Xenon has discovered from Alister that they were from the same town of Eagle City, had the same labertory, and the same dishonest and insanely jealious duck assistant Manfred. They team up when they suspect Manfred is not smart enough to pull this off on his own! This is very true, as Manfred was a puppet to the town's own Mayor turned Govener: Al Baldwin Eagle, a total perfectionest and dead serious naterolest that masterminded their downfalls and the reason why they suffered. Kate, (who has become a Sciencetist as shown in Mepamortisis) and Jasmine came along. porblem is, Al has teamed up with Manfred and Hank Jr. to ensure Al disposes of Xenon and Alister once and for all, and that his town (of which he has de-modernised, everyone begining to suffer from loss of limbs, and getting sick) stays perfect in his deluded, insane, darwinestic and anti 21st centory mind. alcourse you know, this means the Lougers have to get involve in this, reguardless of it being Xenon's and Alister's personal issue.

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