a Senator in Qui's court, Senator Claw, a crab, has began to fear the potainional danger of the superiors of borh Kratos and Lagoola, and has requested a law to ban their powers, and orders that their powers to be taken away unless they are resigered or legelised to have these powers. Qui refuses, but Claw persisted by turning to a greater power, Tri-Corn, and greatly convinces her and the galactic federation that the superiors must be restricted, as well as saying that there may be a superior dangerious enough to enslave all of the united universes, and the war between Kratos and equestia that happened, as well as what Lagoola planned to do, as well as the fact Professer Gloom came from there, as well as other damgaes so, Qui, relucently, makes the law happened with the federation's support and spically armed forces invaded both Kratos and Lagoola. most superiors forcefully get registered, but those who resisted, like Ororo and Wade, are declaired criminals and terrorests, and are on the run! Ororo and Wade must get the lougers help to reason the federation, Tri-Corn, and Qui out of this unfair law, before Claw is allowed to get away with making a rule of tyrannty on superiors, and no true justise is made.

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