Betty the alternate wasp has fallen ill. Vi-Tor has become desistated. he grows more deserate to treat what ales here, and is afraid of using his reality altering powers because of fear of screwing up! he has heard of a powerful medicence that can treat this alliment, but requires the lougers' help. another problem: there's only one being alive who knows the location of the medicene: Xerxes. and Xerxes demands a very strong price for service: Allow him and the former members of the Dark Order to go free, bring back the Dark Order, and grant them legalised Villain Team protaction, which states that they have every right to "try" to congure the United Universes as any other villain team, thus preventing a repeat of the season 7 finale, or Xerxes will refused to ever help, and in fact, if the lougers try to change the deal after the medicene is gained, Xerxes will destroy the medience. will the lougers and Vi-Tor be forced to do a humongus sin to save a life?

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