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This is when Spyro and his team arrive at Captain Taiklar Blackheart's Treasure Island in the Seas of Captain Legend Part 2 but much to their shock and horror, find out that Blot and his pirates had beaten them to it and captured them again. Blot shanghais Spyro and Kairi again by telling them to forget the Shell Louge Squad and their former lives and join the pirates on their teasure hunt for the Loot of 100000 Realms though song.

Captain Blot: When I was just a lad looking for my true vocation
My father said "Now son, this choice deserves deliberation
Though you could be a doctor or perhaps a financier
My boy why not consider a more challenging career"

Pirate Crew: Hey ho ho
You'll cruise to foreign shores

Captain Blot: (Laughs) Sing it Mates! Show them how much you practiced!

Pirate Crew: And you'll keep your mind and body sound
By working out of doors

Captain Blot: True friendship and adventure are what we can't live without

All: And when you're a professional pirate

Crazy Leg Fry: That's what the job's about

Captain Blot: Upstage, boys! This is my second number!
Now take Sir Francis Drake, the Spanish all despise him

(The pirates turn in disgust as if showing how the Spanish reacted)

But to the British he's a hero and they idolize him

(They bow to Blot to show how the British reacted as he continues singing)

It's how you look at buccaneers that makes them bad or good
And I see us as members of a noble brotherhood


Pirate Crew: Hey ho ho We're honorable girls and men

Captain Blot: How I love this! Just pure poetry in motion!

Pirate Crew: And before we lose our tempers we will always count to ten

Captain Blot: On occasion there may be someone you have to execute

All: But when your a professional pirate

Frank: You don't have to wear a suit!

Dilyan: You Bastard!

Frank: What?

Slyler: I could have been a surgeon, I like taking things apart

Crazy Leg Fry: I could have been a lawyer but I just had too much heart

Frank: I could have been in politics cause I've always been a big spender

Black Fang: And me...I could have been a contender

(Blot and His Crew Laughs)

Captain Blot: Some say that pirates steal and should be feared and hated
I say we're victims of bad press it's all exaggerated
We'd never stab you in the back, we'd never lie or cheat
We're just about the nicest guys you'd ever want to meet

(After Captain Blot talks to Spyro, Kairi and their group)

All: Hey ho ho
It's one for all for one
And we'll share and share alike with you and love you like a son
We're gentlemen and girls of fortune and that's what we're proud to be
And when your a professional pirate

Captain Blot: You'll be honest brave and free
The soul of decency
You'll be loyal and fair and on the square
And most importantly

All: When you're a professional pirate
You're always in the best of company!

(Song ends)

Frank: Another Good Shanty, Sir!