Ever since The Veexomites' Return, even with Cunterson's defeat, Ariintirak is still treated miserably by the ever ungrateful Cunones, espeically Emperor Brundel Tankoru's grand adviser, Count Pusar Puss. Ariintirak suffers from depression and is living miserably. Lord Mandarious requests for the aid of the Lougers to fix up Ariintirak's broken feels. However, just as the Lougers managed to cheer him up, Puss-Pus had issued an order to have Ariintirak exicuted for being a Veexomite after arm-pulling the emperor into approving it and threaten to expose "The Cunones' Bug Ugly Truth". The Misfits and Heroes Act escape with Ariin barely with their underwear intact. The asshole of a count declaires our heroes "Traitors and Renigades", forcing the begruding enforcers of his own race and beyound to hunt down the misfits. He even forced the Emperor again to disable the Grand Council's power and alienate the power of the High Council so NOTHING would protect our heroes from the Count's unfair "justice" advance! Fortunatelty, the one ally on their side, the count's own daughter, Kaiti Katt Puss, an almost iconic Cunones hero, has went against her father's wishes to tell the heroes WHY the Cunones had the Veexomites destroyed, along with exposing that Cunterson was a lackey of her father's. Something more at fault then the Veexomites' rotten goverment and hostile tendingies. It was all the tecnecal fault of the ansisteries of Emperor Trode RuMorax's, Tankoru's, and Pus'. The Pus bloodline was more into it and malmitulative, while Rumorax's ansistrey were more, relucent, and Tankoru was mostly a minor financel influence. The Ansisters of the Emperors and Count anomamously tricked the tyrantical idiotic goverment of the Veexomites to attack the Cunones to coherse them into starting a war. While the Veexomites were too visious at the war, the real causers were the Cunones, at least by tecnecally, the Pus bloodline. It was done so the Pus and RuMorax can be made heroes and enable them to get rid of the former incompident emperor of the Cunones as a misguided but obviously not much better way to prevent the planet from going into a horrorable poverty cause of the Emperor's idiotic desidtions. Now the heroes aim to use the bug ugly truth against the count and get the Cunones to realise the truth the right way.

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