Alternate United Universal Map

Map of the Alternate UUniverses

The Worlds of the Alternate UUniverses are expansive and original worlds that are inhabited by a variety of colonies, whether it be through ancients, people, explorers, invaders, or even races, these worlds are all ranged in advancements in technology, culture, and sentience.


Spatial Setup

The universes of the Alternate UUniverses are similar to the Original UUniverses in a few ways. The universes are the same size as those of the original, and also have unigalaxes that rotate every 1,000 years. Though the same forces that link these universes together are permanently linked together thanks to the universal cores' being together much longer than the Original UUniverses. Unlike the Original UUniverses, there are no means of separating these universes like with Excalibur and the Stone, and that aided in permanently making these UUniverses linked. The Original UUniverses would've had the same fate if the Sword and the Stone weren't created and caused it's quantum matrix to harden permanently, which took billions of years to go through, and the millennia of separation weakened it and forced it to start it's long process over again.

The unigalaxes of the AUU are similar to the ones of the Original UUniverses, except they have different elemental components that makes the unigalaxes look orange instead of purple. They too contain over sextillions of stars and planets as with the Original UUniverses, and their cores contain many magical worlds, and planets inside the core, or are even closer to it, can use magic properly. Though it can be used far away from the core, they get stronger when they are much closer.

Though the universes are permanently linked to each other due to billions of years of being together, the central Boundary Cluster was a very empty area that is actually where the AUU Heaven and Hell are located, being the banishment sites for demons and other unnatural and supernatural creatures. There is a Boundary Generator here as well, being created by gods during the completely-unknown AUU First Cartoonian War, but instead of keeping realms from merging with the others, it is what makes Heaven and Hell a part of the Boundary Cluster and restricts access from in and out. The generator consists of 1 small generator on the edge facing each universe that forms a quantum string that goes all the way to the main generator in the center of the cluster which lock the malleable two realms into it.

The centers of each universe are said to be so powerful, mortals had a difficult time entering them. They were even given the name 'God Zones' because it was said that it was where all AUU Gods lived and controlled the AUU long before the AUU First Cartoonian War. Though no mortal has ever entered any of these God Zones, but it was possible to do so, but only with Teadr 0, or transsentient, technology. But because this technology was only used by the AUU Gods and no technology at that Teadr level was ever uncovered, mortals couldn't find a way to match it, and thus the God Zones forever remain a mystery.

World Identification Method

The worlds of the AUU are much different than the ones in the Original UUniverses. Worlds come in various sizes, and can be found on both planets and moons. The World Identification Method (WIM) classifies these planets and moons in 3 ways: Diameter Tier, Atmosphere Type, and Day Code. The Diameter Tier (DT) uses Earth radius' (In the AUU, Marbon radius') to measure how large the planet is depending if it's the size of Earth or is a super-Earth, as long as it's habitable and can sustain life. The Atmosphere Type (AT) is used to measure the quality of the atmosphere and see if it's safe to breath and can sustain life. Finally, the Day Code (DC) is a system that states how long the planet's day and year lasts using this code: (day):(year). Some exceptions can be made on these classifications depending on what's around that planet or moon. Planets with no moon can make it difficult for a full orbit since there's no axial tilt, and moons themselves have no day code since they orbit other planets, only they're replaced by the Orbit Time (OT), which estimates how long a single orbit can last. Some worlds can have different histories, be alternate versions of the worlds in the Original UUniverses, or can be similar to Earth's histories. Some worlds have different sky colors due to a different element replacing the common element of xenon, and in the AUU, this seems to interfere with the air's ability to scatter sunlight and make the common blue sky, and reactions similar to the crumbling of the ozone layer allow the element to make the sky the same color as the elements color in a discharged electric tube, which is generated by the worlds' alternate physical laws.

DT Levels:

  • Tier 1- Tier 1 planets have diameters that are measured to have 3-3.99 Earth/Marbon radius', having the strongest gravitational fields of any habitable planets in the AUU. These kind of planets are commonly called 'Super-Marbons' (Or 'Super-Earths' in the Original UUniverses).
  • Tier 2- Tier 2 planets have diameters that are measured to have 2-2.99 Earth/Marbon radius', having a stronger gravitational fields, and are often habitable.
  • Tier 3- Tier 3 planets have the exact same diameter as Earth and Marbon. They have gravity similar to Earth.
  • Tier 4- Tier 4 planets have a smaller diameter than that of Earth and Marbon, like Mars. Planets like this usually have a weaker gravitational field, but some can be so small, it cannot be habitable.

AT Levels:

  • Type I: Breathable- Type I atmospheres have appropriate levels of oxygen, nitrogen, and hydrogen to be breathable by the majority of species in the AUU.
  • Type II: Half-Breathable- Type II atmospheres usually had appropriate levels of atmospheric oxygen and nitrogen, but sometimes people suggest air sources must be kept at all times or the gases will have a negative effect within a matter of time.
  • Type III: Non-Breathable- Type III atmospheres lack appropriate levels of atmospheric oxygen, nitrogen, sufficient pressure, have contaminants and/or trace gases, so air sources had to be used at all times.
  • Type IV: Non-Existent- Type IV atmosphere are either toxic, flammable or nonexistent, meaning that pressurized air sources or suits needed to be worn at all times.


Alpha Universe

Alpha Universe Map

Alpha Universe Map

The Alpha Universe is considered to be the leader system of the Alternate UUniverses because not only is it the home of the Gods of the Alternate UUniverses, but it is the most inspiring of the AUU because it houses some of the most famous (and infamous) of races and legends as well as the most influential of changes, along with being the primary home of the Grand Council and several leading planets belonging to the USRA, resulting in the less conflict, not meaning it's non-existent, and has the greatest order of the Alternate UUniverses in a relative sense.

For more, see Alpha Universe.

Beta Universe

Beta Universe Map

Beta Universe Map

The Beta Universe is the second most orderly of the universes behind only to the Alpha, but it's share of problems are easily more noted then the Alpha. It's most note-worthy worlds include a world in simular vain as Undertale, A very cartoony world, The Necktronian homworld, a planet of mutants, The Ceallans home planet, the birth world of their verson of halloween, The System of Portals to other plains of existence, the fuedulent Frunoblax, the Color Systems, The Peaceful Souvis, the sickly Viurss System, the Jalladome Confederation, the Nightmarish Symbolia, and so much more.

For more info, see Beta Universe.

Gamma Universe

Gamma Universe Map

Gamma Universe Map

The Gamma Universe is by no means a truely chaotic universe, but is the least orderly universe when compaired to Alpha and Beta. Problems are never far and between the order the universe struggles to maintain. But it does highlight decent highlights, such as the Xomn system, the unigte nature of Laavos, a healthy mythical creature community, a dangerious tribe planet with great rewards, the home planet of the lovable, if not trying to hard Jokedons, the Aufone home planet, the beautiful but tragic-historyed Qaclite, the controverseal ugoldist system, the mighty Garganulas, the fearsome planet without a sun, a planet of dino riders, a planet with a famous mixed reputation torniment, the Xuruns homeworld, a planet with a series of kingdoms and goverment syiles of conflicting interests, and a world just about like the game "Evolve."

For more info, see Gamma Universe.

Delta Universe

Delta Universe Map

Delta Universe Map

The Delta Universe is the most chaotic in all of the AUU. Problems are commenly rampent in the Delta, even BEFORE the VA happened. It's not to say that order can't exist here, but alot of major conflicts can be found here. The plus-side, you have your back covered by the Rabodan race who are well adjusted in this more aggresive universe. The Delta has so many issues that they have to be covered in detail in their respective secters.

For more info, see Delta Universe.

Epsilon Universe

Epsilon Universe Map

Epsilon Universe Map

The Epsilon Universe was once considered to be "The New Universe" and many of the first four wanted to discover it's then-mysteries. Some believe that there are still things yet to be discovered. But here's a lowdown of what is discovered. A system of monsters. The Goooran race. A troubled world of lost potaintal. An extremely alternate AUU Zootopia. The Narudons. A planet of Gem creatures. The Uonons. The tragic legend of the Crucyds. An Alternate Equestia. A system ruled by beautiful birds. A soon to be famous Carbungia. A planet of mighty birds that brought down a dictator. And the Sabochuns..... However..... It also had it's dangers. Zooprimacists. A corruptive sun that caused an ongoing battle based on Freedom Vs. Safety. Feudulent hate groups. A parasite worse then the Bruud. A deadly deathmatch torniment. An Ice planet filled with vampiric pterasaurs..... But the most unfortunate danger of all.... This was the universe that had the misfortunate of see the birth of the VA. But fortunately, it also had to see the downfall of it as well. As such, the Epsilon universes continues to be full of surprises, good or bad.

For more, see Epsilon Universe.

Zeta Universe

Zeta Universe Map

Zeta Universe Map

The Zeta Universe was considered to be an undesireable place back in the earlier days of the USRA races, due to having a never ending shorce of conflict and strife, from the ever terratorial and sometimes world-controling Galuxions, the disterbing nature of the entire Ueben system, an Anti-Tec Sharing Water Planet, along side sharing the same system as the Ziseryins, the universe's own verson of the Alpha universe's most frightening world, a planet of giant worms wronged by victims of being booted out by a hostile race of bug haters, A known Anti-Human Radodan extremeist base was found here, along with a slew of other problems..... However, what eventually brought them more closer to the Zeta is that it has an equil amount of redeeming quilities then faults.

For more, see Zeta Universe.

Eta Universe

Eta Universe Map

Eta Universe Map

The Eta Universe is considered to be the most exotic of the universes. From an entirely asian sytile system, a system of toys, the then infamous Xenaros, the mighty Xaro race, the Gruids, the Avatans, Oranos, Warboth, The Bakudan homeworld, the conflicting worlds of Briggle and an AUU Gamerene, an entire system at war with machines, a planet in an outsider termoil, the system that is home of a famous De-Extinctioner, the Weeviods, and many more exciting stuff waiting to be explored. However, if there's any residents one might wanna be avoident off, is the Pharcums and the Grutts of the Isgeegus secter.

For more, visit Eta Universe.

Theta Universe

Theta Universe Map

Theta Universe Map

The Theta Universe is many things. A system ruled by pretentious fools, the place of where the Magilo World is, even the holder of a great wish granting secret, the Theta is like Eta 2.0., as it has alot of surprises and secrets of it's own.

For more, see Theta Universe.

Space Cities

Space cities are massive space platforms created by either humans, their alien allies, or other sentient animals. Each space city contains the many things required for space-travel, especially for the many affects of being in space for an unprecedented amount of time. A steady atmosphere is acquired for breathing, and each space city requires a source of photosynthesis such as plants so air can always be apparent. Artificial gravity is required to protect inhabitants from suffering space-adaptation syndrome affects such as muscular atrophy, deterioration of the skeleton, and the possibility of never being able to keep stability on a source of gravity after years of exposure. Artificial lighting and weather systems are also voluntary to nourish the plants that produce air and for other means. Each space city also acquires mobility across space in case of emergencies, and since space cities might acquire thousands, or even millions of responsibilities, each of them is controlled by an AI. Each building in a space city rests on a buildpad which automatically assembles the building underneath and lifts it in place upon completion. A few landmarks and a perfect biosphere may be appropriate to give a natural feel.

  • Magnus Sola- A circular 199ft space city created on Planet Shigaea by Humans and Rabodans. This is a space city which contains several large silver buildings with durable glass windows, screen display and propaganda, a 67% abundance of plants, large gardens and parks, large monuments, and ground vehicles. It's a space city that is mostly populated by Rabodans and sentient animals, and is surrounded by a magnetic shield that keeps in oxygen. It is controlled by an AI unit named Magg.
  • Solaria- A massive space city the size of Manhattan created on Planet Tarcidon by Humans, and uses thrusters for motion through space. The city has Teadr 3 cities similar in architecture and appearance of the global city of the planet it was built on, and was once a whole ground city which was revolutionized, and the spot where it once lied could be found on the planet today. The space city is known to have the most colorful artificial sky in the AUU, and the most distinguishable sunlight ever. It is controlled by an AI unit named Solena.
  • Luxia Io- A 300ft space city created on Planet Noliton by Ohrugans and Rabodans. It carries cities with the same Teadr 3 modern-day architecture and appearance as those of Noliton, and it not only carries an artificial atmosphere inside an invisible force field, as well as a high abundance of gardens and parks, but it's also surrounded on all sides by a beach and ocean like an island. This space city is known to be a space resort because of these functions. It is controlled by an AI unit named Lex.
  • Jarvitane- A large 250ft circular space city created on Planet Varkanis by Humans and Ohrugans, and is named after it's human founder, Imos Jarvitane. This is a Teadr 3 city with the same type of architecture and appearance as the cities of Varkanis, a large ocean filled with wildlife, a holographic sky and sun, and it travels through antimatter fusion propulsion that is powered inside an internal fusion reactor core inside the platform which is regulated by robots. It is controlled by an AI unit named Jarvane.
  • Estrella- A space city with a spherical shape and was created on Planet Gorthone by Cunones, having Teadr 3 cities that are above the ground or under the ground, and has large silver and bronze buildings with durable glass windows and colorful lights, screen displays and propaganda, a 71% abundance of planets, ground vehicles, a holographic sky system, and an artificial weather system. The top city is called Exo-City, which has a large ocean in the middle of the city filled with massive amounts of wildlife. The underground city is called Endo-City, which has a great view of the ocean's floor and it's wildlife, and it is rich in criminal societies. It is controlled by an AI unit named Stella.
  • Tort Kassan- A massive space city created on Planet Anytimon by Humans and Yuruns, and is designed and shaped like a tortoise and has 4 massive nuclear thrusters, 2 on each side, and a head in the front that contains the space city's primary functions such as artificial gravity, artificial weather system, holographic sky and sun, and artificial atmospheric system. The city's name is Yuruese for 'Turtor City', and it's city has the same architecture and appearance as those of Anytimon. It is controlled by an AI unit named Torgan.
  • Juno City- A 280ft space city created on Planet Sponex by Humans. It contains large black buildings with blue lighting and durable glass windows that also serve as computer interfaces, metro systems, holographic/screen display and propaganda, a 71% abundance of plants, and has ground vehicles. It's environment is also advanced, containing one large ocean, large gardens, parks, and fields, and it's known for having the most beautiful holographic night-time sky ever created, matching that of Planet Sirona. It is controlled by an AI unit named Juno.
  • Bovedus- A 100ft domed space city created on Planet Zolaros by Naroudans and Cunones. It has a massive city which has the same architecture and appearance as those of the planet it was created on, and it's police forces are composed entirely of robots. There are a fair amount of forests founds on this platform, the dome provides a holographic sky and artificial weather system, and the entire city is powered by a cold-fusion reactor that resides in the middle pillar of the city and also powers it's locomotion. It is controlled by an AI unit named Bora.
  • Discos- A 200ft disc-shaped space city created on Planet Eorathos by Xurons and Humans. It was a section of Eorathos' global city and has the same kind of architecture and appearance, and it was converted into a space city and it's old location on the planet is also marked by a massive park called Disc Park. It has no transparent dome, it's cities are contained inside the disc-shaped structure, and is propelled by fusion thrusters. Controlled by an AI unit named Dulce.
  • Cierne- A space city the size of Chicago created on Planet Tarcidon by Humans and Sabochuns. It has the same kind of architecture and appearance as the cities of Tarcidon, and it was built over a large park. It is covered by a dome which provides artificial weather systems and a holographic sky system, and the ground has two halves surrounded by a straight body of water. One side serves as the city side, and the other serves as a wildlife sanctuary. It is controlled by an AI unit named Catriona.
  • Ovollor- A cylindrical-shaped 300ft space city created on Planet Acanthrox by Ohrugans. This city once started out as an AFT city which was being revolutionized for 5 years until it was finally transformed into a Teadr 2 space city with the same architecture and appearance as the other cities of Acanthrox, and it also contains a massive ocean 30ft deep, as well as an artificial weather system. Some of these buildings are even underwater. It is named after the Ohrugan that made this city a space city, Hire Ovollor, and it is controlled by an AI unit named Oisin.
  • Ryze City- A 500ft space city created on Planet Tarcidon by Humans, Naroudans, Sabochuns, Cunones, and Yuruns. It is named after Ryzus, the AUU Acrillesian god of battle, victory, and peace. It has the same kind of architecture and appearance as the cities of Tarcidon, and was once part of the global city until it was made a separate civilization due to the battles of the Interuniversal War leading to their economy shrinking. When it was made into a space city, the economy recovered, and the section hasn't had any conflicts ever since. It has artificial weather system, massive amounts of plant life, 2 oceans, and a large network of underground virtual catacombs. It is controlled by an AI unit named Rylan.
  • Czemeo Orgue- A 439ft space city created on Planet Frisney by Xurons and Yuruns. It's naming being Xuronese for 'Valley of Gold', this space city has the same architecture and appearance as those cities of Frisney, but it has more of a Greek-like architecture and it's buildings are made of gold-colored substances. It flies through space with thrusters powered entirely by electricity, and it contains tropical plant life and a small lake. It's large dome is translucent and provides a holographic sky and artificial weather systems. It is controlled by an AI unit named Cassius.
  • Xane City- A 350ft space city created on Planet Seraph by Humans, Cunones, and Ohrugans. The city is named after Xaneis, the AUU Ferusian goddess of architecture, and it has a city with the same appearance as the cities of Seraph, but it has a more advanced architecture. It contains 6 levels where 6 cities are found: Xane Alpha, Xane Beta, Xane Gamma, Xane Delta, Xane Epsilon, and Xane Zeta. The entire structure is shaped like a UFO or a vase, meaning Xane Delta is the largest city. Xane Alpha is surrounded by a huge dome, plant life, and one ocean. It is controlled by an AI unit named Xand.
  • Ipholitares- A 494ft space city created on Planet Zernus by Naroudans, Sabochuns, and sentient animals. It is named after Ipholis, the AUU Acrillesian god of the sky and order. It is noted for it's colorful skies and artificial weather systems which are very advanced, and for the fact that it was built as a place of peace and order. It's city has the same architecture and appearance as those of Zernus, and it contains a large ocean, tropical plants, and contains great wildlife. Controlled by an AI unit named Imogen.
  • Zicar Cul- A 400ft space city created on Planet Ohrugon by Ohrugans and Humans. It's name is Ohrugonese for 'Space Peace'. It contains a massive Teadr 2 city which used to be a city that rested on Ohrugon called Ikal City until it was revolutionized and turned into a space city, often given the nickname 'New Ikal City'. It is also the first space city created by the Ohrugans. Plant life is found here, and a large ocean and a lake is found, holography makes up the display, and it is propelled by nuclear fusion thrusters. It is controlled by an AI unit named Zahra.
  • Allav ie Nolsus- A 559ft space city created on Planet Zotune by sentient animals. It's name is Zotunish for 'Star of Nolsus', Nolsus being the city section that the space city was created in. It's city has the same architecture and appearance as those of the planet's global city, and it contains 2 large oceans, 3 lakes, and maintains a vast array of plant life and animals. It is controlled by an AI unit named Nadene.
  • Oarch City- A 355ft space city that was created on Planet Tarcidon by Humans, Tiikons, and sentient animals. It is named after Oarche, the AUU Lelitonian goddess of the weather and the sky. It is known for having one of the most advanced artificial weather system in the AUU, and having the most beautiful holographic skies of any space city, which also matches that of Sirona. The city has the same architecture and appearance as the global city of Tarcidon, and it containing one large ocean, and steady amount of wildlife, and is controlled by an AI unit named Orlaith.
  • Vacuustan- A 487ft rectangular space city created on Planet Roozsia by sentient animals. It has cities that have the same kind of architecture and appearance as those of it's birth place, and it was in fact one of them until it was revolutionized and made the first non-USRA space city ever created. It has a large ocean, a deflector shield to horde off attacks, a vast amount of plant life, and 6 transparent metal domes. It is controlled by an AI unit named Vinho.
  • Oonar Caza- A 405ft egg-shaped space city created on Planet Ovifar by the Ovalman Empire. It's name is Ovalman language for 'Egged City'. It contains a large ocean, a vast array of tropical plant life, and has cities that have the same architecture and appearance as those of the Ovalman Empire's cities. It also has the best hospitals of the AUU, but are sadly expensive until the Empire can work out the economy. It is controlled by an AI unit named Ovalia.
  • Zoddre Loe- A 670ft rectangular space city created on Planet Rugulach by Yatorans with the use of atomic assembly technology. It's name is Yatoran language for 'Giant Block', and it used to be one of the many mobile cities that was destroyed by the planet's volcanic activity that was revived and turned into a space city with 20 cold-fusion thrusters, 20 transparent metal domes, cities with the same architecture and appearance as those of Rugulach, 8 lakes, 1 large ocean, and vast amounts of wildlife. This is the largest space city in the AUU, and took only 2 years to complete. It is controlled by an AI unit named Evangilene.
  • Astrostonia- A 339ft space city created on Planet Marbon by Humans and Naroudans. With cities that have the same basic human architecture and appearance along with a blend of Naroudan, this is the first space city created by humankind. It contains a large beach and ocean, and a large mountain called Mt. Aslovus. The dome has a deflector shield and a holographic sky and sun system. It is controlled by an AI unit named Alondra.
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