The Heroes Act end up going on a mission just at the same time as when they were supposed to meet the Lodgers at a vacation at a UIS resort, of course not without having to face said UIS first, as they are given a new mission by Grandmind and Madame President that brings them to the isolated areas of the Isheegus Sector. After escaping a Domic crime boss named Buxton III, they arrive on Pzerbia, where they meet the native Knightans, who live in a period of scientific catastrophe since a comet strike not only threw the once civilized Teadr 3 world into a Teadr 1.5 world as the Knightans discovered that the comet possessed a new but near-limited resource called Elixium, a quantoconductive organic crystallized element that could create mana and give the gift of magic, as well as enhance technology, but could also have disastrous consequences. It could change the Knightans forever, as it granted power but was also addictive and could turn people into superpowered mutants, and so began a civil war against 4 factions: The Ministry, who fanatically worship a god called Tecxlom and operate like a religious police state where consuming Elixium is expressly forbidden but it is used to power complex war technologies and want technological innovation, The Outsiders, who have no formal leadership and operate with a 'survival of the fittest' mentality, using improvised and deadly weaponry and consume Elixium in the form of specialized stimulant drugs to free their minds, The Enchanters, who have renounced modern technology and the use of Elixium and instead finding a way to purify the substance into mana to weave magic and restore life to nature, and finally, the top faction is an amoral one looking for the next stage of evolution known as The Kaisers, who in exchange for their emotion to control themselves when augmented with Elixium without becoming mutants, they gained strength, focus, stamina, and became nearly unstoppable, swearing to obtain all Elixium, even if it meant terrorizing the other factions. On their highest mountain capital of Kai, the Kaisers went unopposed. But what concerns the Lodgers about this ordeal is that UIS has worried that the Knightans could become dangerous when they swear allegiance to anyone and the gift of Elixium does the same thing to others, and just recently their fears are all but almost conformed when the original leader of the Kaisers, named Jaxelyn, was seemingly executed by her own brother, Lord Whenn, as part of the Kaiser Directive's penalty for a failed mission. Thus with her joining Separatist Kaisers with plans for a better future than all 4 factions combined, the UIS believe it will solve their concerns, unaware that it's all a plan for the Kaiser leader, The Kaisermaster, to eliminate all factions and get all Elixium so the Kaisers can spread out in a new but risky campaign of expansion and revolution, as it in itself is a greater plan for Buxton to take advantage of for selling all the Elixium to other UIS terratories and create a greater risk. Now the heroes aim to use the Kaisers own plans for that extreme act of getting the Elixium by actselly making it what it was pretending to be by convincing the Kaisemaster that Lord Whenn was a dispicable doughebag that ruined his own sister and that her last mission wasn't an utter failure to prevent Whenn and Buxton from scoring the ultamate scam and cause the greatest dishastor in AUU history.

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