Malachite the Master has discovered that everything he thought he knew was a lie! He discovered an old poster with his face on it as a member of a powerful police force known as "The Supressors". He forced Lik to admit that thanks to a VA attempt, he was killed off, and Lik revived him and had to alter his memory to prevent him from "Copping out" on some of Lik's more "colorful clients". Malachite, now gone into full cop mode, has sentenced all of the Consortium to death?! He aims to exicute them all by setting the entire Consortium lair to exploude, taking himself with the group to "punish himself for betraying the law". Xrandy, Slala, Viume, and the Heroes Act and the Lougers must smack some sense into Malachite by bringing in Malachite's old friends and former superiors and get them to calm Malachite down before it is the end of the Consortium. Can this problem be surpressed before it's too late?

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