A Hybridized Secret is the 42nd Episode of Season 3B of the SpongeBob and Friends Adventures Chronicles series. After rescuing Seftin from certain death, The Shell Lodgers are called by the AUU Grand Council after they decide it's finally time for them to see the head government of the AUU, the Legion of Dominant Races, which contains all the known dominant races of the AUU. But it's not for an introduction, but it's for an important reason requested by one of the leaders. The leader of the Rabodans, named Baroness Corona Ellames has asked that they help protect something for her after a secret about them has finally been exposed. After battling against an on-the-run VA General, her son and daughter, Zanny Ellames and Tonas Ellames end up accidentally exposed as Hues (Human/Rabodan Hybrids) after dodging a desperate high-powered laser attack. It is revealed to the Legion that the two are not Rabodans, but Rabodan-Human hybrids. To the honesty-valuing Rabodan military, this is viewed as an act of treason. As a result, Zanny and Tonas have been put on trial, and Corona has asked the Legion and the Lodgers to help defend them, especially when she was denied to be in the court since they believed that maternal instict would affect her judgment and 'deny justice against treason convicts'. As much as Xandy wants the Heroes Act to aid the poor twins for the fact that they were still perfect heroes no matter what, especially for their contributions in the Nimboo Rebellions, the Grand Council warns there's little they can do against the Rabodan's strong value in honesty because there was a point in their war history where an act of lying caused a war when a princess blackmailed the liar, and eventually caused the liar to commit an act of war by using insensitive insults to the princess out of anger, causing a terrible planetary war that the Rabodans committed to because of the princess' blackmail, and it ended up killing millions and traumatized many innocent Rabodans in the past. Now, the very general the twins were after, a known klutz and easily-manipulative General Flark Ga Roop who was infamously panned for the failed one-time Villains Act invasion of Usuabloth because of their 'British-like charm' (In Original UUniversal terms) caused him to stop the attack where not one side was harmed, making him a great big joke. Now Flark plans to redeem himself to the VA remnants by causing the downfall of two of the most troubling Rabodans that happened to the Villains Act, and because he figured out the Ellames twins' heritage beforehand, he lured them into a trap that finally exposed them, which was surprisingly brillent given his normally idiotic nature, thus destroying the Baroness's credibility and get her replaced by the Vice-Baron of the Rabodan government, Archduke Londus Shoralke, who is secretly a spy for the Villains Act remnants who is working with Flark. Now the Lodgers, and the sympathetic Xandy, have to find a way to protect these twins and the Baroness before the Villains Act remnants successfully take down the Baroness, and find clues on how to take down the Legion.

Material Used

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Chapter 1: The Legion of Dominant Races

Chapter 2: Zanny and Tonas' Case

Chapter 3: The Most Worthless General

Chapter 4: Archduke Londus' Plan

Chapter 5: The Trial Begins

Chapter 6: The Day Saved Once More


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