The Lodgers and Heroes Act have a gas giant-sized challenge before them as they go to the famous Accirikuce, the only known inhabited brown dwarf in the AUU. They discover through the scientists during a tour of the research that there have been speculations of a Teadr 1 race that inhabited the surface of this giant, and a young Yatoran scientist named Doctor Gassendra confirms that this race is the Jupitians, the only race capable of inhabiting a gas giant and even suns. In fact, it's their reliant atmosphere as normal atmospheres are poisonous to them.  However, the other sciencetists scoffed at Gassendra, deeming him foolish to believe in such crazyness. Thus, the Lougers and the HA, dispite some of their members own skepticisum, desided to help out Gassendra out. However, by complete accsident, apawn patrolling into Accirkuce when they suddenly got beamed up by an invisable force. Thus, the group found themselves in provided exo-suits and at the mercy of the very beings Gassendra believed in. Turns out, they are being taken in an invisable city, the capital of Gastopis, taken before the judgement of an isolationist dictator named Executive Flatulancer, who cause of the end of the Teadr 1 era that Flat no longer believes that teadr 1 is considered sacred anymore and thus has the Jupitians live in fear of outsiders misusing their tec, even though that has already been proved rediculiously impossable. When Flatulancer ended up learning of the Yateron's presence in the system and the USRA in general, Flatulancer was more then unthrilled about it. The planets in the system in Flatulancer's eyes are being violated and raped by invaders that came out of the blue and took planets that once belong to his people for themselves, and has vowed to declare war! Things get worse then Flatulancer reveils that he processes a speical super-weapon designed to turn planets into gas planets, which in Flatulancer's eyes, will "Purify" the planets of invaders and their cruelty torwords the planets, aiming to use the weapon to take the Qeecle System back to the Jupitians and chase away the invaders. How will our heroes resolved a gas planet sized problem?

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