Master Algor discovers from the Heroes Act that the Alternate UUniverses have their own versions of Superiors in the form of super-powered animal beings called Eonians, native to the planets referred to as Kreeton and Lagoobes. Both he and Tritiumlung plan to make an alliance with the planetary leaders of the Eonians. So they propose a summit and bring the Lodgers, the Heroes Act, and the Justic Teens (Along with Ororo since her return) along to protect them. They seem to hitch it up very well with Kreeton and Lagoobes' leaders, Master Tronos and Baron Aquadime, give or take a few superior rough-housing, and it may be possible for an alliance to be made after this summit. However, Grinch-Titanous and his evil Superior followers seek to take advantage of the situation by kidnapping all 4 leaders and suck them dry of their powers with a powerful machine for Professor Gloom called the Meta-Transistor 2000 (Originally called the Suck-a-Dunk-o-Matic 2000 until the name was ridiculed), which will suck these 4 leaders clean and dry of their powers, and make Grinch even stronger. With the summit being put on hold, the Lodgers, Heroes Act, and the Justic Teens plan to stop this, and prevent Grinch-Titanous from ruining a chance for both Superiors and Eonians making relations. And so, they gain help in the form of two leaders of two justice programs named Professor Vigor and Minister Tidephoon and their greatest students Nysteria Ollowan, Sigurd Dexdimus, Blever DuOracle, Tuvok Lockes, Ejatana Trinitum, Newton Nebula, Sazle Spout, Cym Pi Taggle, Wirt Wallows, Tunsten Noblenose, Gial Headbutter, and Proxe Prodigy, all of whom are more than willing to aid our heroes in their quest to defeat Grinch-Titanous.

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