Hank Jr. still has a piece of his former past to take care off ever since he changed his ways. His old assistant, Payne, who had been with him during his entire reign of terror, has gained access to his old evil equipment and has been slowly making a new army of Hankian Mutants that have been the vain of the natives of Poi-Son for a while now. Hank Jr. finally can't take his mistake with Payne running amock anymore and desides to take care of it personally, refusing even the aide of Hank and Kryptonia. However, things only go from bad to worse for Hank Jr. during his attempt. Poi-Son has been reduced to a mutanted shell of it's former glorly and Payne runs it as a despot ruler. Hank Jr. was greatly over-wealmed by his past mistakes and sins coming back to life in full force, making Hank Jr. seemingly incapable to pull this off on his own. Can the Lougers be able to help Hank Jr. resolve this mistake at last and resolve the final piece of Hank Jr's villain career for good and de-mutante Payne before he continues to be a 'Payne in the Butt'?

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