Taurus is lost to the Black Hole Kingdom, thanks again to the reality altering sister of Xerxes, now Kafar is desperate! He orders Helix Lord to invade his former home planet, Qaclite, which thanks to the great altering that it never suffered from the bioterrorest attacks cause Chuck was never wronged for being abit smelly. Helix Lord was also another unintentionaly brought back Tragic Villain who originally died from a fed raid, but because the VA never became powerful, he was stopped by the never destroyed HPA instead, and was previously sent to Oranos. Turns out, Helix was left devastated since he worked as a biogenetic researcher working on two genetic projects called Project: Nutro-Synthesis, which was meant to create fruits and vegetables that were naturally healthier and is poisonous to unsentient pests, and Project: Genome X, which was an artificial evolution project that would bring animals to the next step to make easier survival. But because Lotus had ordered them to be shut down by the next day cause of how expensive and long-lasting in defleupment they were, Helix called the Villains Act, and that's what originally started the bioterrorist attacks that destroyed her home. Helix discovered an unstable substance called dnaxium, which was pure DNA mixed with water, radiation, and various other chemicals that he injected into himself to become a large destructive mutant lord everyone knew as The Helix Lord. He took over Lotus' poisoned home being immune to the poisons, and used his dnaxium to create an army of mutant soldiers like him, and even create better genetic monsters. But originally, when the Feds came 5 years later, they destroyed his research, and he ends up dying from being injected with too much dnaxium. His soldiers eventually died out too, as well as his monsters. But now that was altered, Helix intents to complete his resherch and grant newfound life for the Black Hole Kingdom with his formerly destroyed resherch. It's up to the lougers to prevent Helix Lord from completing his reshearch, and make sure all he would see over, is the next order to be given a morality worm.

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