The Optimum Isheegus Police Department (OIPD), used to be the embodiment of nobileness and a symbol of heroisum in the Isheegus system. However, because of the Pharcums going a nobler path, the Grand Council and the USRA races denounced the OIPD and took away funding for the force because they continue to give the Pharcums a hard time because of maintaining control of the planets they claimed, even reguardless of the rise of more benvolent practices and better treatment of the slaves to the point that the natives no longer even mind their predicterment, along with the Pharcums no longer hoarding the rarium shorces to themselves, with the only blemish being that they still serve the Grutts, but that's mainly because the Grutts and Pharcums are consistent allies because the Grutts need the Pharcums' presence for aide and protection and normally keep whatever one side does to themselves and doesn't effect eachother's reputation in anyway, and because the OCPD's leader, Commissioner Soreass, refuses to accept the Pharcum's attempts to change and still believes they're nothing but "Warmongering Vigs"! His racist attatude earned the group a great fall from grace and nothing but infamy. Even to the point that the home planet Optimum denounced the group to avoid being hit by controversey. Robbed of their base planet and made to house an ageing space station, the OIPD has became the empitiy of fallen heroes. And Soreass gets worse. Soreass sents his best agent, Akeyia Stealth, to go to Daege. A snowy planet which has a small amount of plant life and Ice-Age-like wildlife as well as Pharcum wildlife. This is a Pharcum planet where several secrets concerning the Pharcums' history are kept, and are unreachable to even the OIPD. The secrets contained within often hold sensitive information that could crush the Pharcum Empire if it is leaked out, and death is the most common act of keeping them secured, and several OIPD officers have been killed trying to get to it. Akeyia, though relucent and more open-minded that the Pharcums are no longer as bad as they used to, more or less, goes to the mission unquestioningly because Soreass is her superior and can't disobey or risk her job and be inable to provide for her family. Dispite going through abit of a scrape, she managed to find a piece of Pharcum history that holds the biggest weakness to their powerful empire: A currently extinct Nose Virus that almost caused their extinction and is why the Pharcums originally had a "Do not morn your dead" philosify: It's not out of being uncaring, but because they were numb to continious death because it became commen place and that it was hopeless. But the race was saved by a sympathic Grutt who had the cure that at most wiped the virus to exintction, named Curo The Soft-Heart, who gave the Pharcums the cure and enabled them to survive extinction, and lead to the Pharcums to serve the Grutts as eturnal gratatude. However, while Curo was a good grutt, this meant that the Pharcums non-discriminatively served Grutts that weren't like Curo, who those grutts over-encouraged their aggresive tendingices that resulted in them becoming what they were to begin with. Akeyia, understanding this and realising that the Pharcums are given a chance to balence their life out, wanted to avoid exposing this to the incompassionate commissioner, but Soreass and fellow enforcers too scared of him to say no to, captured Akeyia and aquired the secret, and arrested Akeyia for attempted desertion. Now Soreass started a secret project to restore the deadly Pharcum desiese, make it stronger, and weaponiese it against the Pharcums and their controled planets, even at the expendsese of the natives of the controled planets and wildlife, because there's no documented case on what the desease does to NON-Pharcums. Akeyia escaped and went to get help from real heroes: The Shell Louge Squad and the HA. Can they stop Soreass being a sore loser and stop a reborned deadly Pharcum desease?

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