another dinosaur was found. this time, it is a frozen female raptor nick-named by the discoverors "Jenny". apawn being melted out, Jenny was expeariemnted on with strange, expearimental potions and formulas. as such, Jenny began to defelupt intelligents, and began to become more atheltic, preforming gymastics, flips, and somersalts, and impeckable striangh. the head doctor, Dr. Wolfenstian, an assertive, abusive madman, pushed Jenny too far by calling her an abomination to all creatures. This causes her to break out, scar the wolf, and escape and hide out in the park. Wolfenstian requested Senitor Tri-Corn to send in the Shell Louge Squad to help him seek out and capture Jenny. but, will the lougers soon enough realise that sometimes, the real monsters aren't always the ones that do nothing but roar?

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