When the Scourge Imperial's own Mercurymon plans to make a super weapon to turn all planets into fragle glass and fine china where even a minor tap would destroy everything to threaten world leaders to bow to the scougre empire, and with the rest of the lougers momentarly busy keeping the villain leage away from a quontoniam enrich planet, Fu-Xi, Oscar, Poppy, Buck and Harchi are left to stop the scourge imperials. However, Fu-Xi is not adjusting well to the 4's tendingcy to, be random and all over the place, and somewhat incompident. It helps little that Mercurymon not only plans to take advantage of the small louger group, but to destroy Fu-Xi as their mightiest that will ensure the scourge imperials' superiority for good. However, will Fu-Xi's cunning, and the 4's ability to be annoying at the right people and places prove Mercurymon otherwise and stop his plans?

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