Sanmex and the surviving dark nobodies are still on the loose. They are now hiding in the ruins of Kingdom Desteny from Peacock Desteny as a means to have a hideout while avoiding the persuing reformed Nobody's and Axel and Saix. Apawn hearing the place is now the resting place of the once again destroyed Xehanort, Sanmex has intentions to absored the essence of the fallen darkspawn's power so his still ongoing plans for repeating the dark plan of Kingdom Hearts 2 will commence onword. The surviving Dark Nobodies, LeaxXiasXymedDroxulNidlan, and Barxig, have been instructed to revive Pai Mei and Xenophob to join in the new darker Organisation XII. Following such, Pai Mei and Xenophobe have been sent to cause as much trouble in the dragon realms as possable to make sure the lougers are too distracted by the sudden return of these dark villains so Sanmex can absord Xehonort's essence in peace. Can the Lougers figure out what's really going on before it's too late, and can Axel, Saix, and the reformed nobodies trump Sanmex's plan in time?

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