Lord Malvono and Raeka have been acting, odd with eachother lately. Ever since Professor Gloom and a various evil superiors joined the dragon army, Malvono and Raeka have spent quite alot of time togather. Ke-Pa ends up assuming it's the mess from Derek Glidester's secret scam all over again, and ends up thinking he's losing control of the villains here. He makes everyone, from his most obedient members, to the ones with a questionable recent preformice Like Derek and the Villains that aided him, that any form of private meetings without him OR the Time Overlord present is STRICTLY forbidden, he sternly means it more to Derek, and to Malvono and Raeka. However, Malvono strongly insisted that it's not another secret weapon selling scam like what Derek practicly pulled. He and Raeka are, unexpectingly, in love. Real, Legit love. While it formed awkwordly giving Malvono's strongly independent and jerky personally, and Raeka being a siren of the total "Bitch" verity, but apawn learning that because each of them had a diffitcult life, Malvono trying to be a good hero through well meaning intentions, but failed because of bad planing, lawsuits, and that even Grouch was stupidly unreasonable (which was out of his character) and Raeka a victim of typical Siren based predjudeses thanks to the actions of legitamently bad sirens. Ke-Pa however, doubts this, and is too strongly believing that Malvono's heart is too black for love, and also a believer of another popular Siren predjududes is that Sirens can't feel love and are generally the Hookers and Prositutes of the Mythic world. He threatens their love if they continue to see eachother without his consent. Ke-Pa was too cruel to understand REAL LOVE when he sees it, cause he himself, being a dragon/god/demon, never exspearienced love, can never will, and doesn't plan to. This made Malvono to lose it and become defient, while Raeka started to become disent and avoident. Cadence, Celestia, Luna, and Grouch sensed that another unexpected but most faverable opertunity to steal away overly powerful forces of the Dragon Army presented itself, in the form of two very unlikely villains to reform. Grouch was more then willing to understand he should've given Malvono a better chance and is willing to put all bad tidings aside, and would see to it every superior does the same, even the stubbern ones like Wade, but Sandy, dispite that already, two of her enemies had already reformed, (ya know, the Mutant Frog and the Hypno Rattle snake?), is not really ready to actselly see Raeka through, and Spongebob is more relucent and unsure then unwilling, in light of personal history, and Ororo is more afraid that Ke-Pa would try to ensure another reformnation, exspeically to two of his most key members, espeically Malvono, won't happen. However, when Tyro insisted he'll keep Ke-Pa at bay, and Saldoron offered to keep Time Overlord busy, while an army of heroes distract the rest of the Dragon's army, can Ororo and Spongebob be able to see this through the end? Can Candence be able to convince a betrayed ex-hero and a Siren personal foe of Sandy to choose a path away from the un-caring Ke-Pa? But most of all, Can Sandy get the courage to give another supposed foe another chance? Well, if theres one thing you can defenatly be sure of, The Dragon army will suffer a critical blow with Ke-pa facing a humiliating defeat that would soon make him the laughing stock of the villain community even his own followers and Spyro who still sees Ke-pa as the true enemy still intents of destroying him and dispan the Dragon Army for good since it's oc villains will be lost without him once he's gone while all the while Saldaron has given Time Overlord a taste of his own medicene, stripped of his time powers and imprisoned forever. Well, it might not nessasarly be the end of the Dragon's Army, cause even IF Ke-Pa dies, he'll always come back, and the Time Overlord considers every counter-stragity to everything Sladoron is capable off, but it will be the end of Malvono and Raeka being apart of the Dragon's Army.

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