Trixie has fallen head-over-heels for a Gazelle male working in the temple as the catering boy. Trixie began to pull off attractively over the top skemes to win over this guy, but they only serve to make him feel, awkword. deserate, she turns to a well known love guru named Heartizon, who, for a small fee, and after discovering that Trixie has already tried the comment triditional methods, (except being herself, cause like the over-zealious twat she is, she thinks no one is gonna be impressed with ordenary) Heartizon offers a love amulet, but warns her that it works, WAY too well. Trixie has finally gained the Male Gazelle's attention, but has unintentionally gain the affection of the male lougers, the dragon guardians, Shen's wolf/gorrila army, any male that looks at the medailian (though in Trixie's case, it's only effected if the other person is straight, is a Brony or has repectable positive views on the wearer's spieces, and to avoid the controversealness of gayness, IT CAN'T EFFECT FEMALES, even if they go that way (if you catch my drift) and the Guru's ammue because he's the one who invented the darn thing)  and now has a serious problem: being WAY too valued! it's Up to Twilight and the main 6, as well as the Female lougers to clean up Trixie's latest blunder, while in the all protact Trixie from angry and jealious girlfriends and wives.

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