A Phase of Trouble is the 32nd Episode of Season 3B of the SpongeBob and Friends Adventures Chronicles series. On Kratos, the Super Ops' special robot Phase has long been an unfavorable addition to the Super Ops for a few senators funding the organization because of robotics regulations having forbidden Phase being a work drone that behaves like one made for combat. This makes them consider Phase more of a danger then protection, but while a huge majority are not brave or determined enough to take this up with Master Algor who strongly insisted otherwise, one senator, Senator Norvin Ress, is the only one vocal about how dangerous Phase can potentially be. Robots in Kratos' past that have been given incorrect programming ended up becoming a danger, like when an experimental construction bulldozer drone named Dornz X-0P928, ended up having the intelligence of a military weapon and nearly destroyed the entire planet, even the Prometheus Temple wasn't completely safe from the rogue machine. Algor insists that as long as Phase never has actually hurt or even so much as overly punish a criminal too hard, that Phase is not a danger. However, when a very nasty-mouthed supervillain made fun of Phase for being a worker robot with a battle machine's intelligence, Phase ended up brutally assaulting the villain in an unacceptable level that he was hospitalized. This opened Algor's eyes that Phase IS a danger waiting to happen if he is pushed hard enough. In reluctance, the Super Ops leaders and Algor have issued Phase to be shut down as a result. Naturally, Phase didn't take that very well, and started to rebel violently. Phase severely injured Major Chance and beaten the other members to a pulp, unable to fight. Phase then proceeded to turn all of the machines into his fighting force army, conquering the Super Ops into The Robotic Army Control Force and are slowly conquering Kratos. Now it's up to the Lodgers and the Justic Teens to stop Phase and finally send him to the scrap heap before he reactivates Dornz X to make everything worse.

Material Used

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Chapter 1: Phase's Bittersweet Progress

Chapter 2: Senator Ress' Protests

Chapter 3: Phase Goes Too Far

Chapter 4: The Takeover of The Super Ops

Chapter 5: The Location of Dornz X

Chapter 6: Deactivation of Phase


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