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In the Alternate UUniverses, the Heroes Act is called to once again prevent a terrible awakening. There was once a war against two reptilian races: the Zarphalls and the Fugbopaths. The war started during the AUU Third Cartoonian War with a single accident that lead to the destruction of the Fugbopaths' homeworld, and it resulted in them destroying the home planet of the Zarphalls. This had resulted in a century-spanning war that the Zarphalls were quickly losing trying to protect the rest of the AUU from suffering the Fugbopaths' invasions. Luckily, it ended when the AUU Interdimensional Portal was created in 1990, and when the Zarphalls had the AUU Grand Council exile the Fugbopaths to another dimension with the use of the portal, order was restored. But now it has been discovered that there is one last Fugbopath that stayed behind, and he is the Villains Act mercenary named Nagin the Massive, who has long been trying to find the AUU Interdimensional Portal with the aid of the warlike beings called the Waurmics and bring his kind back and destroy the Zarphalls. However, when a Zarphall warrior named Arpaca Zee Viall comes to stop him and realizes that he can't do so without help, he gets the Heroes Act and the Shell Lodge Squad to help. But though they fought hard, Nagin is still able to get his hands on the controls for the portal, and is able to successfully bring back the Fugbopaths, and sabotages the controls for the Portal to ensure they aren't banished back. With the portal needing a maximum expertise of fixing, Arpaca surprisingly scolds the Lodgers and Heroes Act for failing to stop Nagin and allow the Fugbopaths to return, and while both heroes were confused and surprised by his childishly-bratty behavior, he rudely orders the Lodgers and Heroes Act to hold off the attacks on all the Zarphalls' colonies until it is ready. However, after the heroes were quickly contained by the Fugbopaths, they discovered that the 'accident' that destroyed the Fugbopaths' homeworld was actually intentional. In truth, the Fugbopaths were a benevolent, self-sacrivicing-for-the-greater-good kind of race that protected the Zarphalls from far more hostile races, includng the Bulliarns, and criminal organisations out of sympathy and kindness, but the Zarphalls mistaken these acts of kindness as being outshined by the Fugbopaths and accused them for making them look like a weak race. The Fugbopaths decided to truely make it up for them by joining the USRA to join with a condition to allow the Zarphalls to join as well so they can gain actcess to tecknowagey to earn the independence they desired. However, The Zarphalls foolish pride made them think again they're being outshined for the rights to become members of the USRA. Cause of it, they ended up trusting a known war criminal Zackcrapron Zee Viall, who malmitulated the whole mess and caused them to cause the "accident" and hoped that their reaction would make them look like monsters. Nagin's father, Lord Cragin, knew better to submit to anger and knew it was the fault of Zackcrap, but he knew that if they did the oppisite of the expected result and reported it to the USRA, it would've made Zackcrap dangerious and he would've done things that would've condemn the Zarphalls into the same fate the Fugbopaths were in, not to mention it would've endangered a powerful world restoring device that can restore both the Fugbopaths' planet and the Zarphalls' planet, so they have to look as if the tricks of the war criminal worked like a charm. During the war, the Zarphalls have scapegoated the Fugbopaths by using stolen Fugbopath ships and attacked the worlds that were victimized by the invasions. It also turns out that Arpaca was the great descendant of the same war criminal that plotted the sabotage of the Fugbopaths' reputation, and is now continuing this awful plot because when the Zarphalls failed at their intentions following the USRA's collapse, they decided to change plans and put the AUU (and now the Original UUniverses) under the secret rule of the Zarphalls. Nagin, it turns out, was only doing what he did because he didn't have a choice. His race was not the real enemies, and Qui was the only one who believed him and offered to help him, though not without a reputation-damaging price, even though getting Villains Act help ended up making him look even more questionable. Can the Lodgers resolve a nearly-ancient conspiracy and correct a great wrong in the making?


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