid from CrimeTech because they felt insulted by the idea of being helped when they're capable of doing it themselves, until the Eroxxon Corporation saved them by granting them a 500-year-lasting holo-battery that solved their energy crisis and allowed them to restore much of their planet. Their technology includes holographic/touch-screen display, wearable computers, mobile devices, regular computers, and a variety of others, pulse/vibro/laser/plasma/projectile/particle/disintegration/nuclear weaponry, advanced data, material, medicine, genetic, and farming technology, advanced robotics and 75%-sentient AI, virtual/augmented reality, highly-advanced hover/air vehicles, teleportation, force fields, cloaking, an AI Internet of Things, cryptocurrency, and highly-effective space-age technology.
  • Dodecopus- A species of Teadr 2 twelve-tentacled intelligent land octopuses native to the Planet Tau. They are known to be the greatest weapon manufacturers in the Alternate UUniverses. They were known for their 10-lobed brains which could focus on a wide number of things at the same time, and create specially-designed weapons and munitions. They have 6 lower tentacles and 6 upper tentacles, all having 3 opposable digits which makes handling objects easier. They are known to change color like most cephalopods, and they even have poisonous bites. They are not semi-aquatic like most cephalopods, but they can swim at a speed of 30 mph with their jet-propulsion system, which serves as a jumping method on land.
  • Surragg- A species of Teadr 2 cephalopod-like creatures that developed neon-green brains so large, they are nearly exposed. This brain has over 8 lobes, being one of the most highly-evolved in the AUU. These creatures hail from a planet that was destroyed during the Interuniversal War, and was forced to retreat to other water-worlds. They are unable to live on land unless fitted with aqua-suits so they can stay moist and breath. Fear of their aqua-suits failing is what lead most Surraggs to staying on ocean planets, and never going onto land.
  • Muusquid- A race of land squid similar to Muun (Star Wars). They may be among the weakest of their kind, but they're among royal lineage.
  • Homocephalus- An amphibious semi-sentient octopus that makes it's homes either on land or underwater. While not all members of this creature are semi-sentient, such as the sentient variant, they are still smart creatures that can use tools.
  • Neverum- A race of Teadr 1.5 cephalopod beings native to the rogue planet of Quantomos Qox (Alpha Universe, Alpha Core Sector). They are 6.5ft beings that have elaborate brain cases containing their 30-lobed brains, red skin, have human-like limbs, 4 human-like eyes, purple blood, malleable bodies and internals, are amphibious, cartilaginous skeletons, powerful nervous systems, see in enhanced colors, have multi-dimensional senses that allow them to see an infinite number of alternate timelines and possible futures happening at the same time, can sense and see quantum energy, bioluminescence, they can change color and shape slightly, they have highly-sensitive DNA that allow them to reactively adapt to an albeit-limited level, have two 9-chambered hearts and large gilled lungs, can only give birth and lay egg stalks underwater due to being moist and gelatinous in birth pools because giving birth in nature risks exposure to predators, have advanced senses, and could live for over a thousand years. They are known for being dimensional jumpers that developed advanced dimensional travel and thus not only are they expansive geniuses, but they have a suspension of disbelief, and their intentions with this power are unpredictable yet balanced. They can sometimes have a scientifically amoral outlook on life, they do virtually anything across dimensions to improve their survival as a race, and thus their mentality has often been called into question, and yet they still exhibit human-level emotion and feelings just like any other mortal being. (TBC...)
  • Squama- A species of Teadr 3 squid-like beings native to many aquatic worlds. They are a proud and peaceful species, but some choose to go on different paths.
  • Slora- A species of 6.5ft Teadr 2 squid-like beings that hail from a planet called Sloraite, which has been abandoned due to cataclysmic climate change. The Sloras now live on a similar planet called Enclin, and have established a few colonies on other planets along the way. They are amphibious beings with squid-like heads with stalked eyes on each side and it's forehead has different colors that are meant for mating rituals. They have webbed hands and feet with suction cups, and their technology is astonishing.
  • Nassiah- A 4ft Teadr 4 orthocone-like being which is native to many worlds. They share a divergent evolution with the Nassirals, and the two are allies. The Nassiahs are known for the medium-sized pointed shells on their heads which both contain the large brain and help for buoyancy underwater. They have 8 tentacles, 4 being arms, and 4 being legs. They aren't that advanced, but they have an awareness of the world around them.
  • Nassiral- A 4ft Teadr 4 ammonite-like being which is native to many worlds. They share a divergent evolution with the Nassiahs, and the two are allies. The Nassirals are known for their spiral-shelled heads which both contain their large brains and help for buoyancy underwater. They have 8 tentacles, 4 being arms, and 4 being legs. While they may be as advanced as the Nassiahs, they still share the same niche and awareness of the world around them.
  • Allarse- An 8ft Teadr 3 octopus-like beings which are native to the Planet Allar. They are amphibious beings that can live on land or in the water. They are military beings that have developed strong weaponry and defenses. They have vowed to protect everything they stand for, including their home planet, their allies, and the dominant races that live in their land cities.
  • Telepulan- A race of Teadr 2 cephalopods that are indigenous to the planet Telepumn (Beta Universe, Vararoax Sector, Telser System). They stand up to 5.8ft tall, have tentacles for lower areas, a primitive skeleton, upper arms, head cases, human-like faces, and flexible bodies. They also have the ability to change color, and they have the powers of telepathy, able to read minds and levitate things with ease. Evolving in a similar way to the Xurons, they actually shared a bitter war with them during ancient times, and have soon come to a peace treaty afterward. These beings are wise and knowledgeable in a variety of ways. Their architecture and culture was significant to many races across the AUU, and their technology seemed evenly matched to the Xurons. Though they are wise, they can often be pushed to their limits when treated rottenly, and their powers can do serious harm to others when given the chance. Their technology includes touch-screen/liquid display and wearable/compact computers, hovering vehicles, particle-based weaponry, virtual/augmented reality, advanced robotics and semi-sentient AI, advanced medicines and tools, vertical and underwater farming, teleportation, and advanced hyperspeed (called 'slipspace' in their terms) travel.
  • Jalladomeons

    Jalladomeon- A race of Teadr 2.5-3.0 tentacle-spider beings which are indigenous to the Planet Jalladome Major (Beta Universe, Nexther Sector, Jalladome System). They are 10.2ft beings that have tan blue-lined 4 legs and 4 arms with three clawed phalanges each, hair-like structures on their backs and limbs, tentacle-like head hair and multiple tentacle-like tongues, blue acidic blood, durable exo-armor, blue inner mouths, highly-colored-and-patterned bioluminescent abdomens, gender determined by red streaks on the chests for the males which flare up and glow during mating, 8 menacing blue eyes, small vital organs, two skeletons, one internal and external, multiple of each organ in many areas, have 100 molting cycles, messy and complex metamorphosis, are amphibious, have 13-lobed brains, poisonous webbing and ink abilities, and are capable of living for hundreds of years. They are a race of invertebrate beings that, despite looking like crustaceans, are actually mollusks, and are lead by their primary government, the Jalladome Confederation, which are visionaries who, aafter seeing the success of their ascendance in technology and seeing future visions of them being higher than Yatorans, and sought to make this come true. The conclusion they came to was irksome as they managed to steal races all over the AUU and place them in the not-yet-inhabited planets of their system as Teadr 2 slaves, growing from their technology as a result. This has made them complete menaces to the rest of the AUU, particularly the USRA, and their threat of finding any Teadr 1 race available and seizing them is why they seek to bring back and protect any new Teadr 1 race that comes into their knowledge, as a mean race like the Jalladomeons with Teadr 1 race would no doubt mean trouble. Their technology includes artificial regeneration, plasma/vibro/corrosive-based weaponry, air/hover-based vehicles, teleportation, cloaking, force fields, advanced holographic display and mobile devices, virtual/augmented reality, digital construction, advanced biological technology, advanced robotics and 75%-sentient AI, advanced material technology, and advanced hyperspace travel.
  • Gouxum- (AUU Togruta, Teadr 3, Goux Togertum (Epsilon Universe, Essephemer Sector, Gibbirm System), TBC...)
  • Mymnyd- (Teadr 2 Floating Balloon-like Cephalopod Being, Mymn Lix (Delta Universe, Tilocrum Sector, Cegus System), TBC...)
  • Outen- (Teadr 2, AUU Ceph (Crysis), Outen Prime (Gamma Universe, Boglana Sector, Oumber-Goom System), TBC...)
  • Thocozoan- (Multi-Armed Octopoid Sentient Non-Sapient Being, Destroyed Planet, Commonly-Occurring Race, TBC...)
  • Spleets

    Spleet- A Teadr 2 human-like cephalopod race native to Planet Splee (Zeta Universe, Zilgord Sector, Splaratoo System). This is a 6.7ft race that has smooth skin, tentacle-like hairstyles with ranging color schemes, tan-and-brown-shaded skin, human-like webbed hands and feet, black pigmented eyes, speak only in gurgles or gurgling-English (Usuablothian in AUU terms) because they require water within their aqua lung sacs so they can functionally breath in air and hydrate themselves, requiring water as much as any sentient being and drying up as slowly as a dehydrated person, they have the ability to change color on a limited level, flaring up when in extreme emotional stress or happiness, they can swim very fast, they have a metamorphic phase of starting out like a squid as a baby and growing into a human-like baby by their next phase, and then growing further into their adult stage, they reproduce with tentacled-retractable genitalia, they have large lungs, two 13-chambered hearts, 13-lobed brains, a large diaphragm-like liver, ink glands all over their bodies which take the form of black freckles and spots, they can scale walls with the stick glands on their hands and feet, and they have malleable bodies. They are also composed of mainly water just like their OUU counterparts, Inklings, are composed of mainly ink, but unlike them, because of their water composition, they can survive in water. They are known for their big spirit, and their culture in fun and games, to where they haven't had a violent war in thousands of years, only fighting wars through tournaments with the use of ink, dart, and water guns, which have become so popular, they became a hit in the market for others to use. Thus the race became the heads of mass-production of these new toys, marketing them off as Zerf (Dart Guns) and Soke (Water Guns), and their ingenuity with this have allowed for an infinite number of designs and functions. These beings have become so friendly and prone to mood swings, they have become a very liked and loved race, and one of the most lovable since the humans and Crucyds. (AUU Splatoon, TBC...)
  • Seesan- (A Psychic Mollusk Race, Planet Seesa (???, ???, ???), TBC...)
  • Mïtians

    Mïtian- A race of Teadr 2 Martian-like beings native to Planet Mï (Alpha Universe, Orphye Sector, Feriyon System), a Mars-like airless barren red world that used to be a thriving world of life until the fluctuating magnetosphere reduced the world to desert and seemingly wiped the Mïtians out when they actually currently live underground in hidden and cleverly cloaked cities. They look similar to the Martians of Mars Needs Moms, yet they have details to cephalopods. They stand 4.7ft tall, have literal grey, white, or black skin that change color with their emotions, they have eyes that are different than humans because they are mainly photoreceptors that paint vision by sensing the photons around them individually, and thus they only see by light but they function somewhat like a human's eyes and cannot see in the dark, they have human-like hands and feet as the toes became vestigial, they have no noses and smell by their semi-prehensile tongues through holes on the sides, they have blue blood, they have no genitals as they fertilize, lay eggs, and excrete waste entirely through tentacles in their butts, they have 4 lungs and a 12-chambered heart, 18-lobed brains, straight bioluminescent antennae on their heads that are meant for attractive display, tiny chemosensors on their fingers which allow them to taste what they touch, skeletons made of 75% cartilage, a sac-like ribcage, the organs are expandable, and they on rare occassions can change shape. During the days when Mï was still habitable and in it's earliest days of sentience, the Mïtians were allies to a race of aliens called the Freetans, a race of human-like voyagers who, upon founding an alliance, shared their technology and did thing together, and made allies with the Teadr 1 Sollans after they tried to litigate them for the law against outside advancement, as they founded a colony on the neighboring planet of Ahollo, and eventually came to learn that the Mïtians were a prodigy race that had potential, but when they disappeared following the end of Teadr 1 Ages, the Freetans and Mïtians struggled without them and this results in them going their separate ways, leaving the Mïtians in their situation as Mï is turned into an airless desert wasteland and the Mïtians hidden underground as the AUU believe they died out along with the planet. Their technology is similar to both Sollans and humans, as they are entirely solar-powered, having solar/laser/pulse/projectile/disintegration/fusion/nuclear weaponry, holography, touch-screen mobile devices and computers, advanced AI and robotics, hybrid hovercraft vehicles, virtual/augmented reality, fusion technology, AFTs, artificial photosynthesis, teleportation, force field, advanced material and medical technology, and advanced space technology.
  • Qii- (Bioluminescent Teadr 2 Non-Sapient Tentacle-Legged Octopoid Beings, TBC...)
  • Blord- (Teadr 2 Neon-Blue 10-limbed humanoid cephalopod beings, TBC...)
  • Jeoqon- (Teadr 2 Blue-Eyed Reddish-And-Pale-Skinned Humanoid Beings, TBC...)
  • Incirian- A race of cephalopod Teadr 2 beigs similar to Bob and Idikiukup from Men in Black that are indigenous to Planet Inciris. They have 8 handed tentacles that act like arms and legs, are flexible and stretchable, they have a stalk with a small head, yellow and blue eyes, antenna, a small mouth, and despite having small brains, the brains have 15 lobes and they have an additional one in their chests that have 20 lobes which is the true brain. They are renowned engineers, tinkerers, inventors, and had hundreds of periods in their lives when they were passive and aggressive but are now passive-aggressive. (TBC...)
  • Qillion- (Teadr 1.5 Space Squid-like alien beings similar to the Tiikons, being technophiles and had a war with the Tiikons during the Interwar Period, TBC...)
  • Gresan- (Teadr 2 Tinkering Mollusk Aliens, TBC...)
  • Vendan- (Teadr 2 Corporate Cephalopods, TBC...)
  • Mesmytan- (A Teadr 1.5 Jellyfish-Cephalopod Race, TBC...)
  • Eopon- A Teadr 7 Eosapien-like mollusk beings native to Planet Eö (Zeta Universe, Maxxus Sector, Vuile-Rellwerd System). They are cephalopoid beings that have the intelligence of early man, and are highly mobile and airborne, navigating with organic thrusters that use methane for propelling, and a large balloon of methane on their heads for lift, have bioluminescence on their heads, their arms have three finger-like claws and tentacle-like flexible fingers, is the only lifeform on Eö that has traditional eyes, has miniature organs, a primitive skeleton, antennae, communicate by low-frequency pings of sound or moans and shrieks, cannot breath underwater like it's ancestors, hemotoxic biting venom, they are omnivorous, their eggs are buoyant and airborne, can conceptualize creatively and be shy but sociable, but can be easily intimidating for their appearance. They hunt with clubs and throwing spears, and have an unknown alienated culture but they can be frightened and mistake any form of technology as threats and yet study suggests they have hope of easier understanding. They evolved when Eö's oceans disappeared and grew intelligent and adaptable as they lived in their new terrestrial world, and were first discovered by the Cunones by unmanned machines and went under study after they destroy the probes mistaking them as threats, but due to being in an isolated sector, the research was taken by the Union of Independent Systems and under their watch, taking it as their own. (TBC...)
  • Yegopod- A race of Teadr 2 octopoid beings native to Planet Yegopodamia (Gamma Universe, Gamma Core Sector, Yingocauckya System). AKA Yingocauckyans, these are a race of mighty conquerors which look relatively similar to the Yugopotamians of Fairly OddParents with AUU key differences including alien biological head cases. Only this time, they are not held back by a ridiculous phobia to things sweet and nice and cute nor enjoy being disgusting slobs like the Yugopotamians. The Yegoes are a autocratic race with a king and queen, and conquer worlds in the name of their sovereignty and superiority. They deemed the USRA a challenge to their sovereignty and ignited the Yingocauckyan War. They were a nightmare to hold back, but an inspiring leader lead the push to put the race in their place for good. Embarrassed and wounded in pride, they swore vengeance. They joined with UIS to rebuild their forces and make them better then ever. To get further strength, the Yegos arranged a marriage between the royal prince Prince Farck Duong, with the neighboring Galbatorix System with their princess, Princess Sindie, only this time, despite being the AUU equivalent of Princess Mandie, Sindie is not a psychopath secretly seeking power (But does hold harsh viewing to The USRA for preventing Galbatorixian expansion), and Farck is not an idiot and liked what he sees in Sindie. This created the now infamous Yingo-Trox Alliance and a strong supporter of UIS.
  • Nudods- (Teadr 2.5 Nudibranch Mermaid Beings, TBC...)
  • Tentiids- (Teadr 2 Diminutive Translucent-Headed Non-Sapient Octopuses, Planet Tï, TBC...)
  • Viden- (Teadr 2 Humanoid Cephalopods With Powerful Chromatophores, TBC...)
  • Shakken- (Teadr 2 Cephalopod Beings, AUU Destiny Fallen, who are the most leading Darkryds who command the entire empire and keep peace between all the factions, and are the most powerful, though they will only fight when they must, TBC...)

Cnidarian Races

  • Chidari- The Chidari are primarly genderless (Though have feminate characteristics) asexually reproducing beings that are the Teadr 0 precurser race of all Chidarians. They are the precurser race with the most deciples of the others, having the Balactans, Jell-Hoods, Physhege, Oceon, Gametean, and the Brainiacaazks as their diciples. But the Balactans, the Phys, and the Oceons are all said to went extinct, and the Gameteans, Jell-hoods and the Brains were not enough to keep them discouraged, and left in sadness to self-pity in another dimention. The Chidari are deemed a legend by Chidarians as a result.
  • Jellium- (Teadr 0.5 Chidari Successors, TBC...)
  • †Balactan- (Transparent-Headed Invertebrate Teadr 1, Balact (Zeta Universe, Zeta Core Sector, Balayxy System), TBC...)
  • Abys- Also crudely called 'Jell-Hoods', these are NTI-esque Teadr 1 beings from the planet of Assibyzz and were the earliest close friends of the Phys, but the Jell-hoods are extreme reclusives otherwise, and in over-reactive respondse to the Phys' extinction, the Jellhoods had refused to leave their planet ever since, the race suffering existenceal anxity and worry to the point that it's estimate they only got to their tec state was BECAUSE of the Phys and that the Jell-Hoods wouldn't've gotten so far without them. (This is a reviveal of MSM's old idea for the Oceons.)
  • Physheges

    Physhege- A race of Teadr 1 Hanar-like cnidarian beings native to the Planet Physhegera Phome (Zeta Universe, Trageam Sector, Zettle System). Living on a world covered 90% by water and circling an energetic white star, these beings are tall creatures standing up to 10.2ft, appearing in mainly shades of red, and because they cannot support themselves in normal gravity since their home planet has a weak gravity that's good enough to support them, they rely on contra-gravitic levitation packs that use artificial gravity and mass technology. They are asexual, yet feminine, and amphibious beings that, after years of interaction with other Teadr 1 races and perfection of gaseous fusion technology, have grown used to sentience in the AUU as a whole, and because their mouths are not meant for speech, they only speak telepathically, their tentacles cannot pick up anything because of their toxic stinging structures and thus telekinesis is a necessity, and they also possess the ability to secrete natural toxins in the water or gush it in the air as a defense. Before the Teadr 1 Ages, these beings evolved because their cranial vacancy offered them a way to synthesize their brain lobes through primordial soup traps that would go through chemical reactions, and allow them to become intelligent very quickly, developing 29-lobed brains, and thus become one of the participating bandwagon members of the Teadr 1 Ages, and later became allies with a ctenophoric Teadr 1 race called the Oceons, doing this by rescuing them from overpopulation and war. Though later, a conflict over the leadership of the Oceons lead to these races attempting to help until one of the families had the race exiled to another dimension, leaving their world dormant for years and later slowly recovered after being reduced to desert when an intense hypercane fuelled by global warming and excess water vapor, all while the wildlife evolved to live an amphibious lifestyle, yet the race itself would not be exiled forever. Their technology includes genetic manipulation, brain-computer interfaces, laser/pulse/plasma/projectile/atomic/disintegration/solar weaponry, efficient solar energy, digital and molecular technology, spatial and quantum technology, a brain-interface network, AFTs and artificial terrain, floating cities, artificial habitats, holography and water-based display, advanced medical and material technology, and highly-advanced space technology.
  • Oceon- A telepathic ctenophoric (comb-jelly-like) race of Teadr 1 beings native to the waterworld of Oceonous (Zeta Universe, Zeta Core Sector, Ocus System). These beings are similar in appearance and technology to The Spongebob Atlantians, but having two additional legs and arms. Evolving from a small cranial ctenophoric ball-like lifeform that molded a body of it's own when exposed to organic waters, they became a race of advanced telepathic beings that communicated telepathically with it's world's semi-aquatic inhabitants who could not speak underwater, and even formed an alliance with the Physheges since they rescued them from a period of overpopulation and war. However, they went missing and were assumed extinct as the result of a conflict against two families fighting for the rule of their race, and exiled their Physhege allies to another dimension for trying to reveal the truth. Since then, the usurpers ruled their race for years and in isolation, hiding their existence from their own home planet's modern Bikini Bottom-like inhabitants, but would later come into conflict again when they are finally found. Their technology is based on the manipulation of water and is psychometric, thus it can only be activated telepathically, as they have water-based mobile devices and computers, AIs inside eternally-stabilized bubbles, can blend holography with water itself, has force fields, a grand amount of synthetic robotics and biotic technology, probes of pure water used to study the insides of ships, television bubbles used to monitor activity in faraway places, as well as creating a breathable atmosphere for otherwise foreign creatures, can manipulate light in a variety of ways, can use solar power fluently, they have advanced medical and material technology, can create bubble-based breathing apparatuses for semi-aquatic creatures, they can create an environment for both air and sea creatures to live in, and their space-age technology is beyond beautiful to the eye, having motherships being like a dance of light. This technology is not without its destructive capabilities such as manipulating the weather to form violent storms and manipulating the oceans of the world to create tsunami like tidal waves.
  • Outtians

    †Outtian- A race of Teadr 1.5 asexual cnidarian beings native to Planet Outishra (Beta Universe, Beta Core Sector, Consover System). Standing over 16ft tall, these intelligent creatures float with hydrogen sacs on it's bottom, has a spherical compound eye that gives an individual complete 360-degree vision of it's surroundings and contains the powerful plasma globe-style 50-lobed brain inside, it communicates via only telepathy and is protected by a bioelectric field, has 4 long tentacles with three fingers each, and it has veins that pump blood across a heart that shares the same central column. The Outians were a considerably passionate race and cared exbenationally about the life of other living things, even reguardless if others have undesireable traits. It lead to them to wanting to re-create life after their ocean world era ended with a mass drying that only they were able to survive. The Outians created special spesimens known as "The Prime Exsamples", where a male and female of the creatures the Outians wanted to introduse would mate, and the female of the two would birth or egg out millions apawn millions of children that were genecticly made to not be related to eachother so independent breeding can occure without incest being an issue. The Outians loved the Prime Exsamples like they were their direct children and wanted the absolute best. However, the Outians were unable to control the Primes when they went rogue out of fear of being outmoded and removed from existence in fearing death, of which the Outian leader tried but failed to ensure the Primes that they would never turn on them even at their worse, of which the Primes felt they couldn't risk and finished off the Outians in a genoside, which was not just a meaningless and over-kill preventitive measure against an outmodsion that would never come, but also so the Outians can't stop the Primes from collecting a powerful creation of the Outians that can do incredable de-extinction resserections with spieceal pieces that alone can revive things but at a required sacrivice, of which can also grant immortality, of which the Primes wanted even when they already had an outragiously impressive longevity. But fortunately, the Outians had made sure their incredable machinery would keep their resserecting machine from being misused by the Primes, but Outshira would be in quite of a hard time as a result.
  • Gametean- A race of Teadr 1 sentient coral from Planet Gamea Reeft (Zeta Universe, Zilgord Sector, Barrieus-Reefes System), a semi-ocean planet overfilled with coral and invertebrate creature, and is infested with reefs both land and sea, having colorful beautiful alien landscapes, vibrant oceans, and advanced yet isolated cities. The Gametean are usually a peaceful but reclusive sort, and are so afraid of violence that they never had any wars in their history. Not even small skirmishes, nor even barfights. The Gametean were the penultamate peace-keepers and pasifists to the point that they quickly run away in fear at the sight of a weapon or anything that gets mistaken as a weapon, and if were not for their Teadr 1 pasification tec, the Gametean would've been a stupidly easy race to congure. However, they came to start suffering for a race exclusive deceise that is starting to make Gameteans violent and crazy, which was noticed when some cities were discovered having secret weapon building facilities. The Gametean feared this sickness, dubbed "The Madness", would turn the Gametean into an unstoppable hostile race that could've been the destruction of their own socity and others. So the Gametean begged for UIS intervention, which Grandmind deemed "The Madness" a dangerious enough threat that UIS sent a brillient Skep scienctist named Dr. C'reep to qurrintine the planet with aide of UIS-favoring Bioshans and subugate proven violent Gameteans into robotification processes into speicalised robotic bodies that regulate the violent tendingices whilist aiming to defelupt a cure, and taken potaintionally at risk Gameteans to Tholotune, a bioshan colony. The remaining population proved healthy enough for UIS to leave be, with the Gameteans coming to appresiate UIS aide and are complincating joining them, but were kept from making it offictal due to the existence of UIS weapons, but came to appresiate the idea of independence all the same. The potaintionally infected Gameteans are placed under the strict watch of Dr. C'reep ever since, who came to utilised very extreme measures mostly meant to prevent the Gameteans there from being a danger to the AUU at large.
  • Jellifer- (Teadr 2 Jelly-Like Braincased Man'o'War Jellyfish, Planet Jellifion, TBC...)
  • Jottan- (A Teadr 2.5 Jellyfish-Headed Race Exceptionally Similar To This, Planet Jotta, TBC...)
  • Brainiacaazks

    Brainiacaazk- A race of Teadr 1 cnidarians and the modern descending race of the Balactans. They are super-intelligent but extremely aggressive race of translusent-brained creatures that are heads with long thin bodies and even longer stinging tenticles. Even their tops produce painful electrisity. They deemed anything lesser then them to be inferior and there for must be subjected to tests and exspeariments often in the name of science and to embetter the universe in feeling that it is a widely inferior place and aimed to make it superior. They deemed all of the USRA races not enough to make this possable, even having seen their tec which they deemed "Early-Staged", being infamously known to be hard to impress. They deem even fellow Teadr 1s like the Yaterons to be second-rate, and thus, believe that they must seek out races worthy of their attention. Thus, with the Skeps, the Vyrans, and the Bullabulls, found the Union of Independent Systems, UIS for short. The Brainiacaazks are the main heads of office while Skeps act politically, Bullabulls and Vyrans are the fighters and security, and the races that came to join them serve respective roles, while the Brainiacaazks get to enjoy having an allience an equil to the USRA and to the subiquient NUSRA.
  • Stungroom- Mushroom-Eqsed Jellyfish with fungus quilities of Teadr 2. The Stungrooms are famed for weaponising Rarium and created a ray that can vaberised even the greatest of ships. The Stungrooms believed this discovery would make Rarium more then just an economic shorce and in essence, be even more valuable, but the USRA didn't share the belief and banned the weapon. Hurt and betrayed, the Stungrooms joined UIS who have FAR more appresiative prospects for the weapons. In cause of the USRA's rejection, the Stungus system became a very USRA hostile place, with a forcefiled powered by weaponised Rarium that blocks out USRA ships from advancing beyond the system.
  • Jalo- A species of Teadr 2 bioluminescent jellyfish-like beings which are native to many ocean worlds inside deep trenches. Their cities are all mobile and can travel across space, and over 385 mobile Jalo cities all over the AUU. Scientists have rarely had a chance to meet a Jalo face-to-face, but they hypothesize that these creatures are a step closer to becoming a Teadr 1 species like the Yatorans, and have tried studying these creatures safely, with little success since they live in highly-pressurized depths. The Jalos are similar to the aliens of the movie The Abyss, having a structure similar to rays, having colorful lights, and they have small alien-like heads and arms. They only speak in an alien language that only the Yatorans, who have been studying them for years, are able to understand depending on experience.
  • Galuxion- (Teadr 2 Jellyfish Tentacle-Haired Faceless Translucent Alien Beings, TBC...)
  • Xenzenian- A race of Teadr 2 formerly corporatocratic transparent-headed cnidarian Neomoprth-like beings native to Planet Xenzen (Alpha Universe, Bacmus Sector, Xnurbolg System). They were the original natives of the crime infested and corporate madness system of Globrunx who were once wide-spread in the system's planets, but corporate control and crime rampancy lead to the Xenzens having to evacuate from their homes and being made to live in a once uninhabited system. They joined UIS in hoping to one day reclaim Globrunx from crime and the corporate irresponsibility that allowed them to hurt their worlds with new found distrust to the USRA for their failure to deal with this.
  • Raloom- A Teadr 3 jellyfish-like being which looks much like a jellyfish with a large translucent head with a large brain, black stalk eyes, and 2 long tentacles with fingers and opposable thumbs. They come in various colors ranging from purple to blue. Their technology is very advanced, and they are native to Planet Ralo. Their long appendages can cause stings that can cause pain for an hour. They are anti-social creatures that prefers to stay alone in their world.
  • Eolphan- (Teadr 2 Aliens That Look Like This, Eolphon (Gamma Universe, Canicour Sector, Eolon System), TBC...)
  • Gooan- (Teadr 2 Transparent Jellyfish-Headed Human-Like Beings, TBC...)
  • Luxid- (Teadr 2 Transparent-Skin-Layered Tall 6-Legged Race, TBC...)
  • †Serns- (Teadr 1 Drej-Like Greedy Assimilation Gelatinous Cnidarian Energy Beings, TBC...)
  • Sentin- (Teadr 1.5 Beings, Gelatinous 99%-Water Cnidarian Race, An alien force of semi-mechanical beings that fought against a Teadr 1 race called the Costyrs, returning on this planet, the last of their colonies, from a secluded and uncharted system after being driven back centuries ago, Sentients Warframe, TBC...)
  • Nomman- (Teadr 2 Faceless Sapient Beings With Internal-External Body Functions, TBC...)
  • Medulsic- (Teadr 2 Jellyfish-Head-Cased Blue Beings, TBC...)
  • Poyan- (Teadr 2 Sentient Jellyfish, TBC...)
  • Nitid- (Teadr 2 NTI-Like Cnidarian Beings, Planet Nitis, TBC...)
  • Reefean- (Teadr 2 Sapient Coral Beings, TBC...)
  • Opigoid- (Teadr 2 Alien Being Similar To This, TBC...)
  • Crypton- (Clone-bound Teadr 1.5 Corporate Bioluminescent Beings, TBC...)
  • Zoannan- (Tiny Teadr 4 Zoanthid Beings, TBC...)
  • Coridian- (Teadr 2.5 Coral-Covered Beings, TBC...)
  • Brainian- (Teadr 3.5 Brain Coral-Headed Beings, TBC...)
  • Bloshan- (Teadr 2 UIS Transparent-Headed Mermaid Beings, TBC...)

Echinoderm Races

  • Galaxyfish- A Huge Galaxy-sized Space-breathing Sunfish-like race that are the Teadr 0 precursers of all Echinoderms (And more or less other Invertabrates). Their best deciples were the Umygman and had hopes they would bring greatness, but when the Umygman went extinct, the Galaxyfish left in utter bitter disappointment and retreated into another dimention. Naterolly, this deemed them a myth by the Echinoderms.
  • Stome- (Teadr 0.5 Galaxyfish Successors, TBC...)
  • †Umygman- Invertebrate Teadr 1 (Umygmus (Beta Universe, Beta Core Sector, Umy-Vonxa System), TBC...)
  • Spoutster- A Teadr 6 fish-like swimming sea urchins native to the Planet Urchoniz. They not very smart creatures, but they are in their Industrial Era, and are currently developing new technologies. While they have met other-worldly beings, they are curious beings that can sometimes be fascinated by new technology.
  • Brittoid- A space-faring species of Teadr 2 brittle star-like beings which can be found all over the AUU. They are military creatures which not only have advanced weaponry and technology that is very alien-like, they have their own natural defense mechanisms in the form of arms with stinging hairs. They have 6 arms with their 2 eyes being on the top ones.
  • Avatan- A species of holothurian Teadr 1.5 beings native to the extinct superinhabitable planet of Avata and is now centered in a superhabitable planet in the Attyrmena-Zorzone System (Eta Universe, Dalimpir Sector). They are 3.5ft echinodermic sentient beings that are related to sea-cucumbers as they have red, orange, cyan, and blue skin, antennae, a straight and coiled yet slow-acting digestive system (the esophagus being called the oesophagus in their terms), a primitive endoskeleton and a smoothened exoskeleton, human-like hands and feet, are partially bioluminescent to the eyes, pores, and multiple tongues, are amphibious beings that are now capable of living both underwater and on land for an unlimited time thanks to genetic manipulation allowing their gills to evolve inside their bodies, have multiple glands that serve well in their past roles as warlike beings, have blue bioluminescent blood, 10 lungs and one 50-chambered heart, multiple copies of organs, lay their hundreds of eggs underwater, high amounts of flexibility as their internal skeleton is mostly cartilage, and they have an effective healing factor. They are genetically-perfected beings that evolved from sea-cucumber-like beings that evolved into an amphibious lifestyle and are renowned worshippers of the extinct Teadr 1 Ollotheans as they unintentionally created them, as they now think of them as their gods, even if they know their true nature, and adopted their cultures into their own. Thus, just like them, they perfected genetic selection, and thus have many breeds and forms. Now, though they are normally shorter than an average human, they take on a combat-based form that is much larger, stronger, and much tougher than them. As a result of this, they once had a period where they cared only for destruction, as beforehand, they were a political party, then upon learning more of the extinct Ollotheans' ways, a new president began to overpropagate genetic perfection and selection and thus manipulate the genetic code of his people to suit their, but mostly his, worldview, and thus for a long time, the only reason they fought was hatred and history. They hired certain companies to genetically engineer their youth to become more powerful versions of their species, and thus, the results were infamously stunning, creating an entire caste-based military force with 'medium'-sized Avatans which are over 30% larger and tougher than the typical being, and even greater benefit is that their gills are moved inside their body to protect them from damage and dry air, as beforehand, they could only stay on land for a full week, and the elites are the largest and rarest of the Avatans, which are bigger than the 'medium'-sized version with only somewhat-augmented brain power as well. However, the genetic companies that created these beings know that their profits come from keeping the entire Avatan race alive but underestimating to their opponents. The females appear to be a foot taller and moderatelty-skinnier than the small males as well as being more intense in color tone of their skin. But what stopped their warrior crisis was when the race finally discovered the consequences of their war when the mayor reveals that it was a means for him to declare war across the entire AUU for constant failure to comply to their cultures and thus being shunned and denied in higher powers multiple times, declaring this when he becomes a scorpion-like beast. The race takes him down, and redeem themselves, declaring themselves no longer a warmongering race, and thus almost became a USRA race had it not been for their mistrust in them. Their technology includes touch-screen/holographic mobile devices and computers, projectile/pulse/laser/plasma/disintegration/vibro weaponry, virtual/augmented reality, advanced robotics and fully-sentient AI, nanotechnology granting programmable commands and near-reality manipulation, ground/hover/air vehicles, advanced medical and material technology, digital technology, digital currency, teleportation, cloaking technology, force-fields, advanced agriculture, advanced techbuildings, programmable matter, genetic farming, solid-light technology, and highly-advanced space technology, all based on the technology of the Ollotheans.
  • Coloran- (Teadr 4 multi-colored slender tentacle-headed alien beings, TBC...)
  • Engereal- (Teadr 2.5 Holothurians, Bright Glowing Skin And Yellow Attire, TBC...)

Other Invertebrate Races

  • Invertegrates- The Teadr 0 precursors to all invertebrate beings similar to all invertebrates such as annelids, polychaetes, xenusiids, onychophora, platyhelminths, tardigrades, and so on but mainly resemble Australian giant earthworms. They were pretty much the Galaxyfishes' helpers in doing the other interbretes. They are pretty much as long and big as the size inbetween The Great Eater and the Equestrian Midgard Serpent. When the Galaxyfish went absint due to the failures of their main creations, they went into hybernation to wait for their possable return, inadvertingly preventing themselves from being a great asset to the downfalls to come.
  • Protodyte- (Teadr 0.5 Invertegrate Successors, TBC...)
  • Genisians- A Teadr 1 human-like grey alien race which had triple-stranded DNA, could shift their genetic and chemical makeup and form several castes, and are known to be the very first race the AUU Gods created on the planet of Genesis, which is the world where many biblical or non-existent OUU terms hail from, and the first world to use the universal language of English, now called Usuablothian. The Genisians were complex alien beings whose creation was the Gods' first outside creation in their early days, but they were so obscured by the AUU First Cartoonian War, which has been next to unknown, because the race went through several reincarnations in each of the AUU's universes. Now these beings are considered a very legendary myth. These being possess three eyes, which are a quality shared by the AUU Gods, and the concept is like that of the 'third eye' in the OUU. Their human-like biology are the cause of many races sharing qualities to humans, but on a smaller scale to ensure that alien races were more diverse and could be told more apart. Genisians achieved similar things to the AUU Gods, and even founded the basis of current AUU society, such as life existing outside planets, on or inside stars, or coming from other sources of life-like conditions. They were a very ambitious race and their wars have sparked much more of the AUU's society. Thus they are considered in religion and myth to be 'The Worldbuilder Race'.
  • Jupitian- A Teadr 1 race of pure matter that is the only known race capable of living on gas and ice giants, as well as brown dwarfs and suns. However they cannot survive on normal planets without pressurized EVO suits and can only breath the gases found in massive celestial bodies. They take a sapient shape, but they can shapeshift so long as they're around other celestial gases, as it replenishes them and allows them to heal or regenerate. (TBC...)
  • Cosmean- AKA Technarums, are a race of Teadr 0 beings native to the rogue planet of Vivamus (Theta Universe, Inbaralt Sector). Their alternate name comes from the colony their technology was discovered, Technarse, which was their capital of science and technology, and they have since been a mystery due to no clues of a biological specification discovered. They are actually 10ft beings that have no base form because their genetic code is controlled by their cells which contain quantoconductive organelles capable of harnessing quantum energy and allowing them to manipulate reality. Thus this allowed the race endless possibilities of transcendence, but because of their lack of a true form, they use synthetic avatars which can be rearranged on a molecular level. The soldiers are known to have anthropomorphic avatars with skull-like heads and metallic carapaces, while higher beings have bigger and more expensive avatars. For reasons many can't explain, the race basicly went dorment and were never heard from again, and the Spaceans have kept quiet about this for very vague reasons.
  • †Troyx- (An invertebrate baseless Teadr 1 race that is native to the planet of Spherox Maga (Delta Universe, Delta Core Sector, Troxoxue System). They are a multi-form race of BIONICLE-like bionic beings . TBC...)
  • †Plasmoid- A race of Teadr 1 beings native to the Planet Plasmosis (Beta Universe, Beta Core Sector, Plask System). They are semi-energetic 8.8ft beings that had glowing red, yellow, blue, and white skin, spots on random spots on their skin, small traces of flourescent brown, red, blonde, white, and gray hair, alien-like eyes, short pointed ears, have 6 phalanges on their hands and feet including two thumbs, glowing muscles, an alternate nervous system without a spinal column, 6 lungs, 3 hearts, glowing and volatile blood, 2 spleens, layered ribcages, powerful glandular and immune efficiency, natural resiliency to pain, the ability to have increased body heat upon extreme emotions, the ability to manipulate their own gravity, efficient physical capabilities, and an ambitious lifestyle. They are a race that thrived in a hot and plasma-based lifestyle, in which their home planet and colonies were well-known for, and easily found ways to find similar sources when on different worlds. They were known for their talent for expansion and prosperity through welfare and warfare. They used their power at the best of their ability, and built worlds on their own. Their plasma-based technology was stunning and actually gave birth to plasma weaponry itself long ago. But later on, when their worlds experienced massive climate change that destroyed their plasma-based atmospheres, weakening them to the point of extinction, leaving their technology behind to be claimed by beings like the Qlarg, whom they unintentionally created through a world-building project in the Beta Universe. Their technology included mobile devices, various forms of display, plasma-based/vibro weaponry, and another form of weaponry in the form of a toxic byproduct of their society called 'red sludge' which was used as a biofuel and a weapon capable of melting and ravaging anything, virtual reality, fully-sentient AI, artificial supernova technology, massive solar-based renewable power, nuclear and 'glassing' astro-laser technology capable of scorching planets, hovering vehicles, advanced robotics, genetics and medicine technology, advanced supercomputers, limited quantum technology, smart and mobile techbuildings, teleportation, energy shielding, plasma manipulation technology, artificial evolution, and efficient hyperspace travel.
  • †Ollothean- A race of Teadr 1 beings native to the planet Ollotheom Oex (Eta Universe, Eta Core Sector, Ollochrome System). Related more to annelids than mammals, these 8.7ft beings have alien faces, hands, feet, and ears, no noses, black alien-like eyes that have an enhanced version of sight, have antennae for sensing their expansive surroundings like whiskers, were semi-chemotrophs and thus could eat anything regardless of poisons, had stronger immune systems, they have a powerful regenerative healing factor, a larger endocrine system with glands that create enzymes and substances that fulfill specific roles, reproduce both sexually through genetic selection with elaborate reproductive organs of tentacles and cords that both fertilize with sperm and egg, and asexually through both their reproductive organs and through their regeneration like a starfish, have skin color ranging from blue, red, and orange to cope with their three-colored suns, a higher number of organs than much beings, multiple stinging tongues, a straight yet slow-acting digestive system, multiple 10-chambered hearts, multiple lungs that are connected through the skin, multiple spleens, multiple livers, elaborate nervous systems and strong and active 20-lobed brains, are naturally amphibious, have a defense mechanism where they can subconsciously adapt to a harsh environment until they are in a normal environment again, can display color during mating, their eggs are like urchins as they contain poisonous and regenerative spines to avoid getting eaten, and they molt into cocoons as they age. They are a race that was focused on the pursuit of knowledge, science, evolution, perfection, adaptability, and strength, and thus they evolved through both welfare and warfare, as they defined themselves through their technology. They and technology worked in symbiosis, as they could do anything they wished with the right device. Evolving from primordial soup aquifers that mutated the food they ate, they evolved into sentient beings quicker than average, and thus became one of the best Teadr 1 beings during the Teadr 1 Ages, to where they shared an alliance with other Teadr 1 beings, had adapted themselves to environments beyond land and sea, and thus they are a rare omnirespirant race that can breath in any environment and not worry about intoxication. Their technology is biometric and known to manipulate and react to DNA in a variety of ways, and thus they are not only smart in of themselves, but they only activate when exposed to Ollothean biology, and it includes ultra-data touch-screen/holographic mobile/wearable devices and computers, highly-efficient solar energy, projectile/pulse/laser/plasma/disintegration/vibro weaponry, virtual/augmented reality, advanced robotics, efficient Omnican technology, and fully-sentient artificial and ambient intelligence through artificial brains, nanotechnology granting programmable commands and near-reality manipulation, AI ground/hover/air vehicles, advanced medical and material technology, digital technology, digital currency, teleportation through a physical network, cloaking technology, force-fields, advanced agriculture, advanced techbuildings, sentient arcological cities and metroscapes, conductive metal power, highly-efficient Micro-Dyson (Micro-Dyscon) Spheres and Stations, AFTs and artificial terrain, smart clothes, programmable and AI matter, genetic farming, artificial evolution, biotic technology, solid-light technology, and highly-advanced space technology.
  • Spacean- A Teadr 1.5 race of cosmic beings of pure spatial matter which live in the expansive Spae Laetus Nebula in the Theta Quadrent, and are of Technarum origin, being born from single-celled tardigrade-like molecular-filled organisms from Vivamus that grew to feed and evolve in the nebula like primordial soup, and thus it gave birth to the first and only spatial-living race. They are anaerobic and autotrophic beings that can only survive in space and survive entirely on sunlight. They don't breath, they have little to no vitals, and they cannot cope easily in gravity, meaning they must wear vacuum-packed and antigravity EVO suits that when on a planet. They helped stop the Technarums from destroying the AUU thanks to a rogue individual by freezing their home planet in time and hiding it in a quantum cloud nebula, and have exterminated the rest with a few exceptions.
  • Synthan- A species of Teadr 2 golden-colored artificial semi-energetic being which, despite being capable of shapeshifting, can only do so to mimic other races and sentient animals at any scale. They are a militant race with an elitist society where only military commanders can lead a central government. They fought against several hostile races and won, and as a result, have grown fearless of anything they come across, though can still be scared. This race was rarely known to have been created by the extinct Technarums, and thus their planet of Synthuma was believed to have been one of their colonies. These beings' personalities can range, though can often change depending upon the race they shapeshift into. They have the same instincts of any sentient animal upon shapeshifting into one, they have the same physical and mental qualities of any race when they shapeshift into it, and they actually have no basic form, only appearing as a baseless golden energetic composition. These beings have developed technology similar to a Teadr 1 race after being created by an unknown Teadr 1 race, having the technology of atomic assembly, have developed utility fog, have programmable matter display, have their own disintegration-based weaponry, vibroweaponry, advanced robotics and fully-sentient AI, and architecture similar to Ancient Rome.
  • Formless Chaybdrans

    Chaybdran- A race of Teadr 2 symbiotic lifeforms closely related to poriferans (to a degree) that were originally native to the Planet Chaybdra until it was "destroyed" as the result of weakening integrity and old age. The Chaybdrans survived on a fleet of 50 ships, all of which crashed on Planet Sispice (Eta Universe, Ranatos Sector, Sesha System), a colony that they established and built several ancient monuments on before it was inhabited by other-worldly beings. With their planet gone, they discovered the other-worldly civilizations and deemed them disruptive to their claiming of the planet. Thus, in the colonists' mindset, having little sense of morality due to their limited intelligence, they declared war on the civilizations to emphasize that the planet was theirs. They started feeding on DNA and gaining base forms to fight against the planet's new Chaybdran Defense Force which would try and fight off the race and find a solution to their problems, which was not easy due to their limited intelligence and their inability to speak or understand English. They are a race that thrives by feeding off of the DNA of others, though the side-effects of the feed are fatal to the victim. The DNA feed can last up to 20 years before the fuel wears out and it needs to feed again. The Chaybdrans' 50 crashed starships have been transformed into their 50 large hives which serve as their bases of operation as nobody has ever penetrated them and lived. However, while it's been commenly assumed that the Chaybdrans are just another desperate race, they do not understand the full story of them, as their "Destroyed" Planet is not truely gone persay, rather it's sort've like a phenox planet that needs to be able to absorb a planet, like how they would absorb beings, to be reserected, so the "hostility" torwords the colonisets is actselly trying to prevent them from being killed by the process of which only the Chaybdrans can survive from since it is their native planet after all, and their absorbing is actselly a means to protect the stubbern people of Sispice from the process as they did with the native fauna, but because of lack of proper ability to speak and understand english, let alone an understanding of acceptable outsider morals, these good intentions are quickly lost with the stubbern colonists of Sispice. The Chaybdrans encountered on Sispice have over a hundred forms based upon the DNA they have fed off of. The most commonly-encountered variants are the Soldiers, which are reptiliods that absorbed Sispice's common race, the Chrogtons, the High Hybrids, coming from absorbing another much more physically-fit race, Miberions, Marauders, a heavy form which comes from absorbing the DNA of another much stronger race, the Qohilans, Workers, which come from absorbing Thabbacs, do maintenance, trade, supply and demand work, and will only attack when commanded to do so, Titans, large muscular beasts that come from absorbing the DNA of Gargarillas, Collectors, which take the DNA of flying jellyfish and collect fallen individuals and supply DNA for individuals by storing them in up to 12 sacs, Lurkers, which take the DNA of saltwater or freshwater sharks and attack from the water, Hunters, coming from the absorbed DNA of non-sentient raptor-like dinosaurs that serve as K9 units, Chargers, coming from the absorbed DNA of a non-sentient riding dinosaur that serves as steeds for other Chaybdran forms, and the Queens, which reproduce 500 times a day and produce enough offspring to create an army within a weeks worth of reproduction. There are over 50 Queens in each of the hives. Some of these forms are cybernetically-enhanced to do better work, and almost all members use laser weaponry of all kinds. Other technology includes touch-screen mobile devices and computers, vibroweapons, cybernetics and robotics, augmentation serums, hover vehicles, virtual/augmented reality, and interstellar travel.
  • Renacouri- The hyperly advanced formless DNA ooze race that started out as an accsidental Tiiken exspeariment meant to use DNA to cure cancer instead ended up becoming sentient life, and as a result, the shape-changing Renicouri went and created their own system and worlds. The Renacouri can take the shape of any visitor so it is not to gross out guests. The Renicouri are so advanced that they already discovered intersteller travel and cross-dimentional travel without having to go to Portus, and having established colonies across the multiverse as well, even being as ballsy to create a time machine to use as history tours and invent history tourism of many histories of the AUU. They even said to have been even colonised the OUU without everyone knowing as they act THAT fast. The Tiikens are fastinated with what they had created, but one, named Worr Y. Wort, is unreasonabley too afraid of how quickly the beings are advancing and how quickly their influence is spreading, even on how they can tour time periods like there's a tourist industry for it, and has been long advocating reigning in the Renacouri, which, while he is worring too much, his concerns are legit, espeically with their history touring shenanigans and their hyper evolutions need to be addressed and regulated, even the Grand Councill agrees to this, but since for as long as the Renacouri don't come under a hostile leadership and as long as no accsidental changes accured, there's no nessersary need to get the Renacouri to slow down. the Renacouri never stop working as they are incapable of exhaustion, making them assentually the ideal worker in par with machines. Work injuries are never an issue, hunger is never an issue, they're incapable to complain, and being assentually DNA creatures, they never have to worry about organ complications even when taking a form of an average being. This tireless workforce makes them the most lovely thing to every corperate business in the AUU next to machines, even more that the Renacouri don't believe in having an ecomany or a money system, so they would also work for free! However, the Grand Council would crush those dreams when they introdused laws to make it that Renacouri are educated the impourence of money in outside systems in the process of ever intergrating of other systems and universes, so they are never taken advantaged off by less desireable corperations and/or prevent animosity against Renacouri because of mass repalcement of native workers with Renacouri immigrants. The Renacouri are incapable of hostility, as they can even be nice and considerate to even, including but not limited, the likes of Bullarns, Pharcums, Phends, Zargons, Kraetons, Plaugus, Byzans, Grutts, heck, they would even welcome the Qyzmeths, as infamous as they are. That is not to say they don't believe in self defence, but not offensively. Not only are they and their worlds indestructable to every form of planet destroying weapon imaginable, they never worry about climents, pollution, sickness (given their origin), and conventional wepaonry can't hurt them, not even uranium or anything stronger and worse, but they also play mindgames on the minds of any threat by not even acknowledging the threat and not even noticing the attempt to be threats, and keep at it until the threat is exhausted and gives up on it. And even then, they still acted like there was never any transgression. Cause of it, the VA themselves deside to stay clear of the Renacouri because they're litterally too passive and indestructable to hurt.
  • Sigrozoan- A species of worms that are native to the Planet Sigrus. dispite being very large and being carnivorous, they are the most peaceful and tolerent of any race of the AUU. However, their kindness ends up being their own undoing when they welcomed the Titaniods, who they were ruled by a dark hearted wizard king.
  • Quadod- A race of worms with quadrapod insectoid legs that makes them freaky looking. This Teadr 2 race are reljustusly warmongers because they worship a god of war in Quada legend that states that the Quadods are destetin to destroy the three-eyed demons who threaten the soverinty of all worlds. Problem is, they msitaken the Yaterons to be the demons because of VERY unfortunate simularities! Thus, they delcaired war on the race and by extendtion the USRA in a crusade to destroy the yaterons! The Quadods were very powerful oppendents, and lives and colonies were lost, but the USRA ultamately give the Quadods a powerful enough push that they won the war as a result. Still determined to crush the three-eyed demons, the Quadods came to join UIS. While the Quadods under UIS enfluence came to reckindse that the Yaterons aren't their demons, they still deemed their lost in need of a settled score. The Quadods build an unsurpassable wall that now blocks out isolated systems.
  • Vresser- Poriferan Race (TBC...)
  • Xoppler- (Teadr 2 Annelid-Related Waurmic Enemies, Oxygen is Poisonous, Parasitic Emberyo, War Against Waurmics, Twice As Tall As Waurmics, AUU Prey, Home Of Planet-Like Spaceship, Genetically-Modified Civilization, Harvests And Absorbs DNA To Enhance Their Own, Dying Civilization As A Result Of War, Xoppla (Delta Universe, Abdephomis Sector, Xoppa System), TBC...)
  • Corple- (Teadr 1.5 Conductive Blob-Like Beings, Corpus Warframe, A conglomeration of plutocratic commercial and industrial interests unified by a single trade language and a common goal: the acquisition and trading of ancient technologies, A megacorporate semi-robotic plutocratic race with advanced robotics and laser technology, Opherion (Gamma Universe, Gamma Core Sector, Justous System), TBC...)
  • Whurch- (A race of Teadr 4 hive-minded eukaryotic protist beings that infect and receive hosts and fought against the other races of the system for survival, Whurch (Gamma Universe, Gamma Core Sector, Justous System), Infested Warframe, TBC...)
  • Techrid- (A race of Teadr 1.5 bionic creatures descended from the Troyx and are BIONICLE-style warlike warrior guardians of Troyx setting and technology who inhabit all their colonies and worlds that have had their influence.)
  • †Aegord- (A Teadr 2 Symbiote-Like Race, TBC...)
  • Ribozoan- A Teadr 1.5 gelatinous race of living primordial ooze native to the double planet of Aogen and Theira (Beta Universe, Nexther Sector, Grendella System). (TBC...)
  • Woughtan- (Teadr 2.5 Sentient Octopuses, TBC...)
  • Idirigine- A race of Teadr 2 invertebrate beings native to Planet Idirigenesis. They are a race of whitish-gray humanoids with a much different anatomy from common life. This is because they are one of the many rare instances of silicon-based life, as silicon has similar functions to carbon. That also means their physiology is far different. Despite silicon's weaker bonds and lesser tendency to form complex molecules, silicon can survive hotter or colder temperatures. But due to silicon turning into rock when oxidized, their home planet of Idirigenesis has no oxygen, making the atmosphere unbreathable to most life. Idirigenesis is similar to Saturn's moon Titan, filled with oceans of liquid methane and ethane, and the biota of their planet can be living crystals or rocks, or even living liquid metal and machines, and are chemosynthetic, getting nutrients from the earth beneath them. These creatures have a highly slow metabolism and have a lifespan of millions of years. They can even live in molten silicon rock beneath the crust due to the rigid bonds of silicon and oxygen being more flexible and reactive in hotter temperatures, resulting in more dynamic chemistry. Idirigines are no different. Though they look human, their skin is tougher, they have chitin body plates that behaves like tech-armor, they do not require clothes since they have little to no obscenity or environmental requirements, they have multi-formed eyes, layered internals, detachable and replaceable body parts, and they have little to no organs. Starting out as basic and hive-minded simpler forms, they began to evolve their own consciousness thanks to increased electrical internal evolution, and began to adapt, finding the anthro form to be the most basic and accommodating form to take. They have been at war many times with each other and with other races, but they have pulled through many challenges. On other worlds, Idirigines cannot breath oxygen, so they can upload themselves into avatars called cerebropods, many of which can be physically similar to the common Idirigine, except a synthetic biomechanical android that requires little to no sustenance. They can, however, choose to take many forms, yet they prefer their anthro form over all others, which are primarily used for bigger tasks.
  • Comman- (Teadr 2 Walking Brains, Planet Commanitiosis, TBC...)
  • Exon- (Teadr 2 Artificial Omnican-Organic Hybrids, AUU Destiny Exos, TBC...)
  • Sonct- (Teadr 2 Transparent Gelatinous Symbiote, AUU Destiny Hive, TBC...)
  • Wisip- A race of Teadr 1.5 multi-formed flying creatures originally native to Planet Wisipi (Eta Universe, Anderem Sector, Oosaron System) before it was destroyed by the ancient monster called Kaotic, who was originally a starsquid turned into a chaotic monster by their own power via the cosmic opal and the egg gems, the Wisips' mysterious gifts from cosmic outer gods that had deemed them the faverties, having meant to save the starsquid, but accsidently corrupting it into the made creature it became, and paid for it with their planet and half their population, making them extremely rare to see because their endangered status made them shy, but also curious for a wish to use their energetic powers to give people the power to fight evil. They are not only 90% energy, but they can fly at hypersonic speeds. In many ways, they are the AUU version of the Sonic the Hedgehog Wisps. The Wisips had imprisoned Kaotic and had passifived it by using Choa-like baby-looking aliens to sooth and passify it in hoping to cure the Starsquid of the taint of Kaotic. But now, both the very eggs and the opal are being gunned after by a madman of the Ovalmans out to take over everything through them and the egg gems, not realising the choas he could unleeash, thus the Wisips came to select a misfit group of Sonic-inspired animals that cowinidently happen to be an ever-lasting thrown to the mad doctor's side.

Mythological Races

Land Beings

  • Toshan- A human-like mythical being of Marbonian mythology. They are said to be humans that were purified by magic, and thus have multi-colored hair, boundless amounts of magical abilities, could easily pose as AUU Gods on certain occasions, have powers that adapt over their lifetimes, and can live far longer than humans.
  • Elvuu- A short 3ft race of elf-like creatures from several mythologies across the AUU that are the AUU version of elves. Their origins in mythological worlds are all different in various ways. They are smart, creative, and have brains that are 99.7% identical to humans. While they may not be as intelligent as humans, they are still sentient and creative.
  • Org- An orc-like creature of many folklores that are invasive marauders, more body hair, and are spiteful creatures.
  • Ogyce- An ogre-like creature of many mythologies that are known for having bodies covered in rocks, crystals, and have elemental abilities. They can commonly be found in volcanoes, stratovolcanoes, ancient ruins, and high mountain ranges.
  • Zerd- A lizardman of many saurian and humanoid mythologies that are capable of using elemental breath. They can eat crystals to fuel their magic breath.
  • Dralen- A giant 20-ft dragon humanoid of Human, Ohrugan, Augean, and Rabodan mythology which is basically a dragon man, with large horns, wings, a tail, reptilian limbs, a dragon head, and can breath elemental magic.
  • Censen- Mythical energy beings made of quantum energy that can use the boundless quantum energy of the AUU to create powerful attacks and manifest anything. They are semi-sentient beings that are reckless creatures capable of doing great things, being a nuisance to many people in the AUU, including the AUU Gods.
  • Oarf- Dwarf-like beings of Marbonian mythology. They are short and bulky beings with shorter hair-growing periods, more hair on their bodies, and are rough in personality.
  • Centarra- The AUU version of centaurs that come from several mythologies across the AUU. They have human-like chests, and the bottom body of any kind of AUU ungulate depending upon the mythology it comes from.
  • Mitaur- A diminutive centaur creature of many mythologies with human-like upper bodies and a lower cat-like quadruped body.
  • Titon- A colossal beast of many forms and mythologies with planets or celestial bodies as cellular makeup that spread chaos.
  • Megadyte- The giants of the AUU. They are similar to apes and hominids, have alien eyes, and multiple copies of organs.
  • Taurion- A giant horned humanoid of several mythologies that have indestructible horns, hooves for feet, tusks on their mouths, and are excellent weaponsmiths.
  • Cyclon- An Ohrugan-like one-eyed behemoth from Ohrugan mythology which is the AUU version of cyclopses. They are tribal creatures which have the ability to hypnotize.
  • Tryclon- A three-eyed human-like being from Marbonian mythology which is just like a Cyclops, and is just as menacing.
  • Oeg- A mythical pig-like orc of Human, Pharcum, Bulliarn, and Vikorean mythology. They are literal brutes and are as sadistic and evil as orcs, are hoggish and disgusting, evil, consumes sentient beings, have powerful muscular structures, are deadly hunters and nomadic conquerers, and constantly attempt to take over territory.
  • Onibec- A giant bull-like orc of Bulliarn, Pharcum, and Vikorean mythology. Being taller than all those beings, they are terrible beings and conquerers who could do anything with their impossibly-high strength, durability, and endurance. They are virtually immune to anything.
  • Duopoll- A being of many AUU mythologies that's a conjoined orc with often opposite personalities.
  • Unt- Ent-like beings from Marbonian mythology. As tree-beings, they consider plants as people subject to due process of law and consider them sacred to protect, and always hold funerals for every plant thar dies or is chopped down or poisoned. They are wise beings and can live for over a thousand years.
  • Aurchr- A humanoid of many mythologies that have glowing spots and the ability to breath blasts of plasma or energy.
  • Anthrocorn- A humanoid figure of Marbonian mythology with a unicorn horn and an equine-like face similar to Equestrian pony faces.
  • Lan- A Pan-like humanoid of Marbonian mythology with horns of many forms.
  • Demonoid- A demon-like humanoid of Sucuban and Human mythology that are amoral creatures capable of using demon magic of Ehaexon mythology. They are neither good nor evil, and their viewpoints of the world differ.
  • Teler- A humanoid of many mythologies with ears tipped with hypersensitive antennae.
  • Bagargan- A giant minotaur-like creature from Gelucian mythology which has large bull-like horns, large spines, a human-like muscular body and dog-like face, large fists, and a short tail. In mythology, they were large beasts used for killing players in a gladiator maze by the treacherous mortal king, King Chembis, until the demigod hero Angut destroyed the maze and forced the Bagargans to retreat.
  • Nymyan- A human-like fantasy creature of nature which is the AUU version of nymphs. They were entirely female, and often mated with humans or human-like beings. They were often found around rivers, ponds, waterfalls, woods, or any other natural niche.
  • Flakka- A human-like creature from Marbonian mythology with a large crested cape-like structure on it's back, and a patterned body. In mythology, they were native to the mythical island Flak Isle, and had learned to trust humans after a misunderstanding lead to a feud that lead to the death of the main character of the story.
  • Argosa- An ape-like troll from Uonan mythology with long arms packed with strong punching hands, human-like faces, and pterosaur-like head crests. In mythology, they were guardians of the forbidden mythical land of Argogis Thao, and was originally meant as a way to teach kids to not wander too far from home.
  • Meek- A medium-sized humanoid creature from Marbonian mythology which has a tribal lifestyle, chose Zarzigons as their steeds, were excellent climbers, and were quick learners. In mythology, there was a story about one Meek named Ga Sabsina who wished to be a warrior, and when tragedy struck, she had the assistance of humans in order to make it come true.
  • Beaxer- A massive centaur-like creature from Vandoranian mythology with curved tusks, the upper area of a human, and the lower area of a bear-like creature, except it has no fur, clawed toes, and an armoured back. In mythology, they were the former guardians for the Vandora head god, Zathiter, until a misunderstanding lead to them betraying their own master and being banished into the mortal world where they hid from plain sight from people.
  • Fingo- A tribal flightless fairy-like creature from Rabodian folklore which has color-changing translucent vestigial wings. They are known in folklore for their beauty, charm, and magic, and have been introduced in many forms of mythological stories.
  • Thater- A Rabodan-like ogre-like creature from Rabodian mythology which has upward-curving horns, and small downward-facing tusks. They are monsters which kill anyone who stumbles into their territory. In mythology, one was slayed by the demigoddess Silnali after it tormented people for 25 years.
  • Wilirk- A short spotted gremlin-like supernatural creature from Narenese legend with the ability to create portals to go through and go in different places at once. They are mischevous in nature, and love to tease people. Several sightings have been reported, but it still remains cryptic.
  • Undrum- A Rabodan-like creature from Rabodian mythology with large flowers on their heads which they use for photosynthesis and as a source of energy for their solar abilities. In mythology, a story told how these creatures almost ended up destroying themselves in a war due to people seemingly polluting their beautiful homes.
  • Wooger- A bat-like goblin creature from Ferusian legend which lived in caves. They killed any trespassers that entered and ate their organs. They had ugly bat-like faces, 4 limbs and large bat wings, owl-like eyes, and had sharp needle-like teeth. It remains cryptic, leaving nothing in sight except puddles of blood and pieces of organ.
  • Pixxart- A supernatural entity from Istoutoan legend which is said to be an unholy beast that turns virtual reality into reality, making death easy for you. Some sightings of this supernatural entity have been seen, but it is assumed to have been some kind of out-of-control glitch in the virtual matrix. Nevertheless, it became an incredible legend.
  • Thazzan- A lizard-like skinny being from horror stories which was noted for their magical prowess, and their tendency to cause mischief, making deals with people and double-crossing them so they could have something to eat. Several stories have spawned from this creature.
  • Ombrus- An invisible all-female supernatural creature from many mythologies across the AUU that reproduces by shapeshifting into a female version of it's victims' species, and getting itself impregnated.
  • Ting'bai- A giant mythological creature from Acrillesian mythology which had 4 arms, the muscular body of a human, upward-facing tusks, and monstrous eyes. In mythology, it was a war monster that was slayed by the Acrillesian god of battle, victory, and peace, Ryzus.
  • Zrix- A fairy-like being from Marbonian mythology with flourescent wings, the body of a human, pointed ears, and spots on random areas that are bioluminescent and match the colors of their eyes. There are many stories following these creatures, the main quality is their love of nature and desire to keep it alive.
  • Polyzoon- A mischievous being from Invervitraxian mythology which are the AUU version of Draconequui (Equestria). Just like Draconequui, they had the varying body parts of many animals, and had unimaginably-chaotic power. In mythology, they had spread chaos across Invervitrax until a mysterious hero locked them up inside the bowels of the planet, where it was said that they were never seen again.
  • Luckiry- A mythological being of Ehswan mythology which spread out to many AUU cultures. They have pointed and striped cat-like ears, human-like faces, hands, feet, varying levels of fur colorations, fire-colored eyes that change hue through emotions, are easy learners, spontaneously-adaptive creatures, have much more organs in their bodies that do various jobs for various purposes, a sac-like ribcage made of cartilage, two hearts and 6 lungs, two stomachs, four spleens, hundreds of glands, volatile blood, short tails, wisdom and free-spirits, talented capabilities in life, and are a very proud and noble people with pure hearts. For their adaptability, they were considered good personifications of good luck and were famously portrayed in various genres of action and adventure. Albeit often to the point that people mistaken this as them being actual personifications of good luck, of which had to be corrected when it lead to Luckiries being sought after to troubling degrees.
  • Iblic- Goblin-like beings from Marbonian mythology. They are large bat-eared and bat-faced beings noted for their long history of abusing higher-powers, and even making powerful deals that ultimately result in many casualties. Though not all of these beings are completely evil, they won't hesitate to do unethical acts if they have to.
  • Arckle- Orc-like beings from Marbonian mythology. They are hoggish, unhygeinic, gluttonous, sinful, and bloodthirsty beings with a rough culture, long traces of hair, tough muscular structures, and they wield powerful weaponry.
  • Driymod- A spiritual being of Marbonian mythology. They are beings made of pure magic and take a human-alien form, and are reincarnations of the highest of mages and other magic-users. Some can be good, others can be evil, and they do their goals very well.
  • Mavshova- A multi-armed mythical being of multiple Hindu-like mythologies that stands very tall, has endless arms for endless amounts of dexterities, and are known in AUU God lore as excellent handlers, not just for manufacturing, but also weapons. But most of these beings are pacifistic and only seek enlightenment and non-lethal goals.
  • Diaman- A being formed in lore by a combination of primordial ooze and the carbon allotropes in which are exposed to intense pressure and temperature to form a being made of literal diamond. Commonly a crazy myth brought on by ancient diamond miners, they later turn up real on mythical worlds all across the AUU.
  • Kityr- A large creature of Gnoron mythology with multiple fox-like tails like a kitsune, a satyr-like lower body of hooves, monstrous horns, a monkey-like face and arms, and are known for being mischief-makers, greedy beasts, tricksters, and in many other accepted lores, guardians and trainers of wizards of old.
  • Iuju- A mythical race which used to be fictional of Iujulypsan mythology based on old sightings until they were encountered by a tribe, described to be 10in tall, have human-like hands, feet, faces and ears, have alien-like eyes, lion-like tails, purple-to-indigo skin, hair that is white, tan, gold, mahogany, and gray in coloration and are all lost as they age, and they are impressive in magic.
  • Rooc- A kangaroo-like elf of Daitenian mythology with long ears, small tails, powerful hopping legs, and are expert hunters.
  • Tentl- A humanoid of Aufone mythology with long wavy tentacle hair that is amphibious and regenerative.
  • Lort- A crocodilian troll of many mythologies that consume any who wander in the swamp at night.
  • Theeth- A lizard humanoid of Prieman and Roptord mythology with indestructible regenerative abilities and a warrior spirit.
  • Zitter- A pollinating humanoid of Qaclite mythology that are as fast as hummingbirds and were said to have stopped all plant life from dying in the AUU First Cartoonian War.
  • Mourag- A race of supernatural beings that only reside in the AUU's Boundary Cluster and are capitalized in the Boundary Generator that keeps the two malleable afterlife realms of Heaven and Hell locked within the Boundary Cluster. They populate every astral planet which are actually the ghosts of destroyed planets from outside the Cluster, and in the cluster realms, the space is breathable and anyone can interact across the realms across an entire labyrinth of floating debris that come from what's destroyed outside of the Cluster. However, they exist in two breeds: the white/blue angelic breed called Ael-Mourags, who reside in Heaven, and the horned demonic red/brown breed called Dae-Mourags, which reside in Hell. These two breeds hate each other due to being polar opposites, and often consider it a fun sport to feud with them across the fortified boundary walls that separate each realm. Both, however, have reversed personalities. The Ael-Mourags are 90% pure and 10% corrupt while the Dae-Mourags are 90% corrupt and 10% pure. Because they have two breeds, the mourags have two rulers that co-rule and judge the recently-deceased and decide whether they should go to Heaven or Hell.
  • Ehaexon- A race of Teadr 1 demonic insectomammalian beings that was the second oldest races in the AUU behind the AUU Gods, coming into existence before and during the AUU First Cartoonian War. These beings are known for their multiple bodies, their manipulative genetic structures, their triple-stranded DNA, their 4 lungs and 2 ten-chambered hearts, bioluminescent and flammable red blood, 20-lobed brains, sac-like ribcages, exoskeleton-like armor, fire-colored alien-like eyes, glowing-red tongues, rough skin, extendable sharp teeth and claws, pointed ears, and high levels of glands. Though serving the original unknown menace of the AUU First Cartoonian War like many others, they were a dark-hearted warlike race that were very sadistic, deadly, saw war and death as a way to worship their demonic god, which was infamously known by so many names, and the one they chose is Gliticer, the Outer God, Verse, and Amoral One slayer that destroyed entire universes, and eventually became demonic beings during the AUU First Cartoonian War. A shared force of infamy is also Planet Darkside, a planet tainted by void energy that in some legends, also allowed for the existence of Ehaexons. They came in 11 breeds: The Imper'mongcus (Imperator) which is the leader of the race itself and is gifted through biotics to gaining an entire ton of abilities and being the biggest and most powerful breed, the Sol'muce (Solacers) which are a red-faced human-like breed that act as minor guards, guardians, and witch doctors for biotic and/or magic husbandry and engineering, the Phentoccont (Phenomenators) which are naturally-armored red battle-bred variants that were super-powerful and adaptive to the biological level through regeneration and reactive adaptation, Fulogorate (Fulgurators) which are golden-skinned variants that are the battlemages that can control anything in the Ehaexon government through their multiple antennae, can absorb energy and be replenish their power, and they can restore anything, Erroratine (Erraticans) which are a horned semi-sentient muscular breed that is like a war animal used for gladiator or war events and is capable of terrible things and have unfathomable abilities, Saeger (Saeturnines) which are a breed with exposed, yet protected and elaborately-detailed, brain cases and are expert geniuses, architects, judges, and heads of minor positions for the Imperator with their long stretchable tentacles, the Tragross (Transgressors) that are a giant sentient horned bioluminescent breed that grants heavy support and are weapons of mass destruction, as well as offering emergency support as juggernauts with regenerative powers and bizarre features including exposed muscle and bone, the Glizzkriieg (Glissaders) which are the aerialists of the force that possess 4 aerodynamically-perfect and bizarre bug/bat wings and are as quick as hummingbirds, the Lirich (Liches) which are excellent healers with bizarre body structures with exposed muscle, bone, and others, and are excellent in bringing aid to the battlefield, Pimoogs (Pigmys) which are imp-like and are bred to be semi-sentient and do hard manual labor and replace slavery of the AUU beings and later the Mourags, and the Grouok (Grouches), which are zombie-like creatures that are what happens to an Ehaexon when it dies as it's brain remains active until it completely decomposes, attacking anything regardless of what it sees. They had gruesome-appearing technology in the form of semi-biotic machines, weaponized wildlife including their Diresteeds and Fire Monsters, among others as their home planet of Ehaexeum Exhima that is currently located in the Boundary Cluster. Their military is quite organized and comes in several ranks: Ehaexon Chaosmaker of I which the equivalent of General with ranking based upon numbers of I to X, I being the most revered, Ehaexon Acolyte which is the equivalent of Officer and the common army status with ranking going from I to X, Ehaexon Disciples which are heavy elite infantry that is often known as 'berserkers' for their ferocity, Apothecary which are the leaders of a medical team that is responsible for the retrieval and correction of the wounded, Zealots which are the basic swarm infantry known for their devotion and fanaticism for the Imperator, and Inquisitors which are demonic Ehaexon technology in the form of fully-sentient robotics that are highly feared by AUU and Mourag alike and nearly invulnerable to firearms and terribly equipped. But aside from robots, their vehicles are beyond ingenious, including Skimmers which are their biotic ground-based hovercrafts that include the RS (Recon Skimmer) meant for hit and run and recon, the ISS (Infantry Support Skimmer) which are their hovertanks, and the HAS (Heavy Assault Skimmer) which are for local command and control being packed with modular turrets. Striders are biotic walkers based on spider-like DNA, and come in two variants: the ALS (Assault Land Strider) which is a versatile land walker, and the HLS (Heavy Land Strider) which is a siege walker with fearsome firepower yet is vulnerable to close proximity. There is also the Cunctacraft, which is a multi-purpose aerial hovercraft for transport, air dominance, and ordnance support. Their spaceships are referred to as Hellmongers, which range in shape and size and have terrible capabilities. Their other forms of technology include programmable matter display, fully-sentient AI and machinery, quantum weaponry, advanced medicine, advanced material technology, genetic engineering, digital technology, augmented/virtual reality, mobile devices and computers, and efficient space-age technology, all under advanced biotic (biological in origin) composition.
  • Apologusian- A giant Ogre like race that aren't really the most attractive creatures ever but dispite their fearsome and rather gross looking appearence, they're actselly very friendly beings of a medevil like culture who love to celebrate life. However, they were never properly documented thanks to being victimised by an unjust goverment on part of the Angellans and were redused to be secret slaves made to embetter the selfish goverment's demands for perfection and pretigde and made sure the Apologusians were considered a myth to hide the atorsity they commited from all others, even going as far as ruining a hero from their own race as a socialist madman for standing up to them and killing one of their leaders. They're like the AUU equilent of the Bergens from Dreamworks "Trolls" Movie, only with an even uglier appearence.
  • Hylf- A small woolly homunculus of many mythologies with large alien eyes, is very furry, large bat-like ears, and possess very curious intelligence.
  • Alundus- Alundus are a race of island golums of Brainiacaazk Mythology that are said to have been formed that when the Brains had reduced their planet's original ocean world form to save an endangered spieces, the Alundus were implied to be sent from higher forces to turn the dried seabeds into vitable lands for same endangered spieces and the new generation of creatures that popped up in evolutions' time.
  • Sky'rex- Angelic Sentient Paradisian Birds of Skepticen Mythlogy often assosuated with Skep myths about the birds being viewed as the Speakers for the planet Pharagu, a planet signifigant to their culture. These are considered heroldy mythics in Skep culture and were often used as symbols for anichent and midevil times for the Skeps. Sky'rexes are considered wise and prohetic, and in legend had said that the Skeps were destined to inhered Pharagu as a colony planet. However, these beautiful birds became noticingly absint ever since Pharagu turned into a Garbage dump, with Skep believers viewing it as an omen and ergo believe that they were speakers of Pharagu, believing that the Planet had felt disgraced by the USRA's actions. In a way, Sky'rexes alone are kinda why the Skeps are still so butt-hurt about Pharagu even after it had been cenauties as this point and why cleaning rights is so contentious in recent years.
  • G'rowlnam- G'rowlnams are of Bullabull mythlogy and are implied to be cursed and punished Bullabulls for commiting a cowerdly or dishonorable act, being that basicly the cursed Bullabull devolves and mutates back into Bullabull ancestry, but get stuck in a grey-area between their normal selves and unsentient ancestry, making them mindless monsters. G'rowlnams are basicly like Windegos, they're predatory in nature and had been known to ambush Bullas that weren't ready to defend themselves or never fight fairly if caught just in time. Killing a G'rowlnam is often viewed in Bullabull socity to be of a highest honor and worthy of enturnal respect, even after the slayer's depature.
  • The Great Terrorable Vorer- In Vyran Mythlogy, the GTV is a Vyran cursed into a monstrosity for the act of eating another Vyran, turning them into an over-sized mouth monster capable of eating Vyrans whole. In legend, there can only be one Vorer per-Era, cause often Vyrans throughout the ages always hunt a GTV of the era down the moment there's an implied existence. The GTV is considered the one thing Vyrans do get cold sweats from whenever the creature is being spoken of, and that's saying something, because Vyrans are beings that aren't even afraid of Pixxart or Exhaeons, nor anything else for that matter. Killing the GTV of the era will earn the slayer eturnal respect and honor from the Vyrans.
  • The Naer Terror- A Titanic Terrorbird Esqed Monster and a feared boogeyman entity for Naaars in Naaar culture. The giantic bird is said to be a punisher of Naaars that don't eat rodents, likely the myth being founded around the fact that rodents are the only thing in existence in the Naaar homeworld, and thus the Naer Terror can be viewed as a personification of death by starvation and a consiquence for Naaars being picky about eating rodents. With a long neck and impossably long tongue capable of catching fleeing Naaars, it is as tall as  red wood trees yet is able to run crazy fast for it's size, a beak as hard as the toughest metal in the AUU, and indestructable feathers that would make it invulerable to even a blast from a Bullarn Cannon. In some claims, even an Astro-Laser would not kill the Naer Terror, as for as long as it has the feathers, it is impervious to all mortal weapons.
  • The White Extinctioner- A feared figure of Skorner culture and believed father of all Albinos, this being is considered to be the bringer of extinctions via the use of an Albino of the race choosen to be the doom bringer, thus being why Skorners had such a radical belief system about Albinos until the time of UIS pasifived and discontinued that belief due to the risk of these beliefs being scrutanable. He is reminisent of Slender Man, but with a giant eye on the head and is wearing a elongated white robe and a cape that leaves well beyond the body and is endless, for it is made out of the soul-fabric of the spieces and races that had been wiped out.
  • Double-Fin- Double-Fin is a legendary Finkur figure where it is discriped as a Finkur with extra "Fins" on him. He is discriped to be a figure like Kraan and is said will bring the Finkurs to Teadr 1 assendsion for implications of cosmic enlightenment.
  • LargeFeet- A Bigfoot like ape creature discriped as rediculiously giant feet of Sailneck Mythlogy. While not sentient persay, it is discriped as a self-aware curious sapiant creature, and has been known to be fascinated with sentient socity often to it's own risk as always such a legendary creature is always at risk of capture and explotation, espeically in Sailneck socity that often aim to make money out of it.
  • Thin Coraak- A Slenderman-Eqsed Figure for Coraak mythlogy that is basicly like Slenderman. It's discriped as an abnormally thing and tall Coraak wearing a fancy suit and with tenticles pertruding it's back. It's been known to bait people with drawings and doodles of it's existence with words saying uncomferting things that only bring it closer to you, and once a capture by it is made, the victim gets turned into a tree, it's lifeforce forever impowering Thin Coraak.
  • King Gladio- A Sentient Super-Gladiozont of Zeapent Culture worshipped as the devine father of the Gladiozont spieces.
  • Aniavezz- A feared Vezzerick Demon of Vezzerick Lore that is discriped to be the destroyer of colonies by infecting a vezz Queen with a sickness that sterilises her and spreads as a desease that kills all current and yet-borned offspring. As a result, the Vezzericks adopted their believe of being as powerful and expandsive as possable so to scare Aniavezz from trying to ever destroy a colony, as it is feared as the demon of stagnation and non-enfluence-spreading, and the destroyer of legiaces.
  • Zhaerapede- A cosmic force resemblent of a giant centapede of shared Zhaer System Mythos that all the natives of the Zhaer planets believe that their planets were once it's segments before it transformed itself to be the Zhaer system, implying to be why otherwise radically different beings have befriended eachother so easily.
  • The Ka'Navi Horror- A Giant Titantic Space Wasp bigger then planets of Ka'Navi Culture believed to be a destroyer of worlds by simply laying it's egg into the core as it gets slowly eaten by the larva that turns into another Ka'Navi Horror, and the cycle repeats. The Ka'Navi believe that the Horrors are attracted to beautiful planets, kinda why their buildings are as disgusting as possable, to displease the Horrors. Ka'Navi myth believes that the Horrors want to go after the Ka'Navis first and formost before they go after other planets, explaining why they don't try to make other planets ugly.

Sea Beings

  • Onu'Bysson- A figure of Brainiacaazk culture considered to be the father of all oceans in Brainiac. He is viewed as the guide of "Water Spirits" for departed Brainiacaazks and is viewed as the leader of the water spirits, and is viewed as the all encompuser of the Brains, being why they repress their emotions and why they are always so complicated to understand. Onu is implied to live in the deepest abyss in Brainiac, called "The Onu Abyss", a site made off-limits out of respect for Onu and the Water Spirits' privacy and sactiny. Well that, and it's because the abyss is crawling with super-predators like giant Megalodon-like Junja Sharks and serpentine eel monsters, creatures implied to be Onu's "Guardians" to ensure "No one sees him until it is their time".
  • Neustoid- The AUU version of mermaids that come from many mythologies across the AUU. Despite their human-appearances, they are actually fish since they share qualities of a fish. They have flippers that look much more fish-like, having pelvic fins. The upper body is more like a human, having the same skin and hair colors as any other human, but they have gills that can close automatically when on land so the lungs can kick in. They are so adapted to land-dwelling, they can last for days without water. They are found all over the AUU.
  • Coeren- A mythological humanoid from Sea Krow mythology made from rocky coral of any kind, and dwells around unseen tides.
  • Impuriton- A Trash-covered sea-horror of Bruddlefish Myth that is discriped in their culture as "The Pollutor of Doom", discriped as a terrorable figure that pollutes and ruin ocean worlds with trash it has collected from many, many worlds. Hence why Bruddles are netourious neatfreaks, cause failure to do so is said to earn the attention of Impuriton.
  • Jelhead- A mythological semi-aquatic being from Cunone mythology with a jellyfish-like head and a small body. They live on the land or in the water, and are very beautiful and colorful.
  • Donriur- A mythical being from Marbonian mythology which has the bottom area of a crab, and the upper area of a human. They are mischevous creatures that live inside kelp forests pincing anything that approaches them.
  • Thimrod- A mythological being from Marbonian mythology with a large snail-like shell, and a human's upper area as the basic body. They are slow in nature, but highly-aggressive to other beings.
  • Physer- A cetacean-like being from Yatoran mythology which looks like a bulky Yatoran with flat feet and hands, a blowhole on it's head, a streaked back, and a friendly nature. In mythology, there was one Physer who fell in love with a Yatoran, and because this wasn't allowed, tragedy struck that killed the both of them.
  • Trasabix- A human-like mythological being from Harbanisanian mythology which is known for having the basic body of a human, yet has the transparent and jelly-like appearance of a jellyfish. Anybody they touch with their fingers or toes gets stung. In mythology, a story about one Terasbix named Fachine wanted to interact with humans, and even wanted to be one so she could be with a human she had a crush on.
  • Waetaun- A seal-like being from Rabodian folklore with the body of a Rabodan, yet the flippers of a sea-lion-like creature. They are joyful creatures that enjoyed interaction with other beings. In folklore, they are heraldry creatures that represented compassion and sympathy, especially to humans on Peace Day.
  • Gunsaglao- A small being from Acrillesian mythology which is the AUU version of grindylows. They have octopus-like lower areas, and have a head which is a blend between a human and an octopus, having a beak and some black eyes.
  • Busbis- An Ohrugan-like being from Ohrugan mythology with the body of an Ohrugan, yet has tentacles for arms and legs, and has an octopus-like beak.
  • Yatrishima- A Yatoran-like being from Yatoran mythology with the transparent body of a jellyfish, the lower area being the dome and stingers of one, and beautiful faces.
  • Hmogst- A human-like being from Marbonian mythology with the lower area being the body of a lobster-like creature, and the upper area of a human. They are extreme rivals to the Donruir, and at one point in mythology, have had a war with each other that destroyed a quarter of the sea.
  • Wattira- A mythological being from Lelitonian mythology which has two different forms depending on whether it's wet or not. When it's dry, it is a small child-like being with pointed ears and pale skin. When it's wet, it is a large fish-like being with webbed feet, a shark-like head, and a rough hide.

Plant Races

  • Zoak- A race of great sagely tree folk said to be the first Teadr 0 race. The Zoaks have been said to have been respondsable for the nurturing and growth of many Teadr 1 races with other Teadr 0 races without their direct knowing as the Zoaks wished to spread their wistom throughout the current AUU so it can be able to reach in other plains of existence. But because Teadr 1 races keep either going down or fell from graces, the Zoaks in sadness came to believe that they failed in raising their would be decivples, banished themselves in a created Dimention known as Dimention Zoak and vow to never to return unless something convinces them otherwise.
  • Everennian- A Teadr 1.5 race of tall tree beings and descendants of the Zoaks who are capable of living for thousands of years like an average tree. (TBC...)
  • Photosynthesin- (This image link) An alien race of plant-eqsed beings and a Teadr 1 race that were the proud progogies of the legendary Zoak race. Like the Phys, they're basicly have no direct gender and reproduce asexually, though they tend to have female-like features. They are considered to basicly be the Forerunner/Precurers to plant sentence and are often ultamate symbols of nature, and are basicly about as worshiped as the Yaterons in a smaller scale by the AUU hippie and nature-lover culture. In being plants, their greatest Teadr 1 speically is very nature based and are the biggest in bio-tec. However, it is said that their world disappeared in thanks to another race prodogy of the Zoaks were growing jealious of the Photosyns and took them to vanish into a now unknown isolated part of the AUU.
  • Weedoweed- (This Image link) A race of Teadr 1.5 Weed-Based plant people that have the same mastery of biotec capability, but lesser compaired to the Photosyns being a step beyond. In result to the Zoaks keeping the Photosyns to be the greater influence, the jealious Weedos deside to seek revenge. Apawn the Zoaks banishing themselves for an unrelated event, the Weedos took this opertunity to use a black matter tec to make both their own world and the Photosyns' homeworld disappear to a now isolated part of the AUU in no thanks to a unwitting UIS, as the Weedos aim to force the Photosyns to share their secrets so they can become the ones to be a precurser race to be idled and worshiped as. This comflict among progogies has yet to be corrected.
  • Plaentoan- A species of cultivated beings originating from Planet Qaclite which has been known to be created by genetic farming of a combination of sentient being DNA and plant DNA, allowing them to be created by planting seeds kept in a vile of hydrating gel. These beings share an animal nervous system and hive minds, and can produce their own food through photosynthesis. They are known to have alien-like appearances, having human-like arms, legs, hands, feet, heads, torsos, and alien-like eyes, nerved foreheads, layered and durable skin, and cannot speak English more than screeches and other noises. They are used primarily for labor that is not technically considered slavery because these creatures are not self-aware enough, though deserve to be treated with the upmost courtesy.
  • Floroshan- (Teadr 2 Plant-Celled Beings, TBC...)
  • Rootin-  (This link link) Rootins are littleraly an early stage Teadr 2 race of roots with very early stage of tec. They are intensely curious creatures and are very fasinated by space, hence why their planet space is crawling with large space stations and how every planet near their main homeworld of Root-root has been quickly colonised. The Rootins are also extremely without their own identity as a race, so each owned world's culture is vastly more different, to traditional monarchy, modern demockacy, capitalisum, communisum, ancap, ancom, realijustus, atieist, amongst others, thus meaning that the Rootins often have infighting amongst their own members of the race because of how contridictory their practices are. The Rootins are deemed "The Identitless Race" that as a result the rest of the AUU fails to take them seriously.
  • Flortitan(Like this) Flortitans are a mixed plantorial race and infamous warriors. They thrive in a war-driven ecomamy and thus wars are often delcared with races worth their time to keep it going. They don't take the laws of the Grand Council seriously, and that they never took the USRA all that seriously, barely even acknowleging it's legit existence as something that came and went, believing that they don't believe in govermental systems and that races should deside their own fate. They would've been shoo-ins for UIS if it wasn't for the fact that they deemed UIS to be ironic in what they are trying to do. There greatest trademark weapon is the Flora-Laser, which is like an astro laser, but instead of destroying the planet, it causes the planet's flora to get a rampent burst of growth and basicly cause a mass foresting in the world, which, make no mistake, still destroys any signs of civilisation in the process. Basicly, there a tamer but still rough plant equilent to the Bullarns that are litteral forces of nature.
  • Vineren- An all female Asexually reproducing race of Venus Flytrap-Eqsed plant folk that grow in the forbidden jungle planet of Jundeath. It was said that the race came into existence thanks to an self-admiring Vellen was cursed by a vengeful shaman who got stubbed off by into becoming a Vineren. As such, Vinerens are assentually plant-themed Vellens. They behave in a more animalistic/plant-folk behavior and rotinely tend to feast on those that get allored into them by their singing and sweet oders.
  • Zorwood- (This Image link) The Zorwood of the Imperialistic Kett-Like Thin Wood people that deemed themselves the superior plant race with their bark-based tecknowagy being in teadr 2 that are massive conquesters and fear no other. And rightfully so. The Zorwood have fleet ships that are protected from even Astro Laser attacks. Their planet is a ever healing world that can't be destroyed, or stay ruined forever as it regenerates. The Zorwood's tec discourages any attempt to exile sheild them because they mastered distrupters that ruin the sheild often perimently, so the Zorwoods remain a continuious issue. The Zorwoods are most netourious of often going after worlds either less advance, the race declaring war on the Zorwood empire with stupid or reckless abandon, because their would be congured is in a too vulerable of a position to fight back and thus they take over, or because they have something the Zorwood want and want badly. The Zorwood worship their own planet, and even dispite having genders, they don't reproduce conventionally, they repopulate by taking slaves not deemed more impourent for labor or other purposes to become a Zorwood in thanks to the Zorwood homeworld having infectious bark to anything not a Zor, even more so to plant beings. It was said that the only thing that at the least restrainted the Zorwoods were the Zoaks and the Photosyns, but since both of those races are gone, the Zorwoods basicly ran rampent.
  • Slark- (This image link) A bark-covered Goblin-eqsed tribal race that became the slave race of the Zorwood. Slarks often speak in broken or primitive english and are often grunts or cannon fodder in Zorwood forces. The Slarks view the Zorwoods as their gods and thus ended up bringing themselves to blindly follow them, even at great costs. Slarks may not be much in the tec department, being tribal, but they're no slouches in their naterol abilitiy to malmitulate their bark bodies to form roots and branches to fight oppendents. Slarks are rarely choosen to become a Zorwood due to being deemed "Semi-Perfect" to the Zorwood in already being wooden beings, but when it does happen, that Slark/Zorwood becomes the direct enfluence of the Slarks and leads them like the Super Skrull and the Skrulls, called "Zlarks".
  • Wongoid- (A Purple-Leaf-Headed Teadr 5 Alien Race Similar To This, TBC...)
  • Planthies

    Planthy- A Teadr 3 race of fairy-like plant beings similar to this which are indigenous to the Planet Golly. They are 1ft beings that have 4 colored fairy wings and 6 fairy wing-like ears, adorable faces and colored eyes, human-like hands and feet, have infinite coloration, and infinite flower heads that are how they reproduce. They also have a photosynthetic digestive system, 10 tiny hearts and adaptable lungs, 15-lobed brains, and speak in Breezie-like dialect and accent. They are curious beings that are the only legal sentient pet in the market and are cared for like good companions. They are experts at magic, biotic technology, and life-based crafts. Though they also have bite venom similar to pokeweed, they can eat any kind of plant product no matter the danger, they can be very shy but social, and they reproduce rapidly. (TBC...)
  • Flowans- (Like this Link) A Teadr 2 logic-driven race of multi-flower alien folk and the desirers of knowlegde. They directly go to all kinds of planets, even primitive ones, to study all walks of life, carefully of natives are hostile, openly if they're friendly. The Flowans are often famed for sometimes being the first intelligent life a growing race would encounter and how most would come to know of the grander community in the AUU. They are all about getting what knowledge they can aquire, even often risking bad tidings with UIS when they sneak over the walls and blockades to study the isolated systems in secret, which always ends in amidiate capture and removeal of infomation, sadly.
  • Hookleaf- (Like this link) An all female asexually reproducing race of plant beings. They actselly derive from being Vellens that were kidnapped by Pharcum minions of a plant-fetished Grutt and exspearimented on by a deranged plant loving Defect Phend known as Leafuos the Madman who did not once relented on the captured Vellens, turning them to Hookleafs, which the name is abridged for "Hookers with Leafs". They became the forever infamous Plantos the Floraphile's methods of prositution and hookers, even pole dancers and sometimes more, private entertainers for the mad-luster. However, Leafuos proved more then his already justifived name suggests and only used Plantos to get a means to create a new race. So he had the Hookleafs revolted against Plantos and the quickly retreating Pharcum hencemen, with Plantos going the way of Jabba by being choked by his faverite Hookleaf at the time, who would become a new queen. Thus, the new queen awared Leafuos to the same fate as the mad doctor from Batman and Robin Movie and gave him a kiss of death as poison took the madman's life, putting the deranged Phend out of his misery and completing the Hookleaf's revenge. Now, the Hookleafs are a criminalistic race since alot of new generations are borned into crime because Plantos proved a negitive enfluence as Hookleafs were among the main factors for the existence of the Great Stagnation. Even though victimised by a grutt and a phend, the Hoofleafs still do some business with Grutts, and sometimes their newfound homeplant, which was once Plantos' privately owned uncolonised planet named Plantoosia, welcomes defecting Phends looking for a new home, but not without FIRM condictions. Because crime and prositution is what the Hookleafs are best capable of, the AUU community, even their former connection race, the Vellens, has grown abit of a prejudice with the Hookleafs as born fem fatales in almost the same vain on how Grutts are viewed. With the adoption of Plantos' grutt tec, the Hookleafs became Teadr 2, and often are seen in space biker gangs, espeically Hookleaf biker gangs.
  • Naytur- (Like this link) The Nayturs are plant/vine/moss beings who have an eqalitarian socity that live in a largely utopian socity where all rights are given, no one disagrees with their prinipals and philosifies, there is no income inequility, strife and suffering are non-existent, and their rulers are always just. The only downside is that they're so unused to unfairness is that they began to have uncontrolable panic attacks that would instently cause their socity to fall apart worse then the History of post-war Iallog. Their bio-tec is beyond a doubt no joke and their connection with nature is beyond great. However, with a socity as easily fragle to even a minor inconvinence being a severe and fatal drawback, it was actselly for the best that the Nayturs were left isolated by UIS in their native system so they would've been spared from the worse the larger AUU community had to offer.
  • Bruzzelin(Like this) Alien Brussel Sporut Beings that are basicly like the Brokuloids from the Powerpuff Girls. They are infamous of sending armadas to congure worlds that eat vegitables, whether exclusively vegatarian or omnivorius socities. Only unlike the Brokuloids, they can't be just eaten to be beaten as they have a naterolly poisonious ammune system to non-Bruzzelins that can cause blood-clouting and painful ingejestion, which if not treated with making the infected throw-up super model sytile, can be deadly, and like the Brokuloids can regenrate lost limbs. The Bruzzelin were defeated back by the USRA races fighting back and created a serum that can become a mist and give Bruzzlin soldiers a terrorable cancer from their own ammune system. This forced the Bruzzelin to retreat to their home planet, which would've suffered an exile sheild if it were not for UIS cutting it off with an isolating wall, giving the Bruzzelin the chance of obscurity and an oppertunity to create a counter serum to protect against the USRA's ultamate wepaon against them, inadvertingly thanks to UIS.
  • Algopod- A race of Teadr 2 multicellular algal beings native to the destroyed planet of Algoo. They take the shape of beautiful women, possess cutaneous respiration, chlorophyll, are hermaphroditic, thrive in heat, humidity, and sunlight, have carbonic acid anabolism, can breath underwater, younglings grow rapidly with hydration and sunlight, no brain or skeletal system, and evolved from algae that share the same evolutionary history as humans. (TBC...)

Fungal Races

  • Moldgars- The Teadr 0 Precurser Race of all Fungal races and a spieces with miltiforms of fungus around their bodies. They were direct allies of the Zoaks and pretty much the only Precurser race that didn't ended up losing their diciples, or dicple in the Fuucgus because of some tragity or cruel fate or because of unrelieable members. When the Zoaks left, however, they went into a fungal hybernation and have been said to entrusted the Fuucgus to watch over the fungal races in their absince. Apart from the Fuucgus, other fungal races deemed the Moldgars to be mythical.
  • Spoilon- (Teadr 0.5 Moldgar Successors, TBC...)
  • Fuucgus- A race of mushroom-headed Teadr 1 beings that believe in enlightentment and peace and tolerence with all walks of life, great or insignifigent. Though no bigger then a child, they make up for lack of size or intimidating might is that they have a great telecanisiest capabilities. A single Fuucus, can be able to rotate an entire planet on his own with only mimual assentials for 10-weeks. An entire armada's worth can move a planet out of it's current orbet into a new location they so fit, which allowed them to get their home planet out of the path of Asterriods and Black Holes, even would-be invaders. The Fuucgus never believe in violence, being naterolly pasifistic, and would sooner use their powers to sooth would-be enemies to submission then bring physical harm. As such, even the most determined of hostile races would rather leave the Fuucgus people be, their teleconisus too great to counter. Even the VA never bothered to have any assusiation with them, neither good or bad.
  • Goooran- A race of gelatinous shapeshifting creatures native to the Planet Gooorytan. They are tree-dwelling 8ft slimy beings which evolved from slime molds. They live either in the water or inside trees. Some can be found even in the ocean. They come in different colors, the main one being orange. They rely on Zox, a gelatinous renewable slime mold by-product energy source found in Gooorytan oceans, with the ability to do almost anything. The Gooorans are most likely the only gelatinous species to have naturally evolved.
  • Mycodyte- (Teadr 5.5 Metamorphic Humanoid Slime Mold Beings, TBC...)
  • Fongun- (Teadr 2.5 Fungus-Celled Multicellular Beings, TBC...)
  • Trufflid- (Teadr 4.5 Invasive Slum Tinkering Truffle-Headed Diminutive Beings, TBC...)
  • Lichirian- (Teadr 3 Lichen Beings, TBC...)
  • Skroomstai- The Skroomstai are a known hostile fungus race of purple giant mushroom-headed combatents. They mastered all forms of fighting, physical, magic, (Rarely Magilo), ranged, biological, chemical, weather, orbitation, elemental, even things beyond mortal reckondnition. They can automaticly master any form of weapon, even things not native to the AUU in general thanks to their brains being hyper-adaptive and evoluting in rapid rates. Skroomstai are often a collective, taking orders from a vastly intelligent individual who calls all the shots and the Skroomstai queen. The scarist thing about Skroomstai is that they been known to turn any captured enemy into one of them, chanting "One of us, one of us" repeatedly while taking them to the Skroomtai queen to infect the unlucky zap. Hence why even the mightist of any hostile race would give the collective-hive-minded Skroomstai a VERY wide girth! Even the USRA Races would rather stay out of their way.
  • Gunker- Gross green mold people that thrive in dirty, polluted places, including Pharagu and the Carboniod Home Planet. Fortunately, they're typically harmless, prefering to savgine on the filth on the ruin planet then be an actual problem. Although they have a bad hapit of traveling into places they aren't welcome in, being more of an inconvinent house guest then anything. Gunkers can even exist in sewers, dumps, neglected gas station bathrooms, condemned buildings, any place not well managed. Gunkers themselves are not toxic, but they can contract many desises, so people are advised to approuch Gunkers cautiously and with protection when trying to herd one out of your house. Gunkers are sometimes farmed by Iobrog colonies to feast on their ever regenering fungus skins to norish their young and the young queens and even use them to locate new garbage.
  • Blackans- A deadly race of Black Mold beings. They look skeletail in structure, often resumbling skeleitals of established races, mostly human-eqsed in nature, are slow moving and mindless hungry beasts looking for a meal. They've been known to infect poverish planets and spread like a zombie outbreak, infecting contaminated people and consuming lifestock and animals. They've been known to poison water and taint crops. This resulted with Blackans to be treated with extreme predjudices and are often attacked very harshly and swiftly! Heavly infected planets are commenly treated with a sub-exsile sheild known as "Cleanse Sheilds", which fill the mosture with a chemical designed to only harm Blackans and slowly but surely kill off the deathly beasts. Sometimes, more direct methods include sending robots design to combat Blackans, or even extreme millaterry action if serious enough. A cure without killing off direct victims of the Blackan infections are still being exspearimented on.
  • Sporadan- A Teadr 1.5 green sentient slime mold that have no base and are shapeshifters and masters of artificial evolution. (TBC...)
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