When Hudson Turbo turned out to be his evil half-brother, Edison Turbo, the black sheep of his family and blames him for all his troubles, he tries to poses in as Hudson thanks to his remarkable resemblence to him and that he sounds exactly the same, to make Xandy his as the perfect payback for Hudson, who he kidnapped after the first song in part 1, and was able to fool even Celestia, thanks to help from the Villain Leage's own Queen Chrysalis and Junjie, with Chryly once again trying to congure Equestia through a wedding, and Junjie plotting to still be the one to succeed in where Mang failed in as a villain: the conquest of Equestia! Chrysalis traps Shamantha in the christail caves where Hudson was imprisoned, but the event did not went un-noticed, cause Twilight, Shining, Cadence, and Clifton saw this, and secretly warned everyone of them, and made them agree not to suspect anything to trap Junjie and Chryally as Twilight, Shining, Candence and Clifton to rescue Shamantha and the REAL Hudson, all the while, Junjie's Army of Leopard Minions, Chrysalis's Changelings, and a united allience of Villain Leagers and the DARKSIDERS under Kafar's command, prepare to congure Equestia... Can the Heroes Act and the Regretful Shell Lougers and the ponies be able to make sure this story has a happy ending? And willl both Kairi and Saldaron pull a fast one on the villains by rendering their scheme another paradox? 

Material Used

(This will be Edison's and Hudson's song.)

This day aria ( colt version ) shining armor and king metamorfosis

This day aria ( colt version ) shining armor and king metamorfosis



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