Fu Xi has still never gotten over the fact that snake discrimination has been continuing, and has cost him most of his family. After demanding it to be stopped by the High Council, they said that there was nothing they could do about it since they were busy fighting Darkspawn when it formed. By now, it's everywhere and can't be undone. After taking his anger out on Po, he is momentarily sentenced to stay with Fluttershy in her cottage until he can calm himself down. Viper desided to stay with him to help him with his troubles, but then Fu-Xi discovered something that could help him prevent the birth of snake discrimination. He discovers the secret of the Shuyong Seeds, which was apparently capable of sending people back in time without the common problem of the UUniversal fabric tearing itself apart in paradoxes, and because of them, Po nearly screwed up, and if it wasn't for the Villain League's resurrection policy, Fenghuang would've still been trapped in oblivion. He decides to make his way back to the Dragon Temple, and sneak himself some Shuyong Seeds, and he uses them to go back to the time of the actual First Cartoonian War, where the snake discrimination started. But unfortunately, Viper and Po have followed him at the same time, and they scold him for his actions. But after convincing them, Fu-Xi gets the two to help him stop the one thing he hated from originating. They find the one person responsible for it, Su Su Ka Boom's ancestor, Lord Su Su Xing Chi, and they kept in mind that if they aren't careful, they could alter their present the way they wouldn't like it. This person they're after is apparently the father of all mongooses, so if he's killed, so are all mongooses in the UUniverses. That means they must only arrest him and send him to whatever prison they used in this time period. Once they succeed, they plant another Shuyong Tree, and go back to the present, they find that not only is snake discrimination not-existent, but mongooses have actually been hated so much, everyone hunted them to extinction. Because of this, Saldaron and the Guardians of the Shuyong Tree had them punished for their actions by informing everyone in the UUniverses, and therefore, the High Council had the Shell Lodgers officially disbanded forever. Apparently, they were informed of this by Su Su Ka Boom's future descendant, Lady ParaDorox, who is only related to Su Su as a niece, who is actually related to the surprisingly not as evil Lu Ban as a great-great-great-granddaughter, and a time lord who had the same job as Saldaron in the future, had shielded herself from the affects of the 3 Lodgers' actions by being in her time machine, and informed Saldaron of the crimes they caused. With all the Lodgers finally erased of their memories and sent back to their homeworlds, Po, Viper, and Fu-Xi are able to escape at the exact moment the Villain League began assuming control, regaining control of Dark Cynder, and building up more villains to an eventual future where villains rule all. The last remaining Lodgers are then told by Saldaron, ParaDorox and the Shuyong Guardians that time is the bloodstream of the UUniverses, and altering it is a poison that can tear it apart. Though it was different with Shuyong Seeds. It is however reveiled, that they don't exactly prevent Paradox doomsdays at all, only delay them to five days or so. While the Villains are now dominant, the UUniverses will eventually get destroyed unless the 3 perpetrators go back in time to prevent their actions, being warned that this is their only chance. They are told that they will be getting help from Celestia, Luna, Nightus, and Heavenslight. But upon going back to stop everything, despite convincing past Viper and Po, they are unable to convince past Fu-Xi from getting the job done, and tries to do it himself. Will our only hope for the UUniverses fall short unless the Lougers prevent the past Fu-Xi from making the biggest mistake of his life?


Rocky Horror Picture Show - Time Warp (Lyrics)

Rocky Horror Picture Show - Time Warp (Lyrics)


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