The Lodgers and HA are called once again to the AUU planet of Marathon once again since their mission involving Rotton and Jiombra. Qlark reveals that he needs help as Marathon and the rest of the Globrunx System is in danger. He has been working a long time on Project: Highriser for Globex with his two AI heads, Master Director and Master Counselor, but now the project is on the verge of being canceled because some of the Globex board directers have grown numb to the conspect and deemed it idiotic for pitting random people against eachother in an aimless cause. This is because of a string of lawsuits following some of recent insodents that hurted the project badly. To Gazelle, who still has a rather bad falling out with Qlark, deemed it to be due karma for his albeit rudeness and tandrum over disobeying the directive and making the includtion of his project to resolve the prior problem pointless by simply giving Jiombra his son back and disbaning the Black Star's old leadership with only the Lougers due to Sunblack having a REALLY bad day and ruined a long corperate plan in the making about making a grutt a model citizen, even dispite that it was an OBVIOUS failure since Rotten lives up to his name too often that only Gazelle was able to bare at times, with eventuall proper understanding. Harsh as Gazelle was being, the Lougers don't exactly disagree as Qlark didn't acted nice to them neither. And it's kinda obvious that Qlark wasn't at all thrilled to see Gazelle and the misfits again, accusing them rudely of being why his project is suffering, when really it had this problem for a long time now and it's only by circumstances that it starts to fall apart. The heroes aren't here to get Qlark's forgiveness, they're here to see if they can find another way for the project to survive. Thing is, Qlark is an in-co-operative whining twat! So saving Highrise isn't exactly simplistic. What's truely more troubling is that Glowrod and Junjie have come togather once again to see if they can convince the Highrisers to revolt against the unaprpesiative corperate masters and being the system into the shared control of the Villain Leage and a New VA. A combination of infamous trouble makers is more then a convinent enough to still prove that the Highrise project CAN be useful, yet if the duo have their way, can also perimently ruin it. How will this play out?


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