A Destiny On Destiny Islands is the 51st Episode of Season 3B of SpongeBob and Friends Adventures Chronicles. The Shell Lodgers have seemed to change enough to be their own heroes again. They decide to visit Destiny Islands, only to find that the married couple Sora and Kairi don't know how to define their own lives there, especially since Kairi knew that she was once the heir to Radiant Garden, which has now been fully reconstructed. So now she must choose between honoring her family legacy or living a new life with her husband. Riku is even intending to propose to his new girlfriend, Erica, who has grown more beautiful and stronger in her summoner powers. But they are surprised, almost, to see that the Villain League had changed into different villains, all except Mirage, who had been angry at her secret half behind the Mask of Bastet, as behind it is the shell of Kairi's mother and Erica's friend Queen Kanji. Since the betrayal and destruction of Sephiroth, Mirage has decided that, since the Mask is waning away in it's effects, that she was done playing games, and has to do something about it in Destiny Island and Radiant Gardens, and hatches a plan that makes Kairi's choice much harder: Whatever destiny she chooses, she'll destroy the one she declines. If she chooses to live with Sora on Destiny Islands, she'll have Radiant Garden destroyed again. But if she chooses to live in Radiant Garden and become it's queen, Mirage will sink Destiny Islands into the sea. With the Villain League at a crossroads as to Mirage's raging predicament, a decision has to be made to define a destiny, on Destiny Islands, while Kairi seeks to awaken her mother in Mirage.


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