In the altered reality of the Alternate Universe, because the millaterry was much more sympathic for Tex, they didn't even punish him at all for desertion, and instead, had the justice system enable Tex to get the power of unlimited restraining orders, which he quickly used on the bullies who tried to harm him. Tex was since promoted into general in the Aranigoian millaterry and became a big enfluence of reducing the bully problem. Shcools across the planet have become Bully-free zones, and anyone who was a bully in their childhood became shunned for life. This forced the Majority of Tex's old bullies to reform and repent their ways and indirectly made amends to Tex by founding "Bully Anomimous", a healing group that repents former bullies and reform them into real people, not the assholes they pretended to be. However, the bully that threaten his life and suffered the worse of it, can't let go of the fact Tex punished him for making what was truely just an empty threat so his dreams to become a soldier wouldn't be dashed. That Bully, became Bull-E, a bull-based mech-using super-villain that became the terror of Aranigo. Thing is, Bull-E was originally destroyed by the VA for the fact he out-right threaten to destroy them! Qui originally destroyed Bull-E with a powerful blast of flame! But because of reality being altered, Bull-E was reserected unintentionally by the great change and has returned to make due on his promise to destroy Tex for taking away his childhood dream. Tex bravely stood up to Bull-E with a powerful mech of his own, but his true chance to win against Bull-E and settle this conflict once and for all is with help from the Heroes Act and the Shell Louge Squad.

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