Xrandy discovers that his friend, Vash Jassater, has been keeping a secret even from him: she has had plastic surgery. She explained that it was because she was made fun of because she was sensitive about her old childhood habit of playing in the rain, and she got plastic surgery so nobody would recognize her. But because of a gang leader hitting on her because of the plastic surgery making her beautiful, she was forced to flee from her planet and join the Consortium. Xrandy seems to understand oppression since one of their bounty hunter members, Ribe Curse, had been oppressed as well. But this information was critical since the one that drove Vash off-planet, Nasty Eearl, has not once refrained from going after Vash. In fact, the gang has now gone into an extreme that no one thought some cheap punk like Eearl would do: joining forces with the Dark Radicals. In return for exposing the weaknesses of Vash's home planet of Auseklis, the Dark Radicals agree to anonymously trick Lik-Lick into sending Vash on a bounty for a corrupted mayor that nobody likes on Auseklis. Despite being skeptical and wondering if it was a trap, she arrives and ends up getting captured by Nasty Eearl's goons and the Dark Radicals. While Vash is scared that Eearl would recognize her since he was one of her school bullies and only make fun of her, she constantly tries to escape, but the Dark Radicals keep on stopping her every time. Now it's up to the Shell Lodgers, who were on a business trip in the AUU involving the NUSRA, and the Heroes Act to help the Consortium rescue Vash before she ends up getting hurt in more ways than one, as well as to stop the Dark Radicals from finding the secrets to sabotaging Auseklis' eaves channels and causing the whole planet to flood.

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