Iaroo Oia gets found out that the local, often immature idiot has a terrorable tragity behind him after being called out by an old treacherious enemy of his. He was once tricked by a supposed "Childhood friend" Juua into helping her commit a crime that costed him his own family. Juua has been hired by the Dark Siders to destroy the Consortium as pay back for attacking and attempted assassination of Ganali, and wrost of all, trumatising Ganali out of wanting to be evil and turned himself over and forsakened loyalty to the dark siders. Luckly, Juua has LONG been wanted by the Grand Council and the NUSRA and they already sent the Heroes Act and Lougers to go after Juua, but Iaroo, after reveiling his tragic past, has himself already went after Juua, secretly followed by Xrandy, Slala, and a hestitent Viume. Apawn confrontng Juua, Iaroo rages again that it turned out to be another robot, but here's a big twist: The Lougers and Heroes Act found another Juua robot, AND THE REAL JUUA, who she is crying insanely and remorseful, unlike the Juua who wronged Iaroo. Confused, Iaroo vulgerly asked what the heck's going on, with the real Juua reveiling that the Juua who wronged him was not her, but one of a series of bioandriod clones of her she created to take away her dark emotions to avoid becoming a villain over something that couldn't've been helped. It turns out, the crimes "Juua" did, was all the fault of a faulty exspeariement gone horrendusly wrong, and not Juua herself. But our heroes still need to stop all of the Juua fakers before they can make good on their threats against the Consortium and correct a tragic past once and for all.

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