A Shell Lodge Vacation Cruise Gone Wrong Part 2 is the 35th and Final Episode and 2nd Part of the 2nd Season Finale of the SpongeBob and Friends Adventures Chronicles series. The Pirate Rats have now gained control of the cruise ship, and the Lodgers are barely able to maintain this attack. Le Rat now holds all of them and the passengers hostage. Worrying for the safety of the Lodgers, Kairi, and the passengers of the cruise ship, the High Council summons every single hero they can find in an attempt to rescue them from captivity. All the while, it has been discovered that Le Rat has greater reasons for hating the High Council. He wants to turn the cruise ship into a flying airship with stolen Villain League tech from an abandoned warehouse , and round up all the rat pirates he can find so he can launch an attack on Alberta, Canada, which is known for it's government rat-control program. Le Rat is apparently a rebel who wants to stand up against the 'anti-ratism' program, and he hates the High Council for hardly lifting a finger to even do anything about it. With their anniversary basically ruined once again, the Lodgers have to find a way to stop this before it goes too far.


Prologue: Recap

Previously, on SpongeBob and Friends Adventures Chronicles...

  • SpongeBob: Gosh after a long second season of doing what we do and getting involved in two of Tman's Alice in Wonderland Fanmakes with my old buddies; Danny, Timmy and Jimmy, It's good to finally kickback.
  • Sam: "Well, I couldn't ask for a better way to conculed a unexpectingly long Season 2."
  • Max: "Yeah........... I can already see the memories flash before my eyes." (The whole montage fast-forwards in the recap)...Ah, memories."
  • B.O.B: We've got a big new Brother-Sister Anniversary ahead of us.
  • Spyro: Yes. The last ones we had were disasters. I sure hope this one is different, otherwise I'm gonna burn myself to the bone.
  • Kairi: I hope so, too, Spyro. Only time will tell.
  • Le Rat: I know you all will be happy when we finally take care of that atrocious rat-control program in Alberta, Canada. As rats, we should take a stand against the people who opposed us. WHO'S WITH ME?!? (Everyone cheers) Hell fucking yeah!
  • Skipper: Looks like we chose the right cruise ship to keep this anniversary celebration from being ruined. Nothing can EVER penetrate it without a pass.
  • Private: Yeah, that may be accurate. Unless if someone were to sneak inside the ship before we took off.
  • Kowalski: It's, so-so, so, so--
  • Skipper: SO TOTALLY OBVIOUS!!!
  • Kowalski: (Checks the shut chute, and finds the keypad for it) Well, Skipper, I believe this just got hard. It appears the chute requires a keypad code in order for it to be opened.
  • Skipper: HOOVER DAM! Now how are we gonna know if there's intruders here?
  • Spyro: Well, the best thing we can do is get the entire group prepared.
  • Cyclona: Me and Tricorn weren't just navy partners, but we were friends for as long as we can remember. I blamed myself for the incident where Tricorn was attacked by that snake.
  • ???: Hello, Mon Capitan! (Cyclona looks behind her)
  • Cyclona: WHAT THE FREAK?!? How did you--NO, GET AWAY!! I WARN YOU!
  • Lord Shen: Guys, I think you were a little late to warn us. Some rats have hijacked the ship, somehow getting through the field.
  • Skipper: Shitake Mushrooms!
  • Icky: So many tiny punches....
  • Le Rat: Nobody has ever been able to stop us before. I've got over a hundred rats from all over the UUniverses by my side. TAKE THEM TO LE BRIG!!
  • Shifu: Guys, I think Spyro's right. We can't just sit here and give up like we're not who we are.
  • Spyro: See? All we had to do was think.
  • Mickey: "Go contact every single hero in this universe and tell them we need help! It's an emergency!"
  • Flora: You can count on us, Mickey. (The scenes with the fairies getting help are seen)
  • Yen Sid: Alright...let's do this!...

Chapter 1: Rat Pirates Everywhere

Cruise Ship

  • Le Rat: (Pirate Rats are seen enjoying food and tossing around cash and wealth aimlessly as Le Rat was sitting in the captain's control room watching everything) Ahh, isn't that wonderful, Squeak? The ship is mine, the lives are mine, and soon, Alberta will be mine!
  • Mr. Squeak: I agree, Mon Capitan. They're enjoying themselves down there. We are makings good progress.
  • Le Rat: Excellent, mon ami! Just excellent. And how is the finishing touches to the ship?
  • Mr. Squeak: Great, sir. The mechanics we hired are making a bit of progress of attaching them to the ship.
  • Le Rat: That's good. By the time we get to Alberta, we'll be fed, prepped, and refreshed, and ready for a full-scale populating and battling against the rat-control program that makes us a sheer le disgrace. (Chuckles) Soon, le power will be le mine.
  • Mr. Squeak:...With all do respect, sir, I think that Icky bird is right about you always using 'le' in your words.
  • Le Rat: I know, it seems pretty weird, but you can't blame me for having a bad understanding of the language in particular. I have yet to le understand it, D'OH, I DID IT AGAIN!!!...Oh, whatever! I'll still have my le vengeance soon enough. (The Python named 'Andre' was secretly hiding and stayed hidden in the shadows)
  • Andre: I'll get this smug loser soon. (Andre chuckles while a few ticks and tocks are heard, causing him to retreat)
  • Le Rat: (Hears the ticks and tocks)...Just le coincidence.


  • Icky: (Singing) Nobody knows the trouble I've seen. Nobody knows but Henry. Nobody knows the trouble I've seen. Nobody seems to really care. Nobody knows my sorrow...
  • Iago: Ickster, lighten up, will ya? It's not our fault this anniversary fell flat on it's face.
  • Lord Shen: Indeed. If you're gonna sing, then do it with some...well...bounce.
  • Icky:...It's a world of laughter, a world of fear, it's a--
  • Skipper: NO!!! NONE OF THAT!!! It's like a ghost feeding on my soul! God!!
  • Icky:...I got a lovely bunch of coconuts, do-a-do-do, there they are standing in a row! Big ones, small ones, some that are bigger than my head! Why would anyone make a song about coconuts? The illogicalness is gonna drive me nuts!!!
  • Viper: Okay, then let's just play a little game. I spy with my little eye something that is........gray.
  • Monkey: (Bored)...The room we are in?
  • Viper: Yes!
  • Icky: Really? I thought it was just the progress we had of coming up with a plan that was kind of gray.
  • Monkey: Ugh, Viper, if there's two things 'I Spy' would be very bad in, it's a forest AND A SHIP'S BRIG!!!
  • Viper:...I...I was only trying to lighten the mood.
  • Monkey: We're just a little upset now. Playing around the bush isn't gonna help. This thinking of a plan isn't going anywhere for the moment.
  • Kowalski: Yeah! I've been calculating the possibilities of us succeeding in a scenario like this 20 times straight! And I've come up with NO OPTIONS WHATSOEVER!! (Bangs his head on his clipboard) It's so boring, that I've decided 'f*** it, I decided to entertain myself by reading the Garfield comics I keep under my clipboard. (Shows them the Garfield comics under his papers)
  • Private: You look at Garfield comics?
  • Kowalski: Well, yeah. I always look at them when I think that all is lost. Which it is. Only Garfield trying to defend himself from the demonic forces of Mondays can drown my sweet sorrow. It's hopeless! HOPELESS!! (Bangs his head on the wall)
  • Sir Hiss: Look, everyone, we're all a little moody at the moment. I wished for better things out of this disaster of a vacation.
  • Kaa: Still, you have to appreciate Viper for at least giving use something to do.
  • Lefou: Man, I hate being behind bars. This was supposed to be a great vacation, and just like the ones before it, some random crook decided to hijinks us!
  • Icky: It's 'hijack'!
  • Djon: But no one's named Jack...Well, maybe Mr. Lucky Jack, but--
  • Icky: No, no, no!! I mean it's like hijacking a car. They hijacked the boat.
  • Creeper: Djon, you amateur!
  • Boss Wolf: Well, this is certainly not one of our better moments. We're captured by pirate rats that want to use Villain League tech to mess up Alberta because of the fact that it's the only place in the human community untouched by rats, and neither us or the High Council can do a thing about it.
  • SpongeBob: Guys, I know it looks hopeless now, but we can't lose hope now. Le Rat might soon find out that he's made the biggest mistake of his pirate career and we'll come out on top.
  • Icky: (Scoffs) Can't imagine the odds of THAT happening. Le Rat may be an illiterate dumbass, but he's not stupid. It would take the biggest unexpected miracle of the UUniverses for that to be a possibility. And where can somebody like us be able to find something like that?
  • Shifu: I don't know, but I guess since Oogway and Mufasa's ghosts visited us, they'll be sure to warn the High Council about our current situation, and will be on their way to save us. We've seen what they're capable of when fighting against even the Darkspawn.
  • Merlin: Well, technically, that's not true. Some of us have battled Darkspawn before, but only me, Phil, and a few others have actually seen what the High Council can do when fighting. I'm a valuable member, and even I know that I can even stomp on something as small as a Darkspawn crab. And trust me, they're VERY lethal.
  • Phil: Definitely. I haven't seen anyone who is the newest to battle a Darkspawn since Hercules. I've trained some of the members of the High Council to battle Darkspawn, and Hercules was the first person in years to have actually been valuable in battling Darkspawn. Odysseus, Perseus, Theseus, Achilles, hell even Jason and the Argonauts couldn't kick ass perfectly in the face of Darkspawn. And they were pretty good in their stories and legends. The point is that we'll get through this.
  • Spyro: I hope so, Kairi's already in the corner crying since I told her that this anniversary might not make it this time...again. I'm comforting her until we can figure something out.
  • Po: Well, I hope those High Council members are doing something. I don't think I can bare to see innocent Canadians tortured by rats.

Chapter 2: Heroes Move Out To The Rescue

Dragon Temple

  • King Mickey: (He is joined with the Jungle Crew, the Dragon Crew, The Mane 11, Discord, Taiku's Group, The Anti-Team Nefarious Freedom Fighters, Pooh and his Friends, Sly Cooper, and a few OC heroes that are sitting before the High Council) Okey-dokey! Before we get started on this plan of attack, we do need a plan on getting the Lodgers out of that position. And judging by how much security that place has, then it's going to be a real doozy out there.
  • Snotlout: Why can't we just charge at them? We have an army of wolves, apes, hyenas, old century French villagers, and Vikings courtesy of us, along with a group of heroes and Gods! Those rats have no shot.
  • Ignitus: Yes, but they have a human shield. They're holding the lives of the passengers, the Lodgers, AND the beloved Kairi hostage. A direct assault like that would give Le Rat ample time to kill them before we even make a move. Trust me, it's better to thinks things more strategically.
  • Pooh: Oh, bother, some of us are not much of clever thinking.
  • Rabbit: Yeah. Even if I AM smarter than I think, I'm not that much of a strategist. I don't have that much knowledge in combat as you guys because our adventures were nearly harmless and required less violence.
  • Rainbow Dash: Why can't I just Rainbow-nuke those rats? That'll give that French stereotype something to cry about.
  • Yen Sid: The passengers, the Lodgers AND Kairi will become unintended casualties with a strike like that.
  • Rainbow Dash: Oh...didn't think that through, did I?
  • Xenon: Well, just send me and Alister to break in and free the Lodgers and Kairi, THEN we'll strike.
  • Mickey: We also have to consider the passengers and the crew of the ship that are being held hostage. A lot of them are in plain view of the pirates since they are being forced to turn the cruise ship into an airship.
  • Hiccup: Then we need to help them somehow.
  • Twilight:...I could use my magic to teleport them out of the ship.
  • Applejack: Really? Are you sure you can teleport THAT many people to safety, sugar-cube?
  • Twilight: I haven't really tried yet. I'm sure there's MANY more people that outnumber the Shell Lodgers. It would take a LOT of power to teleport over a thousand passengers at once.
  • Celestia: Then we shall assist you.
  • Discord: What do I do?
  • Rainbow Dash: Gee, I don't know, live bait?
  • Discord: Oh, ha-ha-ha, very funny!
  • Mickey: Actually, that could be a great job for him. If things go south, then you can create a diversion.
  • Timon: And if you use the same technique WE used, we're gonna sue you up the ass, pal!
  • Discord: Relax, shorty, I have my own imagination on my side.
  • Timon: SHORTY?!? WHY I OUGHTTA--
  • Pumbaa: Timon, please don't! We're on a rescue mission here.
  • Mickey: Well, good, we got a few jobs established. Alister and Xenon will be trusted to save the Lodgers, Twilight will save the passengers and crew, and when Twilight saves them, we need to distract the pirates. And that's where Discord comes in.
  • Discord: (Appears muscular and crushes a beach ball) YEEEAAAHHH!!!
  • Hiccup: Well, while Discord is distracting them, leave it to me and my team to handle them. Those pirates won't know what hit them.
  • Mickey: Good, and the rest of us will join in for those of the pirates who are lucky enough to avoid the Dragon Crew's aerial attacks.
  • Tigger: Yeah, we'll show those vill-i-ans a thing or three! Bring 'em on! (Bounces as he does boxing moves) I kick harder than a kangaroo!
  • Mickey: Brace yourselves, great heroes of the UUniverses. We're about to enter one of the biggest battles in the history of UUniversal heroism! These pirates are dangerous and unafraid to do us harm if we get in their way. We must exercise great caution. Are you all ready for the biggest fight of your grand lives?
  • Lightning: Heck, yeah! The Lodgers did great things for us! It's the least we can do.
  • XR: Those little jerks don't know what they're messing with!!
  • Hiccup:...He's easily over-eager.
  • Timon: Yeesh, talk about your fixer-upper!
  • Piglet: Oh, d-d-d-dear, I hope this isn't as dangerous as what we've faced before.
  • Bentley: Oh, come on, Piglet, it will be fun...and it will be dangerous, by the way! But THAT'S what's so fun about it.
  • Mickey: ALRIGHT, PEOPLE, LET'S GO KICK SOME PIRATE TAIL!! (Everyone cheers in joy as they headed out)
  • Clank: (Sees Eeyore standing where he was)...What are you, low on steam?
  • Eeyore:...Just self-esteem.
  • Clank: (Takes his tail off) That's not the POINT! (Pokes the nail back into Eeyore as he yelps in pain as Clank rode him off)...(Chuckles) 'Point'! (Laughs, and the heroes begin to sing this as they moved for battle)

44. Do you hear the people sing (final reprise) - Les Misérables

The Cruise Ship

  • Rat Pirate #1: (Some rat pirates patrol an area right next to a McDonalds stand) It's very good that we're no longer having to eat s***ty garbage, and are living the life of luxury. And we can make all our food as free as we want!
  • Rat Pirate #2: Absolutely! We rats NEVER get food like this. It's also a good thing that we can handle chocolate, unlike other animals which can be poisoned by that stuff.
  • Rat Pirate #1: You said it! I really HATE how humans get all the good stuff, and not us!
  • Rat Pirate #2: And THAT'S why we're on this mission. So we can stand up for our rights.
  • Rat Pirate #1: Totally! We're gonna make this plan count if it kills us! (Suddenly, they began to hear music, and then the many passengers the pirates were holding hostage disappeared)
  • Rat Pirate #3: HUH?!? WHAT'S GOING ON?!? (A fog suddenly forms)
  • Rat Pirate #4:...ALRIGHT, INTRUDERS, WHERE ARE YOU?!? SHOW YOURSELVES!! (Suddenly, Discord appears in a hula attire)
  • Timon: Oh, he'd BETTER not!
  • Discord: (Takes deep breath)...(He suddenly changes into Canadian attire) HEY, RAT-FACES!! MOUNTIES CAN TOTALLY KICK YOUR ASSES INTO KINGDOM COME!!
  • Timon:...Not cool, buddy! Not cool!
  • Pirate Rat #5: Oh, we'll see about that, mounty! GET HIM!! (They chase Discord around the ship, and while they were doing that, the Dragon Crew were hiding on the top of the ship waiting to attack)
  • Hiccup: Alright, we attack...NOW! (The dragons begin to fly around and attack the rats as they scattered around)
  • Ruff: (Chuckles) Look at those rodents scramble!
  • Valka: Now remember, guys, we only need to attack moderately enough so that we don't destroy the ship.
  • Pirate Rat #6: WE MUST ALERT CAPTAIN LE RAT!!! (Suddenly, something lands in front of them, and it is revealed to be Cloudjumper, who roars at them, and smacks them unconscious with his tail)
  • Mickey: TACKLE EVERY SINGLE RAT THAT TRIES TO CONTACT LE RAT!! WE WANT HIM TO BE UNAWARE OF OUR INTENTIONS!! (The heroes begin to fight the rats, while some are overwhelmed by their numbers, others are able to handle them)
  • Xenon: (He and Alister watch as the fight ensues)...Well, now's our chance, Alister! Let's go find the Shell Lodgers and finish this mission! (They sneak down the hall)

Chapter 3: Le Rat's Alberta Tragedy Revealed

The Brig

  • Patrick: (The heroes were still inside as Kairi was not crying, but still laying down upset. The other Lodgers were busy entertaining themselves until the door opens as Le Rat, Mr. Squeak, and some Rat Pirates came in) Oh, great, it's the rat-pack again. What do you want THIS time?
  • Le Rat: Friends, friends, friends, I believe we got off on le wrong le foot. I wish to establish some common ground, le Shell Lodgers.
  • Sparx: I thought you hated us, buddy!
  • Le Rat: (Chuckles) Hate, is a le strong word...I just have a problem with your lap-dog servitude to le High Council! Slight le differ-ence!
  • Squidward: We know your not really French, pal, you don't even know how to properly use 'le', so could you just shut the f*** up with the 'le' stuff?
  • Le Rat:...I think what better brings bonds le together is closure. I think if I...explain why I am le like this, then maybe we can find le common le ground, no? That detail about me being born from Paris... well, it might be...a bit of a tall-tale.
  • Cynder: So you lied about it? And about your parents being American?
  • Kolwalski: You're intentionally saying 'le' a lot in inappropriate places JUST TO TICK US OFF?!?
  • Le Rat: Actually, le stuff about le awkward French speech is still true. My parents were Canadians that speak English. Both of our French was...le awkward. That is le why I le speak like le stereotypical Pepe Le Pew characters from his le shorts.
  • Icky: Well, it's still annoying either way.
  • Le Rat: Anyway, I am, as stated about my parents, from Canada. But...I was le born on the days before le horror. Back when...Alberta, wasn't a DEATH ZONE!!
  • Icky: Oh, you mean, you were from Alberta before that rat control program started?
  • Le Rat: (Sighs) That le time was extremely painful on me. I still le remember it le like it was le yesterday....


  • (Le Rat): Alberta by all means wasn't exactly rat Shangri La, but it was still home. People were... At best le neutral. They didn't hate rats or love them, they just wanted to stay le clear from them. I had a great life. I was merely a simple Captain Hook fan as part of my likings to Disney.
  • (Icky): Wait, wasn't that movie made 3 years AFTER the rat-control program? It didn't start until 1950, but Peter Pan was released in 1953.
  • (Sandy): As a matter of fact, wasn't that program itself created back in 50s? How could a rat like you live this long? I'm no expert at cartoons, but I'm sure that even with that logic, a rat like you could only live for a few years. I mean, that would imply that in rat years, you'd been around since the turn of the centaury!
  • (Le Rat): Oh for Frances' sake, are you kidding le me, (Groans in frustightion) THIS IS THE LE UNITED UNIVERSES, AND PEOPLE EXIST HERE BEFORE THEY EVEN BECOME LE MENTIONED IN LE REAL WORLD!! Besides you le morons, I was from the DRAGON REALMS ALBERTA, so le history is different here?!
  • (Gilda): Yeesh, you don't have to be rabid about it.
  •  (Le Rat): (Clears throat) Anyway, my real name was Singreed Cavieer Ratoson, and I came from le poor family. A le contributor to society and had a job in business. However, everything le changed when extreme rat racism started to take hold in Alberta in due to some extreme anti-rat propaganda when le rats simply started to become more present in the east border of Alberta. That was when I started to get problems with work, because I was a rat, a 'disease-spreading garbage-eating vermin'. I had to defend myself every time by stating that I take le fragrant showers in due to my obsession of cleanliness, and ate a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables. Then I started to have a hard time from getting food at groceries because employees kept chasing me out with a broom. I even got routinely harassed by government officals and Mounties. That was when that terrible time began. I le heard many horror stories of innocent rats being taken against their will, no trials, and had been euthanized aggressively by the new rat-control program like they were dying pets. The Mounties were basically destroying human homes just to clear rats from the country. I was worried this would only get worse and tried to saved my le parents and my le family, of a wife and several children. But when I got back... (Le Rat sees his home filled with toxic gas. Le Rat held his breath and went inside, and saw his family dead)... It was too late. All of them laid there in the le poisoned living room dead. My le wife, children, parents, DEAD!! I did find one of my le children still alive, yet the Mounties caught her and took her away, donating her to a pet store out of Alberta to be later turned into food for snakes. I wanted them to pay! But I quickly learned that humans are not to be messed with. While I did get some bites and scratches, I lost my le eye, my le hand, I got permanent scars, and they almost sprayed me with le arsenic trioxide if I hadn't ran away immediately. The Mounties left Scott-free that day with the injustice that they le caused. I deemed this a great injustice, and went to the High Council to demand them to force the Alberta goverment to stop the crimes they have committed against my species... But what did I le get instead?!
  • Yen Sid: I'm afraid you ask too much of us, Mr. Ratoson.
  • Oogway: Mr. Ratoson, we understand your feelings, and we are sorry your family got killed in the process, but the Alberta government is just making sure that their home stays clear of your species.
  • Mufasa: Of course. You must understand that rats haven't been so well for other people in the past. Remember the Black Death?
  • Ignitus: True, but people still blame rats for that time for carrying the fleas that spread the plague. I'm afraid the issue is far too late for us to resolve.
  • Volteer: Indeed. If we were to protest against Alberta for this choice, things wouldn't be fair for both sides. People would be VERY judgmental at us for defending 'vermin' against albeit extreme moves against rats that we admit we don't whole-heartedly approve of.
  • Le Rat:... I CANNOT BELIEVE WHAT I AM LE HEARING!!! YOU'RE JUST GOING TO LET THOSE LE MONSTERS KILL MANY OF MY PEOPLE?!? YOU BETRAY ALL OF LE RAT LE CHILDREN AND THEIR INNOCENT LE PARENTS WITH YOUR FOOLISH CHOICE!! Your choice will not be very le promising when there are rats out there who want to le fight for freedom!
  • Cyril: I'm sorry, but our decision is final. You are excused.
  • Le Rat:...(Gets angry) I will make you le PAY for this! (Stomps out)
  • (Le Rat): They betrayed and abandoned me! So I damned the High Council and made myself a le Captain Hook's costume from le a le cloth, turned a pin into a le sword, gotten myself a le tiny hook, got an army of le rats who are willing to fight for their le rights, and became... MON CAPITAN LE RAT!


  • Le Rat: And THAT'S why we le hate the High Council so much! They turned their backs on le people like us! My family is le dead, and they let that go unanswered. Now do you see my point? (The Lodgers were speechless)
  • Icky:... Holy s***, buddy!
  • Lord Shen:... You hate the High Council because they refused to stop that rodenticide?
  • Le Rat: OUI! They refused to fight for le rats' rights! The rights to live! They're too afraid of being mocked for defending 'vermin' from Alberta's cruelty, that it's essentially THEIR fault we're even having this conversation now, or much less, everything else! If The High Council won't fight for le rats, then le rats, shall fight for themselves!
  • Spyro: So... You're more than just another greedy, vengeful pirate? You're a misguided freedom fighter who only wants his species to be benefitted and to have every right to live? You suffered the worse hand ever, and you lost your family, your home, and your hand. What happened to you isn't fair, and the High Council shouldn't be afraid of a little controversy if it meant doing what is right.
  • Le Rat: Ho-ho-ho, you see? Mon Capitan Le Rat is a hero! I am fighting against le rat abuse! Now, will le the Lodgers join my le cause?
  • Shifu:... You may think of yourself as a hero rats want... But you're not what they need.
  • Le Rat: (Surprised)... Le wha?
  • Spyro: Shifu, what are you-
  • Shifu: Singreed, what happened to you was gravely unfortunate. You have every right to be upset at the High Council for not being able to fight against something too long-established to fight. The High Council should've known better than to let your cries for justice go unanswered. And yes, by all means, you should fight to make this discrimination a thing of the past and bring better relations to rats and the rest of all living things.
  • Le Rat: Huh, huh, ya see? I told ya I would get them on our-
  • Shifu: However, you made a terrible mistake of making that discrimination look more justified by your actions.
  • Le Rat: Wha...?
  • Shifu: Think about it! You became a pirate, the last profession you should have if you wish to discourage rat discrimination! On top of that, you've dressed like Captian Hook, who is especially controversial now thanks to his Villain League status! Not to mention that you have stolen illegal technology from them, which is most assumed you plan to hurt people with those things. You even threatened to do things that got rats in a bad position in the first place, and that's the threat of sickness! You hijacked a cruise ship to force it's occupants to make it into a flight-capable vehicle, so you can reap unspeakable vengence on Alberta, even if they themselves committed unspeakable acts against you. And you locked up real heroes, and a valued princess up in confinement, and threatened to claim the lives of many if we act out. That is not the mark of a true hero, Singreed.
  • Crane: Yeah, if anything, you're being no better than the people that killed your family!
  • Le Rat:... I thought you of all people of le UUniverses would le understand me!
  • Spyro: We do, Singreed! But we want to help you in a way that doesn't involve feeding your delusions and worsening things for us both. There are better ways to fight against discrimination, Singreed, and a lot of them don't include piracy, hijacking cruise ships and imprisoning heroes and princesses. The biggest point of fighting discrimination is not to do things that would only serve to empower it. And your actions are only doing nothing but that!
  • Le Rat: (Got angry while Mr. Squeak and the pirates with them looked like they made a mistake) Typical giants! I should've anticipated you guys would shot me out. Fine, then! I didn't need you freaks, anyway. I already have enough to bring down Alberta for good. Have fun staying there until it's time for Hangman Day. (Cackles as he leaves, shuts the brig door with his crew, while Mr. Squeak and the pirates look guilty)...
  • Icky: Well... If that was the only chance we can get out of here, our own reminder of how true heroism works left us here for good.
  • Shifu: It's better to be heroes and imprisoned than to become what Singreed has become.
  • Lord Shen: Agreed. I'd rather be here than to make stupid mistakes again.
  • Soothsayer: Indeed. The cup he chooses to fill has no bottom. He'll never find true happiness if he continues the path he's on.
  • Cynder: His peace is so horribly shattered. I do however wish the High Council at least offered him advice on how to resolved it on his own.
  • Po: But that means we're on our own now. Now that Rat-Face excuse for a pirate knows we're not gonna be goon-ified so easily, our only hope to get out of here and stop an unexpected miracle. (Suddenly, some fighting noises were heard, and then the door made noises as it is revealed that Xenon has pulled the door off the wall and knocked out the guards)
  • Alister: Did someone call for a miracle?
  • Skipper: Xenon! Alister! You came to help us! But how did you two get on board?"
  • Xenon: Let's just say we're not the only help here. All the heroes you know are on board and they're having a blast.
  • Kolwalski: How did you get passed the ship's shields?
  • Alister: Pfft, you mean those second-grade science projects? Child's play! (The Lodgers, Kairi, and Cyclona got out)
  • Spyro: Guys, there's something you should know about Le Rat.
  • Alister: The High Council told us on the way here. We know well enough of that guy's issues.
  • Xenon: But no problem should be bad enough that you'll make a monster out of yourself just to get a false sense of justice.
  • Cynder: Cyclona, you think you can find someplace safe for Kairi to go to during this battle?
  • Cyclona: Well, the Brig was the best place to hide, but now that the rats know this place all too well, looks like we'll have to find another. Just go out there and give them hell!
  • Skipper: Let's roll! (The Lodgers, Xenon, and Alister ran off)

On Deck

  • Le Rat: (Sighs) Well, Mr. Squeak, it appears we'll have to do this le invasion ourselves. I'm eagerly awaiting our le enslaved passengers completion of le upgrades.
  • Mr. Squeak: offense, but...I think they're right.
  • Le Rat: (Surprised) What?
  • Mr. Squeak: I mean, I'm still on your side, but don't you agree that becoming a pirate was probably not the best way to deal with our discrimination problems?
  • Le Rat: HEY! I'll have you know that I le chose to be a le pirate so that I could strike FEAR in the hearts of my le enemies. To show them that a le rat can stand up for their rights!
  • Mr. Squeak: But at what cost? What if this plan backfires?
  • Le Rat: No such le thing will happen, Mr. Squeak! Now stop complaining. We have le cruise ship under our watchful-- (He gasped) LE GASPED!!! (Mr. Squeak and the pirates were surprised to see that all the passengers were gone and the pirates were knocked out)
  • Mr. Squeak: (Sees a bruised rat that was still awake yet weakened)...What happened here?!?
  • Rat Pirate:...First, the passengers and the ship's crew vanished in a purple light! Then, then, we were ambushed! Invaders had come and beat up all the Rat Pirates assigned on top deck. They could be anywhere! We need to drop this plan and escape.
  • Le Rat: Le NEVER!! I refuse to let ANYONE stop me! Mr. Squeak, alarm the inside crew and order them to get le ready for a bribe! The rest of you, investigate the le area more! Those invaders can't be le too far! And YOU...(Points at the Rat Pirate and punches him unconscious)'re fired! (Mr. Squeak was shocked by what he did)
  • Mr. Squeak: Uh...yes, sir! I'm already on it! I shall alert the guards of the brig to--
  • ???: Hey, shorty! (The Shell Lodgers, Xenon, and Alister appeared before him)
  • Xenon: Too bad they can't hit what they can't see! (Camouflages himself and smacks Le Rat to the ground)...Alright, Le Rat, the time has come for you to--
  • Le Rat: (He takes off with Mr. Squeak and the pirates)

Chapter 4: Le Rat's Defeat

Main Deck.

  • Le Rat: (He appears running from the Shell Lodgers) LE HEEEEEELLPP!!! DESTROY THOSE SHELL LODGERS!! DON'T LET THEM LE GET ME!!! (A mass gathering of Rat Pirates see him and the Lodgers chasing him as they proceeded to charge. Suddenly a lion's roar was heard and made the pirate rats turn around frightened) SACRE BLEU?!?
  • Simba: (The roar came from him) You're done making threats, Le Rat! (The other heroes appeared)
  • Rainbow Dash: Alright, rabies-face, stop this right now, and nobody gets hurt!
  • Le Rat: LE DESTROY THEM!! (The rats attacked the entire hero groups into a large battle, and Timon and Pumbaa went on a surprise attack)
  • Timon/Pumbaa: YAAAAAAHHH!!! (They strike into the rats like a bowling ball)
  • Timon: EXCUSE ME, PARDON ME, COMING THROUGH, ONE SIDE, HOT POTATO!! (They both smacked away a few rats grunting as they joined the fight)
  • Le Rat: Is THAT the best you le fools can do? Because I was expecting more along the lines of--
  • Pirate Rat: DRAGOOOOOONS!! (The Dragon Crew flew in and blasted away huge chunks of Pirate Rat artillery)
  • Le Rat: Well, yes, but it doesn't explain how the passengers of this crate vanished into-- (A huge purple sphere appeared on the center of the Pirate Rats, scaring them and freaking them out as the Mane 11 and Alicorns appeared) Le of course! Witchcraft! LE SURROUND THEM!! (The Pirate Rats readied their weapons, which suddenly turned into toys and balloons) WHAT THE DEUCE?!?
  • Discord: (He was seen in the air laughing) Oh, you vermin should see the looks on your faces! PRICELESS!! (Laughs)
  • Le Rat: What the?!? Oh, le COME ON!! WHAT'S LE NEXT, A MISFITED GROUP OF MYTHICAL CREATU- (An explosion occurred as some did the Goofy Scream while others did the Wilhelm Scream, and out from the dust was Taiku's group)
  • Taiku: Ask and you shall receive! (The Anti-Team Nefarious Freedom Fighters appeared on Ratchet's ship, Aphelion)
  • Clank: At least we didn't bother to bring ALL of our members, otherwise this ship would be broken.
  • Aphelion: Quite.
  • Buzz Lightyear: Attention, rat pirates! You are all under arrest for assaulting a High Council-protected cruise line, AND for possession of contraband technology. Give up easily and we'll go easy on you. (Pooh and his friends, The Cooper Gang, and the OC heroes appeared on Shen's Warships along with the forces of the High Council)
  • Ignitus: We advise you take those words seriously, Singreed! You're only gonna endanger the lives of your men through your recklessness.
  • Axle: I should take that into consideration, buddy! (Charges up his arm with electricity)
  • Mr. Squeak: Sir, maybe it's best we turn tail and run while we still have them.
  • Le Rat: A good capitan NEVER QUITS, YOU FOOL!! (Le Rat charges at Spyro, only for him to smack him to a wall) OOF! (Falls to the ground)...Le ouch!
  • Spyro: Le Rat, what you did today is a mockery to even piracy as a whole. You took over our cruise ship, ruined our vacation and both me and Kairi's Anniversary of our siblinghood, during your crazed attemped to stand up against something even you aren't in control of, and get back at the High Council for hardly lifting a finger to even do anything about it. So you deserve to get punished, even if it means me sending you to the Realm of Darkness like Cynder almost did to Qui during her attempts to toy with Equestria before her decision to go after me and SpongeBob and kill us to break up the Lodgers for getting in the way of her plans forever.
  • Mr. Squeak: Sir, just drop it! They've beaten us either way. It'd be the death of you if you keep this up any further.
  • Le Rat:...(Sighs) Then strike, Purple-One. Strike true! (Spyro readies to launch his Convexity Fury upon Le Rat and send him to the Realm of Darkness)
  • Kairi: (Appears putting her hand on Spyro's shoulder, stopping him) Spyro, wait! (Cyclona was also seen coming out of the ship as well, surprised of what the heroes accomplished)...Banishing him to the Dark Realm won't help fix and reschedule our vacation together. Le Rat has been beaten and he can do no more harm to this ship and everyone aboard it.
  • Lord Shen: I'm afraid Kairi is right, Purple-One. As much as I myself am not fond of him ruining our vacation, threatening innocent lives and plotted in destroying Alberta all for correcting an injustice the High Council neglected to fix, exiling him to the Darkness Realm like Cynder almost did to Darkness Qui won't solve anything. It would only inspire these rats to seek to still make justice in the wrong way.
  • Cynder: Yeah, don't make the same mistake I did.
  • Trixie: Normally, I would do another one of my protesting outbursts, but the peacock and Cynder do seem to have a point.
  • Icky: Yeah, Spy. Le-Jerk's been beaten and there's nothing he can do about it and try to escape it now.
  • Ignitus: Indeed, Le Rat will face justice for his crimes soon enough, Spyro. I promise you.
  • SpongeBob: Yeah, Spyro. Let Ignitus, Tri-Corn and the other High Council Members deal with him.
  • Le Rat: Good form, sea sponge, Madame Princess of Heart and the rest as well. After all, what would the world be like without... Mon Capitan Le Rat?
  • Spyro: (Sighed) I want you to take the reminder of your rat pirates, get off this ship and go. And I never want to see your face anywhere in the Dragon Realms again.
  • SpongeBob: (Dubbed as Peter Pan) Alright, Le Rat. You heard what Spyro said! You and your men are free to go and never return. VICTORY SREECH! LOOLOOLOOLOOLOOLOOLOOLOOLOOLOOLOOLOOLOO!! (The other rats nod as they prepared to leave Le Rat to his comeuppance)
  • Girl Sora: (Notices Le Rat getting out his pin sword) Spyro! SpongeBob! Look out behind you!
  • Le Rat: FOOLS! Le Rat... IS... Le Dragon Realms! (He knocks Spyro and SpongeBob to their feet) Soon, history will vindicate me as the one villain who beaten the most powerful heroes ever, and text books will mark the occasion with this quote, 'Thus, Le Rat perished the Purple menace and the sea sponge trouble maker to villains everywhere!' Consider this my payback for ruining rat rights everywhere! (Suddenly, ticking sounds were heard)... No... No! NOT HIM!!
  • Spyro: Him who?
  • ???: AYYYYYYYYYY-AY-AY-AY-YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYE!! ARIBA!! (Andre appeared and caused the pirate rats to freak out and move out of the way)
  • Andre: "Ay cerumba man, we been through this, it's Andre!"
  • Icky: "Wow, we've been last minute saved by a spanich Kaa clone. How lucky can ya get?"
  • Le Rat tries to run, but Boss Wolf interset!
  • Boss Wolf: "FORE, BITCH?!"
  • Boss Wolf smacks Le Rat with his hammer, sending him flying and screaming like a girl!
  • Le Rat goes right into Andre's mouth!
  • Andre: "Ahh..... A hole in one. It was worth my journey."
  • Le Rat suddenly escaped out of his mouth and ran away!
  • Andre: "Hey! Come back here, lunch! I want you in my el belly!"
  • Andre chased him!
  • Many comical scenes of Andre trying to eat Le Rat are seen, as everyone, even Le Rat's own crew laughed!
  • Le Rat: "SQUEAK!? HELP ME!?"
  • Mr. Squeak: ".... Sorry capitan, but...."
  • Le Rat dodges Andre's bite attempt as he loses his hat!
  • Mr. Squeak takes it.
  • Mr. Squeak: "The crew needs a new capitan. Well, Captain. One, that'll fight rat discrimination the right way. No offence, old friend, but your way's too extreme for us now. The Lougers made us all see that."
  • Andre pounces on Le Rat right into the cargo hold as Le Rat screamed!
  • Le Rat: "SQUEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-"
  • CRASH!?
  • The Crew and Heroes walked to the crash site.
  • A shadow is seen of Andre about give the finishing bite!
  • Le Rat: "NO, no, NOOO!? AGGGH?! I want my…MOMMY!!!!"
  • The Shadow of Andre lounges on Le Rat's shadow!
  • The Crew and Heroes flinched!
  • A Gulp was heard, as well as a burp!
  • Andre's voice: "Excuse me."
  • Mr. Squeak: "..... Finally, at peace.... Mon Capitan."
  • Rat Pirate: "But he clearly got out of the snake the last time!"
  • Mr. Squeak: "I know, I was being theractical."
  • Mr. Krabs: "Well, I guess he's stuck there till nature takes it's course."
  • Icky: "In that cause, that snake is now the offitcal prison for Le Ratass."
  • Spyro: "We need to keep that snake in a controlled area to keep Le Rat from ever coming back."
  • Fluttershy: "I'll take him. He looks like a good friend for the other snakes anyway."
  • Lord Shen: "...... But what about you gents? (Looks at the Rat Pirates and Mr. Squeak)"
  • Mr. Squeak: "Well, as new acting captain, we're still pirates, and will still fight for rat rights.... But we'll do it, correctly. We have you lougers to thank to make us see the errors of our ways. Now, let's go back to our real ship, fish out our overboard brethern, and get out of here. We got some REAL work to do."
  • The Pirate Rats leave.

Chapter 5: Another Brother-Sister Anniversary Ruined Again, but not the vacation.

  • Icky: "Well, sadly, outside of beating Le Ratass, this vacation was still a bust!"
  • Kairi: "...... Maybe our brother/sister anniversey...... But not our vacation as a whole."
  • Spyro: "Yeah! We can still have a great vacation, guys!"
  • The Lougers began to become more cheery.
  • Lord Shen: "Why yes, it isn't a true louger vacation, without being reminded why it's impourent for use to continue our heroship."
  • Patrick: "LET'S BOOGY!?"

Later, a huge crusie party is held.

Hamster Dance Song Lyrics

Hamster Dance Song Lyrics

As the song plays, The Lougers, Passingers and Crew, even the heroes and High Council, joined the celebration of a still great vacation!
  • Icky: "Man, that was pretty easy compaired to what most of the season was like."
  • Iago: "Ya know, I heard we were also meant to deal with all three villain teams, plus Qui again..... I wonder why they didn't showed up?"


Villain Leage fortress, prior before the beginning of the episode.

  • Junjie laughs as he is with the rest of the villains of the leage.
  • Junjie: "I have the perfect plan to finally go after the lougers! And it includes an incredably extreme rat by the name of Mon Capitan Le Rat, and-"
  • Junjie: "...... Mang, you stupid-"

The Villain Leage Fortress BLOWS UP, as the Oven is seen flying!

The Team Nefarious Station.


The Oven smacks into the station, causing it to malfuntion and spirial out of control into a Scougre Imperial fortress on a controlled planet!

  • Mercurymon: "My Lord Dark Dragon, I have come to offer a new stragicticly brillent plan, that'll enable us to-"

The Nefarious Station crashes onto the Fortress.

Qui's Piramed.

  • Qui is seen taking a bath.....
  • Qui looks at the camera.
  • Qui: "What? I decided not to come after the Misfits today. THAT'S IT! I have a life outside of chasing annoying heroes you know."
  • Screams are heard.
  • Mang, Junjie, Dark Dragon, and Dr. Nefarious all crash into Qui in her bathtub!
  • Qui: "WHAT THE FUCK?!"
  • Mang: "..... I HAVE A GIRLFRIEND?!"
  • Dark Dragon: "Nefarious, you twit!?"
  • Dr. Nefarious: "Hey, my station was attacked by the villain leage's oven, appearently!"
  • Qui: "Uh, gentlemen, if I could make a suggestion.... Could you all.... GET OUT OF MY BATHTUB AND LEAVE MY LAIR AT ONCE?!"
  • Dr. Nefarious: "What happens if we don't?"
  • Qui: "...... QUI PROGRAM?!"

Outside the piramed, a lazer chainsaw was heard as well as screams!

Back to the lougers.

  • They were watching all this on video.
  • They laugh!
  • Lord Shen: "Good show, Hermes!"
  • Hermes: "Thanks."


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