The Devious Puppet returns from Monstros mouth with only one thing in mind: being the most obnoxious pain in the ass in the United Universes. How so? Palling up with The Jokester and spreading wide-spread, painful, mean-spirted, and annoying pranks everywhere! They ranged from Hotsauce Ballons, to Weed Burgers, to even the most dispicable of all: stealing someone's cloths when they were in the shower, leaving them stranded in the bathroom naked by fear of public humiliation. This earned the attention of the Imfamous Prankster of all time: Prankster Crabuliod, a crab-like being with quite an imfamy in the Alternate Universe, who offers to have Devious and Jokester join him in his ultamate prank yet: "The Punchline"! It is litterally a giant Ballon filled with chimicals that'll turn everyone into laughing zombies, and will laugh for ten days until their voices are perimentaly in laringisies, or even death from laughing too hard. Cynder, The Heroes Act, the Mane 6, and the rest of the lougers, sick and tired of these bad jokesters, deside to give THEM a punchline of their own, in their faces!

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