On a distant AUU planet called Bieoclite, A species of Teadr 5 humanoid bioluminscent fireflies named Photomites are always plagued by a very serious problem. They long have been made to make a living hunting the savage Terragord worms that were created in a chemical accident, and now dig in the ground and terrorize their planet. Once living in bustling kingdoms, these peaceful half-advanced insects now live in a post-apocalyptic world which was destroyed by the Terragords, and since then, the Photomites live in clans that try to shelter themselves from the Terragords, and have dedicated themselves to hunting the Terragords into extinction and save their world. Right now, they're 48% complete. However, in one particular clan, a socially-awkward dweeb son of a proud chiefen, named Mis-Stepper, has unintentionally discovered something VERY unexpected. After freeing A Terragord of all things from a poacher's trap, the Terragord didn't kill him. Instead, it just intimidated Stepper with it's bizarre teeth, and staggered back into the ground still merely injured. This leaves Stepper VERY confused. A Terragord would normally leap at the oppertunity for a free kill due to them being mindless mutated killing machines. But after this, Stepper felt compelled into find out why THIS one was different. Eventually, he did find out, and through a series of awkward stages of learning to trust each other and NOT kill each other, Stepper slowly but surely healed the Terragord's wounds and found out that Terragords, if you have the time and patience, can be tamed and can learn to be friendly. However, he now faces the dilemma that no one is gonna believe him, and if they did, they would kill the Terragord, which he dubbed as 'Digger', and decides it's best to keep him a secret just to be safe than sorry. However, the first person to discover this is his crush, a young top-warrior named Angel-Might. After a brief misunderstanding, they both decide to keep this to themselves. However, Stepper's father, GroJoe the Vast-Sighted and his very extreme Anti-Terragord uncle, Mushroom, planned a way to destroy all Terragords for good. They have discovered a parasitic worm-based organism called 'The Bruud', which Mushroom found in an alien container. They plan to use this organism to wipe out the Terragords by planting it in their queen's underground hive, and because they spread rapidly, they will effectively destroy not just the colony, but all other current and future generations, finally resulting in their extinction. But what they don't know is that the Bruud was buried underground for a reason. It was made from an Interuniversal War germ-warfare project that was capable of wiping out a planet, but was considered too dangerous, and was hidden in a place where nobody would look. Once Stepper and Angel realize this after a Photomite dies of an infection from the Bruud, they realize that once GroJoe plants the organism, it will wipe out every single lifeform on Bieoclite. In other words: Slow, painful, nightmarish mass extinction! But what can Mis-Stepper and Angel do? Mushroom and GroJoe are too determined to do it that they fail to listen, and GroJoe is too blinded by his dead father's promise to protect his tribe and listens too much to his clearly-insane brother. Things seem too bleak for them until the NUSRA and AUU Grand Council have picked up signs of Bruud activity on Bieoclite, and fill in the Heroes Act and the Shell Lodgers about the Bruud's origins, and that they must come to the rescue. How will Stepper and Angel settle the Photomite vs. Terragord problem? How will the Bruud be stopped once Mushroom doesn't listen, and winds up spreading the parasite throughout the planet?


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