The Lougers noticed a problem in Kratos. Because Grintchgrog was tecnecally respondsable for the great shake by removing heroes that could've been able to stop it sooner, the great shake should't've had happen, yet there still exist Killopan's base in the tartarus valley and now Wraith and new friends are in procession of it. This should mean that Killopan should've never became a villain at all. Algor is concerned that a time malmitulating villain either somehow caused Killopan to still turn villainious dispite the lack of a dishastor like the great shake, or is simplly preventing certain changes from happening. With help from Corbin, the heroes go back into the realm of the time stream to warn Saldaron of a possable assulter of time. Only to find out that he already knew alright. Turns out, Saldaron doesn't exactly have the edged out of existence Grintchgrog completely, "disposed of" as he hoped. While Grintchgrog lost all his powers as Normal G.g., Grintch-Titanious, Grintch-Groag and Grogware, he now has gained something even more dangerious: Time malmitulation. Grintchgrog has now became Grinch-Para-Grog-Dox, who was slowly but subtily reverting back some changes that were supposingly removed when Grinchy was undone, but he did it in such a careful and calulated way that it wasn't even noticed, and because he's now a timelord, he is tecnecally allowed to change time without fear of a paradox doomsday. He malmitulated Wraith to find the Killopan base after he made it that Killopan still went evil even without the great shake to turn him into his heir to resume his plans to make Superiors evil. Grinchgrog anpisipated that the lougers would find out sooner or later, and he desided to make them pay personally for preventing him from ever being born, by doing what the leage and The Time Master failed to do before: prevent the lougers from ever being founded as merely a means to be even on even grounds. However, Grintch-Para now has a new problem before he can even do it: he has to battle against the Paradoxed Lougers and friends from the Spyro Generations 2 parter and make sure Grintch shares the same fate as all bad paradoxes once and for all by removing how he got his time powers by taking back The Time Cape. Will this be the final stand against Grinchgrog and for Kratos to finally be free of his crimes? Cause honestly, his continuious comebacks are starting to get damn annoying!

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