An independent Bounty Hunter has been hired to hunt down Jurgen McPallath. The Bounty Hunter was hired by someone who claimed that Jurgen murdered his grandfather for no good reason and is offered a huge cash reward for it. Jurgen beats up the Bounty Hunter no problem and gets a name: Ftinn. Ftinn was the Grandson of an old kidnapper who tried to kill Jurgen over a bad transaction. Jurgen now goes out of his way to hunt down Ftinn. Ftinn was forced to confess that Tinn was trying to save his wife from a sickness that the money could've helped saved her, and Tinn wasn't able to control himself. Tinn has since actselly regreted what he did after he realised what he did, and lived in enturnal shame. Ftinn begged Jurgen, telling him this is all an ugly misunderstanding, promising that he'll use his wealth to make everything right with the McPallth family and pardon Jurgen from what he did to Tinn. However, Jurgen was too upset with all of his tragity that he desided to take Ftinn somewhere private to kill him off. It's up to Xrandy, Slala, Viume, the Lougers and Heroes act to stop Jurgen from making another horrorable misunderstanding and accept what the obviously repenting Ftinn's offer before it's too late.

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