Now with the capture of Helix Lord, The Black Hole Kingdom is only a realitively new villain team and ALREADY it has a great unsettledness. Yarge and Black managed to convince Chancellor Siarra and Supreme Lord Salibax to forsake Kafar, and his loyalist allies, Xandronian, Jling Sling, Bross and Matrix to their predicited dooms and the 4 went on to become The Black Yargers, while the other half of the shattered Black Hole Kingdom is now The Kafar Loyalists. The Yargers are reminesent to Yarge's former days as a sepertist, only now, they're dedicated to restore villainy THEIR way! While the Loyalists stay loyal to Kafar no matter what fate had decided on some of their captured comrades. Both the Yargers and the Loyalists already began to recruit a new generation of villains left obscured cause of the VA, who now have a chance to really evily shine, starting a combitision for villains! The Loyalists and the Yargers, for now, are not currently a true threat, but over all, the Lougers and the Heroes Act must make sure both of those villains are kept from going into extremes, espeically when a particulary powerful villain named Koman The Great Evil has become a faverite for both devided villain teams to seek to include to their side. The Lougers and the Heroes Act must capture Kronmos before he desides to join either the Loyalists or the Yargers.

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