The Nightmare King is still on the loose, but now reincarnated as a look-a-like of the Devil May Cry Jester. He also bares a far different personally and remembers nothing about Nemo or Slumberland. Now he's out and about to cause wide-spread nightmares with a newfound army of dream eaters and grows stronger with every person haunted by nightmares. He also brought back Freddy Fried Khicken to help him out and Freddy tells the Nightmare King (who is now refering himself as The Nightmare Jester) of the shell louge squad who defeated him. The Nightmare Jester begins to regain some memories of his former life as the nightmare king, and is filled with disires of venegnce on the lougers. How can the lougers survive this? Now the louges old friend, Nemo must save the day while Saldaron intends to prevent the Nightmare King's new personality cheat his way to revenge so easily. 

(This is the music for it cause, well, tecnecly, it fits.)

Bionicle ~ Music ~ Caught In A Dream

Bionicle ~ Music ~ Caught In A Dream


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