In the Alternate UUniverses, the Heroes Act is called to once again prevent a terrible awakening. Long before the Villains Act, two reptilian races were at war with each other: the Zarphalls and the Fugbapaths. The war started with a single accident that lead to the destruction of the Fugbapaths' home world, and it resulted in them destroying the home planet of the Zarphalls. This had resulted in a long war that the Zarphalls were quickly losing trying to protect the rest of the AUU from suffering the Fugbapaths' invasions. It all ended thankfully when the Zarphalls had the AUU Grand Council exile the Fugbapaths to another dimension with the use of the AUU Interdimensional Portal. But now it has been discovered that there is one last Fugbapath that stayed behind, and he is the Villains Act mercenary named Nagin the Massive, who has long been trying to find the AUU Interdimensional Portal and bring his kind back and destroy the Zarphalls. However, when a Zarphall warrior named Arpaca Zee Viall comes to stop him and realizes that he can't do so without help, he gets the Heroes Act and the Shell Lodge Squad to help. But though they fought hard, Nagin is still able to get his hands on the controls for the portal, and is able to successfully bring back the Fugbapaths, and sabotages the controls for the Portal to ensure they aren't banished back. With the portal needing a maximum expertise of fixing, Arpaca surprisingly scold the lougers for failing to stop Nagin and allow the Fugbas to return, and for some reason was acting like a spoiled brat over it, and rudely orders the Lodgers and Heroes Act to hold off the attacks on all the Zarphalls' colonies until it is ready. However, after the heroes were quickly contained by the Fugbas, they discovered a shocking truth. The "Accsident" that destroyed the Fugbapaths' home world was actselly intentional, and the Zarphalls have scape-goated the Fugbapaths by using stolen Fugbapath ships and attacked the worlds victimised by the invadtions. It turns out, Arpaca was the great desendent of the war criminal general that plotted the savatosh of the Fugbabath's reputation because he was tired of the Fugba's outshining the Zarphalls and were considered "unoffitcal canidates" to join the USRA by the universes cause of thier advancments. Arpacia is continuing this awful plot because it was all part of a sceme to put the AUU (and now the Original Universes) under the secret rule of the Zarphalls. Nagin, it turns out, was only doing what he did cause he didn't had a choice, his race was wrongfully backlashed for crimes the Zarphalls commited and Qui was the only one who believed him and offered to help him, though not without a reputation damaging price, even though getting VA help ended up making him look even more questionable. Can the Lougers resolve a nearly anichent conspiracy and punish the REAL wrong doers of the war?

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