After Twilight had failed to stop a Qusa Dia based super villain called Qusa Cobra, who aside from being venomious and mutantated accsident from an exspeariment from Mega Sci Corp to make Foodimals that can be farmed for already repaired foods in meant to slove world hunger and end the need for "Dangerious" Ovens, is not nessersarly that intimidating of a villain. In fact, he's not even well codenated and is abit of a doofus. Yet Equestia was actselly in danger of being congured by a total joke of a villain because Twilight's intimidated by a mexican food stuff. So when the Lougers came in and saved the day, they discovered that Twilight has a reason for being afraid of Qusa Dias. And the shocking revelation that she didn't always had a harmonious relatsionship with Shining Armor. When questioned on how can Shining ever be so bad and have anything to do with Qusa Dias, Twilight explained that Shining used to be an entirely different staillain when Twilight was borned. He was actselly once a degenerate punk and a disobedient little creep who was the worse brother ever, who was also a lover of Qusa Dias. However, Doughe Shining smudged a Qusa Dia on Twiliy's faverite pop-up book and ruined it with cheese, making Twilight cry and have a hatred for Qusa Dias ever since. Though the Lougers asked how Shining went from being a doughe to being a noble knight of a pony is because Twilight's parents sent him to Magic Obedience School, where Shining was magicly altered to be much more sensitive and kind, turning from worse brother to best brother. However, the Lougers and the Mane 7 now worry that because his change was magic caused, that means it can be undone and Shining goes back to be a Shining Piece of Crap! And there concerns become Grade A when they arrived to the Christail Empire to find that Shining ran away after a bad encounter with two doughebag guards who are recent recruits fresh from the accadamy, where thanks to a more laxed Drill Sargent Shining himself made the mistake of recimending, were able to quickly ranked because they were never disaplanted to never take shortcuts. The duo, Major Asshole and LT Asswipe, who were actselly the worse bullies Shining and Twilight usually had to deal with in the past, were once Shining's bad egg friends before Obedience School changed him, who have since tormented him and Twilight. The duo mocked Shining for being a "Marty Stu" marring a "Mary Sue" of a princess, and insulted Flurry Heart as "G3 Abomination Vomit", and mocked the fact he cries at weddings and yet he was allowed to be captain of the royal gaurd! Even dispite a threat of formal punishment, Asshole and Asswipe still mock him as someone who's "Not a Real Staillian" who fights his problems instead of "Being a formal pussy", forcing Shining to run away crying to the amusment of the A-holes. Cadence, Twilight and the others find Shining too late as he hired a De-Charmer Socceror to revert Shining back into being a doughe so he can take own Asshole and Asswipe "Like a REAL Staillian", but in doing so, he disrespected and degraded his wife and sister, and the lougers for trying to stop him, breaking Twilight and Candence's heart and redusing Flurry to tears! Can our heroes save Shining from litterally himself before he ruins his own life over some assholes?

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