Kolwalski created a fusetron 4000 and accsidently fused Lord Shen with Spongebob, Squidward, and Icky, creating a horrendus freak. Spongebob's head the base, with 4 legs, One Squidward's, one Spongebob's, One Shen's, and one Icky's, with two wings, one of Icky's wings, and another of Shen's, with two arms, Spongebob and Squidwards, three heads, Squidward, Shen, and Icky, and a giant Peacock tail over-covering Icky's tail. this is bad news to Shen, because Lord Shen is going with Celestia to watch the Equestian sympathy, and Shen is horrendusly embarrised by this, fearing that Celestia will be horrifyed by this condition (not realising that Celestia tolerates all forms of creatures, made by nature or science) begs for Kolwalski to fix this, which won't be for a few days, and the final day is on the day of the Sympathy. Today is not a good day to be a Peacock Lord.

Based on the Spongebob episode: Squidbob Tentaclepants

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