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Boss AroonBoss Curk, and Boss Nakkon, all three reveiled to be former enemies of Stefin, have united into a new mafia to seek revenge against Stefin for "Turning Soft" and betraying the VA by desiding to drop reviving a new one in favor for his daughter and a group of heroes originally intended to "Ice" him, when hypocriicly, they're not too loyal to the VA neither. They only got involved to leech off profits from them as just another day in the mafia office, not seeing themselves as the "Conquest types". In fact, it was particularly Aroon's fault that Qui and several other High Rinkers in the VA had the idea of ruining Stefin's life to begin with, just for the sake of being dicks, ironicly respondsable for causing Stefin to join, espeically the existence of Arron's, Curk's, and Nakkon's involvement, like Xandronian's, had to be kept a secret to avoid a violent betrayal. And seeing how it happen independently thanks to an anti-hero daughter, they desided to dispose of Stefin their way! Can the Lougers and the Heroes Act help Stefin's gang teach these scumbags that "Nobody messes with the Snake-father"?

(This is the song sang by the first meeting of the Mobsters at the start of the episode.)


A Story Told