After the utter humiliation of the Storm Clan so far, a new family member who went out on a conquering crusade not too long after the near-destruction of Questra in 2016 has returned: Storm King's maternal grandfather The Death King, who has the ability to kill instantly with his own staff, the Staff of Obitus, which allows him to rob the lives of his forces to grant him their abilities, as he was among the most feared of the Clan, even to it's own members. Thus, he does the unthinkable: He kills many of the Lodgers and takes their powers, but ends up leaking that they can be saved if the Staff of Obitus is destroyed. But unfortunately, if the Storm Clan taught the heroes anything, it's that it won't be easy to retrieve a Clan member's staff, because he has locked himself up into a Tartarus-like wasteland which is 10x as worse as the Everfree Forest, and the supposed location of Mount Ragnarok, the mountain which contains an untold evil that is the reason why ponies do not like to mention or even think about death, especially around the canon show, as this land is nothing BUT death waiting to happen. Here, the Death King has set up his own kingdom of enslaved monsters that, though looking monstrous, are actually very friendly, and with Monson being the only one capable of understanding them, he'll help the monsters be free of their oppression, and in return, they'll help stop Death King. But he's not going to hesitate to kill more in the name of his family, and like the rest of the Clan, he won't go down so easily, as he has a ton of monsters at his backing call, including Owl and Mothmen who have he ability to scare, sneak up and kill their opponents, Black Dogs that kill almost instantly, and the killer soulless abominations that are the direct result of the Death King's previous victims.


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Sia - Alive

Songbird's Song


Bleach OST - Treachery

Death King Attacks


Hellsing Ultimate OST- Hyaku Yorozu Hatsudan

Climax Theme


Most Epic Battle Music- Demonic Power

Final Charge Into Battle


Alucard Returns (Hellsing Abridged)

Death King's Entrance

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