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This is the finale battle between Celestia, Tiaku, Twilight and Eagle Beak in his giant griffin form while the Guardians get their friends to saftey

Maga Eagle Beak: And now, Celestia, Taiku and Twilight Sparkle. Its Payback Time!

Celestia: Is that all you gotta say?

Maga Eagle Beak: Well, well, well.

What some pests you are. Still alive, huh?

Ooooh! Can't say I like that!

So, why don't you just give up? Ya know, surrender!

Tiaku: It's over. It's over. Your scheme was bound to fail!

Twilight: It's over! You're finished here. Your next stop will be jail!

Maga Eagle Beak: They mock me, they fight me!

I don't know which is worse!

I might just brake a nail now if I don't die laughing first!

Celestia: What's this, a trick? We're not impressed.

You're bad, and now you're tall!

It makes it all the more worthwhile to see a giant fall!

Maga Eagle Beak: Talk talk talk, but I'll tell you,

This giant's goin' nowhere!

If I were you, I'd take a hike!

There's danger in the air!

All Four: Wow!




Both: We're Celestia's Proteges!

Taiku: All of Equestria belongs to the Celestial Sisters and you know it!

Maga Eagle Beak: Well arnt we confident?

Taiku: Well we're getting angry,

And there's plenty left to do!

Twilight: We fought your most unwelcomed obsicals and help

And now we're after you!

Maga Eagle Beak: Even if you catch me,

You'll never do me in!

I'm ten stories high and just as strong!

Which means I'm gonna win!

All Four: Wow!




Both: We're Celestia's Proteges!

Twilight: You're not using me and Taiku anymore Eagle Beak. Your reign of terror ends right here!

Maga Eagle Beak: Im laughing to death!

Celestia: It's over, you're finished!

You'll never get away!

You, Equestria's Tyrannical King? That'll be the day!

Maga Eagle Beak: How feeble, how childish!

Is that the best you've got?

You and Taiku think you're heroes Twilight,

But I think you are not!


Celestia: Your King of Nothing!

Maga Eagle Beak: WHOA!

Now its time for you to come and face me if you dare!

Cause Im a powerful sorceror, altough I dont play fair!

Its much more fun, I must confess, when LIVES are on the line!

Not mine, of course, but yours you two, now that will be just fine!

All Three: Wow!




Both: We're Celestia's Proteges!