Spexoll. A humid jungle planet that is like a duplicate Marbon, having the same backstory, except the common extinction event that wiped out the dinosaurs on Marbon never occurred, and thus dinosaurs have evolved to continue dominating the world, yet there is a distinct rumor that a human-like race is stating to evolve here. The world has fauna and flora reminescent to that of prehistoric Marbon, only more evolved, it has double Earth's days and years due to distance from it's system's yellow supergiant, has an identical biology and landscape to Marbon, the landscape is far different due to alternate history, extinction is rare, there were signs of Dinotauran and Naroudan activity, Stonehenge-like monuments scattered across the world, AFTs and space stations orbiting the planet, subterranean environments, strong weather and storms, and many treacherous lands. Discovered long ago during the beginning days of the USRA, a 9-individual human expedition team lead by Ravid Bellamy discovered the mysterious similarities between the two planets, and their native near-sentient counterpart, the human-like Spexids, which are like humans, only with more chimp/monkey-like features, dark-brown skin, darker-brown, mahogany, scarlet, or black hair, alien-like eyes, have some experience in primitive tools and advanced forms of culture like fire, burial, building, hunting, and have an ability to learn quickly, which includes using guns, vehicles, learning languages, and using virtually anything they are introduced to, making them heavily restricted by the Naroudans before the humans' arrival. Though these beings do not share defensive instinct with their dinosaur inhabitants like the Dinotaurans, they are defensive, have a complex yet primitive society, and they have yet to evolve into greater intelligence and become like humans. However, that may change in a ways the many reshearchers, did not planned. The Tulcans have came to join UIS in longing for a purpose since the Bullarns had, to them, unexpectedly reformed in thanks to the Lougers encounter with them since A Worthwhile Friendship?. Thus, it was because of the Tulcans' joining in that it allowed the Spexids to come to be known by an envious sister of Madam President, Frost'a S'teele, who wanted to have UIS to go out of their way to groom tribal beings into being future members or at least allies of UIS to get a further good grib against the USRA Races, but wasn't able to win against her sister due to C'oldas' greater political exspearience, and that she has a controverseal opinion in that still being sad about Pharagu, espeically now that it's on a path to recovery, is slowing them down on what's impourent, being a prodominant example of Frost'a's lack of political exbertise, being that she's a big planner, sloppy exicutioner, and now Frost'a, with her twin Bulla followers, Bruce & Kroghar, and her Coraak husband and owner of a UIS-supported tec company "Fat Tec", CEO Fredrick Fatsworth, secretly aim to secretly establish a base of operations into the planet, and with the Spexids' quick learning, Frost'a aims to simply give UIS weapons to the creatures and groom them in secret to become a future UIS race, proving her point that would all but ensure her future presidentcy in time. However, a survivalist Dinotauran in the planet, Jungla, and her nerdy Tulcan friend who resides in a protected camp in a tent with a computer with an independent powershorce, Techno Lars, see this as a bad move on Frost'a's part, because they are in secret, battling a tecnologically immortal left behind Bullarn War Criminal with an army of trained raptors, named Lots'a Doomus, who would come to see this as the perfect oppertunity to turn these quickly adapting creatures into his perfect army at long last, and use the trained Spexids to seek revenge against his own race, even more so now that they're no longer like Doomus anymore. Now, contact has been made to the HA and the Lougers to work with Jungla to defeat Doomus and contain Frost'a for meddling in the evolution of a race and resolve her grave sister issues with Madam President herself.

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