Ever since The Veexomites' Return and A Bug Ugly Truth, Ariintirak, even with Count Puss-Pus punished, is still miserable. He could barely bare being the last of his kind. However, mysterious shadows nabbed him one day! The HA and the Lougers zoom off to save Ariin. However, this lead them into an isolated system under UIS isolating, and into a surviving Vexxomite colony that defected from their race's ways under a corrupt rule. Ariin was finally given a chance to be happy and be with his kind. Along with this, they also discover that Ariin wasn't kidnapped persay, but rather rescued by a rough as nails fighter, Praetorian Jhasmanx, a no nonsense female Vexomite that wasn't exactly quick to great the misfits with open arms. However, this was discovered by a spy drone controled by the return former count Puss-Pus, and he could NOT bare the idea that the Vexxomites still lived! So, he went out of his way to team up with a re-darkifived Mark Phaser and Cunterson, where the trio unearthed a dark family secret of the Puss-pus family in that Count Zogan Puss was actselly in cryogentic sleep and only said he was dead so he would avoid punishment should the bug ugly truth be known. And it was. Zogan scolded his desendent for the utter failure and embarrisment to the clan! But otherwise, Zogan aims to help his "bumbling" desendent correct his foul-up by simply doing the same thing that the Cunones used against the Vexxomites before: The Qurrintine Laser Station. Can the Lougers and the HA defeat a blast from the Vexxomites past?

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