Thanks to the events of "The Sister of Xerxes" series, the tragites and horrors of the VA was prevented before they could happen, and villainy is almost extint. Key word, almost. The villains born from tragity may've gone striaght cause of never turning evil, but changing the AUU is not without noticeable conditions. Villains that the heroes didn't know about, are still quite appearent. Kafar, Xandronian, and Jling Sling, are proof of it. They rounded up the other still evil members, which are Bross and Matrix, Matrix no longer a cyborg, but Bross still has Corruption Co. Symbols when that shouldn't even exist in this reality, Chancellor SiarraSupreme Lord SalibaxKrolken the SharpCira Thammock VIILord VallousTaurus the HorribleHelix LordCommander Yarge, and Lieutenant Blacker. Thing is, Yarge, Blacker, Vallous, and The Helix Lord, were originaly dead, but because the AUU was altered that the tragities that happened before and during the VA were prevented, Yarge never got involved and Blacker never had a chance to betray a rebel faction that ended up never happening cause of the VA not being as powerful, as Vallous was rekindised as evil and absurdly deludional by his people and dethrowned, and the Helix lord's troubles were always prevented by the never disbaned HPA and the never had been restricted Heroes Act. Kafar is the only one who avoided being altered in the Altered AUU thanks to his influence in magic, but he was still rekindised as a renigade and is hounded to be given the moral worm treatment! Kafar tells all of the villains he was able to get that originally, the Va was suppose to be an exsample of a villain success story, but because of so many interfearences with heroes of both The AUU and Original Universes, and eventally Xerxe's sister, the AUU became a universe of balence, where heroes and villains are kept in equil numbers, with the disfaverable problem (to them) that villains don't win AT ALL! These villains join forces to form The Black Hole Kingdom, where the group became dedicated to return the AUU back to the the way it once was, back when the VA was actselly successful, and in turn, ruin the lives of both heroes and former villains, then proceed to declair war against the Original Universe for ever being a headache to them! Fortunately, both the Lougers and the Heroes Act are ready and able to keep the Black Hole Kingdom from seeking to wreck up the AUU. First thing, however, they would have to keep the Black Hole Kingdom from creating a new army made from indestructable metals to make sure the Black Hole Kingdom has an awkword flop into the ground.

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