Peyton the rabbit, still ignorently determin have those mutants removed, he ends up losing sight of his good morals, and assults Senator Qui! Qui was unconjustus, and found barely alive. Peyton pretended to be the hero who found her, and states that it was one of Gwen's mutants who escaped and did this to her (thanks to speical tools to make it like one of the mutants actselly did it), and Qui is unable to remember the night of the real truth, and ends up believeing him, and that an offitcal statement will be made 3 days from now will have the selter shut down. Axle smells a rat, a long eared one, and desides to bring the lougers in to this due to the fact they got involved with the shelter before. Will Peyton's plans to discredit her own sister's pets end up discrediting him, due to Axle and the Lougers not being gulliable fools?

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